Breaking News: The Earth Split Into Two Halves in a Massive and Dramatic ID Rift on April 26, 2017

Energy Report

Georgi Stankov, April 27, 2017

I know that we, the PAT, have experienced numerous ID shifts in the past but this ID rift yesterday was very different. The gnostic advantage of the PAT is that we do not rely on dubious channelings and often fraudulent messages from the HR to learn what is happening on this planet energetically. All the energies from the Source that drive ascension flow through our fields and bodies instantaneously and we only need to develop the proper discernment to accurately interpret their different qualities and functions. This is an important intellectual work, even though we can only have glimpses into the complexity of the current planetary ascension in its entirety.

Yesterday morning I woke up with the most dreadful wave of fear that came from the collective and hit my body and fields with the power of one billion nuclear explosions. The human dread was so physical and palpable and it streamed with such high vibrational intensity into my fields and body that I could cut it with a knife. There was no escape to it as at the same time I could barely breathe because my chest was pressed in this vice of angst. I have experienced this kind of angst intensity first time when the lowest 4D earth from the first seven new earths we created in May 2013 was terribly destroyed by a MPR, tsunami and nuclear war on June 8th, 2013:

Breaking News – It’s Happening Now

I have referred many times to this pivotal experience of inhuman fear as it has been indelibly engraved in my memory. It serves also as a benchmark for me to gauge the magnitude of other critical energetic events we have gone through since then.

Two further energetic events come to mind with respect to their scale and intensity that were comparable to what happened yesterday:

 1. The opening of the heart chakra of the second wave of ascension candidates at the Radiant Rose academy in October 2014 when the energies that flowed through my body were so powerful that the whole tall building began to tremble and collapsed within the vision of my third eye as reported here:

The Visit to the Radiant Rose Academy – October 29th, 2014

This magnificent event was then confirmed by the Elohim:

How the PAT Activated the Second Wave of Ascension Candidates on October 29, 2014 During the Greatest Ascension Shift Ever 

2. The experience of the Transgalactic Shift of Gaia to the new Golden Galaxy we created as Logos Gods two years earlier on February 14, 2017:

Breaking News: This Night, February 14th, 2017, a Critical and Final Transgalactic Shift of Gaia Took Place

As usual, all these events were experienced personally by myself and immediately reported on this website and then confirmed by the Elohim and by the individual experiences of PAT members. Hence we have a triad of reliable evidence for the occurrence and importance of such pivotal energetic events which is what true Gnosis is all about. None of these events were ever registered by the rest of the light workers community. Only the concept of second and third wave of ascension candidates was much later plagiarized by some fraudulent New Age writers who never mentioned our website as the original source of their misinterpretations that stem from their lack of true spirituality. This poignant topic haunts us for many years and I will not discuss it here any further. But if you check what the light workers are writing today you will not find a single inkling as to one of the most dramatic events in the ascension process that happened yesterday.

As I began to explain, this incredible energetic event began with full force in the morning of April 26, local time when a palpable physical wave of collective human dread hit my fields and body and almost paralyzed me. I could barely breathe and move and only the experience with such waves in the past as described above helped me survive these horrible hours without losing my mind. Around midday the intensity of this collective human angst began to recede so that I was able to drive with Carla to West Vancouver near Horseshoe Bay  where we met some people. According to my estimation they were second or third wave of ascension candidates, but still closed to true transcendental Gnosis and very much mired in this 3D reality.

During the drive that took more than an hour I got a massive cc-wave with huge downloads of source energies of ascension. The fear from the morning was gone as an energetic component from this new wave that was of pure ascension character and extremely high vibrating. The vibrations and the high pitched tone was deafening. Carla also got a headache and many severe dizzy spells. In the morning when the collective fear wave reached its peak I also suffered under heatwaves that caused a state of fever in my body. It was indeed as if being crucified alive.

We asked our HS to guide us through the thick traffic in Vancouver as not to get stuck in the usual jamming at that peak hour and for the first time the iPhone of Carla spoke and told us that it would guide us to a new route through Downtown as to avoid the traffic jams on our original route. This was a divine sign of which we received a few yesterday that was indeed a day of miracles, both dreadful and blissful.

