Warning Signs of the Coming “Shock and Awe Wave” – an Energy Report

Sun Blasts Cause Surreal Blackouts in LA, New York and San Francisco

Georgi Stankov, April 22, 2017


Last year we discussed the role of the “shock and awe” wave coming from the Central sun that will cause massive power outages on the earth and will vastly contribute to the paralysis of the system.

How the Cabal is Preparing the US Population for the Total Blackout of all Electric Grids and Electronic Networks This Summer With Mendacious Explanations

This is how the matrix will be very effectively dissolved without the cabal being able to start a new nuclear war. Currently the situation is very heated and, according to most experts, the danger of accidental nuclear war has never been so high since the end of the Cold war and some even say it is higher than during the Cuba missile crisis. As I reported, such wars have been unleashed this last weekend in Asia and the world over on many lower timelines after Trump escalated the North Korean crisis.

On Monday till Wednesday we had another very powerful energetic period with massive cc-waves to cleanse the fallout from these wars on lower timelines. In the night of Wednesday we received a huge download of new codes from the source that have the function to expand human awareness. These energetic events were reported as follows in real time by Patrick and myself:

“Last night from approximately 9:30 pm to 1:30 am in the after midnight hours, I underwent an extreme energetic surge throughout my entire physical body. Whereas in the past, I could identify the exact locations primarily across my pelvic and hip region to the lower extremities, the events of last night were something entirely different. I have stopped calibrating what I perceive to be the latest and greatest in terms of discomfort as each successive episode surpasses the previous actions in intensity and are now concurrently affecting my entire physical vessel.

I am not mincing words here. I honestly felt that I might not be able to withstand even a slight raise in discomfort as I was literally brought to tears. Are you experiencing a heightened elevation in both breadth and intensity ? Also, are PAT members commenting in a similar manner ? – Patrick


Dear Patrick,

I am getting very few emails these days and do not know what the PAT members experience. We both had a very nasty cc-wave with massive cleansing between Monday and Wednesday. On Wednesday night we both received a massive download of codes which Carla perceived consciously as she was awake and I only when I woke up in the night to go to the washroom. Massive amounts of codes were transmitted. 

Today we made a trip to a near-by place to see the tulip gardens there which is an attraction and we just came back home. We moved through many timelines and were wiped out when we arrived. Then we recovered somewhat during the visitation of the gardens and on the way back to White Rock and the Infinity portal we were very dizzy again and could barely walk when got out of the car. After that the Elohim came to us and told us that we have disseminated important codes to increase and expand human consciousness and have done this through thousands of timelines. This is what makes us so tired these days as we constantly bilocate. 

They confirmed that this expansion of awareness can “happen only in minuscule portions as humans are barbarians even if instead of a club in the past they now carry a car key in the hand” – this is exactly what they told Carla. Humans cannot be exposed radically to the holistic world view we profess on our website as this would scare them to death and they would close even more than now. Which tells me that it may take some more time to reach the threshold of radical change. Essentially they confirmed the necessity and actuality of our discussions in the last few days regarding this subject. – George

In the last 4 – 6 months the intensity of the source waves as perceived by myself and other members of the PAT has correlated perfectly with the appearance of big coronal holes in the sun which are enormous portals through which the energies of the central sun flow onto the earth. In the last 48 hours a new coronal hole has been opened, which emerged through the merging of two previous coronal holes:

“We’ve seen  a (similar) coronal hole before. On March 27th it lashed Earth’s magnetic field with a fast-moving stream that ignited intense auroras around both of Earth’s poles. The coronal hole is potent because it is spewing solar wind threaded with “negative polarity” magnetic fields (that affect the magnetic field of the earth). Such fields do a good job connecting to Earth’s magnetosphere and energizing geomagnetic storms.”

These solar streams also affect our bodies and fields as registered by Patrick and myself, and surely many other PAT members. Currently the sun is in a state of maximal intensity and is pulsating like never seen before as this video shows in a very impressive manner: 

Considered isolated, all these observations and phenomena which astronomers and laymen register these days, may seem to be accidental. But there is a recurrent pattern that we discussed already last year when we witnessed unexplained power outages in many places on the earth. At that time we received the information that this is how the matrix will be paralyzed and will cease to exist in the end phase before the service-to-self cabal are able to unleash a nuclear war.

Now at the height of political tensions between the world powers and a massive war mongering hysteria in the USA that has taken democrats and republicans in full grip, it is  of great symbolic significance that three of the most important metropolitan areas in the USA were hit by inexplicable electric blackouts that were described by the people as “surreal:

Totally surreal’: Blackouts hit LA, New York and San Francisco

No plausible reason was given for these power outages and no explanation as to how it was possible that these three areas, far away from each other, could be hit at the same time yesterday. The only explanation is that the cause is of cosmic origin and the maximal activity of the sun is the next most probable explanation.

The higher realms always announce their upcoming actions in a discrete manner only for the enlightened humans to see and correctly interpret. We have been waiting for this shock and awe wave to come for some time and explained the logic behind it. This is the most effective and elegant way to shut down the electric grid in key areas and close the banking system, the stock exchange, crucial military centres from which a nuclear war can be started, etc.

This focal targeting of the matrix can very easily cause the total disruption and dissolution of the social order as we know it now. In order for the people to prepare mentally for that and not to succumb to irrational fears, such events are announced on a smaller scale early enough for the collective subconscious to prepare for these cataclysmic events.

After all the Trump administration and less so the American people are already preparing for the shutdown of the government end of this month or next month. These are all ominous prodromi for the coming collapse of the empire of evil which has many aspects but one primary cause – immediate resolution of the huge negative collective karma amassed by this most bellicose and insidious nation in modern times. Only after the full collapse of the USA happens can all other changes manifest as it is in the centre of the cabal’s futile effort to install the NWO in the end time in order to prevent ascension.

This has been averted by the PAT on a global scale after we opened the stargate 11.11.11 and then successfully opened the second most important stargate 12.12.12  till 12.21.12. Since then we have opened numerous cosmic and transdimensional portals to allow Gaia to ascend and enter the new Golden galaxy. Now we have definitely entered the final most crucial stage of this process.

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