How Dr. Jekyll Trumps Mr. Hyde – End Time Paradoxes

Georgi Stankov, April 8, 2017

These emails can also be read as an energy report on the recent waves and events that accompany humanity and Gaia on their rapid way to ascension. Needless to say that nothing is real, except the source energies that flow through our fields and have vacated our sense of being human. The only real thing, however, is our mission as educators of humanity for what we have incarnated at this time on this most toxic planet in the multiverse as discussed today with Patrick:

“Dear Georgi,

A most surprising and startling consequence came to my attention earlier today. I have a certain following on social media boards and have frequently posted content pertaining to world affairs, specifically questioning how humanity has come to such a devolution in spiritual matters and how the hidden forces of the cabal have in the past manipulated humanity for its evil agenda. They are essays of perhaps 3 or 4 paragraphs in duration. Well, after a flurry of recent and very active presentations on these subjects which included link references to your website, I came to the conclusion that I must at this time focus all my energies and efforts toward our ascension as I can readily discern the differences in source energies vis-a-vis those of the past and my physical vessel is continuously undergoing symptoms of a significant nature as well as psycho-spiritual fluxes of an intense magnitude.

Having said that, I decided to post one last summation of content matter and announced that it was my last official post as I have more demanding and energetic matters to attend to. I have received very cordial and thankful remarks in the past from a few that I could count on the fingers of my hand. As this notification was revealed last night at the midnight hour, I then proceeded to retire to bed and awoke this morning at first sunlight. My remark section on this social media forum is overflowing with commentaries on how appreciative my subject matter has been received by people that I do not even know personally but evidently were reading my posts in silence and forwarding them to friends and colleagues. Many are requesting that I return as soon as possible. I am stunned…

With love and light,



Dear Patrick,

your decision to retreat is understandable as I did the same thing and yet paradoxically, the more we detach from this reality, the greater our influence on it becomes. This is an invariant motif in my whole life and this is what you have recently experienced.

Indeed, our mission as educators of humanity has barely commenced although we are in a tactical retreat now, but we have never given up on this mission.

By the way, I have also not fully given up educating humanity as this letter today to the Saker confirms. He himself posted two days ago a preliminary analysis of Trump’s decision to bomb Syria. At that time I was telepathically linked to Trump and his administration and experienced skin-deep the insane frenzy and overt aggression that accompanied this decision. I did a massive cleansing of humanity that affected my emotional body through a massive wave that hit this time my right brain portal. It was associated with our bilocation to very lower timelines the previous two days to cleanse these collapsing worlds. A member of the PAT wrote to me the same day that he was in Denver for a visit and saw a nuclear mushroom over the city on a lower timeline before he moved to a higher frequency. We are shedding a lot of toxic timelines these days and what happened here with Trump, surprisingly deciding to bomb Syria, must be interpreted in the same context.

Here are my two versions of the same event which are dialectical opposites of the incoming unity. The first one is a letter to Charlotte as of yesterday.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

First of all, I would like to thank you for two answers that your reply supplied for me. The first is that now I know where I have been in the dream state for the previous 72-96 hours. Last evening was the first night that I actually was able to have a normal sleep without interruption. The previous 72 hours before that I was awake in a semi-conscious state for three long nights only to awake in extreme discomfort to the point of complete immobility. I must have been in the same lower time lines engaged in a massive sweep of dark and oppressive energies.

Additionally, you have presented in your summation to the Saker that a behind-the-scenes scenario is quite possibly the reason for all of this buffoonery that quite escapes the linear cause and effect, almost Pavlovian response that Washington insiders parade around in their madness. I was trying to envision the Saker’s countenance as he was reading your ‘higher’ insight to what he perceives as rational and sound conclusions to this faux pas. I also read his account along with Paul Craig Roberts and the like and as you say, they simply rehash old stuff and the beat goes on.

