The Arcturians: Preparing For First Contact

Susanne Lie, January 1, 2016


Georgi Stankov

I have decided to publish this message from Sue because it confirms prospectively what the Hyperboreans (the creators of Inner Earth Agartha) from the 7th – 9th dimension told us when we met with them at the Infinity Portal in White Rock on December 21, 2016 during the opening of this massive ascension portal as reported by myself and then confirmed a day later to Carla in their channelled lecture on the learning universe and function of the blue light:

“The light warriors of the first and the last hour have been given clearance to establish conscious multidimensional contact with other higher dimensional beings and civilisations in 2017.”

This is what Sharman, the Arcturian entity from the spaceship, has just confirmed to Sue while giving us some valuable information how to prepare for First Contact:

“If you wonder why we are giving you this information, it is because we are preparing you for your “contact” with Light beings. Many of you have “gained clearance” for this honor by giving service to others, even at the expense of your own self.”


Dear Ones, I Sharman, an honored to speak with you again. It has been quite a bit of your “time” since my last transmission, but we, the members of our Ship, have been very busy with projects that we cannot, yet, share with you.

However, because the ever-expanding fifth dimensional energy fields are increasingly entering Gaia atmosphere, which is Her aura, as well as the auras of all of Gaia’s inhabitants, humanity is being confronted with many choices.

The energy field of most of these choices will only be perceivable within your upper fourth and fifth dimensional states of consciousness. Hence, only those whose consciousness has expanded into these frequencies of consciousness will be aware that there is a choice.

2017 will be a year in which those who are willing to participate in the “new beginning” of this numerological, Number 1 year, will be aware that there are many new choices. Those of you, who have expanded your consciousness, will realize that there are many new choices within this NOW.

You will realize that because you will be able to perceive the higher dimensions of reality in which these changes are taking place. It is for this reason that we ask our awakened ones who volunteered to take an earth vessel, to share what they know with those that do NOT know.

Please remember back when you had not yet remembered your Higher Self, or the higher dimensional realities to which your Multidimensional SELF resonated. It is because you remember NOW, you will be able to teach others.

Because many of you have given great “service to others,” your aura has been prepared to accept the Light of the fifth dimension and beyond. You see, when you give service to others, you open the portal of your Crown Chakra and develop and ongoing relationship with your Multidimensional Mind.

You Multidimensional Mind is the “carrier wave” that allows a continual two-way communication with your many Higher Expressions of SELF. This ongoing two-way communication between your physical self and your Multidimensional SELF will assist you to remember your experiences aboard your Starships, while you also focus on your daily life on Earth.

We thank all of you, who have learned and remembered how to teach and assist those who are prepared to awaken, but need assistance. You do not need to “advertise” your gift in any manner, but you can if you desire. Most of you, our grounded ones, will begin by quietly assisting a few people.

In this manner, you will remember how YOU can best share your intimate communicates with the higher frequencies of reality. As you more completely remember, and gain confidence in your expanded SELF, you will allow your light to shine out into your daily life.

Then, your aura will attract others who will feel your aura and wonder why they are attracted to you. You will not need to worry about what you will say, or who you will say it to, because your fifth dimensional Multidimensional Mind will easily “determine” exactly what others need to know.

Furthermore, those who are ready to receive what you are innately sharing will feel how your aura somehow completes their aura. At first, others may not realize that their Multidimensional Mind is having a Light Language exchange with your Multidimensional Mind.

However, once again, your physical body will not only ground this inter-personal exchange, but will also act as your innate “Universal Translator.”

At first others may not be able to attend to the higher fourth and fifth dimensional aspects of your communication. Many humans can only allow themselves to consciously perceive the third through mid-fourth dimensional frequencies of communication.

Therefore, others will hear or read the “individual words” via their normal third dimensional communication. But, gradually, the fourth dimensional “feelings” of the communication will blend the “individual words” into concepts and inner pictures.

It may take some “time” for others to receive, translate, and understand your inter-dimensional messages. However, once you become familiar and comfortable with these higher dimensional communications with others wearing a physical body, you will begin to receive information from your galactic friends and family who are wearing a fifth dimensional and beyond form.

We see that more and more of you are remembering your innate upper fourth and fifth dimensional language. Hence, you are opening your consciousness to the flow of the higher dimensional energy streams.

As you consciously acknowledge and accept the “feeling” of these incoming energy fields, you will realize that you can, and are having, a two-way communication with Light beings of the fifth dimension and beyond.

Then, just as a child in elementary school looks forward to being in the higher grades, allow your self to “look forward” to being “in” your Lightbody. We say “in” your Lightbody because we want you to remember that all of you are already wearing your Lightbody within your fifth dimensional and beyond reality.

We ask you to NOW, to close your eyes to remember your fifth dimensional Lightbody…

            How does your fifth dimensional Lightbody look?

            How does your fifth dimensional Lightbody feel?

