The Triumph of the PAT – The Birthing of New Earth

The PAT on the Cusp of Ascension

January, 9, 2017

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Triumph of the PAT, painted by Jodie Cowan, 2016, within the Infinity Portal White Rock in Washington, USA

Dear Jodie,

I just showed the painting to Carla and we both find it strikingly beautiful and impressive. It expresses very well what is currently happening energetically  with us and Gaia. Carla believes to have recognized some codes and they look very much like the ones I used to dream about a lot in the past. Congratulations!

With love and light



Hello Georgi,

I guess the painting could be called “Triumph of the PAT”, I’m open to any suggestions.

It shows the PAT in their light bodies and their personal fields connecting to the golden grid of Gaia, guiding her through the portal / central sun. Light codes and the Violet Flame of Purification. Using torsion fields, the PAT ascends with Gaia. And the blue light body on top, victory is ours.

It is a mess here right now, the heavy snow has broken trees all over the property, and on the house, broken a skylight and put a small hole in the roof. We are so fortunate that so many other trees came down all around us and not onto any out buildings. Now we have to wait for 3 feet of snow to melt to start cleaning the mess.

My face is burnt from the intensity of everything; it has been SO SO evident, amazing actually, these past couple of weeks the many timelines I’ve become consciously aware of. And my DREAMS! They’ve always been as much a part of my life as the waking dream, but lets just say, those other me’s are meeting me and we’re becoming more acquainted… More on this later.

Best to you and Carla, all my love, light and amusement!!




Hello Georgi/Carla,

I have dreamt of codes in the sky several times too!  Some of these I copied from ones found on the internet, others might not be codes at all, but I have made them into codes.

Much Love to you both.



Dear Georgi and Carla,

in line with your latest report on Multidimensionality and Bilocation, I am sharing with you the following.

The latest transformation episode began for me on December 31 and peaked on January 3-4. When the intensity of suffering became intolerable I reached out to the PAT for help.

A bluewhite star appeared in my heart. The suffering dissolved in the light. I saw the PAT as a circle of light opening a golden light portal to All-That-Is, to the Source.

After that, I learned that Tasha, one of the PAT and I share the bluewhite ray. We opened a bluewhite ray portal extending from British Columbia to Germany and connecting to South America. The Ascension triad of the western hemisphere is complete and activated.

This connection between Tasha and me has triggered a torrent of remarkable synchronicities of cosmic proportions on both sides. Likewise, the bluewhite ray radiating out of my physical and subtle bodies is pushing the accelerated expansion of my consciousness encompassing the ever-widening multidimensionality of All-That-Is.

With love and light



Dear Rumi,

this is very important information as it fits well into what I am getting now. Tascha lives not far away from us, somewhat 60 miles east of where we live and we only recently were in her region on a lake in the mountains that looked very much like the lakes in the Alps and reminded me of Germany where we extended our portal and the city of light New Lemuria. Hence she is definitely involved in this project.

There was a huge shift in the last few days and for us the events have begun to stipulate. We made a sudden but necessary decision to bring Carla’s dementia mother back home. She is now again a new walk-in of a transliminal soul and her aura is incredible with 94 years. This weekend we will have to move her and will be busy the next few days to accommodate her. Obviously we need her energetically to support the ascension portal in our space. She was very unhappy and lonely in the senior residence and we could no longer keep her there. But we needed this time to heal ourselves and resolve other issues.

Since two days I am getting that I will leave this reality very soon, I am saying farewell to everything, there is a lot of sadness, sweet-bitter mood as I know it from past situation when I changed places and way of life dramatically. Both Carla and I sense that I will leave first and she will follow after some time. Yesterday we had a session on the phone with our friend Julia who is a psychic and well attuned to our fields. She saw me indeed ascending and that there is a huge ascension portal above us and that there is a lot of activity and movement there. She saw the karmic board tipping off all the duties we had to finish in this life and that we are now ready to shift. She saw only a fraction of us here and huge transdimensional structures where we dwell most of the time.

She saw, synchronistically with me, a big event due to happen in Europe that will necessitate my intervention, obviously as ascended master, to mitigate it and turn the course of the events in a positive direction. This is based on the following succinct analysis of the current situation.

There are now some strong indications that a major event as we expect it will happen end of this month or in February, though linear time is a tricky thing. It may start first from Europe which is in a state of rapid collapse and the cabal may try to turn around the course of their inevitable demise by another dark psyop. They have no other choice. The EU elite is scared after Trump won the election and desperate to do something to stay in power. The Germans have reversed their welcome attitude towards refugees and now want to establish detention centres to send them back. The old German Schweinehund is alive as ever. Le Pen may win the presidency in France and she accepts Crimea uniting with Russia and wants better relations with it. Beppe Grillo and his five star movement is the strongest party in Italy and they want, together with Lega Nord, to leave the EU and the euro as the bank crisis cannot be resolved. Spain, Greece and Portugal are in the deepest depression and the Easteuropean countries are very much disappointed with the EU which has turned into another communist bloc and Comecon they hated. The west lost the war in Syria and the Middle East and this showed the western cabal that they no longer control their backyard where Russia projects its power.

