The Elohim: A New Matrix!

Carla Thompson, April 29, 2017

Hello everyone!

What an intense period these last several days have been!  

We have all done a phenomenal job transmuting the lower energies, and anchoring the beautiful, new crystalline matrix that Source sent our way!  We did all of this, more or less within a matter of a few days, preceding the most intense time of all, being April 26th.  I really can’t imagine it getting any more intense than what we have just experienced together.  Getting hit hard like we did at both ends of the frequency scale really is a testimony to our endurance and tenacity.

I thank each and every one of you for being here with me, doing this work, I am so very honoured to work with you all. 

Here is a message that I got from the Elohim yesterday morning (April 27th).  They are so pleased with this outcome.

All my love to each of you,


In order to understand this message in its proper context please read first the following two reports:

Breaking News: The Earth Split Into Two Halves in a Massive and Dramatic ID Rift on April 26, 2017

Energy Report of the PAT – April 28, 2017: On the Earth’s Split and Old Matrix Replacement on April 26, 2017


The Elohim Message

“Greetings Beloveds! We are the Elohim!
Great and beautiful success comes to the home of humanity where the call for help has now been heard, and answered:  A New Matrix is in place that supports the crystalline grid which you have all been working to build over the ages with dedicated lightwork founded in purity of heart.
This new matrix with you now waits patiently for the moment when the old matrix will finally lose all its power and connection to the service-to-self constructs.
You have demanded purification!  You have demanded fairness! And you have then commanded the Light from the depths of your hearts and souls to clear your reality of the old ways embedded within your reality!
The new matrix fuels life with love and truth.  The old matrix has fallen from greed, corruption, control over others and self-centredness.
The new matrix based on principles of unity – open sharing and equality – replaces service-to-self as the underlying contextual energy.
The new matrix has been birthed and begins to radiate the crystalline blue light upon which truth, sincerity and loving kindness is built.  
A new world is born!”
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