Gnosis as a Personal Experience -Part 1

Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2017

This essay originally appeared in German language as Part II in my second book on Human Gnosis from 2004: “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

After I discovered the Universal Law in 1994 and elaborated in the next two years on the new General Theory of Science, I wrote down for a change in late 1995 a forecast on the political, economic and scientific consequences of this discovery. An extended version of it appeared as a book in Bulgarian language in 1998. Many predictions that I made there from, as it appears to me today a somewhat limited, conventional point of view, have already happened or are beginning to take shape. At that time my predictions were found by many people to be frightening, exaggerated and incomprehensible, although individual readers were deeply touched by them as they told me in personal conversations.

Shortly thereafter, I entered the last, most intense phase of the Light Body Process (LBP) that “bestowed” me with many physical ailments, but also with profound gnostic knowledge. Without ever intending it, I became a “prophet” of the upcoming Evolutionary Leap of Mankind – a process that is so complex and intricate as is human existence in general. Since five years I am in an incessant, conscious contact with the 7F-creationary levels that have fundamentally transformed, not just my biological body, but also my psyche.

(Nota bene: In this essay I use, for the sake of simplicity and with respect to the energetic structure of the higher dimensional realms, two terms for the higher dimensions beyond the 3rd and 4th dimension of the current holographic model: “7F-creationary levels” and “astral energies or planes“. “7F” stands for the fact that the higher dimensional energies manifest in this holographic model as seven sacred flames that come directly from the Source, whereas “F” is an abbreviation for “frequency” indicating that each flame / source energy is characterized by a specific frequency spectrum. On many occasions I use the word “astral” for these energies with respect to the language in the old esoteric literature, with which many half-enlightened persons as those belonging to the Rudolf Steiner movement in Germany are familiar. I did this in full awareness that actually the term “astral” is restricted to the 4D plane where all the archons and other dark entities used to dwell and from where they manipulated extensively the incarnated human personalities for eons of time before we expelled them in the summer of 2016 and wrapped up this plane for the actual ascending Gaia.)

I could write precise and detailed reports about every single phase of this energetic transformation would it not be for my realization that mankind does not yet have any experience with such phenomena and such a memoir, at the present stage of its mental development, would be premature. Nevertheless, I have reported in the Gnosis about various individual, mental, psychic and somatic symptoms of the LBP as to explain the  psychological energetic processes of human fears reduction, which are currently happening on a global scale and affect all the people in one form or another. I could, of course, have written much more beyond that, but it would have been totally misinterpreted by my readers.

Humanity is not ready yet to be mentally and emotionally at ease and deal, fearless and unbiased, with the astral dynamics and the psychic necessities of such unknown phenomena as the LBP and the Evolutionary Leap of mankind. Only after these processes have manifested in this 3D space-time, will the people begin, willy-nilly, to deal with them since they will change their destiny profoundly. However, this will happen only after the total confusion of the masses will have reached its ultimate peak.

While I am writing this book, my emotional body is largely free from any anxiety patterns. My whole body vibrates day and night – stronger at night than during the day – with an  indescribably intense astral vibration about which I have not found an adequate description either in the older gnostic or in the recent esoteric literature of Eastern or Western origin,  although there is much raving there for such energies and one can find many wise advises, how one can trigger them by clever exercises. This is a fundamental human blunder committed from the position of spiritual high-esteem that one can often find in modern esotericism: Man can not bring about these astral energies, because the human mind has no power over them, not yet.

The mind can only develop an open Weltanschauung towards these energies and affirm their existence. This spiritual opening leads to the actual LBP, which is entirely controlled by the soul. If a person, to speak in the Bible language, is “chosen” as an incarnated personality to embody these “divine” energies on earth, they will begin to flow on their own.  The only thing one can mentally do is to learn to deal with them, to integrate them in the physical body and everyday life by developing sophisticated strategies that protect him from being pulled down by the low-frequency energies of the environment.

In other words, one has to develop during the LBP the ability to preserve his human nature and at the same time to anchor these immense, inhuman astral energies which the biological body now harbors firmly into the 3D space-time. In view of this extremely difficult and complex task that challenges the mind and the will of the individual beyond  the limit of traditional human experience, the LBP is the most highly creative and gestalting activity of the human mind.  If the mind fails to cope with the energies of the LBP,  then even the most powerful astral force, be it a transliminal soul or an ascended master, can accomplish nothing during their human incarnation on earth.

The LBP is thus a close co-production between the soul worlds on one side and the mind and the psyche of the incarnated personality on the other, even if the individual soul takes over the leading role in this process. The successful completion of this process by a single person decisively changes the astral-energetic structure of the entire planet. For this reason the implementation of the LBP in individual personalities is decisive for the triggering of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind on a global scale.

Also in the channeled literature of the 90’s one finds no information on the duration, frequency and intensity of the energetic waves, with which the LBP is driven forward by the astral worlds, although some remarkable technical books have appeared on the subject. I attribute this deliberate information gap back to the fact that an adequate description of the actual hardships during this transformation would deter even the bravest person. In this case, nobody would give his consent to participate in such an experiment.

Hence the astral worlds need a useful idiot like myself, who is ready to take the lead and encourage others to follow this path. In this way, humanity will be uplifted onto a new astral energetic vibration, where the present collective amnesia will be abolished. One speaks in the esoteric literature  in this context of the “ascension” of the planet, but without being able to grasp this process on the individual level. It is correct that both the vibrations of the human body as well as the vibrations of the physical matter of the earth rise during the Evolutionary Leap so that a harmonious convergence between the higher realms and the 3D space-time of the planet can be achieved. This increase in frequencies changes the entire solar system as the increase in solar activity in recent years proves.

