Energy Report of the PAT – May 15, 2017

On “The Final Transmutation and Merging of the PAT With the 5D and Higher Dimensions

Dear George & Carla,

The night of May 13-14, I had a cyclic dream/nightmare. I was levitating in lotus position, spinning along vertical axis, loudly toning/resonating multiple frequencies at once in my head/body. There were many cycles, but I remember in all episodes I was levitating, and attempting to move my body back into another room.

I was ecstatic and of a higher-dimensional existence: conscious, automatic, aligned. But on some level, I was screaming for help and in anguish also. I could not anchor back into the physical body, nor make my sounds audible in 3D to receive help from the other room. (In contrast, I often talk in my sleep involuntarily, without conscious control.) The cycles continued maybe 10+ times and I kept momentarily seeing through physical eyes this blue light on an electronic in the room. So I realized despite the dream sequences, I was stuck, each time freshly terrible.

Finally my high-pitch tone made it through and my friend entered from the next room. (He has been present for several horrific nightmare experiences in the past weeks.) I heard him and kept making the sound as a feint cry for help, and he nudged me. I had sensation but could not anchor. Eventually I could mumble ‘Help’, and then ‘Hands’, and he shook me and moved me. Finally I mumbled over and over ‘Help me wake up.’ After several minutes of getting a cold towel on neck and face and my hands massaged, and getting flopped around like a rag doll, I was still paralyzed. Finally, with moans and a burst of tears I reentered physicality.

(Worth mentioning is that in some of the dream sequences, I demonstrated the levitation to my friend but he was oblivious, like what he was seeing directly in front of his eyes did not even register or compute. On another note, he told me he read that the ozone count was supposed to be very high on the 13th and 14th, and I remember all day on the 13th feeling like I could not get enough oxygen no matter how I breathed.)

It seems the nightmare was the contrast of the ascended light-body form with the incompatible physical body. I experienced anguish and despair, being trapped between dimensions in a loop that kept seeming to end, but then I would see the blue light again and fall right back into the cycle. I have had similar with layers of dream, and often included is the very visceral sense of my more-real self being the levitating form. And somehow I have been trapped or tortured by the frequency discrepancy. All that to say, my nightmares have been off the charts recently. And obviously, it is quite a telling metaphor for the experience of waking consciousness also. Ripped apart at the seams and yet more exalted and ascended (and ironically, integrated yet Gone from 3D) than ever.

Oh well, now I am back to ‘fine’ and ‘normal’, which means I am completely hallucinating the waking reality and the very moment of existing is absurd. The emotional body lately is also like a rag doll flopping around on a ship in a storm at sea. But I am also the ocean, and all of it, none of it. 

‘Row, row, row your boat….. life is but a dream.’

I don’t know if I described any of this accurately, but I want to connect to you and Carla. I haven’t written in a while but I am on the crest with you and the PAT, in sync and often at a loss for meaningful words. 

How many ‘breaking points’ have we transcended? The spiritual fire of purification and ascension is no small flicker or flame. It is a stupendous conflagration. Life in suspension…. We do not know how things will go or what else is needed for this process, but I like how you said, I have delegated my entire destiny to my HS and only perform in a robotic manner the few chores that guarantee my bare survival in this reality.” Thank you for the reminder. It’s how I started this, and how I’ll finish it.

Thank you for keeping the PAT connected through your reports and updates. The energy reports are most meaningful to me. You have an uncanny ability to articulate these wordless experiences, even as we have passed all known superlatives over the years. I am with you brother. This existence is completely absurd, and the vibration of the collective through my field in contrast with the bliss and peace is surreal. But wait another day or so, and the experience will be completely different, and all my words nonsense.

Anyway, Godspeed.




As so often you have clearly presented what I  have been feeling and experiencing during this last week and I would like to comment on some of the points you raised:

“During the whole last week or so the energies from the source were particularly heavy and oppressive”. This took me by surprise as each time I think that it will be the last clearing of such. But oppressive they were as was my despair.  I could see my ascension journey and my entire life really as a futile attempt to somehow affect this strange and dangerous environment into something more positive.

