Explanation About Announced Time Points of Ascension

Georgi Stankov and Jacopo Parizzi, January 18, 2017


Dear Georgi,

good evening my name is Jacopo Parizzi, I am the son of Daniela Lupo, like my mother (who has translated into Italian two of your books) I follow the site for many years, I think since its creation.

Years ago, I got to know your daughter, who stayed some time at our home in Italy if you remember, with whom I could speak of these topics.

I always wondered, why there was a need to set dates for ascension, often happened in the past that you would write dates that you gave, for sure, the moment of ascension. What was the purpose of that?

Why this constant search for a time when it will happen? Is this not at odds with the teachings obtained on the purely 3D concept of space-time? I have been pondering on this question over the years, never considering that I could eventually write and present my questions.

Today I searched for hours on the site, read the old posts, from the beginning of 2012 to today, so I finally decided to ask you!

Last question, would it not be easier to accept the material (linear) time and do not define a moment in time? But as I understand it, if all the planes are existing at the same time, it (ascension) would happen at a time chosen by each embodied soul?

I hope I presented my questions in the best way, even if my written English is not the best one (even with the help of the translator), Thanks for your attention.

Jacopo Parizzi


Dear Jacopo,

I am very happy that you finally contacted me and your mother has indeed shared information with me about you – what you are doing and how you feel. She is very proud of you. My daughter was also very happy to meet you and your mother and talks very fondly of her stay with you.

Indeed you have raised a pivotal question that can only be answered on several levels. First of all you have to consider the situation when I started writing again on the Internet in 2011 after I had imposed a 10 year silence on myself as I knew that after 9/11 there was a major delay in the ascension process that was supposed to happen around 2007. After 9/11 the western civlisation entered a very dark period, it was almost the total decline, if not collapse of western civilisation as we used to know it before that. You are still very young and you have grown up in that time without having a previous baseline for comparison. The intention of this most insidious crime was to dumb down humanity to such an extent that they would never ever think about the possibility of ascension. And as we know in the meantime the dark cabal failed spectacularly in this respect – thanks to the PAT and this website.

When I started publishing in 2011 first on other websites before I decided to open my own website, the idea of ascension as a planetary event and as an individual ascension through LBP was virtually non-existent. Before I opened my website, I studied very carefully the New Age literature on the Internet and could not find a single source in addition to the ones I quote in my first gnostic book “The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” from the 90s and even earlier which your mother so wonderfully translated in Italian language. It was obvious that the New Age needed an urgent call for awakening to realize that we indeed live in the End Time and that it is all about ascension in these last days and years on this planet.

Hence it was necessary from a pedagogical and psychological point of view to sensitize the New Agers  that ascension is happening in the Now and not in the distant future as some of them surmised at that time and still do. I wrote in 2010 the book “The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction” where I presented this concept for the first time in this clarity to the light workers community. There was a huge response that surprised me, a lot of positive comments but also a lot of rejection from all those who were not ready for ascension and were not in the LBP. People are lazy and sluggish in their living habits and they do not want to be rudely awakened.

Anyway,  if you have followed the esoteric literature since 2011, slowly but steadily the idea of ascension of Gaia and individual humans was firmly established in the minds of the New Agers. Few if any of the authors referred to me as the original source as they love to plagiarize and present the little they have to say as their own original ideas. The insincerity of the light workers community is as profound as mind-boggling.

Then soon after that in 2012 and early 2013 I further developed the fundamental idea of multidimensionality and the simultaneous existence of myriad timelines of this planet and reality that evolve as a cluster and are interdimensionally separated from this uppermost mother planet and descend so that this uppermost mother planet can ascend through our light work as warriors of the first and the last hour. Now I must say that throughout this time my thinking also underwent an evolution and I expanded my world view. Although I was aware since 2000 of the existence of infinite probability realities and how they overlap and intermingle to create the illusory perception of linear time and this holographic reality, it took me some time to apply this concept fully to our daily experiences with the ongoing waves from the source and how they drive the evolution and the separation of the timelines of the earth.

