Musing on the Meaning of Incarnation Choices with Respect to Nationality, Language and History

László Sebessy and Georgi Stankov, May 2, 2016

Dear George!

Last weekend my wife and I had a wonderful experience, I would like to share with you and the PAT brothers and sisters.

Since the beginning of my awakening I had a question before me, what would be the importance that I was born as a Hungarian. It was clear that our soul wants various earthly experiences not linked to the same family, geographical area and even one ethnic group. I spent my childhood and young years in time of the mild eastern european communist era, carelessly but absolutely dulled in relation to the real historical perspective. My  only impression was, suggested by the official school studies, that this once glorious nation wound up to the periphery of the European stage and world history.

After the “democratic” transformation, the political right-wing brought out the question according to their political intention. Years later alternative historical essays indicated the distortion of the official historical viewpoint. The latter were of course full of frustration, anger, restitutional ambitions. That time I felt the negative vibrations of these endeavors and was absolutely not proud of being a Hungarian. After years it became clear for me that being a Hungarian means something absolutely different. The meaning of “Hungarian” is: “magyar“, and the stem “mag” means: seed. It has nothing to do with the country, the nation and the dulled and  reshaped western-like society. And it does not mean particularity.

Back to the event which was initiated by my wife, whom I regard to be part of the PAT, without reading personally the website, only accepting regularly my translations. We made a spiritual trip visiting an energetically active area, which was a sacred place in the past, and the center of one of the dual principalities of Hungary. The official historical explanation is absolutely different of course. Our guide, the keeper of the area showed us over the territory. The guide initiated us to a certain extent to the connection of the energetic structure of the Carpathian-basin, the Holy Crown, the historical events and the sacred duty of the seeds living here in this territory, underlining that this information is limited and he is not allowed to tell us more at that moment. The pieces came together, we cried inside and outside and started to recognise why we are here in the very moment and in this lifetime. We realised the reason for the suffering of the people who lived and are living here, independently of what nationality they are or were in the past, and felt a unity with them immediately.

Later on we got to a special place in the wood, which was a non-polarised area of peace, protected by elementals. It was funny and touching, when we came up to the sacred area, the wind calmed down, and when we entered absolutely stopped, indicating that we were accepted and loved by the elementals. Our guide asked for our attention to the signs coming from the wood. During our meditation a deer appeared from nowhere. The deer, as we realised later, is the symbol of the clarity of intention, unwaveringness, kindness, tenderness, who never bears shadows and harm will. It was the further confirmation of the marvelous guidance of our HS and the Higher Realms. We are in this elation since then and invoke for the formation of a portal here where we live to amalgamate with these existing portals.

With love and peace,

László Sebessy, Hungary


Dear László,

I read very carefully your report and could not quite understand the connection between the history of Hungary and the beauty and harmony of nature in this particular place you visited with your wife, whereas I absolutely accept the mystical experience you have had. I am asking this as it is a central question to any incarnation to ponder why did I decide to be born in this country, place, family etc. and the answers are not easy and unequivocal for most of the time.

My information is that there is a high number of old and ripe souls that have incarnated in Hungary, but also in Croatia, and even in Austria and Switzerland, even if this may not seem plausible at first glance knowing the “Gartenzwerg” (garden gnomes) mentality of these nations. Also in Holland and Ireland. It has to do with tradition and the way of life that is more conducive to the spiritual needs of an old soul, who honours individuality, social freedom and the respect of private life.

Complex historical heritage is also a welcome challenge of the old soul to deal with this reality in a more detached manner and not accept the flatness and sterility of modern life as one observes here in North America, where critical discussion of recent past history (one or two centuries and there is nothing else) is virtually non-existent. Then one must bear in mind that in the new 4D worlds there will be no nations, but the plurality of different cultures that are associated with the concept of nations will be preserved, as creation does not mean uniformity but plurality and individuality.

For instance, I have also wondered what is the role of the Magyars in the middle of Europe when they have no ethnic affiliation to any other bigger group, such as Slavs or German tribes and also your language is unique while the accepted Ugro-finnish connection is not firmly established and often challenged. On the other hand the origin of most European nations is such a murky affair that when one delves into it one easily recognizes how little we humans know about our past and how many useful nationalistic myths have deformed our understanding of human history.

I studied for instance the history of the Bajuwaren in Bavaria which claim to be a separate nation from the German tribes in North Germany and found that there are more than 50 hypotheses about their origin, which simply means that the historians know nothing. This includes the dark ages between the 3rd and 7th century and then the Bajuwaren were there all of a sudden and soon part of the German-Roman empire.

For me it is an enigma how it was possible to put two such completely different nations as the Austrians and the Hungarians under one crown and state, notwithstanding the frictions we know between the two peoples in history. OK, one can say that the Czechs were also part of the K.u. K monarchy (the Austrian empire as a dual state of Austria and Hungary), but they always considered themselves Slavs and part of the bigger Slavonic community that are, more or less, occupied by the Austrians. It was in Prague that the idea of Pan-Slavism was born at the turn of the 19th century, which was contrary to the same idea coming from Russia that later underpinned the expansion of the Soviet empire as a communist block.

