When Will the Financial Collapse Occur?

Georgi Stankov and David Haggith, May 4, 2016


Here is a summary of my latest article for your consideration if you’d like to publish it with a link back to the original article.

Are Central Banks Rigging the Oil Market or Just the World?


“The question begs for conspiracy theories to satisfy it, but one might more aptly say that central banks beg for conspiracy theories to explain them, since they operate in the shadows while being given charge of all the financial systems of all the world’s greatest economies. Central bankers have the unchaperoned power to create the greatest fortunes ever known to mankind at will and to invest those fortunes wherever they want. With trillions of dollars at their disposal and trillions more whenever they want to conjure it into existence, what is to stop them from cornering every market on earth … including particularly oil?…”



Dear David,

it is a telepathic synchronicity that I wrote yesterday an article on the same topic which I published early this morning. It deals with ECB and how Draghi, financial director at that time, conspired in 1992 with the banksters from Rothschild and Rockefeller, such as Soros on the British Queen’s yacht to crash the Italian lira and destroy the economy. I experienced it first hand as I visited Italy very often at that time and remember well the depreciation of the Italian lira. I was medical director in the pharmaceutical industry, later on had my own research institute, and conducted clinical trials in many countries, including Italy, so I was well informed what is happening worldwide. But this information about Draghi is new and was published for the first time on May 1 in the German Economic News. Here you have the proof for your thesis:

Lehman Brothers Greets: The EU Banking System is a 46 Trillion Euro Ponzi-Scheme

Everything is one big Ponzi scheme and it is time to crash the system and move forwards.

With best regards



Timely, indeed. You show well what a time bomb the entire EU financial system is. As with me, you consider the Great Recession something that is still ongoing, merely propped up in its middle by central bank baloney. The baloney is piled so high, the piles are starting tip over and squish under the load of their own weight.

I see you put the end of this nefarious enterprise at sometime this month or next, but I didn’t see in this particular article why you put it there. I am increasingly convinced the Obama administration and the Republican establishment will find a way to keep things holding together here in the US until after the elections, though last fall I thought it would fall apart (as it did start to do) in January.

It think that by taking new extraordinary measures, such as PERHAPS (have no proof, only suspicion) gaming the price of oil to keep banks solvent a little longer, they can hold their power together through the election. Then, if Trump wins, they can attempt to blame it all on his victory when their system falls apart. If they win, at least they got four more years in power; during which time they will use the crash to establish their global cashless system.



Dear David,

while I am using official data to underline my economic and financial conclusions and forecasts, my entire argumentation is based on spiritual, transcendental insights for which there is no palpable statistics and hence can be only summed up under the term “intuition“. In addition comes the fact – and here it becomes very difficult to convey – that I depart from the gnostic knowledge that this earth has numerous, even infinite timelines (parallel earths) and that on many of these timelines my forecasts have already become reality.

This has to do with the fact that linear time is an illusion of the limited cognition of the human mind that operates as a very slow perceptive system of neuronal synapses with huge retardation of the action potentials during their transmission at the synaptic junctions. This makes human perception extremely slow and creates the illusion of seamless linear time. I have written 15 books and numerous articles that essentially are founded on this epistemological, scientific and philosophical acknowledgment, which I for the first time in the history of science have proved to be true in physics.

That is why finance and economics is a marginal area for me to observe, and only because it gives me a clue when the much bigger energetic changes will come for this timeline in which we exist. At the same time all collapse scenarios I have developed since 1997, and increasingly since 2011 when I opened this website, have already happened on parallel earths that were separated through an interdimensional shift (ID shift) from this ascending timeline.

From this cosmic perspective human finance and economics are trifle issues but relevant for the awakening of the masses who have lived in slumber and accepting this illusion without any questions. Such people can be awakened from their illusion only when “heaven” (or the people themselves) pulls the rug away from under their feet – which means collapse of the financial and economic system –  as experienced fear in a state of total helplessness is the most powerful stimulus for the awakening of the human mind to the existence of the soul as the creator of this 3D reality. This is what the western world will experience this year and the month is irrelevant as it is unpredictable. But the potential for an imminent collapse is very high now.

