How to Imagine Life Beyond the 3D

Denise Godber and Georgi Stankov, July 4, 2016

Dear Georgi,

I hope you and Carla are well.  I am ebbing and flowing with the energies and daily situations l have – some better than others.  I am looking forward to spending some more time with Daniela in August and maybe my sister Helen will join us.

I have been reading all the latest articles on your website, and l was reminded of something l wrote lately when l was inspired to try and explain something about dimensions to someone who is completely new to this type of information. I don’t know if it ties in with anything, but l wanted to share it with you in it being synchronistic to the recent articles. I purposely tried to make it as simple as possible so as to use it as an eventual launching pad if curiosity got the better of them!  And for me that means including a potpourri / assortment of your articles  :-)

With love and light


How to Imagine Life Beyond the 3D – The Traveling Cup of Dimensions

If there was any information that l would give to anyone who was interested it would be the following information.   With this information they will have resources in any and for any moment. Even if it is put to one side for several years, the right moment for each person arrives and they will know it – and if it isn’t in this lifetime, then at least a seed has been planted and even if the information is not used for themselves there is nothing stopping them from passing it on to someone else.  This is the sense of acceptance – you can say you accept it, but it is not for you. and this gives you the freedom to know if it will serve someone else.

When you are strong in any of your beliefs, and that belief limits you or stops you in any way, then this is saying that you are having a 3D experience, because the 3D experiences are based on separation and duality.  Any thought that believes that something is so, rather than something else  (this and that), is actually a confirmation of a separation, of a duality and therefore it is a 3D experience. When both are transcended then neither are of relevance, as there is Now a bigger picture of all the experiences and the sum of it all.

What l am saying is that 3D can be transcended.

To understand from a 3D perspective what the 4th and 5th dimensions are and how they are understood and experienced is given in the example below of the folding traveling cup.  (To get an idea of the shape of the cup, see this:  )

Imagine a collapsing traveling cup divided in 5 rings. Each ring fits over the next ring and can be pulled out to be used and pushed together to close.  Now imagine the smallest ring as the 1st dimension, the 2nd as the next dimension and on up to the 5th dimension.  Now pull out the lower, smaller rings till the 3rd dimension – this is your reality and this means that you can fully see the 3rd, 2nd and the 1st dimensions.  For the sake of giving an example, imagine that I on the other hand have pulled out the 4th and the 5th rings and so l can see all 5 rings.  This means that my vision is expanded to include yours, but your vision is not expanded to include mine.  This is not in any way judgemental, it is simply stating the energetic situations that we are in in this moment. This is fact as fact is our truth in every moment and understood in the words: “It is as it is” or “I Am that l Am”.  Just as the cup will always have 5 rings whether the cup is opened out or closed, this means that all dimensions exist all the time, but we are not necessarily aware of them. (The existing dimensions are actually many, many more.) They are all part of the oneness of All-That-Is whether being aware of it or not.  Just because you are not aware of it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.  The only way to become aware of the other dimensions while still in the 3D is to acquire as much information as possible to then be able to put the pieces together and discern for yourself.  After a while of researching and collecting information you will find that some things are always present, written in different ways but in one way or another affirming what starts to become like another sense that you acquire and it is like instinct or for a better word to describe it – it is a knowing – and this is when we can start to see through the veils that had hidden the bigger picture from us before that.

I have found from my expanded 5D perspective that it is a very interesting experience to dialogue with someone who only has a 3D mentality.  As l remember the time when l had no knowledge of other information, l also remember my own curiosity and my desire to research and understand more of this unknown territory.  I remember the resistances of my own mind and the emotions l had and had l given in to them l would not be where l am now.

If this interests you in any way, then l can guarantee an interesting journey.  If that is not the case, then enjoy where you are and what you are doing in this moment of your time.

Doing something new is different and it can be scary. Scary is just another word for the feeling we have when we reach a personal comfort zone and we see a choice for moving out of it.  You can carry on in the comfort of your zone – or you can simply allow yourself past it and open up to the new – trusting and faithful that you can do it!. You may even find that you knew the new!   Allowing allows for more ease and fluidity of our own experiences.  The biggest thing that gets in the way is actually only ever you!  Let go of all the back-up-plans:  “l’ll do this only if this…. or that happens”   Have faith in yourself, trust that you can do something new without knowing the outcome.  Go forth and see what life brings you, break out into new and stop trying to plot everything – get out of your own way!

My experience is just an example that gives proof and evidence that there is something beyond our 3D experiences.  For the first time in a long human history, people are being given examples of a different way of living.  It is possible to move beyond the myriad of choices of 3D living.  It is possible to have a life that is so different to what we believed possible.  There is a place where people are in total respect and joy of each other.  We can imagine it into our reality for anything is possible! There is a place where peace reigns and nature is respected in all its glory and nothing disturbs its natural rhythms.  There is a place where creativity takes the place of hard work and endless energy is available for whatever is needed.  Everyone has a home and everyone has all the food they need as survival is no longer a problem.  Everyone works/plays together and each person finds their place and resources that help them and the whole community. Each person has a role that fits a bigger picture in the most perfect of realities.


