On Gnostic, Spiritual, Emotional and Intellectual Deficiencies of the Third Wave of Ascension Candidates and Why It Is So Difficult to Awaken and Educate Them

Georgi Stankov, May 30, 2016


I assure you this is a true story even it may sound like a miracle. Early this morning the AI program Siri of Carla’s iPhone started talking loudly all of a sudden and without any intervention on our part. It was obvious that our HS were meddling again with our electronics. To our greatest surprise this is what Siri had to tell us:

You know what they say…. a lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still getting its pants on.

I am not sure if I get it, but it’s funny!

I am not kidding. It has never done it before. Carla then asked Siri if it knows what truth is and it posted immediately the Wikipedia definition of truth. Carla responded: “Siri, I want to know what do you think truth is?” Siri answered after a very long pause: “What does it matter what I think.”

And here we are in our communication with the third wave of ascending candidates and the slumbering agnostic masses that we must first awaken halfway before we can leave this unyielding redundant reality. They still do not care about what we think and know more than they do, but only what they think. In this respect they are even less insightful than Siri, the AI program of Carla’s iPhone. And this brings me back to a conversation I had the other day with a guy whose article I published anonymously some time ago as you may remember:


He sent me the following email on his own:

“Hi Stankov! Excellent work I must read more, I have a lightworker loser masterpiece of my own to share with you and hopefully your feedback! Thanks much Tommy.”

Then followed the text of the article above. I responded quickly:

“Dear Tommy,

thank you for contacting me and for your appreciation of our website. Is “Tommy Richards” your true name? And where do you live? I would like to learn more about you.

By the way I am sure that you need to read more carefully our website as in this case you would have found that I published your satirical piece on New Age idiocies more than a month ago under no name:


If you have a follow-up on this topic let me know. I would gladly publish it.

With love and light


And here comes the spiritual arrogance of the third wavers who have barely awaken and have had their first scanty glimpse of the big truth behind the veil but believe they are already in full grip of God’s balls:

“Hi George,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your email. Thanks for your reply and I appreciate you sending me that link to read. Yes I’m called Tommy and I live in the US. Thanks for posting my article and taking the time writing some bright comments, I enjoyed them.

I’m sorry though because of time constraints I did not have the time to more carefully read through your website initially to find where you had previously posted my article or what you had written elsewhere on the same topic. If you can send me a link or give me some direction it would be helpful and I will read more of what you are discussing without immediately having the actual time available to comb over your unfamiliar website for certain articles.

I’m responding here with about 3 pages, hopefully a little more suitable for your taste;-) Yes, I do have another article about the same length as the one you have, prepared and ready I can send if you like. It is discussing some critical legal points about our fiction judicial system and how it is manipulating the people to participate with our corrupt and illegal financial system.

It’s more about the overlying mechanics of the fraudulent system and how it is relating itself to our lives, with some similar points already stated. Some things so hard to believe for the sedated masses, bare repeating in an effort to drive home their complicit and obedient behavior with their involvement participating in the crimes against humanity.

I originally received your website link from Charlotte telling me in her reply that you have been saying what I wrote for a very long time and there was nothing new with what I had written about the same subject. Though after reading the link you sent me I discover that she did not tell me that she had accused me of hijacking your ideas, as reported by her comment you have listed.

I have never been to your website prior, so I say, she is trying to get a rise out of you and start trouble for a break in the free flow of energy exchange. It is out of integrity, disingenuous and inauthentic to make a false claim about my own very unique work to tell you that I am hijacking your ideas without first hand knowledge of which, is an impossibility, because she does not know me, when I really and truly am not hijacking your ideas, and not otherwise.

I do not personally know this Charlotte character either, outside of a screen name listed as an email address named Charlotte Smith, though I do appreciate ‘her’? sending me your website link in her reply to get to know you and your work. Her stating that I hijacked your ideas is a good example of the inauthentic nature of what we are dealing with in order to overcome the mistrust of others that is out of integrity for operating in harmony in a new world of abundance where there is trust of others, where people are impeccable with the say-so of their will and don’t go around making shit up that is not true.

