The Wave (Critical Mass for Positive Polarised Charge) March Equinox 2017

Magenta Pixie and Georgi Stankov, March 20, 2017

March 17, 2017

Dear Magenta Pixie,

I listened very carefully to your last two messages and analysed them thoroughly based on my spiritual knowledge.

439: Angels on Earth, Your Time Has Come (Illuminati’s Last Stand) March Equinox 2017

440: Service-to-Self/Service-to-Others Revolutions, Rogues and Freedom Seekers

I am the editor of a widely popular scientific and ascension website and have published some of your messages in the past as they reflect our experience. By “our experience” I mean the ascension experience of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), the captain of which I happened to be. I would welcome you to visit our website as to gain first-hand impression. As I have written a lot about Trump and predicted his election early last year when nobody else believed in this outcome, it is cogent that I am also very intimately engaged in world politics which I follow as professional journalist, in addition to my medical profession, since the 70s.

Now I have a very specific question for you with regard to the last two messages that may be also of help for your further understanding of what will happen around spring equinox and thereafter. Your source speaks of the full polarisation of the portion of humanity dedicated to service-to-others and that there will be individuals in the state and corporate institutions that will be in key power positions and will also experience this full polarisation towards service-to-others. As in the new energetic structures that we have created and descended from the 6th dimension through the 5D and 4D onto this 3D matrix the rules of the game will profoundly change around spring equinox – the cabal will no longer have any influence on such polarised individuals in service-to-others – this full polarisation of the ascending portion of humanity will most probably go hand in hand with the manifestation of these higher dimensional structures in this reality. This is a logical conclusion.

Your source confirms that we shall begin to experience what we have created. Otherwise it is difficult to explain the statement of your source that these changes will be perceived by everybody, including those who are now service-to-self and reject vehemently any transcendental dimension, In this case I assume that this global polarisation to service-to-others and its manifestation will ultimately mean the ascension and appearance of such new human ascended masters in front of humanity as the PAT who are the most evolved group on this planet in terms of LBP (light body process), as how would this polarisation be implemented otherwise? This is the ascension scenario I have developed and cherished since 1999 in many books and thousands of articles and this vision has been shared by the PAT and most of my readers which are in the thousands.

I would appreciate if you can attune one more time to your source based on my discussion above and establish more clarity. This is crucial now and I will be very thankful for your effort. By the way, my dual soul Carla Thompson with whom I live together in Vancouver, Canada is channelling the Elohim for many years and we always work in tandem where I bring clarity as a scientist and a conduit of the source and raise the questions and, after thorough discussions with her, the Elohim give us their version. There are many Elohim messages which I have published on my website dealing with the ongoing ascension process.

I think that this kind of cooperation will improve significantly our understanding of the end phase of the ascension process in which we as light workers are fully engaged. I am working with many other channellers in this same cooperative way to the benefit of both sides.

Looking forward to hear from you

With love and light


Dr. Georgi Stankov, MD


Magenta Pixie: The Wave (Critical Mass for Positive Polarised Charge) March Equinox 2017, March 19, 2017

March 19, 2017

Dear Magenta,

great work and a beautiful and crystal-clear message. Congratulations! I am very thankful that you embraced my analysis and question and helped establish the necessary clarity for all light workers as to what will happen tomorrow at spring equinox and the days to follow with a probable culmination in April.

Here I would like to elaborate a little bit on the wave of source light and positive charges that bring about this polarisation towards service-to-others according to your source. The wave of global polarisation started about 48 hours ago with the opening of a massive coronal hole in the sun which is nothing else but a portal for the central sun.

Inline-Bild 1

This coronal hole ejects a massive stream of positively charged protons which are the primary energy of all creation in this holographic model. I have discussed this issue on many occasions on my website and here I would like to refer only to the fact that the entire metabolism of the human and organic cells and bodies is a cascade of redox reactions that degrade the three basic chemical groups of nourishment – carbohydrates, fatty acids and proteins – into protons and electrons, in addition to building water and carbon dioxide CO2 which we breathe out. The positively charged protons from the cell metabolism are the same elementary particles from the central sun that are now sweeping over this planet through the coronary hole of our sun and trigger the global polarisation of humanity towards service-to-others.

These protons build a transmembrane gradient across every cell membrane and are the actual driving force – vis vitalis – behind the regulation of the organic body. Essentially human cells and the organic body operate as very powerful and effective electromagnetic capacitors. The entire chemical energy stored in the food we take is degraded into protons that build an electromagnetic gradient in the cells and within the cells and this energetic potential is what drives the entire metabolism and regulation of the cells, including the transcription of the DNA code. I am only mentioning this fact at this place as to make you aware of the scientific background behind this message.

I am sure that from the answer you (and I) have received from your source you are fully aware that this question was more than a simple question. It was the trigger for the massive wave that began 48 hours ago so that the threshold of global polarisation to service-to-others can be reached tomorrow at spring equinox. You participated actively in the triggering of this wave, just as all the other ascended masters, such as the PAT, who are eagerly waiting for their time to come and begin with their true mission. It has always worked this way and we have a lot of experience with triggering numerous ascension waves in the past which have been meticulously documented on the PAT website.

I can confirm personally that both my dual soul and I went through a most debilitating download of source energies with all the usual symptoms associated with such energetic events in the last two days and we only emerged on the other side of this birthing channel a few hours ago when we visited our ascension and bilocation portal in West Vancouver to clear our energetic fields. The latter connects the two spiritual centres of light which we are creating since many years and more or less finished last summer. The cities of light in these two world spiritual centres, New Lemuria in Vancouver, Canada and New Raetia in Freising/Munich, Germany will be the manifestation of the new 5D earth on this ascending timeline from where the enlightenment of humanity will begin. These two cities of light will be under the auspices of the new human ascended masters. For further information I refer to these reports:

Finally let me express my greatest satisfaction for this excellent cooperation that was much more than just a QA message but a real trigger of the Event. I was urged to establish contact to you by my HS after I entered in telepathic contact with your source and we discussed how to establish connection and join forces as to gain more clarity what we shall expect and experience in the coming days. After all we are all creators of this event, some since many years, others only recently in a conscious manner, and many more operating still at the subconscious level. But it is so important to articulate our visions in a collective way so that the dots can be connected and a synergistic wave of ascension can be unleashed.

With love and light


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