As I write these sentences, the  astral energies of my light body rotate and pulsate like a huge energetic swirling field, like a kind of invisible tornado spreading spherically around my body that sucks the air molecules into the whirlpool of its vibrations. Depending on the lighting conditions, I perceive these rotating, flickering vibrations in a radius of up to 100 meters around my biological body. In the course of the LBP, my senses have gained significantly in sharpness, so that my eyesight, hearing and smell have long exceeded the threshold of sensory perception of “normal” humans. For this reason I see and hear my astral body all the time during the last five years. At the same time I feel the vibrations of the astral energies uninterrupted in my body – from the head to the soles of my feet. As their intensity and quality are constantly changing, I have to choose each time a new different psycho-mental attitude in order to let the energies flow freely and in that way to better endure them.

My astral field is like a massive energy ball that constantly buzzes around myself and, through the friction of the air molecules, generates an unusually high-pitched vibration sound. I hear it more clearly on the left side of my head, because the astral energies flow in waves into my body predominantly through the left hemisphere of the brain as though through a funnel. I have to live with that constant vibration noise and its somatic sensation, which, depending on the wave intensity, can increase enormously and partly sounds like the whirring of the propellers of a helicopter that is rising above my head, as well as with the constant astral-energetic tension it induces on my brain, 24 hours a day and learn to endure these phenomena without burdening my environment with it.

The incarnation of a young soul as a biological organism could not endure these energies  even one second without damage – it would perish in a very short time. Such young souls can only open their minds to the existence of the astral energies of the LBP, which means, they have to learn to accept them in their world view. Only at the end of the incarnation cycle, when the densest layers of fears have been released step by step with each incarnation, is the incarnated soul able to absorb these astral energies of the LBP without endangering the biological body. In this situation it is indispensable to know exactly what actually occurs. One should not be tempted to think of oneself as being ill and run to various doctors to treat the symptoms of the LBP with obsolete drugs. In this case one is hopelessly lost, and the LBP is stopped. The person concerned must usually leave the earth prematurely.

The reason for this is that the doctors who have never heard of the LBP will always invent a trivial medical reason for these symptoms and will persuade the patient that he/she is mentally or physically ill. In this way the doctors only reinforce the anxiety structure of their patients and thus interrupt their LBP, which often brings about the opposite effect. The current healthcare system is based solely on the collective suggestion of deeply seated somatic fears in the human population. The “gods in white lab coats” fondle these fears to procure power over their patients and to secure their financial prosperity. Since Moliere’s “conceited patient” nothing has changed in this respect: the collective young soul mentality knows only interpersonal relationships that are based on co-dependence and manipulation; the only thing that this mentality does not recognize is this obvious fact.

It is therefore no coincidence that my pioneering role in the harnessing of the LBP is supported through my medical education, and especially by the discovery of the Universal Law and the development of the General Theory of Biological Regulation in Volume III, with which I exposed current medical science as a lavish smorgasbord of false and highly detrimental beliefs to the patients. The bio-sciences are currently unable to comprehend the astral energetic foundation of the biological existence of all living organisms and persist in total agnosticism regarding their study object.

My effort to achieve normalcy is made even more difficult by the mentioned hypersensitivity of my senses with which I hear any, no matter how quiet, noise or perceive any faint odor, respectively the negative energies of the people in my surroundings from far away as unpleasant psychic properties. My mental, emotional and sensory perceptions have become so sensitive that to live a normal life in this most dense of fears astral atmosphere on the earth is almost impossible and this increases my unbearable longing for my home in the higher realms. And yet I am forced to bridge this energetic incompatibility between my fear-cleaned, high-frequency energy field and the fear-laden, low-frequency reality of human existence at every moment of my life consciously and to bring it into resonance. This is the actual sacrifice that I am currently committing on behalf of humanity. If it were up to me, I would have already left the earth, because I have nothing to learn here, and death does not worry me.

Every personality that incarnates on earth embraces certain individual tasks as to learn the lessons in the physical 3-dimensionality. Beyond that there are also some very old souls who are ready to accept a transpersonal assignment for the benefit of the community of souls. Such souls must be ready to neglect their personal wellbeing and concerns, and to accept hard exertions that bring them no personal gain in the conventional sense of material prosperity and social recognition. In such a case one speaks of a mission. Jesus has demonstrated in exemplary fashion that such a mission on the earth, in the midst of a very immature soul population, is a veritable crucifixion. This is the archetypal destiny of every Savior, regardless of whether he was physically crucified or was daily martyred by the low-frequency, fear-based patterns of his environment.

As the purified, high-frequency astral energies of my light body are perceived by the people in my immediate vicinity not by their senses, but subliminal, below their day-consciousness, as an unpleasant augmentation of their own dissonances, one can imagine what complicated life strategies I have to develop to make everyday life reasonably conflict-free and achieve a modest level of normalcy. The purity of my astral field is moot, but rather a very effective condemnation of this reality that vibrates with the lowest frequency patterns of human angst.

My astral field acts as a catalyst to the fears of the people in my environment. As the people usually refuse to accept their own fears, they prefer to project onto me their unpleasant properties of anxiety and aggression that they acutely feel in my presence and to stamp me as a scapegoat. I have to deal with such situations and bear them without resentment.

This astral aspect of transpersonal relationships between normal mortals and light gestalts is very clearly expressed in the Synoptic Gospels, in which it is very vividly portrayed how Jesus, who had a similar purified, fear-free energy field as mine constantly offended the Pharisees with his mere presence and how they were compelled to engage him in shabby discussions and persecuted him with an incomprehensible hate.

The archetypal pattern of the martyr that has become the ideological linchpin of Christian religion can be traced back to this astral-energetic incompatibility. It is significant that this pattern does not apply to the official heads of the Church – Popes and Patriarchs –  as these, with a few exceptions, were immature souls and still are. They lived in harmony with the low-frequency, angst-laden vibrations of their environment and, insofar as they became victims of political power intrigues instigated by other young souls, they did not embody the type of real martyr.

