On Spiritual Ignorance as the Source of All Evil Amidst the Long Dark Night of the Collective Human Soul

Charlotte Smith and Georgi Stankov, May 9, 2017


My observation of huge change in mainstream media

Yesterday my husband turned on the TV to watch an episode of some type of COPS series that show cases law enforcement actions all over the country. I went into the room briefly and saw a scene from North or South Carolina where the cops had pulled over a woman and man driving a car. Both were African-American. Neither had a license and both started using “sovereign citizen” language. They both challenged the cops peacefully. Eventually, they let the male leave and took the woman in since she was driving the car and she refused to give them her name. She did not appear to be as well versed as the male in regard to what she needed to say as the male asked for the Declaration of Authority (“DOA”), and later the cop on screen said that when “they ask for our DOA we know they are part of the sovereign citizen movement; we have it but we don’t just let them be.”

What was most interesting was this:

  1. The commentators in the studio commented on the “sovereign citizen” movement but they did not give any negative statements about any consequences related to the movement, as if by omission of negative judgement it is a credible path of governance.
  2. The MSM, which is historically biased against African-Americans and particularly the males who have been killed at a rate of 2 per week by law enforcement for more than 100 years in America,  portrayed an African-American male speaking intelligently and peacefully as a sovereign citizen and walking away.

This is not something that we would normally have been able to see on TV in America. This appears to be an effort to portray the sovereign citizen movement in a more fair light. This also means that the powers-that-were are about to make a big change in things.

Peace & Light,



Dear Charlotte,

Let’s hope so, I have not registered this positive shift in presenting the world events by the US MSM, quite on the contrary – lies and fake news are the order of the day and they just slip naturally as obvious facts and nobody questions them, especially when they defame Russia.

But altogether what I observe is that the “air is out of the balloon, the lie-bubble” and for instance such term as “globalist” as used for Macron, is considered by most people a negative asset. Therefore there is a shift but it is more towards acknowledging the painful truth in the USA as to how dire the financial and economic situation of this country is as the following two interviews of Alex Jones with Ron Paul


and with Kathrine Austin Fitts



The dreadful reality is catching up with the minds of the people (and not the other way round as human minds are very lazy and only retroactively respond to change), although they still are not smart enough to suggest viable solutions such as the new Astral currency although this woman comes close to that when she suggests a participatory budgeting in the communities.

With love and light



Dearest Georgi,

These are wonderful links but they pale in comparison to what you have to offer. They lack the vision of the Ascension and energetic changes that are critical to our shift in consciousness.

Ron Paul is smart enough not to say too much to make them come after him. Replace the current system with a system of true liberty – I like that. He is also correct in that no one in Washington is very relevant. We should expect to see several “over turnings” of governments all over the world leading up to the collapse. This is why we shouldn’t get attached to Trump or anyone else who comes along promising this or that.

Someone should do a detailed paper on the specific effect high frequency has on matter and the human body.  Once the frequency gets high enough solids will either burn, or melt, depending on the atoms and molecules involved.  Higher frequency makes dark matter visible. Frequency and vibration play very important roles in creating the structures of matter because they help organize matter, giving it appearances and uniqueness. If Alex and Catherine understood how the increased frequency will obliterate the cabal and its minions, they would speak a bit differently.

Catherine Austin Fitts is unable to understand that this is all tied into the Orion money magic system and the cosmic beings from that star system. Both she and Alex Jones still harbor desire to “retain” parts of the current system of civilization. They understand that an annihilating force is acting against humans but they are still heavily programmed for attachment to many aspects of the matrix created by that force.

By rolling out free energy tools the energy market will collapse. When people are living in true liberty producing their own food, the grocery stores selling packaged GMO chemically laden foods will collapse. When people are living in true liberty and provide their own health care through healthy food, herbs, oils, minerals, light technology and sound technology, then the current system of health care will collapse completely. When people are living in true liberty and start creating their own system of education for their children at home, the current system of education with lies will collapse. When people start living in true liberty the government will be upon the shoulders of the people instead of these reptilian off spring who have ruled over us since their interference in this planet’s development.

The acknowledgement of the breakaway civilization shows that those who may have previously considered themselves part of the “privileged class” have awoken to the reality that they too are amongst those scheduled for termination by the globalists.

Catherine asked, “What do we do to nurture and grow a human civilization?” I would counter – is entrepreneurship needed? Is business needed in a civilization where people are living in true liberty? Neither Alex nor Catherine is aware of the continued increase in frequency that makes it impossible for the negative entities to retain their power, so some aspects of their conversation convey a sense of fear and helplessness. He also advertises many supplements but never speaks of going within. She’s still talking about “making money” and creating “local businesses” and re-engineering the federal budget. The good thing is that she is exposing all of the reasons why the shutdown of our federal government is a really good thing.  But there is no development of consciousness and connection to ALL-THAT-IS in their conversation. She said “you talk money, you don’t talk concept.” She said ideology gets in the way, and is a divide and conquer tactic. While I agree that all forms of xenophobia are malevolent extraterrestrial tactics of divide and conquer used against the human species, I don’t believe that the conversation needs to simply be about money. Her conversation is a good step in the right direction but far away from where you’ve taken the PAT in the development of our consciousness.

