Hyper Dimensional Borealis – The Asgard Alternative

A Psychedelic Pre-confirmation of the Crash of Capitalism. Transmitted by Ayahuasca on August 28, 2009

Shinzhi Rumi, May 17, 2016


The two divine madmen gathered by the Bay of Sand in the northern Scandinavian faroutback.

In a lakeside hut they willingly consented to wake up from the nightmare they had identified as reality, but in order to wake up they had to die first.

A man who awakes can die, but he who dies can be reborn.

With a fleeting smile they ignore the draconian sign posts along the borderline of their hard barb-wired horizon.

With a mad grin they join hands and songs in ecstatic devotion to the precious gift called Experience, rushing through the Eleusian Fields of the New Earth.

Like primordial children of a first flush Generation Eden.

Along the perimeters of their mental hemispheres the visionary borealis explodes like a million starry-eyed dome in the colors of the rainbow bridge, stretching from the Land of the Walking Dead to the Realm of Divine Madmen.

They are on the go, and there is no point in returning to be dead.

The unbalanced mind, overwhelmed by the cataclysmic cumshot of psychedelic gnosis is unable to deconstruct, to compartmentalize, to dissect the incoming revelatory tidal wave. The mind turns asylum for its own safety, disconnects from the terrifying transformations of hyperreality.

(We are not the mind.)

However, as the materialistic paradigm forces us into interfacing with the world in exclusive terms of reason and rationalism, we miss out on the ninety-nine percent full-spectrum of perception.

Before confronting the Other, we must first and foremost learn how to undo our mind, how to shift from deadlocked single-pointed attention towards perceiving reality as an interconnected complex in constant motion.

The fully awakened mind is a navigator for hyperdimensional travel. All it needs are space-time coordinates.

The mind, deconditioned of its conventional social programming and reset for assuming self-control, is capable of creating experiences so as to realize the façades of its divine unrestricted nature. By staring into the reflection of its own experience, the soul is then able to contemplate its own nature.

Don’t permit your consciousness to get locked into the mind’s games.

Stay tuned, stay aware.

Surf on the waves of probability in the sea of possibility.

If the Wave hits, don’t retreat – get on you surfies, and chase the Carrier!

On the shores of consensus consciousness, we stare out at the ocean like the ancient sages at the Pillars of Heracles. Vast seas and continents are lying in wait for discovery, for all those willing to dive into the Great Unknown. No one can pave the way.

We are the navigators, the investigators, the explorers.

We are the cartographers of Mind and Multiverse.

We are the pioneers on the alchemical quest of redeeming Mankind from the leaden grudges of ignorance. The instruments and manuals are there, available to us, have been

with us, within us

all this time.

Circumscribing James Joyce and Terence McKenna, it is…

the Dark Age seer’s responsibility to catch a fresh dream for a starving population out of the collective unconscious, a dream so lucid and illuminating and powerful so as to awaken Mankind from the collective nightmare of History into the dawning awareness of its divine birthright.

I saw Mother Earth constricted by rigid geometric metallic surfaces, almost without any life left.

At one point the structure cracked, and golden light shone forth.

Green, healthy vegetation exploded, conquered highways and cities.

The most daring skyscrapers were climbed by (ayahuasca?) vines and pulled to the ground.

Civilization was being devoured by Nature.

A New Earth emerged.

Human communities were still around, happily rejoicing in the absence of control, reconnected with All-That-Is.

I saw a credit card with the world map on it.

Then both separated: the piece of lifeless plastic evaporated into nothingness. The other piece full of life remained.

The map stretched to left and right, western and eastern hemisphere. The Mercury staff appeared between both.

Mercury-Hermes is the patron of healing at best and commerce at worst. The Bank of England and the Federal Reserve feature him.

In addition, Mercury is the master of wisdom, sacred teachings, holy scriptures, magic, mysticism in his Old Egyptian embodiment, Thoth.

The bottomline is:

Once Earth has been delivered from capitalist bondage, both she and her children shall find healing and transcend their common suffering.

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