On Hawking and All Representatives of Modern Fake Science

An Enlightening Discussion

Georgi Stankov and Patrick Amoroso, October 27, 2017


Dear Georgi.

Yesterday in my FB news feeds, I came across this item:


I downloaded it in pdf format and I have attached same to this email message. I also took the time to review this exercise in 10 page increments which resulted in my brain short-circuiting for lack of any axiomatic and logical deductions presented in this gross amalgamation of other scientist’s posited explanations which Hawking proceeds to obfuscate in his embellished equations, which incidentally he also borrowed en masse. The paper does not actually begin until page 9 and is quite faint making it hard to read. I would guess that the dissertation comprises 70% of unexplained equations that border on the absurd. There is no definitive conclusion to his summary and leaves one in a state of consummate quandary.

How is it possible that your treatise  Volume II  “The Universal Law in Physics and Cosmology” cannot be construed and accepted as the masterpiece of scientific reasoning when compared to such gibberish?

In the opening pages, Hawking refers to the concept of “gravitational radiation” which I then looked up here:  https://www.google.com/search?client=opera&q=gravitataional+radiation&sourceid=opera&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8. It is for all practical purposes a quasi-definition of an energy gradient exchange in photon-space time reference between photons and mass that you present as the underlying foundation of gravitation.

It may be true as you have stated, that Hawking is an impostor foisted upon the masses by the dark cabal forces. It would be just like the British do so given their propensity to believe that they are superior to all.

And so it goes.

With love and light,




Dear Patrick,

I will definitely check Hawking’s thesis and I have already studied his results when I prepared Volume I. I did not find anything of value. As you say, one wonders what is this all about. The most important thing to know is that he is not a physicist and has no clue about physics as basic stuff. He is a mathematician and that is why everything he says about physics and cosmology is nonsense. It is incredible how many such scientific impostors were created in the UK and also in the USA with excessive pretensions that are outright disgusting.

It is indeed a conundrum to me why my books on the Universal Law are not accepted and this is the only question which I have not fully answered except for the part concerning the immense fears which it creates in all physicists. But this does not matter anymore as we are now also creating not only the new original earth but also the new scientists that will understand and accept the Universal Law. They will have no other choice.

With love and light



Dear Patrick,

I scrolled through the thesis of Hawking and could not find a discussion of the results at the end, but there were some assumptions and half-conclusions in the chapters based on the mathematical results. I do not understand why so much paragraphs have been crossed off as invalid.

The whole mathematics,  or rather geometry, presented as mathematics in his thesis is a veritable voodoo science and makes no sense at all. Where does he derive all his assumptions leading to these equations? What is interesting is that in 1965 when he wrote his thesis, the big bang hot expanding model was not firmly established but was one among many other steady-state models. There was a greater flexibility in searching for alternative solutions. The scientific dogma of the standard model in cosmology was not that rigidly pursued as is the case nowadays.

Needless to say that all assumptions underlying Hawking’s thesis are fundamentally wrong as they depart from the wrong definition, or rather the lack of any understanding, what mass and charge are and what space-time really is and why all mathematical descriptions are simply applications of geometry to the visible space-time of the universe which is an illusion of the human senses. This is true even when it is superficially presented with the means of mathematics, which is an equivalent, commutative symbolic system of geometry and vice verse. That is why physics and cosmology are methodologically applied geometry to the visible micro- and macro-world and this science is available to humanity since Euclid. Hence there is no progress in science since Antiquity, but a lot of confusion in the last two and half thousand years. Period!

The underlying assumptions of all cosmological models and that of Hawking are that the universe is homogeneous and isotropic, though locally anisotropic – this is the foundation and justification for using geometry in all cosmological models. All these models would make no sense without this apriori assumption, which, as we know, is blatantly wrong. I have discussed these fallacious concepts in cosmology in volume II and in the latest Propaedeutics. What is amiss in all such scientific acrobatics is the common sense and a profound understanding of the concept of space-time as a constructed illusion of the human senses that create this 3D reality in the first place. Then comes further reflections as to how this illusion can be pierced through by the abstract human mind based on an immaculate Axiomatics which can only be derived from the primary term of our consciousness = space-time = energy. As long as these basic truths of human existence are not understood, any such ludicrous scientific elaborations carry the nimbus of lunatics.

This is my “Sunday sermon” or rather epitaph of present-day fake science.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

In line with the channeled message that Carla and you received by the Elohim on October 8th concerning the paving of a new path of consensual realities in the newly created original world by gathering the attractiveness of new realities according to truth and adherence to perceived and proven models that you have shown in your many works under the paradigm of an alignment with the Primary Term, I daresay, Georgi, that you should consider as an addendum to your current and lastly posted treatise on your website a complete evisceration of this pseudo-science of physics and cosmology as presented by the charlatans masquerading as ” genuises” today.

You could use Hawking’s mumbo jumbo as what passes for accepted science in a world of consensual falsity as the epitome of a scientific community of agnostics controlled by institutional pressures to confirm to what cannot be proven in clear and axiomatic reasoning. It is your call of course, but maybe the HR has allowed this source of obfuscation to come forth at this time in one last attempt for you to have create a new path. It need not be lengthy but knowing you, I am quite sure that your laser-like acumen would come to the fore…

With love and light,



Dear Patrick,

As you have correctly surmised, we did in fact discussed this possibility and Carla favoured a balanced analysis of Hawking’s low-quality contributions to science. However, after weighing all the “pro and counter” arguments, I decided that it is a waste of time to take each individual scientist and put him on a pedestal for his stupidity by discussing and refuting his specific nonsense. This is what the dark ones are now doing on a grand scale in politics and the insanity has reached unknown levels as the alt-media journalists are stupid enough to follow suit and respond. Insanity and duality go hand in hand and nobody represents this so perfectly as Alex Jones, although he was given the inner mediality to rise above this vicious game, but which he has fully neglected for the moment as a symptom of the general confusion of humanity in the current final phase of ascension.

What physics and cosmology is concerned, it was sufficient for me to show that all the basic definitions and concepts in physics and cosmology are blatantly wrong and that this science is as fake as the MSM news. Why then elaborate particularly on individual scientists and waste time and effort to discuss their specific errors?

What is, however, most disturbing in this context is not the fact that such fake scientists exist and are being glorified, but that there are no honest scientists to comment on the lack of any merits in their scientific contributions, which should be obvious even in a cursory glance at Hawking’s doctoral thesis. Cowardliness and the lack of sincerity and morality is the trademark of all scientists nowadays who are the modern Pharisees that slander and try to destroy us as the modern Jesuses. The parallel is more than striking and it shows how little humanity has evolved, or rather how much humanity has devolved, in the last two thousand years.

Then while religion has always been misused for particular, sinister and egotistic purposes of the clergy and the establishment, science was established in modern times in the Western world as the opposite pole to subjective Christian religion without any “proof of God”. Hence the exclusive obsession of present-day science with empirical proofs, while at the same time being very supportive of such non-sensical, pure theoretical insanities as produced by Hawking in his paper. It is important to note that he did not produce much more crap in the following years as he got very ill and this prevented him from continuing to obscure science as some of his peers, including his teacher Penrose, did excessively in the following years, until the present day…

With love and light



Understood !


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