At the same time it is not possible for me to describe the psychological liberation and  mental relaxation which the LBP brings with it despite all the physical and psychological challenges. This state of fearlessness, accompanied by long ecstatic phases, evokes in me such a clairvoyance and loving, intellectual sharpness that makes me a relaxed observer of vain earthly activity. By leaving all the entanglements behind me, which were not little in this life, and knowing of the everlasting existence of my soul, I have found my inner rest forever.

Only such a person can overcome the limitations of the individual fate and recognize this earthly life as a great experiment and a cosmic joke at the same time, whose magnificence lies precisely in its triviality. Out of this insight grows a new transpersonal ability to love that breaches all social conventions and follows only the requirements of one’s own soul. This attitude allows me to indulge in my feelings and their presentation in a playful manner and engage them very effectively when needed to achieve desired psycho-mental reactions in certain persons that are highly conducive to their spiritual growth.

In these interactions that are agreed upon between me and the involved souls during the sleep phases at the astral plane and are being told to me as dreams, I learn a lot about the inner soul dynamics between emotions and actions. In such cases, I follow the guidance of transpersonal compassion and deliberately exempt myself from all artificial social norms. Sometimes this behaviour evokes the wrong impression among those affected that I would  act uncontrollably or hurtfully towards them.

This tactic of active, targeted use of emotions was already pre-exercised by Jesus to his doubting disciples to keep their faith strong as one can conclude from the many stories in the Bible. In today’s society amiability is generally considered to be a valuable virtue. From the point of view of the soul forced amiability represents a renunciation of honesty and a penchant for convenience. It is therefore not a true virtue, but a fear-driven, all too human trait to avoid inconvenience and social friction. In its passivity, kindliness is the incentive for many other human vices.

For this reason, there must also be brave incarnate personalities who rattle the people with unpleasant truths and extricate them from their smug and shallow existence. Such “black sheep” are especially valuable for the spiritual growth of other incarnate personalities, insofar they express their emotions in full awareness of the illusory, dualistic character of this earthly existence and do not resort to quarrelsomeness. In general, humans have nowadays a lot of angst to give free rein to their feelings and for this reason they cannot deal with other people’s feelings in a relaxed manner.

In many ways they behave like assassins who prefer to commit their emotional crimes in an ambush, instead of dealing with their feelings and actions in a direct manner. This lies solely in the fact that most people have neither learned, nor recognized, the function and the meaning of a genuine experience of one’s own feelings. Rather, they have succumbed voluntarily to a millennial tradition of systematic oppression of the human psyche and cannot imagine a life with spontaneous and unadulterated feelings.

This is particularly true of the Germans who are, in their majority, distinct coercive-compulsive personalities. The emotional deficits of the Germans in their interpersonal relationships are noticeable in both their literature and art, as well as in the flattening of the quality of life which stands in peculiar contradiction to the prosperity of this nation. Also their attitude to the Nazi past is particularly compulsive, especially when depleted, fear-motivated arguments are raised from a moralizing, historically seemingly impeccable position in order to condemn dissenters and put them in their proper place. In particular, the insult of the politically incorrect ones by the representatives of the “pure teaching” is a strong fear-driven emotion spiced with an unpleasant aftertaste of hypocrisy.

What the Germans are willingly overlooking is that their present ritualized attitude towards their Nazi past, which ends up in rigorous exclusiveness and stigmatization of dissenters, represents a new variant of the very original, compulsive fears of the Germans  that enabled and encouraged the rise of the Nazi regime in the first place. It is cogent why such a view rather hinders the historical understanding than promotes it as it superficially pretends to do.

By contrast, the Italians are much freer and more understanding in expressing their feelings than the Germans (and most other Westeuropean peoples), even though lately a noticeable “Teutonization” of the feelings on the Apennine peninsula is taking place. It is due to the many immature souls who incarnate in Italy at this time. In the past, Italy was a haven of old and mature souls who have decisively influenced and promoted Western art and literature.

Since human feelings are originally programmed by the soul psychic modules of the incarnated personality that are expressed with respect to external events, the newborn child enjoys already the same spectrum of emotions as that of an adult. While the child lives out his emotions in a spontaneous and unadulterated manner and has not yet learned to evaluate his feelings with positively or negatively tainted words and connotations, the adult is, in his emotions, a strongly conditioned being through human language and life experience.

Human language evaluates feelings as positive or negative experiences, although they are astral-energetic phenomena and thus neutral in value. Their assessment is based on social conventions and beliefs that the childish mind greedily absorbs and by which he is deeply influenced during his growth. As every verbal assignment of feelings is done through the mind, only the human mind decides whether a feeling is positive or negative. Thus the original feeling, which is an astral-energetic module of the psyche, undergoes a profound degradation to a mentally colored emotion:

Emotions are thus subjective, experiential, verbal interpretations of the original god-given feelings to humans.

The child begins immediately after birth to assess subjectively the feelings given to him by his soul according to the parental education and the closest role models. Love and affection are rarely treated by the child as unconditional feelings, as they exist in their original astral form, but usually as dependency patterns. The helpless and vulnerable child must buy the affection of the mother or the father through good behavior, whereas the parental criteria for adequate behavior are usually very ambivalent and confused. After all, 80% of all parents are baby, child or young souls who are guided by their fear-based patterns and to whom the feeling of unconditional love is yet totally unknown (the psycho-mental characteristics of the various soul age populations are thoroughly discussed in my book “The Evolutionary Leap of mankind).