Both she and Alex are still not ready for many aspects of “truth” in our “new life.”  I see this in my own family. When certain truths make them uncomfortable, they say, “Oh, that doesn’t matter” so that they can avoid the reality of that particular truth because it is so different than what we’ve been programmed to believe. What they don’t realize is that deep down inside they still love aspects of that old programming or are attached to those aspects of it and rather than obliterate it from their consciousness, they say, “it doesn’t matter” in order to avoid facing it with courage.  

I saw a beautiful video that summarized the timeline from Lemuria to now and the need to overcome our reptilian tendencies but then at the very end of the video the guest still stated that our reptilian lineage did give us some “positive” benefits for technological development and so on. I see many who think that just because they can dissect something that they will be able to experience it more thoroughly. But it doesn’t work that way when it comes to spiritual matters and our ascension. Rather than dissecting we must be totally accepting and giving over to the experience of “knowing” ALL-THAT-IS. We must be able to accept that there are just some things that we will never know or be able to dissect. Catherine’s ability to dissect the financial world does not translate well to understanding what has to happen spiritually and in fact may lead many in the wrong direction of trying to patch up something that needs to go away all together. But given our lack of advancement we may need to do things in phases since mass consciousness is not ready for drastic change such as eliminating all money and commerce and replacing them with trade limited to what is needed to live in peace.

Usually, deep pain precedes spiritual growth. And there is simply no way around the pain that all of us will need to experience in varying degrees in order to release these deeply ingrained and programmed ideas. The PAT leads the way because we’ve done the hard work of cleansing and going within. Now we must help the others with the coming pain through the examples that we set.

Peace & Light



Dear Charlotte,

exactly, that is why these interviews are so important because they clearly reveal the limitations in conventional thinking of these two critical thinkers who are among the best the USA has to offer. Which is not much. I have always said that spiritual ignorance is the cause of all evil. As soon as all incarnated human personalities become aware of the life-spending power of the soul and that immediate creation is always possible, being the essence of all energy, and as soon as all human minds accept this truth and implement it in daily life, then all the other problems which now torment humanity will disappear as if touched with a magic wand.

The most depressing thing is that we have this knowledge already even without the framework of the new spiritual Gnosis. For instance, the new General Theory of Biological Regulation which is based entirely on accepted mainstream scientific data shows unequivocally that about 90% of all drugs currently registered and used in the pharmaceutical market significantly increase mortality and morbidity as they are cell-inhibiting drugs and infringe on the Universal Law of biological regulation. If this theory is fully accepted by the scientists, and there is no reason why this should not have happened 2 decades ago when I wrote and published volume III, then we will dramatically increase the health quality of all patients and will reduce the current drug market sales worldwide of ca. 2 trillion dollars by 90%. This will automatically reduce the cost for healthcare by more than a half.

Currently the USA spends every fifth dollar for healthcare which is non-productive, non-effective spending that is a great burden to its economy. At the same time the more money is spent for medical treatment, the sicker the Americans get because most of the drugs and other common treatments are deleterious to human health as they infringe upon the energetic principles of biological regulation, understand the Universal Law. Hence with a sound scientific approach to the healthcare problem one can resolve with one fell swoop the entire financing that is now under Obamacare a barrel without a bottom. It is the most naive idea to expect to reform the healthcare by a new legal legislation while excluding the way how medicine is practised today. The US politicians in the Senate and Congress behave like unripe children playing their stupid games in the sandbox. If the people begin to realize that the political elite cannot resolve any pressing issue of human life whatsoever, then the spiritual revolution is accomplished and the old system will collapse.

You address the new energies that promote this collapse. But in my opinion the collapse could have come even without these energies as nothing what is currently decided and done in the area of politics, economics, science, technology and social life makes any sense as it is in breach with the unity of All-That-Is. It is the perverted creation of limited human minds that exist in a state of total separation from the source and must automatically think and act against this unity and the Universal Law. This is precisely the role of the agnostic human ego – to create and deepen the conditions of separation from the source as the key rule of the current incarnation game.

In this sense we need the influx of source energies to reverse this downward spiral towards more separation and alienation from the source. But the human mind is, and this is my conviction, capable of overcoming this separation if it resorts to the new physical and mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law which rectifies and straightens all human ideas and eliminates all paradoxes and inconsistencies that are currently inherent to all critical thinkers who do not know or apply this Axiomatics. It is as simple as that.