You may wish to be a little gentler on the Saker as a more transcendental explanation might push him over the edge. Then again, you might fast-track him to an awareness of this total illusion and allow his HS to begin the process of dismantling his ego in order for the soul to take its first step in his understandings. I would be interested if he replies to your exercise in the Shakespearean tragedy with ulterior and positive motives that you outline so eloquently.

I am still getting appreciative feedback from my readers. One just arrived from someone who I haven’t seen in 50 linear years.

With love and light



“Dearest Georgi,

Yesterday (April 6th) my dog went nuts in the middle of the afternoon for no apparent reason and urinated less than 5 minutes after her afternoon walk where she had already urinated.

Then multiple family members and friends are reporting splitting headaches this morning and they live in different parts of the country.

Something energetic happened yesterday. Something pressing upon our energetic bodies in extreme.

I awoke around 3:00 a.m. this morning, couldn’t sleep. Then I saw the news on Syria and finally went back to sleep. It took a few minutes to divorce myself from the news emotionally.

I am also feeling a recalibration in my brain as crown was on fire all night.

I trust you are riding the waves in peace.

Peace & Light



Dear Charlotte,

I also had a terrible headache yesterday (April 6th) and throughout the night. I was also telepathically attuned to Trump and his administration and felt their mad aggression which was very unpleasant. It was at the same time when he gave the order to bomb Syria without any reason. Thus he has lost the few friends he accidentally made, such as Farage and Le Pen, and now has only enemies. Even Alex Jones struggles today to explain Trump’s criminal decision, which puts him at the same level as Obama and Bush – in the International court as a war criminal.

This is the end of him after he ousted from the WH the man who helped him most enter this building – Bannon. Because the latter criticized his son-in-law as being a cuckold which is an euphemism. Which normal politician, not to speak of a president, takes his son-in-law as his personal adviser. Trump manifests all the vices of the collective human ego in an exaggerated form and this is a mirror image for all the people to see their ugly face as the supporters of Killery saw this in her image. This is the death of all myths on this planet and our arrival as ascended masters and true stewards of the new humanity is herewith heralded. This is now clearer than ever. I think that from now on the situation will heat up very quickly.

Two days ago we scraped the very low timelines through bilocation and then severed them after they were destroyed again by the cabal. This is how we ascend higher and higher. The energies were very dark and oppressive there. This timeline was spared with this insane decision of Trump that achieved nothing else but exposed him for the dangerous idiot he is.

The Russians are done with him and they will not negotiate anything with the USA. Why, when the time plays in their hands and the empire of evil is deconstructing itself more efficiently than anybody else from outside could do.

With love and light



Said beautifully just like a master. – Charlotte”


Just a suggestion

Regarding the latest Saker’s article on Syria

Dear Saker,

I know you are busy, but consider this: Trump, Tillerson and the “stupid” UN lady Nikki Haley announce that they no longer support the policy of removing Assad. Simultaneously Bannon, the single most important man who helped Trump win the election, is ousted from power. Rumours were spread before that, first by Oliver Stone through Alex Jones, that his son-in-law Jared Kushner is in a power struggle with Bannon and has leaked compromising information to Morning Joe anchor who is known to be an anti-Trump presstitute and then this is confirmed by the MSM. Bannon was known to be the most fierce opponent of the neocons and the deep government and a true democrat who knows the pain of the US electorate (50% of the Americans cannot afford to pay an extra $500 bill and barely survive from paycheck to paycheck). The moment Bannon is ousted from power, Trump changes his political views like a prostitute changes her pants after each client and succumbs to the neocons and the deep state. Or at least this is what yours and the interpretation of many other experts make us believe.

Then there is a false flag chemical attack in an ISIS stronghold, the same day Bannon is ousted from power, that no one can visit and investigate. Immediately Trump holds a conference with the US stooge, the Jordanian king, who is good for any heinous plot and condemns the chemical attack blaming Assad. Then he declares that he has changed his opinion and will punish Assad, knowing already in 2013 that all chemical attacks in Syria were false flag attacks as he has twitted in 12 messages already at that time. In the meantime it has transpired that the US army was in preparation for this missile attack against Assad before the chemical attack was staged and that even this attack was announced by some protagonists days earlier. Nobody, who is not insane, would believe this lie and Trump is not insane. He is actually very smart and a great actor, this nobody can deny.