Very often the child has to learn that a free expression of feelings, for example an overly loud joy, is punished by the parents as inappropriate behavior. From a very early age, the children make the experience that they have to suffer for the spontaneous expression of their original feelings. They begin to evaluate their positive feelings as negative experiences and learn to suppress them as to avoid similar negative experiences in the future. This negative social adaptation determines decisively the attitude of the adolescent personality to her original feelings. From then on she interprets her “god-given” feelings like love, affection and trustfulness as a source of spiritual injuries and psycho-mental suffering.

Later on, the society takes over the deformation of the individual psyche in an even more effective and all-embracing manner. The culturally permissible interpretation of emotions determines the individual sensation of happiness or misfortune. Certain events, such as the separation from the partner will be in today’s society automatically associated with negative emotions: they usually call in the feeling of sadness and depression, even when the inner voice of the psyche signals relief and joy after ending an oppressive or disharmonious relationship.

Since the joy of separation from the partner is not “sociable”, the person in question is forced to convince herself/himself that she/he is unhappy, only because one is accepted and pitied by the environment if one behaves in the expected traditional way and does not stand out negatively. In medicine, this is referred to as the “secondary gain of disease” – the patient, in his suffering, enjoys the attention and affection of the nursing staff and the environment, which outweighs the drawbacks of the disease. In this way the original feelings of the soul are judged by external events and standardized according to unquestioned cultural beliefs.

Modern man is no longer able to live out his natural feelings unedited. The astral-energetic fabric of modern society consists of innumerable collective patterns of emotions that have become enormously rigid in the course of history, thus strongly ritualizing and constricting life in the community, even though they are only anthropocentric mental interpretations of the original psychic modules of the soul. In this respect, the universe is extremely malleable. Such collective patterns as jealousy, for instance, are indelibly imprinted into the emotional astral texture of the earth and determine human behavior significantly, though they are dispensable to interpersonal relationships. They reflect only the current state of under-development of the human mind and the chakras in the incarnated population on this planet.

For this reason the energetic handling of human emotions is a major goal of the souls who incarnate on Earth: emotions are a specific psycho-energetic feature of humanity. There are countless incarnational modalities in 3D space-time that can be experienced without feelings.


If I violate my principles in this book and write about myself, I do it solely and exclusively based on the realisation that many readers have very little in common with an abstract discussion of Philosophy and Gnosis. The point of view that I have adopted in this gnostic essay and the processes which I describe are so novel and unique, that they are a daunting challenge for every conventionally minded reader. For many people, who will make any tangible experience with the LBP only in a future incarnation, the topic must remain strange and unusual for a while. They could only find an access to this area of thought when it is relayed to them through the prism of personal experiences.

On the other hand, such young souls will not be spared, both emotionally and mentally, from the impact of the upcoming sweeping events during the Evolutionary Leap of mankind, for these events will shape their future destiny decisively. After all, they have incarnated at this time on earth precisely in expectation of these events which they knew in an excarnated state of expanded awareness would come in the current End Time of the planetary ascension. These souls are expecting from this unique direct experience a huge boost of their spiritual evolution, even though they will have to watch them on the sideline or participate as alleged victims in the collapse of the old matrix and not in the full awareness as creator gods as all humans truly are.

Hence everything that makes the educational work easier in this direction, must be claimed here. For this reason I will try to illustrate on the basis of some events that happened to me before the LBP commenced with full force in 1999 (It already started in 1972 with the descent of my soul into my body), how the omnipresent, omniscient knowledge of the higher-dimensional creationary levels finds access to daily human consciousness in form of Human Gnosis and what qualities and features it possessesI begin with my description backwards as to facilitate the perspective.

In 1999 I had already completed the constitution of the four volumes on the General Theory of Sciences and felt for some time the emergence of an inner unrest, coupled with intellectual dissatisfaction and irritability, which I am used to interpreting as an unmistakable urge of my soul and the higher realms to adjust to a new mental task. I knew enough of such moods from the past. Without them, I would not have been able to set up the General Theory of Science in such a short period of time. Through many small events it was pointed out to me again and again that from now on I have to deal more intensively with the current economic theory and its obvious deficienciesAlthough I analysed since early 1998 extensively the stock markets and made some theoretical breakthroughs that allowed me to predict the stock prices with an astonishing accuracy medium to long-term, I felt that this time I was entering a qualitatively new level of deep insights at the soul level.

Before I continue, I have to emphasize at this point, that such transcendental perceptions can only be very imperfectly put into words, because human language is inadequate to properly convey either the imperative intensity of the inner-soul events, or the lightning-like mental breakthroughs of clairvoyance; neither can it adequately reproduce the all-encompassing, simultaneous knowledge with which the higher realms reveal themselves to the incarnated personality in an inimitable manner and with an inner certainty that is impossible for one to escape. Also, the finely tuned interplay between feelings and abstract visions can be barely expressed in a verbal form. One inevitably reaches the limit of language as a sequential space-time medium of transcendental, multidimensional experience. 

In particular, human language is not capable of simultaneity and faithful reproduction of the wholeness of gnostic knowledge. In Part 3 of this book, I shall explore from a linguistic and epistemological point of view the limitations that one always encounters in the verbal presentation of simultaneous gnostic knowledge.

It should be a truism to every enlightened person that all knowledge comes from the soul. In the three-dimensionality of the physical world it can only be expressed in a verbal form, therefore it is cogent that language, despite its structural deficits, is the only universal medium of true human knowledge. As I have proved in Part 3, any human language – its words, grammar and semantics – is entirely based on the primary notion of the linearity of space and time which is a deliberate delusion of the human mind and perceptions as created by the Creator; the former, in their turn, create this holographic incarnation model based on the illusion that humans are separated from the Source. Thus any kind of verbal cognition is sequential and subject to the restrictions of 3D-space-time, i.e. to the cognitive restrictions of  conventional time t and space s, which are identical physical terms as I have proved for the first time in the history of science in the new Physical and Mathematical Theory of the Universal Law.