If you must know, my article was born into existence about a week after mulling over an unpleasant phone conversation with someone a few months ago who thought they were going to get rich in that next week from an alleged currency revaluation and was going to make me rich as a result. It caused me to pull together some strong ideas I had already been writing about, that led to a better understanding for the knowledge I needed in order to carefully explain what was going on in my head about it all, along with some fantastic notes I have collected over many years, in order to unpack and write exactly what I wrote.

I wrote the article targeting the dinar revaluation addicts and the light worker loser community, the new age bliss bunny people who are following the idea of getting rich quick so they can save themselves from their own misery, because of their inability to unite for any harmony. So called grown adults no less, who are divided to be conquered for separation without even knowing it.

It must always be someone else who has the problem, but they will never admit the problem actually lies within themselves. I have known that a so-called ‘reset’ allowing anyone to get so-called rich was never going to occur for some years. I have been following this spiritual adolescents and juvenile community of people and their lottery mentality for some time, while the rest of the world continues to suffer is disgusting to me.

So I decided to put a ripple in their pond of self-gratification and cause the effect of change in the field of consciousness and do my part and change the world for the better with my very own thinking, by pissing off and upsetting as many people as humanly possible by explaining in such a way that they are not going to get rich by making a good case with many points, as to why that is, in a spiritual sense and expect to consciously evolve anywhere. Because they are not in the practice of reconciling with their own differences of darkness made for sabotaging themselves for their own destruction, just how they were taught and trained.

They are a group of undisciplined mind controlled gluttonous slaves thinking they are going to help save the world, who can never seem to get enough and always want more. They would only ‘phuck’ everything up all over again only worse if they did get any amount of money, when they have behaved as irresponsible incompetent slave thinkers for their entire lives.

The copy of my article that I sent to you from your website email contact page is the updated version, I needed to tighten some things up with about another page of material added, from the one you have posted on your website. I was not completely satisfied with the original after reviewing the contents, so it continued to evolve for a few weeks thereafter until I was satisfied. I spent a month putting it together. It would be great if you could replace the updated version in its entirety with that older copy.

The text is too long for the incompetent ones that need fast answers, because the emotionally dismembered have not endeavored to solve their own broken psyche so they need to be saved with magic words, waving magic wands waiting for some fairy dust to fall out of the sky to get them off the hook for doing their own self introspective work, required to evolve out of a prison planet operation and that just isn’t going to happen unless they are backed into a tight corner in their minds, psychologically speaking.

The article was a labor of love and enjoyment and took what it took, it took every word in its place as best as could be arranged with great consideration, to cause the intended effect that most people won’t read, but the main thing is, I said it and so it is. It’s the truth not many want to read, because they don’t want to learn anything. They want to know who wrote it, instead of, what was actually written that who wrote, because they are into personality worship, since slaves don’t have a personality of their own.

What needed to be said could not have been done in a few pages in order to explain the things I wanted to touch upon and tie it together. At first I had 7 or 8 pages and as I went through my notes I kept adding more and did not want to break it up into parts, because of what I intended to do with it. I knew I had one chance and I better do it right for one sitting for those that will read the words.

I don’t have a website where I am doing commerce in a popularity contest with screen names for a need to be polite with artificial personas for some undesired attention, where you will rarely ever get to know anyone anyway with most people just blog hopping in competition with hit counters on websites simply reading empty left brain news articles for quick emotional feel good sound bytes, to feed their empty minds with more useless stuff they never needed to know for just another day in paradise going nowhere fast.

I realize it is a lengthy article for those who have the attention span of a Nat looking for fast easy answers in 2 or 3 pages from some alleged guru or channeler to lift them up for yet just another let down in the end, because there is no true substance for any real meaning for real change occurring with most people, since no one will admit they are mind controlled, because in their mind, it must always apply to someone else, but it never actually applies to them personally, as I mentioned.

