Trump Humiliated: Syria Shoots Down 34 of 59 US Cruise Missiles With Russian S-300 and S-400 Missiles

Georgi Stankov, April 10, 2017

Immediately after the punitive US strike on a Syrian airport the Russian Defense Ministry held a very professional briefing and announced in a typical understatement that

“the US missile strike on a Syrian airfield wasn’t very effective, with only 23 out of 59 Tomahawk missiles reaching their target. The locations of the remaining 36 missiles’ impact is now unknown, the ministry added.”

The Saker immediately suggested in his article which I commented in my letter to him that the Russians have shot down the 36 US missiles but let 24 through as to humiliate the Americans – if they have intercepted all of them, there would have been no strike and no discussion and no further questions what happened with the rest of the missiles. This makes sense in the retrospective.

On Saturday the Syrians have published a video that shows how the Russian missiles intercepted the US cruise missiles immediately after they were launched from two US ships and destroyed them over the Mediterranean Sea.

Youtube has just deleted this video but you can still watch it here:–les-S400-ont-fonctionn

This is what the Iranian Press TV writes to this successful air defense of Syria against the criminal American aggression ordered by Trump in an unconstitutional manner:

Press TV/Tehran: Since the firing of 59 Tomahawk missiles on Friday against a Homs aerodrome, a question never ceases to return in all analyzes: 23 of the 59 US cruise missiles have reached their target. And the rest of the gear? What happened to 34 other Tomahawks fired from two US warships deployed in the Mediterranean? The reply is the video that Al-Alam is sending this Saturday: the Syrian DCA intercepted and destroyed the 34 Tomahawk missiles before they reached the Shayrat air base. 

The information highlights the decree of the Syrian Presidency for the interception and destruction in flight of American missiles at the minute when the attack began. Other analysts note the role of the Russian radars that would immediately take office after the firing of the first missile. Are these S-300 Syrians or Russian S-400 deployed in Syria? Why did they hide this “scathing riposte” and talk about it only two days after the attack?

The video published by Syrian military sources proves one thing: if Syria and its Russian ally avoided publishing it in the hours following the US strikes, it was to avoid an escalation. But in view of the intense campaign of threats against Syria and Russia, there may no longer be any reason not to disclose “the weaknesses of the US missiles” and “the power of the Syrian DCA”.

The United States announced this Sunday by the White House  spokesman Sean Spicer not to have warned Russia beforehand of the attack they were going to launch against the Syrian territory. Asked by Fox News, the spokesman said that “we had no contact with the Russian political leaders,” which means that the US did indeed want to “take the Russians by surprise”. But the surprise seems not to have “worked too well”!

Analysts also claim that Russia, whose warships have just returned to the Mediterranean, has shown restraint to avoid a “ballistic war” that could have led to a “nuclear conflict”

In the latest sitrep of the PAT I commented to a question from Patrick that the US army is in a very poor shape and is not capable of leading a real war against a decent opponent. All Trump and his “mad dogs” can do is to bluff and pretend that the USA is still a formidable military power. Although these war games have no relevance on the ascension process they give us vital information where humanity stands at this point in time – on the verge of rapid dissolution of the Empire of Evil, which is now collapsing under the gargantuan weight of its financial Ponzi scheme and enormous national debt, weak and inefficient army, a total political gridlock in Washington D.C., an incompetent president blocked by desolate cabal and the deep state, whose heinous plans never come to fruition.

Since spring equinox the service-to-self people in all institutions of power that keep the old matrix alive have lost their ability to influence the service-to-other people, the awakened ones, who are now gaining control over these institutions and will lead them to the light or simply wrap them up.

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It is very exciting to observe how this process will unfold in the coming days.


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Pravda confirms that the USA informed Russia of its planned missile strike of the Syrian airport and the Russians informed the Syrian government. This explains why the Syrians were prepared and able to intercept 36 Tomahawk cruise missiles.

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