Again the concepts of simultaneity and multidimensionality were virtually non-existent before I opened this website and even until December 21, 2012 when the famous ascension portal was opened by the PAT, all light workers were thinking in a linear fashion. I would like to make you aware of the discussions before 2012 when the Mayan Calender was in the centre of the attention of all New Agers and how they expected something big to happen on Dec 21, 2012 based on its alleged prophecies and how disappointed they were when nothing visible for them happened.

The psychological mindset of the light worker was at that time that all change would come from outside or by divine intervention and that they have nothing else to do but chat about it and wait on the sideline while indulging in this 3D reality. As very few of these “enlightened” people were fully in the LBP, they had no personal experience with the constant energy waves from the source that were hitting our bodies. The experience your mother, I and the rest of the PAT are having for many years and almost kill us every day were (or still are) virtually non-existent for the rest of the light workers community and I received at that time a lot of sarcastic comments that we invented all our pains and suffering as to make ourselves important. This is nothing else but a manifestation of a hypertrophied New Age ego based on spiritual high-esteem which is the most common basic angst among light workers that they may not be that much advanced as they assume or when compared to other people such as the PAT who have energetic experiences they themselves do not make and have no clue what we are talking about.

Then when these New Agers realised that they cannot keep up pace with the PAT, they decided to stop considering us and continued only to plagiarize in a clandestine manner some unique and actual information of major shifts and events about which I reported that happened behind the veil and then gave this information further as their own. I have studied very carefully the behaviour of many New Age writers and channelers and have gained some astounding experience about the fraudulent nature of the so called light “workers” or rather “proles” who do not differ much from the dark cabal or from all unenlightened conspiracists who believe they have to tell anything new to the world and to teach the people how to think and behave.

Now you may ask yourself what all that has to do with me mentioning certain dates as ascension dates. First of all this information was meant for the PAT which per definition is the Planetary Ascension Team and has the mission to ascend Gaia. It is not about our personal ascension as we all have ascended long time ago. Each ascension date that was given by myself since the stargate 11.11.11 was opened by the PAT was an indispensable step on the way to our final ascension. If it were not done with the utmost concentration and dedication, it would not have been successful.

One must bear in mind that at that time there were very few of us who were driving the planetary ascension and a very heavy burden was placed on my shoulders until early 2012 when I was the only nexus to the Source. In January 2013 I opened the PAT also to the Source and since then it has been a joined effort, just as on November 22nd, 2011 when I fully opened the heart chakras of all PAT members (first wavers) as reported by themselves and they could fully enter their mission. Now bear in mind that we only opened in the fall of 2014 the heart chakras of the second wave of ascension candidates during our visit at the Radiant Rose Academy here in Vancouver and we are now about to open fully the heart chakras of the third big wave of ascension candidates. When this job is done we can make the final shift.

Each time there was a new portal to be opened, and we have opened dozens of them since 11.11.11, or an ID shift to be made, I have informed the PAT and all my readers prospectively or immediately when the energy wave hit me. All these episodes have been confirmed in a threefold manner – first by myself as a rule, then by the PAT and in most cases confirmed by the Elohim in a channeled message. This is unique in the entire esoteric scene worldwide. Each time it was the last ascension date as if we did not make it, there would have been no final ascension.

This was well known to the PAT that was fully involved in the ascension process in a very personal manner and did not need any external prophets as this guy from Scandinavia Coleman who pretended to be a specialist of the Mayan calender and made predictions that never happened as I argued at that time as one cannot rely on an obscure calendar to explain ascension and who, after he failed completely, vanished from the scene.

At the latest since 2013 the entire PAT knew deeply in their hearts that we are the creators and driving force behind the ascension process and it is entirely up to our achievement as incumbent Logos Gods when it will be fulfilled. And we knew that the most critical parameter is the level of awakening of the masses and in particular of the second and third wave of ascension candidates. Hence it was psychologically very important to present the ascension process as an ongoing process that is carried entirely by the PAT for whom I exclusively write and that each portal and shift we encountered in these years was de facto the last one, because if we could not deliver, it would be indeed the last one and ascension might not happen. It is like in a soccer game where you give your best every minute, especially in the extra time after a draw, where you can lose with a golden shot (sudden death goal) any moment.