After the attack the Russian government was unusually calm and even meek as you also complained, although they presented their case in unequivocal diplomatic language and Medvedev declared that Russia and the USA are one step away from a WW3. This all seems very staged and rather surreal. Hours after the attack was announced, a Russian ship was sighted already crossing the Bosphorus with missiles on its way to Syria. It takes more than a day for a Russian ship to reach the Bosphorus from any Russian port on the Black Sea coast and then add the time for preparation for this mission. Which brings us to the idea that the Russians knew in advance of this attack – obviously informed by the Trump administration – and were demonstratively sending this ship as to up the ante in the Middle East conflict and create the impression of an imminent war.

From a strategic and military point of view this attack does not make any sense and from a political point of view it is a disaster as Trump only showed optically to the world that he has succumbed to the neocons and the deep government as you also surmised. And that he was hailed for this criminal act by his enemies in the USA and Europe who otherwise criticized him for any decent decision.

The damage at the Syrian airport that he bombed is negligible as has been shown by Russian TV and confirmed by the Russian ministry of defense, and also by the Syrians. In view of this it does not matter if only 23 missiles hit the airport and what happened to the rest 36 missiles that were said to be launched by the US army. It only helped ISIS start a major offensive and this fact optically proved that Trump is helping the terrorists contrary to his initial promises. What a political disaster one would prematurely conclude! But wait!

Was it because he succumbed to the neocons and the deep state? Hardly! He knows that he cannot appease his enemies even if they now hail this criminal act, while he has already lost the few friends he accidentally made, such as Farage and Le Pen, who condemned his aggressive action against a sovereign country the USA is not in war. Even his friend Rand Paul explicitly stated that Trump has acted unconstitutionally, even though he admitted that he is in the minority with his opinion among his senators colleagues. From this it is clear that Trump has nothing to win with this decision and everything to lose. Or so it seems at first glance and then one must assume that he is an idiot. However, he is not.

Therefore what is the actual reason for this unexpected and highly erratic decision of Trump to shoot straight from the hip and directly into his foot? The only explanation is that this was a smoke and mirrors tactic and a staged event. He appeased his most fierce enemies, the neocons, who now gather behind him. He showed to the public that he is not the coward Obama who hesitated to cross his own red line and is able to attack Syria and confront the Russians. He thus demonstrated that he is not in Putin’s pocket and killed the Russiagate hysteria with one fell swoop.

As it happens, Tillerson will visit Moscow in a few days to hold serious negotiations with the Russians and I will not be surprised if he even meets with Putin. Of course this is all a coincidence, you would say, however, there are no coincidences in politics, but only strategic planning on a global chessboard. And that is why it is not a good idea for the Russians to cancel this visit as you suggest.

Trump decided to bomb Syria minutes before he met with the Chinese head of state and had a very amicable conversation with him after he had condemned China even more harshly than Russia and had challenged her one-state doctrine. Tillerson first accused the Chinese of aggression in the South Sea and urged them to stop building the islands and to solve the North Korea crisis, only to meet a few days later with the Chinese in Beijing and have very amicable negotiations with them, which led to the unexpectedly quick visit of Xi in the USA.

Don’t you see the pattern? Trump raises the stakes very high before he sits down with other heads of states to negotiate. And he has also to appease his mortal enemies at home, the globalists, whom he underestimated at first but had to recognize their power when he failed to repeal Obamacare. He realized that he had to maneuver very carefully from now on if he wants to be successful.

