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Georgi Stankov, June 23, 2016

Brexit Vote Forecast 18.00 pm Pacific Time

This forecast is based on projections of the voters behaviour in the four different countries of the UK: Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England. I will spare you the mathematical details. My forecast is based on the actual numbers as published live by BBC.

Generally one should know that both Northern Ireland and Scotland have voted in their majority to stay in the EU as they see their national interests better preserved there than in GB out of the EU. I have no information as to how Wales has voted but its population is very small and will not affect the final result.

At this moment there are more votes counted in Northern Ireland and Scotland than in England and the results are more in favour of the stay voters. Nonetheless my statistical projection shows that if the behaviour remains stable in the coming hours when more votes will be counted the voters for Brexit (leave the EU) will win with 52%, with rising numbers.

The next forecast on this post will be in an hour at 19.00 PM.

Brexit Vote Forecast 19.00 pm Pacific Time

In the meantime we have the first results from Wales and the voters there have voted in their majority to leave the EU in a very similar manner as the main group of voters from England (ca. 40.5 million voters from 46.5 mill eligible voters total in GB).

The percentage of votes in favour to leave the EU in England and Wales has remained steady since my first forecast with 55%. At the same time the percentage of voters in Northern Ireland to leave the EU has steadily diminished. The percentage of “leave the EU” voters in Scotland has decreased in the same time from 40.5% to 37% where already more than one third of all votes have been counted. However, less than 10% of all votes in England and Wales have been counted so far and the trend of major rejection of the EU seems to stay stable in these two countries with the vast majority of the voters. Therefore, my first forecast from an hour ago that about 52% of all voters in GB have voted for Brexit based on a very limited number of counted votes is still valid.

Brexit Vote Forecast 20.00 pm Pacific Time

Altogether 16.8 million votes are necessary to win the Brexit vote based on the overall average turnout of 70.5%. This means that about 33.5 million British citizens have cast their votes in this crucial referendum. The participation is highest in England with 72.5% followed by Wales with 71.4%. The lowest numbers are in North Ireland with 62.6% followed by Scotland with 65.7%.  So far

9,106,764 British citizens have voted for leave the EU (51.3%).

As most of the votes have already been counted in the last two countries, from now on the percentage of votes in favour of Brexit will constantly grow. My first forecast of 52% in favour of Brexit based on a very small sample of votes but on clever calculations of the voters trends is becoming reality.

Brexit Vote Forecast 21.00 pm Pacific Time

Brexit is a done deal and the disintegration of the former Empire of Evil, GB, is in full sway. After England and Wales have voted in their overwhelming majority to leave the EU and Northern Ireland and Scotland have voted in their overwhelming majority to stay in the EU, the next logical step will be for these two countries to have a referendum to leave GB. This is called double Brexitleave the sinking Britannia.

The Scottish independence referendum in 2014 was blatantly rigged by the British cabal in London as reported at that time on this website. Since then Scotland is planning to repeat this referendum. With the current Brexit referendum, the Scottish government will have no other choice but to perform a second independence referendum after GB is leaving the EU while the Scottish population wants to remain in their vast majority in the EU. There is no other possibility. Scotland has profited from its membership in the EU and is tired of paying huge taxes to London for the oil production in the North Sea. There is no incentive for the Scottish people to remain in GB out of the EU. The disintegration of Britannia has commenced with full force and there is nothing that can stop it.

The last result from the Brexit vote is:

14,356,533 British citizens have voted so far to leave the EU (51.7%)

Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales have finished with the counting. England has 54 results left to declare.

Brexit Vote Forecast 22.00 pm Pacific Time

“Dear Georgi, I am watching the EU referendum vote live on the BBC. It is 2am here in the UK so I must soon go to bed (because I have an early appointment in the morning). After 41 votes out of 382 the ratio is 53% to 47% in favour of “leave”. Of course this is changing by the minute. (Actually at that time the remain in the EU camp had a small majority of 51%. Henry is referring here to the projections of BBC TV with respect to the final result, to which I had no access at that time on the Internet. Note, George)

Love and Light, Henry Bizon


“Dear Henry,

read my live forecast of the Brexit vote – it is a masterpiece. Way ahead of BBC and much more precise.


Final result:

 16,738,813 British citizens have voted to leave the EU (51.8%)

Predicted final result by BBC – 52% for Leave the EU

Pound, stocks in a Free Fall!!!

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