“And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more: it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing

At the same time my physical body became a vehicle to be used as usual for the divine and strange purpose “”the great work” to clear whatever from whatever and I could no longer remain upright. The heavy, tingling warm energy surged through my body causing neuropathy in my extremities and tightness and pain near my 3rd chakra with heavy ringing in my left ear which caused vertigo and headache, I laughed to myself when I thought of what was written  by Donna in a previous post. “I fantasize sometimes that I might be PAT member but after your post today, I’m almost beginning to take this possibility as a fact.” Indeed, oh my!

Your conversation with Bonnie concerning healing bought back many memories of the days when Anita and I were going through some of the same as the ones mentioned with cancer. Yes many  cures and healings were tried then as well. I think we must  be very careful to honor this process for the individual and their family.  When people reach the point of those you have mentioned in the article there is a reason for this and the reason is usual not for them to be healed physically.  There are several paths to ascension with physical death being one of them. Can a healing be manifested. Yes but in all likelihood the higher self has chosen another path even if the individual is not aware of it. As my contacts with Anita have confirmed “she is glad to be out of the physical body and death is nothing at all just as ascension. Would she have wanted to be healed and remain  in this world for the last four years. Absolutely not. Because until transfiguration there is really no true healing in this dimension. Only a delay of the inevitable.

Yesterday I started feeling somewhat more functional and my mood lifted somewhat. Some have reported that they have periods of bliss which I have never experienced during this process. I settle for functional.  Anyway I started seeing the perfection of the plan that has kept me in service in this reality for all my life really but the past 18 years and particularly the last four. The perfection of being provided for and being able to remain in service as I know is my higher self life plan.  I am making continuing to accept as my goal and try to just hang out for the ride. Easy to say, harder to achieve, but the ticket has been purchased the end is in sight and we know what it is. Still the ride is thrilling but still scary and unpredictable.

Thanks for continuing to write.



Dear Georgi,

After communicating with you last evening, I retired to my bed and slowly reclined to a restful position. As I mentioned to you the other day concerning my surreal experience with my eyesight observation seeing in two distinct visual references, well it happened again. While reviewing an Asian video on my smart phone, I suddenly was seeing two exact images in a dance routine that appeared to me as if my smart phone was split vertically in two equal frames and I was watching the exact same video being played out simultaneously on one phone. Again, I closed n my eyes and opened them, and it was still playing in twosome. It lasted approximately in the same duration of  5-7 minutes. The visual experience in no way resembled a double vision anomaly as one would experience in fatigue or perhaps getting up too quickly where vertigo would ensue. Not at all, in perfect and aligned consciousness , I observed two exact videos split vertically playing on my hand-held smart phone.

A free-lance painter and architectural engineer colleague of mine that I have shared  your website with and recently linked him to your  Evolutionary Leap of Mankind pdf just contacted me and are his words:


Thanks for the link to this amazing thesis. Its deep and dense, and has to be absorbed as small morsels, in my case 40 pages or so. I’ll chew on more as I can. Amazing material. 



Lieber Georgi,

dein Artikel passt so wunderbar zu dem, was ich in meiner gestrigen Meditation erlebt habe.

Ich habe noch mehr “Energieblitze” geschickt bekommenn, als in meiner Meditation vor 3 Wochen. In der letzten und vorletzten hatte ich ganz sanfte, “unspektakuläre” Energien bekommen, die sich anfühlten, als würde jede meiner Zellen von innen durchgereinigt, aber was gestern abging, das war ein wahres Feuerwerk an heftigen, aber erfreulichen und gut zu integrierenden Energiestößen. Beim Mitzählen bin ich bis 8 oder 9 gekommen, dann habe ich nicht mehr weiter gezählt. Dazu kam die Botschaft, dass dies jetzt die Generalprobe sei und es beim nächsten Mal dann wirklich zur Sache geht – nämlich Transmutation.

Morgens sind die Eindrücke der Meditationen abgeschwächt, aber als ich deinen Artikel las, war sofort das Gefühl von gestern abend wieder voll präsent.