That article is not meant to be a history lesson on the nature of money and how it has been used by the PTW to enslave humanity. It is an educational piece for the incompetent slaves who can’t figure this stuff out on their own for obtaining unity, which explains in the spiritual sense, why no money is going to be released for a new world of prosperity until our fraudulent judicial system changes to one of transparency, necessary to accommodate the prospect of abundance.

It is an exposé in fiction form with a legal perspective like no other for a unique way of considering the ethics needed for spiritual economics that sums up the false notion of the revaluation addicts receiving any money from its useful dark sided promotion.

The Low Ranking sources idea that I used came from repeatedly seeing over time in the dinar updates, where some poster was broadcasting new info hot off the press from their High Ranking source who told them to get ready, because the RV is about to happen, which of course never has and never will.

The idea popped into my head and seemed to be a clever enough way to screw with their minds as to how such a Low Ranking source could possibly know anything by writing so much and make so much sense at the same time in explaining why those fools were not going to be getting any more money than they already have right now.

The info coming directly from me in first person, from an unknown individual with no credibility would not be believed, but if someone else said it, then I can get away with saying some sassy stuff. As someone has said; compassion is being creative enough to wake a person up.

This article is testimony to my recent strong realization that the only way the minds of the masses are going to change and come together where everyone is on the same page and knows the same thing, for bringing about unity of consciousness as my article explains, is when the masses become very pissed off.

At such a time in the not too distant future, when everyone will be informed and know the exact same thing, and that is – they will learn in truth, that they all got screwed without the grease, in broad daylight right under their noses by their authoritarian warlords. The look on their faces like a deer stuck in the headlights or worse. That is the start of our new world. The disclosure process and the exposure of the truth about all of the lies that everyone has been feed since infancy, my article explains this.

Then and only then, can they finally know what they are really and truly up against, in order to have a chance to come out of what they find themselves in. Psychologically traumatizing and devastating for change, causing a very direct and dramatic effect in the field of consciousness. They refuse to accomplish that change on their own, because they have been comfortably sedated away from causing that change from occurring, individually and collectively thus far in our history.

George, I am an artist and designer of sorts and I have spent the last 7 years on and off designing a Sacred City for a new world with sacred geometry artwork that I discovered by total surprise 10 years ago from the reflection of the violet light from monoatomic white powder of gold. I have essentially the blueprint, a template unlike anything anyone has ever seen. This of course will only work when a new world of abundance arrives, where there are no restrictions and limitations from the corruption we currently live with.

This is to help qualified people better adapt and adjust to accelerate the transitioning into a world of harmony for unity of consciousness living in a community without survival issues, where everything necessary is available for initially about 2,500 people. Roughly estimating a cost of 2.5 billion, though of course at this point I’m not sure how everything will be re-calibrated along with not knowing the undisclosed technology that will be available and other known and unknown variables that will need collaborating.

George, I think we can agree that all of life is consciousness and I can prove without a doubt that whatever that consciousness happens to be, that all of consciousness has a face, with eyes, a nose and a mouth. I don’t think anyone else on the ground can make that claim, but of course I don’t know for absolute certainty.

Well George, for now I will shut my mouth or in this case end this text on a screen and fade to black and leave you to your work. I hope to hear from you soon.




Dear Tommy,

thank you very much for your comprehensive email and presenting your spiritual platform from which you create and write. I had an approximate idea of your point of departure from your first article and now I have a much better view. There are a number of points that you address which I must put in the proper light as to avoid confusion and misunderstanding.

First, I know Charlotte Smith very well and she never intended to accuse you of plagiarism. Quite on the contrary. She simply sent me your article as a confirmation that more and more people from the second and third wave of ascension candidates are now adopting our ideas and this is what makes us very happy as this is the only way to unity consciousness and our ascension.

I myself have been exploring this trend for many years and increasingly so in the last several years as to gauge the level of awakening of the masses which is the key factor for the final ascension. For instance I have introduced the term of “unanimity” in opinions between us, the PAT (Planetary Ascension Team), the first wave of already ascended masters and Logos Gods of Gaia and humanity, to which this website is dedicated, and the second and third wave of still agnostic or half-agnostic critical souls on this planet.