When we reached our final destination and entered the pub, we both were hit by the most powerful source wave we have experienced in full consciousness. Normally when similar intense waves come to us, we have to lie down to sleep and are taken away. What we both saw and felt within our expanded awareness was that we began to heave Gaia with all her infinite timelines to higher dimensions with great effort and force like a fisher who is heaving his net full of fish with bare hands. The entire surroundings were covered in crystalline light and the air outside became very warm and pleasant, so that we knew that we have ascended to a very high timeline.  The light from the Sun was like beams of crystal light.

With this wave we were both catapulted into a new energetic state of total bliss which did not come from our emotions or mental body but from being physically embedded in this sea of energetic bliss that began to caress our bodies amidst otherwise throbbing and severest headache that this cc-wave of ascension brought with it. Of course none of the people present in the room noticed anything.

For me this was the most remarkable experience I have ever had with similar source waves. While in the morning I virtually descended into hell, in the afternoon I was catapulted into a heaven of bliss. This diametrically opposite states of being are capable of knocking down even such an experienced light warrior like myself and Carla. The wave of bliss in which we both were encompassed continued for more than an hour and we both felt the huge opening to 5D we had achieved with this wave. We decided to leave the gathering earlier than planned as to make it safely home as we both were very debilitated by this energetic roller coaster. On the way back I asked Carla to attune to the Elohim and see if she could get any further information as to what had happened.

For me it was clear that it was another significant ID shift on our way to final ascension and, judging by the new state of bliss we experienced at that moment, we must have left this dreadful 3D holographic matrix that keeps us like prisoners in a dungeon and have moved to much higher and light-filled frequency levels where life is much easier and full of joy. This was a visceral feeling and an inner knowing and I did not need any verbal confirmation, but I thought it might be interesting what the Elohim would tell Carla as they always do when we experience such key events of ascension.

Carla did not get any verbal information, instead she was given a vision of the earth as a beautiful blue and green planet that was split into two halves. The one half on the right side began to drop in position and disintegrate in bursting white clouds and very soon vanished from her sight. The other half began to rise, expand and became very brilliant blue and green.  Her impression was that this half of the earth represented a new higher-dimensional matrix, the half planet on the right side represented the old waning matrix.  As the traffic was rather problematic through the city she could not really concentrate on this vision while driving. My vision is too poor to drive anymore, especially in the city.

While she was describing her vision of Gaia splitting into two halves, I got the information from my HS that we have now severed that portion of Gaia that contains all the lower catastrophic timelines from this uppermost reality we dwell in. This concerns in the first place the entire energetic structure of the old 3D holographic matrix to which all service-to-self entities pertain. Then I received additional information that was later confirmed by a concrete event that with this split of Gaia into two halves all soul fragments in service-to-self incarnates were removed to the dissipating half of Gaia and their bodies on the ascending half were entered by a huge wave of new walk-ins of advanced transliminal souls.

Based on this knowing I expect some spectacular changes to happen in the coming days. These changes will be positive insofar as they will mitigate the imminent danger of WW3. The USA will back down from its military escalation in Korea and the Middle East. At the same time these positive trends will accelerate the financial and economic collapse of the empire of evil and the west. The imminent shutdown of the US government in the coming days amidst deepest discord between the two parties in the congress will be the first nail in the coffin of the US economy. Many more will be hammered in the coming days until the shutdown of the banking system will destroy all illusions of the people that they have cherished so far with respect to this dying and waning reality.

The split of Gaia in two halves yesterday and the total dissipation of the old earth and matrix is the energetic foundation that will lead to the total and imminent collapse of the old system and this will happen independently of what the petty protagonists in the swamps of power will declare or do. The mortal verdict on this reality was made yesterday and now is the time to reap the fruits of our very long and very painful daily crucifixion on behalf of humanity. This message was given to me when yesterday I drew a card from a Wisdom Oracle deck and it simply said: “New Life”, the beginning of new life…

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