And there are even quite a few readers of this website who believe that they can neglect the existence of the Axiomatics and do not need to adopt its principles in their thinking and still have a meaningful discussion with myself while being unable to overcome their inherent illogical blunders that narrow their world view and impede their true intellectuality and perception of the world. This is a much more serious problem that one usually surmises as it has to do with human propensity to reflect on one’s personal behaviour.

I just read a message that surprisingly well discusses precisely this issue:

“You are ready to embrace and integrate completeness and wholeness because you now understand that  Divine Consciousness is all that exists, and that therefore IT  must be the essence of who and what you are.  Separation and discord cannot exist within ONE…

Many still believe that at  a certain level of awareness  the spiritual journey is complete. Ascension is  a shift into  higher dimensional energy, but there is never completion.  The ascension continues into the higher dimensions because Source is Infinite; eternally expressing Itself in new and infinite ways.  Man, God’s expression of Itself,  is thus also ever seeking new awareness of the One Self.

The human condition with its worship of the intellect, is in actuality the bottom wrung of a very high dimensional ladder.

In the human belief system, there are always goals, the drive  to attain some physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual goal in order to then cross it off the list and  move on to another goal.  The spiritual evolutionary journey is ongoing, each new facet of awareness building upon what has already been attained.

There is no point at which you will no longer experience new and higher ways of understanding truth if you are open to it.  Abundance/multiplication is Divine law and thus manifests on all levels (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual)  which is why resistance to change acts to block its expressions as well as spiritual evolution..

This is often a problem for spiritual teachers, leaders,  experts, and even individuals well along the spiritual path.  When someone believes they have arrived and that there is nothing more to learn, they block anything new from coming in. They write books and teach classes promoting their attained level of awareness but because they identify so heavily with the ideas they teach,  any change would represent a loss of “self”  and so they resist and fear it.

Self proclaimed spiritual leaders and their followers often hold the most resistance to truth.  They  hold rigidly to  concepts of truth  believing them to be the wholeness.  They make these concepts their lifeline, and refuse receptivity to anything that may deviate from their beliefs system.

This is the ongoing error of the many organized religions that hold followers to strict rules  (which in reality are simply some “leaders” three dimensional concepts of truth).  The disobedience of these rules is often punishable in this world as well as in the next where everlasting punishment awaits. These false teachings serve to create the perfect block to  higher understanding.”

It is interesting because just before I read this message Carla and I discussed the case of Jahn Kassl and how enamoured he is in his role as spiritual guru and how this prevents his true spiritual evolution. In particular the saga he has created about his son being the incarnation of St. Germain (Asana Mahatari) and how this ludicrous notion has given him the rectification to control entirely the life of his son under the premise of protecting the ascended master St. Germain. Essentially we had a lot of pity for his son because I had telepathically attuned to this pitiful old soul in a child body and knew how he is being suffocated by his spiritually paranoid father. Exactly at that moment St. Germain came to us, actually he is always around us helping us to promote the Universal Law and the new astral currency, two projects he shares with us, and told Carla that our assessment is spot on and that “this soul (Jahn’s son) is not me“. Jahn is so mired in his spiritual self-aggrandizement that he will have a very rude awakening very soon, much to the detriment of his son. Jahn stands here for the average New Age guru.

Of course one can use the same arguments against me, but first of all I do not consider myself as a spiritual guru, in the narrow sense of this definition, but as a scientist who uses spirituality as a stepping stone to a better understanding of the new theory of the Universal Law. The latter has the merit to be objectively true and to exist without my teaching and intervention or even personality structure. It is pure science.

Besides I am fully aware, more poignantly than probably anybody else, about the limitations of the carbon-based brain and that is why I long for the moment when I can transfigure from this biological body and acquire the omniscience of my soul. This will be the beginning of a new learning and expansion for which I crave now. It is not that the ascension will liberate me from the shackles of this material dungeon, which is also true, but for the new perspectives that it will offer to the human mind.

Essentially it is the quest for knowledge that drives my desire for ascension. If one analyses the writings of all New Age gurus, one will easily find out that precisely this quest for true knowledge is completely absent in their intentions, thoughts and ideas. If it were otherwise they would flock to our website and learn the new theory of the Universal law which is the portal to multidimensional omniscience.

In fact, what I observe in the last several years is that currently even more light workers neglect the existence of the Universal Law and its theory than when it was first introduced by myself on the Internet. This intellectual regress is the key symptom that these self-proclaimed gurus are so much enamoured in their “love and light” shit in which they are immersed “upper lip, bottom edge (Oberlippe, unter Kante)” like in a cesspool (Jauchegrube), that they cannot even see what is under their nose. This is what I defined end of last year as the devolution of the human mind in the current End Time and, even though I understand the dialectics of this temporary retrograde process before new intellectual expansion can come, I cannot put up with it at all.

