A Message From the Whales

Dianne Robbins, June 7, 2016


Yesterday I published the beautiful video created by Moni from Norway with the whales as the mystical embodiment of ascended masters. These magnificent animals are the incarnation of Syrian ascended masters that have decided to come to this earth in its darkest period to keep the balance of light and help humanity come out of its perennial darkness. Instead of being thankful to these akin souls, humans know no better but kill the whales – for nothing. For oil! Not even for nourishment.

And today Dianne Robbins sent us her latest message channelled by the whales about their relationship to human souls. Obviously now earth ascends with all her kingdoms and this means the redemption of all karmic relationships between these kingdoms as humanity has committed innumerous crimes on all of them – on animals with collective and individual souls, on plants with faeries, on “inanimate” (the very word expresses the disrespect of humans for nature) matter with natural spirits. I hope that with this passionate plea of the whales to humans to finally change their cruel nature based on spiritual ignorance and stupidity, we have made a major step towards the unification of all expressions of creation on this planet prior to the final ascension. The message was given in response to a publication announcing the resumption of whale hunting in the Caribbean sea.


And this is what Carla responded to Dianne:

“Dearest Dianne,

Thank you for your Channeling of the Whales.

It is so discouraging that whaling! is still out there?!?!? What a shock to read this article. The level of consciousness of the article on the Dr David Hawkins scale of consciousness is about 50 (50/1000, 1000 meaning pure enlightenment)

The whales have a special purpose. They raise the consciousness of Gaia and all beings upon it. It is their presence that raises us into Ascension awareness in the first place.

They are highly evolved souls and their dedication to Earth/Gaia/all life including “humanity” is a clear decision to support Evolution as much as it was for us to incarnate as “humans”.

We are ALL representations of God. Of Source. Of All-That-Is.  The sooner we insist on the highest principles in favour of LIFE, the sooner we will reach our optimal level of consciousness needed for our forward evolution. Unconditional love is at 500/1000 on Hawkins scale.

This is our objective!

Nothing in life is more important than this!

Thank you for all that you do. Dearest Dianne,



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The Message

The Whales respond…

We are the Whales, who speak to you now, your Earthbound brothers and sisters residing in Earth’s oceans.  Do you know of “Interspecies Communication,” or do you only know how to kill other species instead of communicating with them? We challenge you to listen to us and to intermingle with us, but not to murder us.
It is true that “Whales and Whalers can co-exist,” but not if we’re all dead, murdered by whaling fleets and aboriginal tribes in search of a livelihood. Surely there are more ways to earn a livelihood than by hunting down another intelligent species on your planet!

We Whales exist to balance the Earth’s ecosystem, and live family lives and spiritual lives to progress and evolve as a race of sentient Beings just as you humans do. We don’t harvest humans, even though you have proliferated to such an extent that you have almost taken over the globe.

Should we come onto your land masses and harpoon you to death so that we in the seas can live? We certainly wouldn’t process your bodies and eat you as food, as you have no nutritional value, and spiritually you act as if you’re dead. Look how you’ve decimated the land and exterminated countless other species. And now you’re still intent on forever exterminating us. Don’t you ever learn from your wanton destruction of God’s creatures that all are sacred and all are needed in order for life on land to exist?

The article refers to us as a resource to be harvested. How can you put us in the same category as a field of grain or a kelp bed? What authority does humanity have to declare us as “harvest?” We do not “belong” to you as do cattle and pets. We are a free species, trying to live and do our work, just like you. So please leave us alone!

All life has consciousness, and we Whales are highly evolved conscious Beings, here on Earth to help you humans evolve into a higher state of consciousness, in which you won’t kill other species for a “livelihood,” but will know how to co-exist in perfect harmony with all species. This way, you could earn a livelihood from caring for the Earth instead of destroying it.

The article also states that, “Whales are unquestionably extraordinary animals. While they possess a certain intelligence, however, there are no data to support the belief that they are at or even near the top of the animal intelligence scale.” How are you measuring intelligence? Just because we cannot pass your exams doesn’t make us any less than you. Our intelligence is so far removed from yours that you cannot begin to appreciate it.

You depend on us in ways you couldn’t even imagine, and we are all bound in a living network of consciousness. If you persist in killing us, you will doom yourselves into rapid extinction, as all species are needed to exist in order for Earth to continue as a home for ALL life, including humans.

We are aware of something that you have forgotten: that the primary identity of human and Cetacean is that of soul. These bodies we both occupy for a few short years are simply costumes. Behind the disguises, we are the same. So let our only contact be recreational, and let us co-exist peacefully on this beautiful planet.

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