Here are two latest developments that make me believe that we are very close to this event:

1) The western central banks, Fed, ECB and BOJ and their banksters from the One World Bank of Rothschild and Rockefeller (the famous thirteen elite families of Reptilian/Orion origin) have created the current financial Ponzi scheme on purpose as to eliminate money and cash and introduce a worthless digital system when the fiat currencies collapse. In this way they will have full control over the masses and can easily turn them into financial slaves. Everything they have done or manipulated so far, as you also discuss in your latest article, was on purpose and not because they are stupid and do not know what they do, as many famous critical experts such David Stockman in the USA believe and comment. This is a too short and simple explanation.

Here is an article of the recent meeting of central bankers to introduce digital blockchain money when the inflated and worthless fiat currencies such as dollar, euro and yen collapse in the coming days:


2) And here the ECB has begun to eliminate cash to achieve this goal amidst collapsing liquidity of the markets – obviously a completely illogical decision when considered from a conventional point of view, but very logical when one knows the ultimate goal of the banksters cabal:


The introduction of digital currency by the banksters cabal is a means to introduce in a second step the famous “Mark of the Beast“, a chip in everyone’s body to allow access to this digital money for survival or to be withheld if the person is rebellious. This is how the elite want to install the NWO. This is not a conspiracy theory but an omnipresent fact and it was St. John, alias the historical personality Apollonius of Tyana, who warned humanity of this heinous plan of the dark cabal in the current End Time prior to Ascension already 2000 years ago. This is one of the few important pieces of information in the bible.

The scenario of the NWO was introduced numerous times on lower timelines of this earth when they were severed by ID shifts from this uppermost mother planet, as we call it. It began since 11.11.11 and increased in intensity since June 2013. I have documented these events in a seamless chronicle on my website. I myself and many of my group, the Planetary Ascension Team who read and participate in this website, have regularly participated in these lower timelines as bilocation and have direct personal knowledge of the dreadful conditions that exist there. This is possible as we enjoy expanded awareness and have knowledge from our souls what is happening on multiple timelines and realities. The catastrophic End Time scenario forwarded by many believers is not a figment of their religious minds but a reality on these separated timelines that descend to lower frequencies and higher density where the separation from the source is maximal and the cruelty of humanity unimaginable.

This uppermost mother planet will be spared from this destiny as both China and Russia know about these plans of the western cabal and are determined to prevent them. Therefore they are now ready to introduce any moment their new currencies based on precious metals when the west introduces its digital monetary system after the dollar, the euro and the yen crash. In this way the western economy will be reduced to “quantite négligeable“, as its real economy already is, and their plan to introduce the NWO will miserably fail.

Already both the physical silver and gold markets have moved to China and to Russia (new oil stock exchange) and this is what is now squeezing the central banksters in the West to make quick decisions that will lead to the collapse of the financial system and their demise:



That is why the collapse of the dollar and the western banking system is such a dynamic and unpredictable affair as there are numerous factors and variables to consider, but everything points to a final countdown.

Here is a response I gave to another blogger, the Saker, who asked me what drives the world events in the End Time, where I have outlined the End Time scenario of war between the forces of light (us) and the dark ones (elite, banksters, political minions, and their supervisors, the dark archons from the astral plane) which we, our group of light warriors, eliminated systematically since 2011 so that this uppermost mother planet, on which you and I live and communicate, is now free of them and sealed from all dark influences. Now it only remains for the dark thought patterns of the elite and the people to play out as to be seen by all as such and then the final act of the ascension of this planet will occur.


The victory of Trump in Indiana and the retreat of his two opponents indicates that we are coming very close to our anticipated showdown. Then there is another gnostic fact you must consider – Obama is the last US president because all I have said so far will happen before that and the whole old matrix will collapse. Trump is only a catalyst for this event, and nothing more.

As you see, the answer to your question why I believe that the financial and economic system will collapse very soon, but definitely this year, is rather complex as it involves so many levels and knowledge outside the economic area that this has proved to be a great intellectual challenge for many people in the past who have then decided to discard our knowledge as “weird”, just as the cabal have disparaged all critical thinkers as conspiracists although all major conspiracy theories so far have been proven to be true by publications and official documentations of the ruling cabal and their MSM.




With best personal regard


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