I personally think that a complex, conflicting, and contradictory national history is the best challenge for an old and ripe soul to overcome traditional thought patterns and see the bigger transcendental cosmic picture beyond the current 3D illusion.

Bulgaria for instance has a very complex history and its territory is fully embedded in the so called Old (Ancient) World as the cradle of Western civilisation, beginning with Thracia, Ancient Greece, even Persia, Hellenism, Roman empire, Byzantine, Ottoman empire, name it. The population is genetically and ethnically mixed, even though at the end the Slavonic element has prevailed, although the Bulgarian tribes who gave the name of this nation came to Europe from the Asian steppes as the Hungarians around the same time. However, nothing but ten words have been preserved from the original Bulgarian language in the current south-slavonic Bulgarian language which as “Old church Slavonic” language (Altkirchenslawisch) of the bible is still used universally in the orthodox liturgy as Latin was in the West.

And I have herewith only scratched on the surface of the historical labyrinth behind the emergence of most European nations. And what is this all about? Who knows?

However, there is one basic fact – ethnic plurality is contrary to the unification of humanity under one world order, under one language as the Anglo-Saxon cabal wanted to install in the current End Time with English (Orwellian “New Speak”) being the language of oppression, very similar to Russian being the language of communist ideology and oppression for all Easteuropean nations during the Cold war. The idea of an Anglo-American NWO has failed already on this uppermost mother planet, but it is reality on many lower 3D and 4D timelines, insofar as they have not been fully destroyed by natural and man-made catastrophes and exist in a post nuclear “mad Max” world.

And here I end with my musing on history and what is the sense of being incarnated in a particular country and cultural environment.

With love and light



Dear George!

I am very much honoured about your quick answer in a complete essay.

I am not an expert in history because of the described deformation of the scholar education, the limited access to reliable historical documents and the limited 3D perspective related to the multidimensional aspects of history, what we can read in the channelled message of the Arcturians.

There is a concept, which is not provable in a traditional way, but known according to the contact persons descriptions that the Hungarians and our language have a Sirian (star system) origin, and the so-called “seed phenomenon” means a special mentality, a special approach to the sanctity of life and All-That-Is. People who bear this mentality, like the star seeds, are not certainly Hungarian and do not have to live in this country. But who speaks this language has a good chance to comprehend somehow easier multidimensionality, and all the things which are beyond the five sensory perception, the planetary and galactic connections of these times, and remember deeply inside what galactic unity, brotherhood, morality means. We (Hungarians) in turn do not have the chance to bring us home to somebody because, as you said, we do not have any ethnic and linguistic affiliation to any other bigger group. It is very sad that the cabal was very successful during the past 1000 years to made the Hungarian people stupid, ignorant and hostile and killed all individual and collective self-respect.

There is only one reliable Hungarian website in my opinion which deals with such questions exhaustively, and also with the ascension of humanity very deeply. Funny, that this website published a lot of your writings years ago. Since that time (2012) being informed from this blog about your site, I became your regular reader and started to survey your books.

Hard to explain what we passed through, why became suddenly clear, what was the reason to be born here. You said that the complex national history is a good challenge for an old or ripe soul. It is very logical, but this topic was not so much interesting for me in the past. However my galactic origin engaged my thoughts for a long time. I had dozens of special reincarnation trips referring to this origin. May be it is not so special, in a broader sense we all might have such an origin. If I try to express what is beyond expression, the reason is to contribute with my mission to the ascension of this area of Mother Earth independently of what nationalities live here at present, and energetically clean all the sufferings stored in the peoples’ collective memory.

I hope that this explanation made my intention clear to a certain extent.

Thank you again for your answer and comments!

With love and peace,



Dear László,

it is true that  certain languages are better in conveying transcendental ideas than others. For instance, French is stripped off of any mystical and transcendental dimension and this is also due to the negative impact of Academie Française which defined what correct French should be and made this language very sterile. German is more flexible in this respect as the language of modern philosophy. Bulgarian is the best language from all Slavonic languages to express gnostic ideas, even better than German which is surprising given the fact how little people speak this language. English is a mixed baggage with the recent New Age vocabulary contributing to its gnostic dimension but without the necessary philosophical depth.

I have no idea what Hungarian offers in this respect and must accept what you tell me about this language.

The proximity of Hungary to Raetia as the new central city of light, the 5D hub for new technologies on the ascended 4D worlds, may also be a reason why a large number of ripe and old souls have incarnated in Hungary. I do not believe though that the Hungarian people have been more suppressed than other nationalities in Europe as wherever one looks, one finds the same insidious Orion oppression of the masses. The linguistic barrier of the Hungarian language may have though contributed to certain alienation from the rest of the world and this may have a positive spiritual effect on the Magyars who now focus more on their inner world.

Again, these are just suggestions as to what may be and claim no right of universal validity. It is though surprising why there are more readers of my website in Hungary than in the entire Russia which is bigger than a continent with 150 million people who are considered to be more enlightened as a nation than the west and therefore have assumed the role of the protagonist of the light fighting the dark western cabal and preventing the NWO. This is for me the biggest conundrum in the End Time and I have no explanation for this fact.

With love and light



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