In fact, the soul almost never transmits her knowledge in a verbal form but usually as intuitive, simultaneous insights (Forget the numerous channeled messages in the New Age – none of them is true knowledge.). This knowledge is then available to the incarnated personality at any time and is continuously modulated by the ongoing thought process in an all-encompassing way.  As one writes down this holistic knowledge sequentially, he would inevitably lose the red thread and will get lost in the maze of countless thoughts. This was the fate of most Western philosophers in the past.

If, on the other hand, one wants to follow the red thread in a logical-stringent manner, as I have extensively demonstrated in my books, one has to omit inevitably important, collateral aspects, which underpin and deepen the basic idea. The original simultaneous insight is considerably reduced in its entirety in order to fit into the given written form. The multidimensionality of the astral knowledge is inevitably lost in its verbal form of expression. This is the dilemma which every Gnostic scripture faces since time immemorial.

Nowadays human knowledge is essentially understood as a successive, cumulative process of lived experience and past accumulation of knowledge, to which new insights and fragments of knowledge are actually added, while at the same time human forgetfulness is relentlessly gnawing on this treasure trove and constantly diminishes its stock (N.B. Please observe that the scientific community has completely forgotten that both mathematics and theoretical sciences, such as physics, are in a foundation crisis since the thirties of the last century and cannot prove their validity with their own means. Precisely this deliberate or unconscious forgetfulness of the scientists has prevented the discovery of the Universal law much earlier as I prove unequivocally in the new Axiomatics and Physics of the Universal Law.)

As a result of this conventional viewpoint, we are experiencing a pervasive decline in intellectual  prowess among all older people, including those who have spent their whole life in studying spiritual and theoretical matters. This intellectual decline in old age is not biologically conditioned, as it is nowadays believed and documented with various non-sensical medical terms, but merely a product of wrong collective beliefs of what human intelligence should be.

Human knowledge, in the broadest sense of the word, is a living process in which all the available knowledge is constantly present and continually transformed by current thinking. Human knowledge is part of the all-encompassing astral awareness and not a distinct entity consisting of index cards, a kind of well-organized library, which one only needs to maintain and to complement, as current ideas on education and upbringing try to make us believe. The acquisition of true knowledge is a fluid process where every single thought at the present point in time affects all the existing knowledge in a global and simultaneous manner. The entire universe, All-That-Is, operates in the same way as it is also a Simultaneous Thought.

Every thought of the incarnated personality influences all past and future incarnations and all parallel lives as probability alternatives of the soul, and beyond that the entire soul family and much higher soul configurations (N.B. In fact all soul incarnations exist simultaneously as linear time is an illusion and there is no past and future but only the eternal Now. However, this fundamental gnostic aspect of all Creation is beyond the scope of the present essay. I have tackled this topic on numerous occasions in my other books and numerous articles). This globality of thinking extends into 3D space-time, which is a product of higher dimensional thoughts. Only the human mind seems not to follow this globality of sentient awareness. In fact, the inherent inconsistency and limitation of present-day human thinking is a desired aspect of the earthly experience in the current low stage of soul evolution on this planet.

Only those who are capable of incorporating the simultaneity and globality of gnostic insights into their deliberations, are able to expand this knowledge into old age and keep it alive. Such knowledge is non-verbal in its original, astral-energetic form. In this form it is all-encompassing, omnipresent, and telepathically accessible to all souls.

The real intellectual achievement of an incarnated soul lies in her ability to translate that knowledge into a binding, generally understandable, a priori knowledge corresponding verbal form and in this way to firmly anchor it in the physical three-dimensional space-time. I have paradigmatically solved this task with the development of the new Axiomatics, which is an operative method for the building of logical, non-contradictory verbal categorical systems of human Gnosis. With its help I have integrated all separate sciences on the basis of the Universal Law into a unifying theory of All-That-Is. This scientific Pantheorie is available to me as a world view at any time and I can successfully apply it to solve any particular problem.

However, how many people are there today who display a similar complete and coherent knowledge in the areas of physics, mathematics, social sciences, economics, philosophy, literature and history, as I have proved this in my books and numerous articles, and are able to practically apply this simultaneous knowledge? I fear – not one single person! This should be though the normal mental and intellectual state of every incarnated soul. In such a case, people would have preserved their mental flexibility into old age and would not need to worry about Alzheimer’s disease.

It is an elemental, undeniable fact that the vast majority of the people in the “enlightened” Western world stop at the age of twenty, at the latest at the age of thirty, to acquire knowledge and then start to forget quickly the few disconnected and obsolete facts they have memorized throughout their studies. I exclude from this consideration some very specialized skills which one can learn at advanced age. Also, the high numbers of adult and senior visitors attending post-graduate education courses cannot hide the intellectual misery of the masses. One should not measure the effective knowledge based on the numbers of hours, accumulated facts, computer data and passed exams but by the ability of the individual to perceive the larger picture behind the current angst-laden human reality and to eliminate the logical blunders leading to its deliberate obfuscation. When this criterion is applied, very few people will qualify as truly “spiritual beings”.

In old age, the intellectual interests of the people are shrinking more and more and are limited at the end of life almost exclusively to the biological functions that sustain their bare existence. This mental decline manifests itself as a convulsive, stupid clinging to life that is eroded and restricted by deep-seated fears of death. He, who rejects with fake indignation this little flattering portrayal of seniors in the developed world, I would recommend him to work as a nurse of elderly patients in order to experience their dullness first hand. The few exceptions just confirm the rule.