Georgi Stankov’s book:

It is full of information and is an eye opener when approaching this for the first time. It is a sequel to this book:

It is one of those books that can be read time and time again and as we acquire our own knowing the book has a different impact on us each time.  The choice to read the book is initially done from a 3D perspective while so many resistances and denials are still present in us and should be acknowledged.  The ease and fluidity of all of this can only happen when there is a conscious choice to accept it.  Accepting does not mean to give in, it means that you acknowledge it’s existance.

Page 28:

The primordial false idea of being separated from the Source, respectively, from the Whole, while being part of the drama of human illusions on earth, has obviously generated numerous ideas that carry this vicious concept. Just as a software program can harbour a virus, a bug, and infect any other software program, so do the idea of separation from the Whole: It infiltrates all subsequent ideas of mankind in such a profound way that a whole civilisation can be created on false ideas and sustained for some time for the sake of illusion.

This is what has actually happened on earth for eons of times. Such civilisations that are grounded in false ideas of separation can only exist by the active support of the cohesive energies of All-That-Is, because it is impossible for any system to be truly separated from All-That-Is. This is known as the Law of Oneness in esoteric circles.

Website and other books and articles

These can be read in any order and it is always best to read what we are interested in or pulled towards.  The articles have many links in them and in one way or another all the information is connected.  There is no one way of reading – apart from your own! The best way is always to let ourselves lead ourselves.


All basic human fears that are an inherent part of the archetypal structure of the soul when she incarnates on the earth are closely linked to money. Greed, self-esteem, fear of any kind of scarcity, addiction to immediate gratification, all kinds of manipulation etc. are closely associated with money and how they control human lives. The Orion / Reptilian archons knew very well why they introduced money on this planet. It was their most effective means of enslaving humanity in the End Times.


Dear Denise,

excellent work. It is important to reiterate basic truths again and again until they become our first nature (and not second nature). Then, and only then, we can move to higher levels of awareness.

You have addressed a key issue of spiritual evolution which has been so poorly understood so far: The immense resistances and fears that arise as soon as one reaches the limits of his/her comfort zone and has to make a decision to leave it and explore uncharted territories; or stay in the comfort zone, which means further lowering his/her vibrations. Because when one reaches a certain level of awakening withing the still existing comfort zone, this means that he has already raised his frequencies significantly even though this is the first step in an endless journey of spiritual exploration. Then one is at a crossroad – to continue the journey which means leave the comfort zone or step back and forget about this whole adventure. In this case to forget means to lower so much one’s vibrations as to eradicate all the memory and hidden promises of the soul about this possible blissful journey because any retraction means an even greater descent than before this journey started. Most light workers are still in this comfort zone and many of them have in the meantime retracted upon reaching its boundaries, so that they are now in a deeper slumber compared to when they started with this journey. This is obvious from their writings on the Internet.

I remember when I started my journey with the discovery of the Universal law and how massive the expansion of my consciousness was from the start. I felt completely lost at first as nothing I have learnt at the university seemed to make any sense to me at all.

Expansion of awareness goes always hand in hand with losing the ground under your feet. What you then see is a huge abyss that gapes in front of you. Should I jump into it and explore it or should I retract into my comfort zone, which is a well camouflaged prison of my basic fears that build the edifice of this fear-based ecological zone? This is the first initiation to mastery and all others that follow are variations on this same theme.

In the meantime we know that these inner-psychic and inner-mental processes are energetically driven and I have discussed this issue with respect to the nature of energy manifested in form of energetic gradients of two adjacent levels of a system. I think that you have put the link to this article in your list of selected articles published on this website. When properly read, they give you the full spectrum of problems and aspects with which one is confronted on his way to spiritual evolution and ascension. These are the topics of universal value that accompany us throughout all stages of our unique journey to mastery.

Of course many of them have been discussed by other teachers and authors in the past, but never before have they such an imminent practical relevance. While in the past most recommendations of spiritual teachers were read and interpreted as theoretical disquisitions of high intellectual, but little practical value – hence their limited influence and success at the societal level – in the current End Time each such discussion has a direct and immediate impact on our ascension process.

The PAT has recognized that, the rest of the light workers community much less so or not at all. This is the criterion for the progress of the individual ascension process. And nobody can cheat his HS by pretending intellectual knowledge, while failing in daily life by avoiding the full exposure to the powerful source energies that transform our body, mind, and awareness. At the end, its all about being consequent in your thoughts, intentions, emotions and deeds. Full and utter congruency of spirit, mind, psyche and physical body. It is about being credible amidst the greatest pain during the LBP. The PAT is credible – most light workers with their stupid “light and love illusion” messages are not. In fact they are now becoming abominable and this time this just emotional reaction can no longer be hidden from anyone as we have entered the era of full energetic transparency and honesty.

Finally, for the sake of completeness I would like to add a link to the two messages of Zingdad from book 2 which I already discussed in my latest publication on space and time. They deal with the characteristics of consciousness throughout all dimensions and help us further envision how it will be to be a creator god who expands his energy throughout galaxies and even universes while still being present in physical forms such as our petty human bodies:

Chapter 1.1 Dimensions

Chapter 1.2 Densities

With love and light




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