If there is one thing, one should believe Trump, as he is otherwise a great opportunist and a chameleon, is that he is not a crazy militarist and he knows too well what it would mean to enter a nuclear conflict with Russia – the total destruction of the USA and that of the entire humanity and that there will be no winner. He said this in a very moved and sober tone shortly after he was elected in an interview, I think with Hannity, when he talked about him being instructed on the nuclear codes and at that moment he was very sincere for a change.

Hence what is the most likely explanation of this charade in which the entire Trump administration participated, beginning with Bannon and Kushner and ending up with Tillerson and Haley at the UN? Trump united the neocons behind him and crashed their opposition which was paralysing his political activity. He used this symbolic act of aggression without any practical and strategical effect for the outcome of the war in Syria to show that he would not hesitate to use force where the coward Obama failed. Trump loves this kind of plot staged in the Hollywood style of “Wag the dog“. It’s all show for the public in the End Time when the outcome is predetermined (and this is ascension; note, George).

At the same time he showed that he is not in the pocket of Putin and does not hesitate to confront him and Russia. Putin played brave his role and upped the ante in Syria by sending an additional ship with missiles and canceled the cooperation agreement with the US army in Syria. This practically means that he has established a Russian no-fly zone in Syria and the US military knows this perfectly well. Will they be so stupid to have this negative outcome as a result of their haphazard action without a bigger plan behind? Unlikely…

What humanity now experiences is an alleged escalation of the war in the Middle East that is worse than the Cuban crisis according to various experts. But Trump needs this escalation as to begin negotiations with the Russians under such pressure. Never let a crisis go away without making the best use of it to promote your clandestine goals. This was the motto of the dark cabal whose only goal was the establishment of the NWO and Trump is going the same pathway to achieve his own goals, which are not to have a war with the rest of the world. That is for sure. But he needs this confrontation as an opening bid in the political gambit with Putin and Russia, if only to appease his enemies at home, which are the real menace to him and not Putin. That he knows better than you and me as it is about his life.

Otherwise he would have been accused of being a Putin’s stooge by the opposition that would have torpedoed any such negotiation. Now that he has appeased the most bellicose senators such as McCain, he can begin negotiating with the Russians and this is what Tillerson intends to do when he arrives in Moscow next week. We observe here the same pattern as Trump’s approach to China. “The soup is not as hot as it is eaten”, (Die Suppe ist nicht so heiss wie sie gegessen wird), a German saying says it all, and this is particularly true for Trump.

And to top this Hollywood plot in the WH, today we read that Bannon and Jared Kushner have met and have buried the hatchet:

Go figure! It was too improbable that Kushner would contact an enemy of Trump and his administration and leak compromising information about Bannon and inner fights in the WH, thus weakening the reputation of his Godfather-in-law. He would never do that, unless this was planned with Trump personally for a higher purpose. Nothing is as it seems and as I say repeatedly – life on this planet is a total illusion, but I do not expect you to follow me in this gnostic truth as you are not there yet. That is why I argue here in a conventional manner so that you can understand my point.

By the way, you should consider and check that Trump is intimately linked to Chinese capital and so is his son-in-law. Without this financial support he would have been bankrupt long time ago after he badly failed with his casinos in Atlantic city and had several billion dollars debt and no US bank wanted to invest in him anymore. Nobody can recover from such a fiasco, unless a major financial player sits in the background and helps you so that he controls you in the future. This is the true Chinagate and if you could come here to Vancouver and see how the Chinese have bought the entire city, you will know what I mean by that.

I hope that this clarifies the situation a little bit as the first glance is the most deceitful, unless you have an open channel to your Higher Self and get the truth immediately from this higher vantage point of view of omniscience, but, as I said, you are not there yet and this would say that you would continue to meander in the political maze for a while, before you fully open your eyes.

Of course I could have explained you the situation even more convincingly from an energetic, transcendental point of view, but this I would skip for the moment as not to overwhelm you as in the past. Humans hate to be overwhelmed too much all in one time. That is why the incarnation cycle on this toxic planet lasts so long.

With most sincere regards



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