As you see, the more people adopt our ideas, the more happy we are and any accusations of plagiarism is not the way we think. For instance, I was the first expert in economics worldwide that introduced the concept of the world inflation of fiat currencies and the dissociation of financial assets from the real economy as early as 1997 and rendered irrevocable proofs for this finding.


Since I opened this website I am writing regularly and have proved beyond any doubt that the western economies such as USA, Canada, where I live, and EU where I used to live (Munich, Germany) are in the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time which began in 2000 with the burst of the Dot.com bubble and deepened in the 2008 financial and economic crisis. Since then it has constantly deteriorated. There was not a single economic expert worldwide who expressed this view when I first started writing about this ultimate Depression in 2000 in my book:

The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind

Now, all of a sudden, all of them began to speak of the Greatest Depression. I am the pacemaker of what humanity will think eventually in the future if they make it through the ascension process and do not go under.


This “New Think” begins with my new scientific theory of the Universal Law that has abolished the entire conventional science and has substituted it with a new unified, holistic science.

Given all these facts, which one can easily check on my website, it is a pity that you tell me now that you have no time to read my website. You have just started to have some scattered glimpses into the complexity of what is happening on this planet and I do not see that you have yet developed the mediality to gain knowledge behind the veil. And unless you do not start reading this website carefully and in-depth and use your brain to the utmost, you will remain very reduced in your Weltanschauung and understanding, no matter how critically you grasp certain negative trends in the New Age movement, which I have so carefully elaborated in many articles  in the past:


And before you write about money and financial affairs, you should start grasping the essence of money as first discovered by myself and then realize what the real financial reset would mean:


I think that we should indeed reset our conversation one more time after you have caught up with the level of our knowledge, including how we work with the seven sacred flames to create cities of light and this reality:




which is an ongoing creation every day as this seamless chronicle shows for the year of 2015:


I am ready to publish further contributions on your part even though they will stay well below what we know and see as they are all created from a limited individual knowledge and point of view, because it is my principle to forge all creativity of humans which is so rare nowadays. But essentially I see my duty in the first place to offer and teach the people the knowledge they need but cannot acquire on their own as to be true and powerful creators. And if they reject it, they doom themselves to self-inflicted stupidity where I cannot help them anymore.

You seem to be a very intelligent man, but as an artist you lack the thorough education in abstract and logical thinking that can only come from thorough study of philosophical and gnostic works and without this faculty you cannot grasp the complex interdependent processes that drive the current ascension process of humanity. And as you do not participate personally in these waves of ascension, as I surmise from what I have read from you so far, you can have only access to this transcendental knowledge by reading our website and learning from the personal experiences we make on a daily basis.


Hence you are welcome to participate in our discussions and I enjoy your eloquence in writing but I also see huge deficits in your world view and knowledge and doubt that there is much you can tell us at this stage of your personal evolution. But I offer you an infinite platform of knowledge on our website that covers any conceivable aspect of human life – from science to medicine and treatment, from economics to philosophy and gnosis, from history to modern politics…. The pearls are there and we do not even hesitate to throw them to the swines, to object the bible, as we know that in every “Schweinehund” (German word for pigdog (asshole)) nowadays a beautiful transliminal soul hides that needs bitterly our awakening. This latter statement was, of course, not meant for you but for the vast portion of humanity.

With love and light



What followed to this inevitable elaboration on truth on my part was a long and expected silence from our friend Tommy from the USA. Contrary to the silence of Siri, the AI program of Carla’s iPhone, which was genuine and reflected its ignorance as to what truth is, Tommy’s silence is the expression of wounded ego of a third wave ascension candidate who rejects to admit the truth that he has to learn a lot before he can enter the club of the big boys. And this is where we stand today on the eve of the sixth month of turbulences on this planet populated with intransigent, self-opinionated species running on two legs while sticking their heads in the sand. No wonder they barely move from the spot.

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