In contrast to the widespread misconception in medicine, such diseases as Morbus Alzheimer and senile dementia are not genetic-related degenerative diseases of the central nervous system, but rather a somatic expression of the mental decline in old age, which is purposefully triggered by the Soul. Man needs a mirror image of his Self to recognize himself. This reflection is often accentuated by the soul in the form of a disease in order to summon the human mind to deal with his image actively. Otherwise one would live out his human existence in an unconscious way and would not evolve at all.

The widespread senile dementia is thus a consequence of the primitive collective notion of young souls that only young, dynamic people are valuable for the society and the economy. This perverted misconception thrives particularly in the US, where aging is considered a shame and a tragedy and the seniors are degraded to garbage of the nation.

In antiquity, however, the old people were treated with dignity and valued for their wisdom and life experience. They stood in the middle of life and could not afford to break down mentally. It is hard to imagine Socrates sitting in an old folk’s dementia home, surrounded by young students (see Plato’s dialogues).

The vast majority of humanity lives currently in the Third World; for them, knowledge is, in the here discussed manner, a foreign word. They live in total agnosticism and are not capable of developing or understanding any abstract thoughts. About half of the world population consists of functional illiterates and their number increases strongly in old age. So much for the present intellectual status of the world population!


The intellectual achievement of the human mind lies therefore in its ability to present the gnostic knowledge of the astral worlds in an adequate verbal form and to implement it in daily practice. Until the discovery of the Universal Law, the knowledge accumulated in individual sciences was separated through ideological barriers and even within one particular discipline, all the findings resembled isolated islands of an archipelago in the middle of a huge ocean of Ignorance. Such fragments of knowledge are then stored as imperfect human memory and contradict the underlying, coherent, holistic awareness of the higher mind, including the human mind when it is liberated from the limitations of the ego.

That’s why most people are intellectually unable to build a congruent worldview which then stays at their disposal as a memory throughout their entire life and which they can continuously refine and deepen. They can only think within the artificially set limits of their specialized training and insofar they dare go beyond that, they inevitably find themselves embroiled in a hopeless dilettantism. Most people nowadays are thinking in an extremely disconnected manner, and accordingly is their knowledge torn apart and disparate.

The same applies to the nature of the discussions on the political, scientific and economic level. The material and social results of this thinking are not less devastating. Like a shipwrecked sailor, modern man swims in a sea of Ignorance and hurries from one straw of knowledge to the next one in the hope to stay afloat in this way (In this context, I remember a channeled text that I read some time ago which addressed the ubiquitous mental human confusion: “We (the souls) are spiritual entities: Our favorite activity is to surf in the heads of the humans. We are appalled by the mental muddle that we find there. We are sad to see how humans constantly stumble over their inadequacies … “).

Human knowledge can only expand to the extent to which it is already successfully organized on the known terrain. For this reason, the gnostic knowledge on the impending Evolutionary Leap of Mankind could be given to me only after I had collected enough experience with the current economic events so that I could intertwine these empirical findings with the psycho-mental processes and individual, fateful necessities of the LBP in a meaningful way. There were no role models for this intellectual endeavour – it was a new uncharted territory that no mortal before me had ever explored in this depth and width.

(N.B. It is notable to make the reader aware of the fact that I wrote this essay in 2004 and seven years later I opened this website and published, in addition to my 15 books, more than 3000 articles. Many of them  are dealing with the actual trends in economics and finance from an overarching, transcendental point of view and are taking into consideration the ongoing waves of the ascension process which we, the PAT, experience on a daily basis as the LBP and as an energetic planetary transformation. This complex, holistic, theoretical approach to what is happening with Gaia and humanity in the current End Time is unique and has no parallel in the world literature. In this sense this essay was already a theoretical program for my future activity as the educator-in-chief of the new humanity.)

Only after I had reached this extremely high level of spiritual abstraction, was I able to understand the underlying astral dynamics behind the impending global economic crisis and follow its progression as an enlightened observer of the bottomless abysses of collective human ignorance that were shaping the destiny of the descending and ascending portion of humanity on infinite timelines (N.B. The ascension of Gaia and humanity seemed to progress in the following years superficially in a most erratic and chaotic manner, if one does not understand the multidimensional character of all creation, but with an awesome precision in the coordination from the higher realms as this was revealed to us in many messages from the Source and has been captured in the unique seamless chronicle of the PAT, the Planetary Ascension Team, the captain of which I happened to be. Read: The Journey of the Planetary Ascension Team).

The analysis of the current events on earth required not only a full synthesis of my previous knowledge in the field of natural and social sciences with my new experience with the LBP, but at the same time anticipated some groundbreaking theoretical discoveries in the field of economics which I had to make in the time ahead. This had to be done within a short period of time at the beginning of the year in 1999.

Once all the building blocks of the mosaic were in place, I was able to recognize and accept my role in this global transformation. I peered through the inner dialectics between my ascension as the first multidimensional personality who had delivered the necessary Gnosis on the topic of Ascension in his earthly life, and the impending Evolutionary Leap of humanity, which was to reveal itself as a world economic crisis. This deep insight into the close connection between the “parousia” and the “end of the world”  enabled me to clarify and stoically endure the exertions of the LBP which I underwent in the following almost two decades.

(N.B. Please observe that Jesus who is the founder of Christianity has not left a single written sentence of his teachings and everything that is part of Christian theology, including the New Testament, was written by other people many centuries later who had never met Jesus. This also includes St. Paul who is the actual founder of the Church as organized religion. Of course this argumentation is done from a conventional point of view. I know that Jesus is a mythical composite personality created by the PTW from the Orion/Reptilian empire which, by the way, we, the PAT, eliminated from this new ascended original world and is based on the historical personality of Apollonius of Tyana, whom I have discussed on many occasions (e.g. here and here) on this website.)