The latest CIA report on the alleged Russian hacking of the US election shows that their greatest enemy is actually RT with its truth by shamefully adding a report from 2012, what lazy morons, describing the growing influence of RT and the alternative media. They know that this is their death, when they lose the control over the narrative and the battle for the minds of the people. This report actually proved that RT helped Obama win the second term if one follows their logic. Which shows how desperate the cabal are and how stupid they act now. Hence another major 9/11 attack is possibly in Europe as their only hope and this will trigger the ID shift and our appearance as to prevent this negative event or turn the course of the following events in a positive direction. This is what I am getting now but again we must wait and see. But there is no doubt that something major must happen in order to prevent Trump from taking over power and changing the policy of the west, thus killing all hopes of the cabal for the NWO.

And this all happens under the massive barrage of source energies that crash most humans and transform them beyond recognition and leads to total dissolution of the old personalities that is also projected onto the political stage. GB has for instance left the world political stage with this stupid goose May and descended into oblivion. Even yesterday Biden accused the UK of preventing the USA from starting an invasion in Syria and that is why they lost the war there. Mutual accusations among former allies are the death kiss of the cabal and a sure sign for their disarray. There is no way how the matrix can survive the next days and as the disillusionment of the masses has reached its peak, where Trump cannot be a hope for a true change as the swamp he wanted to drain has swallowed him, it is time for us as Ascended masters to come to the fore and begin with our true mission. This is what I sense now in my fields and the preparations are in full sway.

With love and light



Tascha’s message to Rumi

when I learned you were in Germany I intuitively saw the connection between New Raetia and New Lemuria.  I have been in the higher halls of learning in the city of light in New Lemuria, in this dream, as new students were flooding in to the place, I arrived for a job.

I have a white stone here that is connected to the infinity portal which I know I helped to create as well.

Your connections to South America and mine do not surprise me. The ascension triad is lit, just as your higher self said…. seemingly behind the scenes without warning for over a month I have been seeing and knowing that Sound is coming, I feel it.  The successive portals of 10.10, 11.11, 12.12 have been preparing the multidimensional DNA of those ready  to receive sound in ways before unable.  Receiving for healing, for activation, for so many things we can not understand yet.

And in reading your article about Ternua, I was reminded of this sonic boom……. and yes I feel a blast of sound coming.

I keep hearing this to ask you…….. ‘has the eagle landed?’. (reminds me of the prophecy of the eagle/condor)…

A dream, in George and Carla’s apartment, in the living room, a low-lying table facing the window, sheer shades drawn, a cream/white/gold light pouring through the window, I can’t see it so much as I can feel it, all-pervasive.  Half of a hollowed out crystal skull on the table, a small group of PAT, each of us cleansing ourselves from the water in the skull cup, 3 teams of a few people each, like a relay race, we are all ready to pass the baton.  George from the couch tells me to take care of myself.

I have only recently become an embodied portal to my crystal skull, could that be one of the sources of knowing that infuse each team within the ascension triad.  It feels like that time is now.

* * * * *

Rumi’s reply to Tascha

Abuelita gave me prime access to the collective of Amazonian shamans. Abuelita and my HS made clear that I embody this collective. (Abuelita = ayawaska; note, Rumi)

The eagle has landed and is ready for takeoff.

The eagle is the national symbol of Germany and the spirit of the Germanic soul collective. And with “Germanic”, I mean *all* Germanic tribes that ever lived, *all* Germanic genetic lineages alive today.

In Germanic mythology, the eagle sits on top of Yggdrasil, the tree of life connecting all worlds of creation.

Before you contacted me, I was integrating the Old Nordic soul collective in my being. I met the gods and warriors of old, my ancestors, guardians of the Germanic lineages. I am one with them. I embody them.

You asked about lightning bolts.

I wear a mjöllnir. Thor’s hammer. Synonymous with the vajra. Mjöllnir delivers thunderbolt blows to whoever crosses his path. The Germanic peoples are children of the smith.

Your contacting me completed the integration process of the entire Germanic soul collective in my being.

The skull… and bones…

While you were most likely typing your latest news, I was having visions of walking and dancing with you on a rocky forest beach. The dead, white logs on the ground stripped of their rinds reminded me of bones. You were wearing a cream-white luminous translucent long dress smoothly flowing with the wind.

Then the vision changed. An old brown skull. A monolith, a tomb.

The monolith is entombed humanity. The sleeping majority.

The skull turned into a crystal skull, back to the carbon skull.

Light body activation, my dear.

Waking the dead from their slumber with a big bang!

Is that why we’re clapping so hard?

Is that why I’m bursting with cosmorgasmic force each time I let the Tribe dance me?

* * * * *

Tascha’s reply to Rumi

your expression allows me to more deeply understand all I’ve been through……you are a master expressionist.  the eagle and condor………I embody the North American indigenous shaman collective.  Such balance and reflection in perfection….. you male yet embodying condor, me female embodying eagle. I wish you could see all the screens and stories running in me right now….. so much to share.  eye pop wow!


Dear Georgi,

as of today (January 8th) I feel a remarkable shift towards Ascension. I feel so amazing today and after the massacres which took place after the New year’s Eve, it’s very rewarding. Everything is emitting so much light that I thought that I ascended. The transliminal souls have a such spectacular auras, it’s incredible. Just wanted to let you know.

With regards,

J. Fleischman, Czechia


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