Now expand the feeling of your aura further and further out beyond your form…

How does your aura feel as it encompasses your body, your room, and your house…

How does your aura feel when your aura meets another aura…

As you feel the aura of another, relax into your fifth dimensional memory of meeting someone aura-to-aura…

How does your aura feel as it connects with the aura of another physical form…

How do you recognize that your aura has now connected with another beings aura…

How does that connection feel within your own aura…

Now that you have prepared yourself by using the great learning tool of your imagination, find a friend with whom you can share this exercise.

If you wonder why we are giving you this information, it is because we are preparing you for your “contact” with Light beings. Many of you have “gained clearance” for this honor by giving service to others, even at the expense of your own self.

YOU are the ones who have released enough of your “personal ego-self,” who needs personal credit for what you personally did. The Higher Ones with whom you are communicating, or soon will be consciously or unconsciously communicating with, are fifth dimensional and beyond Light beings.

You are able to communicate with us because you have remembered that we are your Galactic family. You have that memory because you have remembered that YOU are a Galactic Being, as well. It is for this reason that more and more of you are remembering your nightly visits on our Ships while you are dreaming or meditating. We wish to remind you that these experiences are real.

However, many of you still define the term “real” from the perspective of the third dimension. As you consciousness expands, and you remember more about your meeting with us, your perspective of reality will no longer be limited to the third dimension

You will remember, and personally experience, your higher dimensional experiences, not as a dream, but as if it was “real.” Your physical reality has taught that dreams are not real because they do not occur within our third dimensional reality.

Fortunately, as more and more of our ‘grounded ones’ dream of, communicate with, and feel our essence that is ever-protecting you, these experiences that “feel just like they are real,” you will begin to re-define the meaning of “real.”

As more and more of you refuse to participate in ANY of the Illuminati information that riddles all your communication devices, the dark ones will lose their hold over your consciousness.

As more of you remember how to consciously connect with your higher frequencies of SELF, you will instantly be able to perceive the “fear-based energy” on which these “power over others” messages are sent into your daily life.

What would occur if EVERY one of you remembered to send Unconditional Love to each of these messages, as well as Blaze, Blaze, Blaze them with Violet Fire?

You will soon find out the answer to that question because more and more of humanity is awakening to their Higher SELF. They may not be aware of the word “Higher SELF,” but they are realizing that there is a childlike victim self within them that they are ready to release.

You are having these feelings because, for the first time in many millennia, the higher, fifth dimensional light is peaking through the darkness in Gaia’s aura that was created by those who lived via “power over others.”

For thousands of your earth years, the darkness has ruled Gaia. Many multidimensional being took bodies to remind humanity to live in Love and Light. Most of them suffered greatly and died young, but their message long outlasted their lifetime.

Because humanity has learned to look up into the lives of the ascended ones, they have remembered the power of unconditional love. Of course, constant wars on some part of beloved Gaia have made many forget who they truly are.

Also, advertisements on your television and in your written material remind you that you are NOT good enough unless you buy what they are selling. Fortunately, more of you are refusing to watch, read, or participate in the subtle indoctrination of these “commercials,” that often carry subliminal messages. Your higher dimensional self can recognize these subliminal messages and refuses to attend to them.

Simultaneously, more and more people are embracing the Higher Light and allowing it to enter their consciousness, their physical body, and their daily life. This Higher Light often leads that person into an “initiation.”

What we mean by “an initiation” is: “The darkest night precedes the dawn.” In other words, before you can clearly see the light, you will undergo what the ascended ones would call “An Initiation.”

If you look at the lives of the great leaders and Ascended Masters, they all had to look deep inside themselves to perceive any inner darkness and fear that interfered with their full expansion into Light and Love.

Living in the third dimension can be like “playing in the mud.” When you play in the mud, you will get dirty. During your many incarnations on third dimensional Earth, you have all suffered great sorrow, greed, and the need to have power over others.

This life, especially beginning this year, we the members of your Higher SELF, remind you that it is the NOW to clear off the fear that had adhered to your consciousness. This clearing is often difficult, as you will be called on to enter your greatest fears and transmute them into Light.

You will not need to go through this process because you are bad. NO, you are within the NOW of a great transition of people and planet into the fifth dimension. When Ascended Masters completed their service and ascended, they transmuted into their fifth dimensional Lightbody SELF.

You can read about their lives and how they transmuted fear into love, but it was NOT an easy path for any of them. Therefore, we remind our Ascending Ones that your path is not an easy one, but it is a Vital One.

Gaia needs your assistance to clear the fear, darkness, greed, power over others, and almost constant energy fields of war from Her third dimensional planetary body, as well as from Her fourth dimensional astral body.

Just as you, the members of humanity must clear your personal darkness to assist with your personal ascension into your fifth dimensional Light Being

We, the members of your Galactic SELF, ask you to assist dear Gaia to clear Her planetary darkness to assist Her with Her planetary ascension into Her fifth dimensional Light Planet.

How will you assist her? We KNOW that you have the answer within your own Multidimensional Mind and High Heart.

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