Without this intimate knowledge, I might have closed myself to the LBP and endangered the successful completion of my mission on Earth. Therefore, the gnostic knowledge that was imparted to me by the 7F-creationary realms was not just for an intellectual purpose, but was also an energetic precondition for my successful ascension. Without this event, announced in the Bible as the “Second Coming of Christ“, my new theory of the Universal Law could not be introduced, for the unbelieving humanity needs solid evidence, even more so miracles, to open up mentally and develop intellectually. It is spiritually too lethargic to accomplish this spiritual evolution on its own.

Any incarnated soul who undertakes a mission on earth is a messenger of All-That-Is and must represent the omniscience of the Whole in an appropriate form on the earth. This includes an intimate knowledge of the main protagonist of his own role, which the world-spanning dramaturgy of the higher realms foresee for him in the upcoming ascension drama. This role is not only a central concern of biblical prophecies but has also been further elucidated in some recent-date channeled messages (N.B. For further information read my discussion on biblical and other prophecies regarding my impending appearance as the new ascended master that will embody the Second Coming of Christed Consciousness and will unleash the end of Christianity and all organized religions in my gnostic book “Thoughts” that was written ten years before this event will fully unfold in 2018.)

Originally, I planned to include the new economic theory of the Universal Law in Volume IV of the Tetralogy of Science. However, I was not that far advanced in my theoretical elaboration on this topic as I would have liked to be because in the last four years (since 1995) I had been exclusively busy with the preparation and writing down of the unified theory of physics and mathematics in Volume I and Volume II and the General Theory of the Biological Regulation in Volume III. Indeed, I had succeeded in establishing the dialectical connection between Keynesianism and monetarism at the macro level from the point of view of the Universal Law, but my inner voice was telling me that I did not know yet the whole picture as to fully grasp the hidden mechanisms of current economic life.

(N.B. For further literature on modern economic theory go to the section “economic collapse” and read all the articles that contain so much hidden knowledge on the machinations of the banksters in the current Orion financial system, which was designed in the first place to enslave humanity and establish the NWO as to prevent ascension in the End Time, that it will blow you away, unless you are already familiar with my ideas. I rewrote the initial manuscript from 1997 -98 which I intended to develop to volume IV of the Tetralogy of Science into a collection of lectures as I realized the inherent fraud in the current financial and economic system and why modern economic theory is not worth to be dealt with in depth from a scientific point of view.)

This form of inner insecurity that befalls me each time in the middle of intellectual breakthroughs cannot be properly expressed in a verbal form. At the beginning of my gnostic intercourse with the higher realms I repined with such moods of insecurity, and erroneously interpreted them as intellectual or creative crises, while deploring my mental inability. However, over time it became increasingly clear to me that an unshakable faith in the consistency and adequacy of everything that happened to me, always helped me to sail over all the cognitive cliffs which I encountered in my research and to achieve with brilliance the targeted epistemological goal. In time, I became more and more skilled in recognizing the signs of the inner voice and followed them without any hesitation. This is the formula of my incredible success as a thinker and a researcher.

This kind of mental ability required a pronounced psychological flexibility that stipulated at times in outright self-denial but it saved me a lot of time and made it possible for me, despite recurring setbacks, to accomplish an intellectual achievement that I myself did not consider possible. I literally felt how I was growing beyond myself  – the superhuman intellectual powers that I acquired from my soul during that time also augmented my physical capacity, so that I was able to work for several years in a row, up to twelve hours a day, six days a week on the new theory of the Universal Law and to edit countless times the manuscripts, until I was fully satisfied with the linguistic, didactic and scientific form of the presentation.

That being said, I waited curiously and relaxed at the beginning of 1999 to see how the new economic knowledge that was announced by my soul was going to unfold in the months ahead.

At this point, I have to step back and describe which feelings, associations and abstract perceptions which I have been cherishing throughout my entire life have led me to the discovery of Universal Law because they are closely related to the more recent events discussed here.


Already in my childhood, and even more intensely so in my youth, I had an inexplicable intuitive sensation which incessantly whispered in my consciousness that behind the superficial reality that I was watching with alert eyes and behind all the events that I had encountered in my small private life or observed on the world stage, there was an invisible, all-embracing, all-pervading force field that prevailed over everything. At that time it was impossible for me to express this sentiment in words. And yet this force field was as certain to me as my own existence – it was an inseparable part of my Self. This existential feeling, which I, despite my talkativeness, never felt the urge to share with anybody else – so strongly did I feel it to be an intimate aspect of my personal core identity as it came and receded again and again quietly in the background, so that I often doubted its relevance. This happened every time when I was busy coping with difficult situations in my life that demanded all my attention. And every time I took a break from this reality, this inner sensation rose up from the depths of my soul.

During my military service, I had a lot of time and ease to think and I felt how this inner perception of an omnipotent force field began to materialize increasingly in my consciousness. It manifested both as independent intellectual thoughts that were previously unknown to me, as well as somatic sensations that bestowed me with the experience of a spiritual extension beyond my own physical body. I had to learn to live carefully with this condition of constant physical expansion and delimitation because it was blissful and disturbing at the same time.

Slowly but steadily, this sensation grew into an all-encompassing, pantheistic, quasi-mystical life-force, which seemed to me to be ancient and very familiar at the same time. I felt in my heart, how this feeling built an emotional bridge to the ancient world and to the Orphic tradition that had left its mark upon my homeland (N.B. Orpheus comes from Thrace, Rhodopa mountains, in the outskirts of which my native town Plovdiv (older names, Filibe, Philipopolis, Pulpudeva, Pulden), the city with the oldest uninterrupted history in the world, lies in the Thracian plain amidst seven hills. It was the proud capital of the richest province of the Roman and later Byzantine empire for many centuries) and carried me away from the dreary communist reality in my country. This pantheism  helped me later on immensely in my intellectual activity. At the same time it urged me to critically illuminate and reassess the many spiritual achievements of mankind, which I respectfully admired in my youth. 

