Why Trump Has No Chance to Succeed

Georgi Stankov, February 20, 2017


This article was written as a comment to Saker’s publication on Trump and Flynn’s resignation. It succinctly presents the major arguments why Trump is doomed to fail because his intermezzo as US president only serves as a catalyst and introduction to our appearance as ascended masters around spring equinox when the old matrix will fully crumble and the final ID shift will take place. 



While I agree with the Saker that Trump had to protect better his team and Flynn, there are indications that he did not work well with the rest of his team and that his resignation may not be that bad as he turned from an asset to liability. And his policy against Iran was very hawkish and dangerous and it is good that he is gone. The Iranians are relieved and so do the Russians who support them. Watch also this video on Flynn’s resignation:

The biggest danger and a source of disappointment is to expect too much from Trump. He cannot reform the US system and economy as the system is corrupt from top to bottom by employing the same means of the old matrix – the governmental institutions of the Washington swamp. USA is heading to collapse and nobody can prevent that, not even Trump no matter how hard he tries.

It is the same situation as with Gorbachev after 20 years of stagnation under Breznev, which I experienced first hand, and the subsequent neo-stalinistic purges of the KGB chef Andropov. Who comes too late is punished by history – this slogan of Gorbachev in Berlin single-handedly led to the collapse of the Berlin Wall and the Iron curtain, which I directly witnessed. It fully applies to Trump and the USA – he has come too late to save the republic. Watch this historical interview with Alex Jones to understand why:

I think that Trump already accomplished his historical mission by killing the propaganda narrative of the fake MSM in the West which was the major motor driving the hegemonic policy of the triple AAA-Empire (my term for the Anglo-American-Assholes empire equivalent to Saker’s term of Anglo-Zionist Empire but a little bit broader). He who determines the collective mindset wins at the end. The current battle is in the first place a battle of ideas. As the alt-media and the Russian media won the war of ideas with the once “free” propaganda press in the West, so will Trump prevail if he manages to defeat the MSM by declaring them to be the enemies of the people. This is all he can do.

At the end he will fail with his economic program as the banksters cabal behind the private Fed still hold all the strings in their hands and can crash the economy any time and this is precisely what they are doing now. Read this in-depth analysis as to how the Fed is crashing the economy:


Trump can only save his presidency if he abolishes the private bank of Fed and takes full control as an executive power over the emission of the US national currency that is now in a state of inner implosion:


There is no logical explanation why a private bank should have full control over the US national currency and wealth and manipulate it with impunity as to create bubble after bubble. Trump knows that as he said in a famous interview in January 2016 with Reuters, hoping that the Fed will burst the bubble before he is elected.


He has the necessary legislation to take full control over the emission of the dollar which was given to him by Kennedy, for which the latter was killed. For further information read this article:


However, I doubt if Trump will have the courage to do that and this will be the mortal verdict over his presidency. After that other more powerful forces will take full control over the world events and they will not be of national character.


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