The Balancing Act of the PAT and the Dissipation of Highly Disequilibrium Systems in the End Time – A Case Study

Patrick Amoroso and Georgi Stankov, February 21, 2016

Dear Georgi,

Recently as I was navigating my way through the Asian internet world, I came across a most remarkable video presentation. After viewing this personal exhibition a number of times for its sheer elegance in a display of intense concentration, sublime awareness and immeasurable control of physical stamina, I was reminded of the PAT and how we in many ways have also endured an intense balancing act in this 3-D hologram matrix while at the same time exhibiting a spiritual and physical stamina which this video reveals in all its splendor. Georgi, you recently mentioned to me it is like tip-toeing around the edge of a volcano.

Japanese 55 year-old Miyoko Shida Rigol performs a complex number which is called the Balance Sanddorn. It is an art produced 15 years ago by the Swiss theater actor and producer Madir Yugster Rigol. A feather is placed on a dry palm leaf stalk, and the effort proceeds by combining successive stalks in a balancing sequence until they become 14 in total. Sandorn Balance is both a meditation activity encompassing dance and intense natural balancing. It requires one’s full attention, grace and physical strength as the viewer is almost hypnotized by such an incredible display of human achievement. One cannot help but come to the conclusion that this also reveals a more profound and esoteric connotation, that the world is interconnected like a feather balancing among and between 14 light sticks but this harmony is very fragile and easy to destroy.

** THE VIDEO MUST BE WATCHED IN ITS ENTIRETY . It is certainly well worth it!

If I may extrapolate my rudimentary understanding of physics, one might perceive that it also demonstrates a visual demonstration of the Universal Law.  As the feather signifies the beginning element and set, then the following sets are added to by each additional stalk. A paradigm emerges whereby the entire structure could be visioned as a U-set in its totality whereby each added stalk represents itself as an element and sub U-set as well as being inclusive of the whole preceding set which is manifested in a balancing physical event. The energy gradient exchange is the added mass of each successive stalk and could be figured as an added set containing itself as an element until the last set is added at number 14. The final added set, the 14th stalk culminates in becoming the entire and total U-set inclusive of all 14 sub U-sets . The feather represents the initial sub U-set as the initiating mass. Algebraically, its one big balancing equation.

In any event, this mind exercise was in essence quite a bit of fun,

With love and light,



Dear Patrick,

this is an incredible act of balance of interrelated U-sets – the perfect embodiment of the light work of the PAT. You would not be surprised to hear that I have very often working dreams in the night where I perform similar activity of balancing and harmonizing complex energetic systems of highly abstract character and when I wake up in the morning I only have faint memory of the complexity of my nightly energetic work.

This presentation also illustrates how it is sufficient to remove a feather weight from the entire system as to disrupt the fragile balance and how it collapses within the blink of an eye. This is what will happen with this holographic matrix when the threshold is reached and the energy begins to flow towards final ascension.

What most people do not realize is that all energetic systems are highly disequilibrium (dissipative) systems, i.e. their temporary stability and order is sustained by powerful gradients (significant displacement from the point of static balance) which can also be defined as disequilibrium systems and not as static equilibrium systems as they are routinely presented in physics textbooks for simplistic didactic purposes, probably because the human mind feels more comfortable with this kind of illusory stability.

This insight helps a lot to explain why the current Orion matrix is a highly dissipative system, respectively consists of a set of such systems and why it will collapse suddenly as the fine-attuned pyramid of palm leaf stalks which this artist builds up very carefully stalk by stalk only to collapse it at the end by taking away the weight of a feather.

Figuratively speaking, it may (and probably will) take the ascension of only one member of the PAT to derail the entire incarnation model of this earth and to cause its final ID and IG shift to 5D as every incarnated human being is intimately connected to the crystalline grid of Gaia and through it with the rest of humanity and contributes to its precarious “prestabilized harmony” – a term first introduced by Leibniz in his famous Monadology (see here) with which he tried to give a scientific explanation of the Universal laws of Creation and Destruction. These are the same laws of constructive and destructive interference in wave theory and thus an application of the Universal Law as I explain in my books and articles.

I will publish this presentation with your description soon.

With love and light


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