No matter if I dealt with literature, psychoanalysis, philosophy, physics or mathematics, a quiet permanent inner voice always scratched at the mental harmony which I pursued in vain as my intellectual activities made me restless and thoughtful all at the same time.  The disturbing and exhilarating idea that everything that surrounded me was not as real as it seemed to be, increased in intensity. It offered me a welcome emotional and spiritual escape route out of the tristesse of the “real existing socialism” (a famous term of the communist ideology at that time).

No wonder that after my military service I became an inexorable dissident and embraced all existential challenges, which such a way of life brought to me at that timeFrom then on, I rejected the communist society decisively and fled into a self-created Utopian world in which the individual could live without any ideological and physical constraints.

Since we received very little information about the life in the West in Bulgaria at that time, I had to reinvent this Utopian world in every detail and at the same time to make it as real  as possible, because I wanted to avoid at all costs ending up a dreamer in an ivory tower. Hence I painted my Utopian world as a future probable version of the then existing communist society. To master this abstraction, I had to carefully analyze what human characteristics had led to the very brutal and repressive social order in my home country, because I realized very early that the mere implementation of the Marxist-Leninist  ideology onto the political order, could not alone answer this key socio-psychological  question (N.B. Little did I know at that time that with these pure ideas I was already creating the new ascended Gaia as an Elohim and Prime Creator as I began to realize this fact first in 1999.).

Already in those days I made my first important observations and experiences with human angst and with its manifold social and psychological manifestations. I realized clearly how the collective fear caused by the brutal Stalinist mass purges became the mainspring of the communist dictatorship. With the sobriety of a skilled dissector I observed how the people voluntarily succumbed to the most obnoxious distortions of reason and human decency, which the communist authorities demanded from them, and with what good will they accepted, in this subjugation, every conceivable crime, even at a time when the danger of political repression after Stalin’s death had noticeably eased.

Since I was also afraid for my own life at that time due to the constant persecutions of all dissenters by the communist authorities, I had to first overcome in my psyche this  legitimate existential fear, which every true dissident in Eastern Europe would confirm. I felt in an increasingly compelling way that I could only design my Utopia of a future free society in Bulgaria in a complete and satisfactory manner if I would be able to outgrow my petty fears, which I succeeded better and better with time.

Hence I imagined how the people would liberate themselves on their own from their inner utmost fears that palpably tormented them and visibly deformed their personalities, for the sake of Love of Life and their own SelvesFurther on, I imagined in as lively a way as possible how my compatriots could easily tear down in the course of this Self-liberation the repressive communist dictatorship that they had built and supported with their participation, and which they feared in its monolithic appearance as an insurmountable  omnipotent and threatening dungeon, and could freely establish new loving forms of interpersonal relationships.

How easily this liberation could actually happen was shown with the demolition of the Berlin Wall later on in a convincing and very symbolic way (Read here). But what the West Germans and the rest of the world willingly and surreptitiously overlooked were the walls of fear in the minds of the Ossis (East Germans) which were exacerbated by the economic hijacking of the former DDR by the Federal Republic of Germany and were reinforced by the new skyrocketing unemployment of the real capitalism that purposely destroyed their socialist economy. Later on I realized that this was all part of the sinister plan of the dark cabal to establish the NWO in Europe and in the rest of the world.

I extended this abstract exercise to the economy and came to first glimpses as to how the economic mechanisms that should bring about the collapse of the communist order would operate in the future. Some thoughts that I had developed about the phenomenon of anxiety at that time were subsequently processed in poetry. I imagined this new divine world so vividly that I designed concrete visual and architectural visions as to how the dull exterior image of my home town Plovdiv would positively change in the post-communist time. These phantasms seemed to me at that time much more alive and real than the narrow, musty and very bleak socialist reality of Bulgaria that surrounded me and that I only knew. Some of these architectural visions were actually realized later, after the collapse of the communist system in 1989, albeit their gross materialization remained far behind my ideal images.

(N.B. Only a few readers in the West would probably know that there was a binding aesthetic doctrine in literature and arts in communist Eastern Europe that was called “socialist realism”. Artists and writers were forced to create their works according to the ideological specifications of the doctrine of socialist realism. However, if  one took socialist realism too literally, as Pasternak and Solszenyzin did in their novels in the thaw time, then one was frowned upon as a “petty-bourgeois” author. “Socialist realism” did not officially mean to present the communist reality truthfully and faithfully, but to paint an idealistic image of the society according to the sterile ordinance of the communist party. No wonder that Eastern European literature and arts at that time produced only inferior works and have still not recovered from this spiritual misery.)

During this time my pantheistic feeling grew immeasurably and assumed imperative traits. I felt with an unmistakable certainty that I must take that feeling into account and to process it in an intellectual and creative way. I began to envision, beyond the national boundaries, how this invisible life force field, which I meanwhile assigned the rank of a social principle, operated behind the political reality of the Communist Eastern Bloc dictatorship and affected its decomposition. With these considerations in mind I tried to integrate the dynamics of the Cold War between the two blocs into these abstract considerations.

And lo and behold I began, slowly but surely, to perceive the overarching social currents, the subtle collective psychological shifts and social mechanisms on both sides of the Iron curtain and to grasp their global effects. Some of these observations found their expression in the poems, which I wrote during that time, although I took care not to express myself too unambiguously, not because I was afraid of the omnipresent censorship  – no one wanted or dared to read my poems – but because I did not want to commit myself intellectually too much to these preliminary conclusions. I felt intuitively that there was much more that was hidden behind the veil of this superficial reality and that any mental fixation at that time would only entail unnecessary limitations upon my rapidly expanding intellectual explorations.

(To be continued as Part 2)

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