Ich freu mich so – lang genug haben wir daraufhin gearbeitet und gefiebert.

Alles Liebe für dich und Carla

Renate, Germany

English Translation

Dear Georgi,

Your article fits so wonderfully to what I experienced in my latest meditation.

I have been sent more “energy flashes” than in my meditation 3 weeks ago. In the last and last but one, I had got very gentle, “unspectacular” energies that felt as if each of my cells had been cleansed from the inside, but what went off yesterday was a real firework of violent but enjoyable and well integrated energy sheds. When counting them I have come to 8 or 9, then I have not counted further. In addition, there was a message that this is now the dress rehearsal and the next time it will really come to the point – namely, transmutation.

In the morning (May 14th) the impressions of the meditations are weakened, but when I read your article, the feeling of yesterday evening was again fully present.

I am so happy – we worked and fevered long enough.

All love for you and Carla

Renate, Germany


Dearest  George;

I sincerely Thank You and all PAT for every gift you share. Your abilities, wisdom, and Love are incredibly necessary at this time, and very refreshing.

I was born with certain gifts, and although late to this table, I have always trusted my gifts, with every fiber of my being.  They have never proved me wrong.

With that said, I KNOW that the ‘former’ president  B. Obama is a puppet of the dark forces of Error, and in KNOWING this fact, am put on high alert to stay away from, and not trust ANYONE who extols any virtue of his.

I am asking for your clarity on this former US President, who has been referenced as a White Knight of the Ashtar Command.  I do not understand who the White Knights are, or what their part of our Ascension may be.  Recently, I (also) saw a letter from “Archangel Michael” glorifying the former president…..that is IF I understand correctly?

I am referencing your post – A Message to Lightworkers by GEORGI STANKOV posted on MAY 13, 2017 under the titled “The Message”,  where I quote a passage:  “There are also seemingly unremarkable moments, such as several speeches made recently by a former President, who is also a White Knight of the Ashtar Command, in which he referenced not so much his own abilities and accomplishments, but the increasing sense of self-empowerment and co-Creative ability that so many are realizing now as part of their day-to-day existence.”

If possible, please clarify who, and why, ANYTHING is being mentioned about this former, fraudulent  president.

In Pure Light and Love,



Dear Sandra,

as far as I see it, this is your first contact with me and the PAT and I thank you for your appreciation of our website.

I have not read that Obama has been defined as the “White Knight of the Ashtar Command” but the Ashtar Command itself is a very dark invention of CIA sources that channel many derailed light workers and I have indeed seen a few messages that hail Obama in the past, especially this dark entity called Matthew. I wrote years ago to his mother who channels this dark source and believes to be her son and told her that it is a shame to distribute such dark messages and that she should use her brain to analyse what she is propagating. She was mad at me and continued channelling and the New Age idiots continued republishing this dark shit as they do with Cobra, and many other dark sources. What imbeciles, I have no explanation for that.

And of course not to forget the cretin Steve Beckow who explicitly wrote on his website that this is pro-Obama website and who in vain expected that this monster would make the long expected revelations …. about what ? – that his wife is a tranny and that he is queer and a murderer and so on.

I myself have written more than 30 articles condemning this monster and mass murderer Bombama throughout the years and have exposed the stupidity of the light workers community in this respect but they do not learn anything.

I also wondered who this former president could be in this message and my HS told me that only Carter could be defined as of the light. Indeed he has, since he left the Oval Office, written many books that prove him to be an ethical and decent man and who has systematically been shunned by the MSM media for his effort to resolve the humanitarian crisis in Palestine, while criticizing Israel for their inhuman aggressive policy of segregation of the Arab population. He also established an international framework to observe the validity of democratic elections in many countries that, as we all know, have been systematically manipulated by the USA and the CIA. That is why he was heavily criticized by the western MSM and ridiculed as a kind of Don Quixote’s in the USA. This is what came to my mind when I read about a former president being a White Knight and I somehow overlooked the Ashtar Command which is a red flag for me.

This is how I see the situation and the rest is smoke and mirrors that has pervaded the minds of many New Agers. I hope that I have answered your question.

With love and light


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