If you read the other contributions of the New Agers to the ascension process, they have, in their vast majority, until now not realized that it only depends on them and not on some distant waves from the centre of the galaxy that will heave this planet and humanity to higher dimensions. The PAT on the contrary knows that all these ascension waves must flow first through our fields before we can emanate them to Gaia and the rest of humanity and trigger the necessary ID shifts and separations of lower timelines while ascending this planet to the new Golden Galaxy as some PAT members have recently envisioned.

Since May 2013 when the Elohim came to us during Carla’s visit in Germany and told us that we are Elohim and create these timelines and that the PAT are also co-creators of them, we knew that from now on we are entirely responsible for the ascension process. We actually knew it since the summer of 2011 when the Arcturians approached me through Sue Lie and asked me to take over the leadership of the PAT and the ascension process. But it took me some time to realize the full scope of our light work.

In May 2013 then we finally got it that we are so powerful that we are actively creating and destroying numerous timelines and this is how the ascension process is fueled as I explained with my propulsion multistage rocket model some time later. Other channellers like Jahn, who learned about this aspect of the ascension process from me, began to channel messages that related to this ongoing creation and destruction of new timelines, and if you go back to 2013 you will find plenty of them. Jahn, for instance, could not keep up pace with our experiences and after some time he dropped from the ascension process because he is not in the LBP and has no personal experience with the massive energy waves from the source. He now channels at a very low vibrating level his HS (under various names) and talks only about God and how everyone has to subjugate his will to him in order to ascend. This kind of recommendation normally comes from dark sources such as Kryon (cry on), the renegade Pleiadians channeled by Barbara Marciniak, to mention some of them.

The key cognitive aspect of the ascension process is that it happens in the Now and that we create it. This means that if we miss any ascension portal or shift along the way to final ascension, Gaia will not ascend. Of course there is also the longing and desire of all of us to personally ascend and be relieved from our interminable pain and suffering on behalf of Gaia and humanity as then we can begin with our true mission for which we have come here. This is human, this is natural, and this is how we build up our courage and endurance to keep going on amidst the severest pain and physical, and social deprivations. This is the mental and emotional force that drives us to achieve the impossible.

And the PAT knows that and none of them admonishes the fact when I give a new date for possible final ascension as this really happens to us on higher timelines where we already exist and exert fully our mission as Logos Gods and multidimensional entities. I know for certain that I am already very active as a teacher and a healer on higher timelines where the new theory of the Universal law is fully established and accepted. And I think and act so as if this is also the case in this reality.

By the way, we cross so many timelines during a single day through bilocation that I am reluctant to even speak of this “uppermost mother planet” which is a term I use for the cluster of infinite timelines of ascending Gaia that is now merging with her blueprint in the new Golden Galaxy which we have also created two years ago.

As you see, my website runs under the category “breaking astral news‘ and this is exactly what I am reporting real time – each ascension phase in real time in the full awareness that it is the last one as everything happens in the Now. This has to be presented in this way as to avoid (overcome) the lazy, sluggish and passive nature of most human beings who sit idly on the sideline and wait to be heaved to heaven. Read the numerous articles and channeled messages on the Internet and you will know what I am talking about.

Of course, if the human mind would have been capable of fully comprehending the simultaneity and multidimensionality of the ascension process, as well as the illusion of linear time which is created by the limitations of our senses as I have discovered for the first time while explaining the concept of space-time and how it is assessed in science and daily life, then there would have been no need to talk about the probable points in time of our ascension in this reality, which are actual points of our ascension in higher dimensional realities.

By the way, as you might have noticed I have given up on that as the PAT has in the meantime fully integrated these concepts and now fully participates in these waves, so that there is no need for me to play the role of the navigator and the barometer in duty of these waves. I only give from time to time certain energetic thresholds that have the potential for our final transfiguration. The rest of my time is spent in analysing the situation on the ground as to gauge when humanity has reached the threshold of mass ascension. But since this is an unique process, never before done in this universe, we can only guess, whereas each guess has a feedback on the process and influences it positively. That is why I have decided long time ago to keep the narrative of our immediate ascension as to underline the actuality of this process in every moment in the Now and how important our focused dedication for its success is.

I hope to have answered somewhat your question, although I have left out some more aspects and considerations that have led me to the decision to present the events in this light, and indeed some of these considerations have been tackled by myself in previous articles.

With love and light


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