Europe, A Haunted House

A Message From My HS

Shinzhi Rumi, June 28, 2016

Dear Rumi,

this is such a timely message – I just finished an article on the crash of major EU banks and discussed at the end the overarching principles behind the collapse of the Orion matrix that was triggered by the Brexit. The new elections in Spain are very important as their results go indeed beyond the confines of the old Continent. Also very important is what happens in Germany behind closed doors and how the negotiations with Russia unfold. It would be great if your HS gives you some more information on this critical issue.

Today (June 27th) is another major shift which I experience as headache, flu-like symptoms and total energetic congestion.

Thank you very much for this excellent elaboration of the post-Brexit world which has already left the post WW2 order behind itself. I hope the people will begin to realize this huge shift so that humanity could move quicker forward.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

indeed, this latest announcement is in good company with your latest Adamu-publications. I read all of them after sending my latest message to you.

Compare again Adamu’s statements about the role of the ancient bloodline families on this Earth (the “Kings and Queens of the Free World”), the power chess games between “light” and “dark” factions (very evident in the case of Brexit), and the choice the Cabal are being given (fork in the road) with these previous statements by my HS:

“It should be noted that there are forces inside this shadow government aware of the consequences of their previous and current actions to the disadvantage of all other souls incarnated in and as all kinds of lifeforms on this Earth. And that these forces find themselves in an unlearning/relearning and unthinking/rethinking process. And that these forces use the means and powers available to them in order to foil the realization and the worst consequences of the plans of this shadow government.

(Months ago Carla received information from her HS that there are essentially five factions in the deep US government and two of them are more sane and positively orientated. Especially one patriotic faction is doing everything possible to curtail the destructive decisions of the other three dark factions such as neo-cons. We must wait and see how these internal fights will play out when the shit will hit the fan. Note, George.)

There are those awakened, enlightened forces inside this shadow government which, apparently, are working to realize the plans of the shadow government and which, on the surface of public perception, appear to be the clear perpetrators of these plans. This masquerade is necessary in order to keep the true intentions and plans of these awakened, enlightened forces from premature exposure.”


The Emperor decreed: remain in the EU! The people decided: shove it.

It should be stated that the so-called cabal has, proverbially speaking, played itself offside for reason of its own past, current and future-oriented intentions, plans, deeds, actions. Currently, the cabal is in a cognitive and really desperate situation. It is and will no longer be in a position to implement its secret plans for a renewed installation of an even more effective world control order to its advantage on this ascending Earth by means of the powers and means available to it and by reason of its traditional, ossified habitual ability to act.

So-called relegation is the only way left to the cabal, like a third-class amateur soccer club which bought the wrong players in order to win its rigged games, the course and outcome of which was already clear before the start of the game. The cabal had set it up this way and agreed with seeming opponents and opposing teams as almost all parties involved and participating in this game system are and were aware, to various but sufficient degrees, of the aim of this game and which roles were set for whom.”


The Emperor decrees: go to war with Russia! Germany reproaches, dares to approach Russia.

This Eurasian axis is a crucial geostrategic link to break the Anglo-American stranglehold over Europe, and a spiritual bridge uniting East and West. The subconscious energy currents related to Russia are presently strong inside me; I will ask my HS about information on current Germany-Russia developments.

Good job with the Brexit forecast projection / creation project!

With love and light,

— Rumi —


The Message

Question to my Highest Self: Does the Source of All-That-Is have a message of relevance to the current Ascension process of this Earth and this humanity in this space-time-continuum on this timeline on which I am present in human shape?

Answer: Yes.

Request: Then share this message with me now.

Answer: In view of the current parliamentary elections in Spain, it can be assumed that the so-called left coalition has achieved a decisive breakthrough in the future political and, in particular, societal reorganization and transformation of Spain.

This reorganization and transformation process taking place inside Spain and emanating from Spain could, and will, result decisively in the rejuvenation and rebirth of the collective soul of the Spanish people.

Question: How is this inner transformation of the collective soul of the Spanish people of relevance to the general Ascension process of this Earth and this humanity?

Answer: It has to be considered and remembered that the collective soul of the Spanish people has caused unfathomable harm to itself and purposely to the collective souls of other peoples in the so-called New World at the expense of all those self-expression forms who have not been members of Spain’s ruling elites.

Question: Is it probable that this inner transformation of the collective soul of the Spanish people will also result in the inner transformation of collective souls of other peoples which have been harmed by the collective soul of the Spanish people or parts of it?

Answer: This can be assumed. The so-called negative karma of the so-called conquistadors, the Inquisition, and all those forces having harmed other self-expression forms on this Earth on behalf of the so-called true faith weighs heavily on the proverbial shoulders of successive generations.

These successive generations, and the present generation in particular, face the challenge of having to unload this karmic burden, the last remarkable visible embodiment of which was a General named Franco as well as his innermost, devoted circle of power composed of self-expression forms who preferred to serve themselves at the expense of all those who were not members of this circle of power.

Question: The collective soul of the Spanish people is in a process of freeing itself from all karmic burdens and about to experience an inner transformation. Is that so?

Answer: So it is. In addition, it has to be stated and assured explicitly at this stage that the so-called Kings and Queens of the Free World having lived and ruled for too long a time at the expense of all other self-expression forms, no matter what species, have run out of time, proverbially and factually. The stage is set for a new show.

Question: What is the relevance of the so-called Brexit to the Ascension process?

Answer: The so-called Brexit is of extraordinary relevance to the Ascension process because the shock waves triggered by this political decision carry and unfold such an impact force so that they could, and will result, and have already resulted in a so-called Domini-effect (the expressive term here is Domini, in allusion to divine intervention; note, Rumi) within a very short, unsuspecting time which can, and will, result in the collapse of the so-called post-World War II security architecture in and for Western Europe.

The so-called European Union is not necessarily in a disintegration or dissolution process, but rather in a transformation and self-reflection process because all national peoples united in this forced political union, all collective souls of peoples united in this artificial collective soul of the so-called European Idea are again in a process of reflecting their unique roots, their unique histories, their unique personalities.

In the course of this conscious self-reflection process, each and every collective soul of a people (nation’s soul) will inevitably come to the conclusion and realization of being a unique, individual expression of a collective soul called humanity.

Such a normal process of soul-individualization or soul-collectivization can never be ordered and dictated, so to say, “from above”, because at some stage the true nature will make itself heard and felt on the surface of collective and individual awareness.

Each and every people and nation, having been for too long a time in a state of submission and suppression of their unique true nature and individuality, will sooner or later resist this unnatural compulsion in one form or another. The suppressing side is well-advised to stay out of the way of such an ascending, reawakening true nature which it can submit or suppress only for a short time by use of greatest violence possible.

In the end, each and every form of violence perpetrated by one soul against another soul, be it on purpose or not, is already redirected to the perpetrator in the instant of perpetration. Even if the process of becoming conscious of this act of violence through reliving the attached memories and emotions and feelings might, in terms of linear time, take “some time”, even “long time.”

No matter what souls and peoples and humans and lifeforms have been extinguished in whatever long-forgotten and forlorn-believed times – some day, they all reappear in the awareness of that very soul who let its proverbial and real ghosts inside the house.

From the ghosts that you called, you will only be delivered by surrendering to them.

This is the end of this announcement.



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