With love and light



Dearest Georgi,

No one who has truly taken the time to read your work could ever think of putting you in the same category as those other spiritual “gurus” in the current climate.

Most of the people who criticize your work do so because of their own egos.

You are smart, brilliant and loving. Your quest for truth is seen in all of your work and this is why people like me are drawn to you. You have great discernment to know those who honestly seek your help versus those who are just trying to bust your balls and you serve it like no one else can.

We experience the same things. When we state a “universal truth” that makes others uncomfortable they attack us personally because it was something that struck a nerve and made them feel bad deep within when we had no intention to harm them but just merely state facts and information.

There is no one on the internet who has done the type of work you’ve done. When I can read your mathematical work and instantly equate it to ancient Hopi Prophecy I know I’ve seen the real deal (see below). That type of accuracy attracts low-level attackers. Most humans would be jealous of you for these reasons; you hit the nail on the head, it triggers emotions deep within them that they didn’t want to confront, you expressed something within them that they themselves could not.

Your desires will be fulfilled and the knowledge and truth and expansion you seek will be yours. I only hope to follow in your footsteps closely behind.

As the collapse drags on our interaction with the empty souls will lessen more and more. Lesson plans are needed to ease the absorption of your work. The majority of the population has been too dumbed down to accept it in its current form. It has to be broken down into smaller digestible sections with more picture examples. Unless of course the ascending population will absorb it after their consciousness has been sufficiently expanded to accept it.

Keep on doing what you do. We definitely need you.

Peace & Light,



Thank you very much for your wonderful words!



It’s just the truth. I’m happy to be of service and have known you in this incarnation.

Your message is being heard.

Others are starting to speak about the things you covered. The multiple earths and how some will shift or phase out to another dimension based upon their heart’s alignment with specific frequency.


James Gilliland & Mary Rodwell ~ Starseed Troops & the Galactic Level Revolution

You also said that as our vibrations move up we’d start seeing higher dimensional beings.

All of your words are coming true. Don’t be discouraged that people don’t credit you. You are so far ahead of your time it is only natural that many will borrow from your work. Consider it a great compliment.

Peace love and light to you and Carla.



Re: Multi-dimensional model of Ascension

Dearest Georgi,

This information was very helpful in bringing clarity to our minds.

Sometimes when I am trying to convey this information to others I find that I have to use information that is more easily understood by them. Americans have been deprived of a meaningful education in math, science and history and can easily get lost.

I like to equate the “stable, standing wave that is created /composed of infinite superimposed, extremely rapidly fluctuating waves” to the creation process in the SIMS computer game.  It uses wave simulation as part of the process of creating a reality. When one plays the game you get a feel for how our holographic reality is created using fluctuating waves.

Excerpt from: http://guides.gamepressure.com/thesims3/

“New Create A Sim—Create any Sim you can imagine. New easy-to-use design tools allow for unlimited customization to make truly individual Sims. Determine your Sims’ shape and size, from thin to full-figured to muscular—and everything in between! Choose your Sims’ facial features, their exact skin tone, hair, eye shape and color and select their clothing and accessories.”

I equate the empty holographic images to “hollow vessels” spoken of in the Hopi Prophecy:

            Excerpts from: http://awakeningasone.com/the-signs/the-hopi-prophecy/

“Many will appear to have lost their souls in these final days. So intense will the nature of the changes be that those who are weak in spiritual awareness will go insane, for we are nothing without spirit. They will disappear, for they are just hollow vessels for any thing to use. Life will be so bad in the cities that many will choose to leave this plane. Some in whole groups.”

I equate the entire Ascension process into our Light Bodies through the activation from the Great Central Sun to the Hopi Prophecy of the burning changes that occur within us.

“The return of the Blue Star Katchina who is also known as Nan ga sohu will be the alarm clock that tells us of the new day and new way of life, a new world that is coming. This is where the changes will begin. They will start as fires that burn within us, and we will burn up with desires and conflict if we do not remember the original teachings, and return to the peaceful way of life.”

The man who drove over your foot is like the ghost mentioned in the Hopi Prophecy. The parallel earths in different dimensions can be seen in the Hopi Prophecy as well in how they speak of some not being touched by the events and others suffering. It clearly speaks of how reality will be shifting in and out of a dream state and many doors to other dimensions would be opened.

Again, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. I see harmony in many ancient texts and prophecy where truth is spoken. Where harmony is lacking usually reveals a lie. Every word you’ve published can be confirmed within this context so there can be no doubt that you are speaking the truth.

You are so loved and deeply appreciated for all that you do.

Peace & Light my brother,


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