Energy Report of the PAT – May 13, 2016

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The quality of recent posts have been incredible. I have usually not been a fan of decrees because they often call on entities beyond ourselves but the latest ones from Denise do not and use only our connection to source (will of God) to decree these intentions. The two main problems of humanity have been adequately identified which are fear of mortality and fear of scarcity and neither exist except in this distorted and manipulated version of reality.

Travis wrote about his dream of ascension which was in front of many people. I have dreamed of ascension many times and always it was in the presence of many people that I would suddenly remember how to ascend. This is not my nature or preference which would be to go alone unseen, but that is not what I dream.

Also Charlotte has said she thought we would be invisible to others after ascension. In these dreams this was true except when I needed not to be. So my natural state was invisible but I  taught lectured and met with large groups most prominently demonstrating my flying ability.

What can I say about these energies now other than they are mostly constant. I don’t seem to be detoxifying as I did once, but I am often incapacitated by need to sleep much of the time. I guess out bodies will all experience what they need to. I do agree with Charlotte that I almost feel I am levitating above this reality. I don’t think we will need to be here though the entire collapse, but only initiate phases.



Dear Jerry,

thank you for your appreciative comments on the latest posts. There is a palpable build up towards a final resolution, a heating up of the atmosphere as the fires here in Canada so early in the season indicate. Whether our invocations will help to accelerate the ascension scenario remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that everything now unfolds according to the script we as the playwrights of this ascension process have envisioned for the End Time. Only that it takes so much linear time.

With love and light

Greater things


Another extended period of “wow’s” as I read and re read Travis’s beautiful description of all we have experienced; the “why’s and wherefore’s ” of it all. I too have often felt cursed to have been given such a mind-blowing awareness [almost 20 years ago] that made just attempting to be here at all seem at times impossible. And, I’ve long understood that this “God awareness” cannot be taught , but must be experienced. It turns out, as Travis wisely notes, that being here in the midst of it all has been the crucial aspect of this process, and could not have been accomplished any other way. There simply had to be this “high and bright” contingent on the ground to bring the light quotient to the level things are at now. But, that is all apparent in hindsight, and I am certain, as is Travis, that our need to “be here” is at an end and our next experience will be to demonstrate Who we really are and offer That to all who are able to rise with us.


Catherine Austin Fitts

After reading comments like these every sane person should be absolutely convinced that there is no way in hell that we will have a normal, if any, presidential election.

…..“People are saying where do I put my cash that is safe from the game of musical chairs?”
…..”Some people are going to lose, and some people are going to win.”
…..”Some pensions are going to get killed.”
…..”Some insurance companies are going to get killed because their model depends on a certain rate of interest, and they’re not getting it.”
…..“Always have enough gold to bribe the border guards, that’s what I say.”
…..”The core position is the gold you use to bribe the border guard. That’s central bank insurance.”
…..”A politically managed system is not as robust and healthy as one managed by market economics.”
…..”You have a failure of the political system to face and manage and deal with what is going on.”
……”We have managed this system by being more and more and more secret. George H. W. Bush said the other day that the American people can’t handle the truth. I think they can handle the truth, and one of the reasons I am encouraged by Trump is he is going to start bringing more of it out. That’s what we need. It’s the only way we can get out of this. We are being killed by a politically managed system that is being driven by more and more privilege and more and more secrecy. We’ve got to go to transparency, and it’s going to be a very painful process for the American people. It’s not going to be pretty. The game of musical chairs is upon us. It’s not coming, it’s here.”

When the mainstream so accurately reflects our discussions the tipping point is not far behind.

Great post!

Peace & Light to All

Hello Georgi

I really don’t know how you type such amazing reports and still have the time to answer our e-mails so extensively, I thank you for that.

We will know instinctively what to do and it won’t take too much thinking when the time comes. So long as we all stay united and don’t stray from what we have worked so hard for things will fall in place as they should.

I look forward to reading Denise’s invocation.

Love and light to all,


I also wonder myself how I manage all that, but obviously I get a lot of help from the HR to fulfill this mission while still in a physical vessel. I hope it won’t last much longer.


Will you please tell Pepe that yesterday (May 10th) was a major shift for me as well. I felt manic and volatile. I ended up getting caught in some downtown traffic and crying and feeling desperate to get my to my house. When I got back to my house, my entire body was depleted and I felt like I had to restore myself in the energies of my home. I lashed out at my boyfriend and said a lot of crazy things to him. I felt utterly alone and unlovable and angry. I also felt that I had totally regressed to some horrible state of consciousness that I was going to be stuck in.

Then today it all vanished. I was in a good mood from the moment I opened my eyes. Even the things I said to my boyfriend seemed like a dream. I felt lighter and optimistic. My boyfriend spoke to a very intuitive woman who helps him sometimes and she told him before he even mentioned it that I was going to become very angry with him and explode. He laughed and said it already happened. She told him that he is meant to take the outbursts from me because I have to get it all out so I can heal.

I just wanted Pepe to have some validation about yesterday. I guess we were on that shift together.

Thank You,

Dear Kari,

I forwarded your email to Pepe and he responded to me. I assume that he has also written to you. For us the peak was on May 10th and then 11th. Carla was in the hospital the whole day. During this time she did massive cleansing of the health care system in the biggest hospital in Vancouver and one of the biggest in Canada. She had a cc-wave with an excruciating headache the whole day.  I backed her up from home and my soul left my body so that I was in a dreamy state. The shift and cleansing continued yesterday (May 11th) the whole day when we both had another headache and stomach pain due to rapid bilocations throughout the whole day and then in late afternoon we moved to a much higher timeline when we visited the Infinity Portal in White Rock. The weather improved all of a sudden and the air became warmer within seconds.

But actually we are moving upwards everyday.

With love and light


YES!!! The weather drastically improved here yesterday and today. The sky is so much more vivid. The air is warmer. The sun even feels different. I agree with you that we are moving upwards everyday now:) Each time we cleanse something, feels like we reach even higher states of bliss. I’m going to enjoy this feeling while I can. My whole head feels clear and being so productive today and my HS is revealing information about how I can further simplify my life out of nowhere. It’s like solutions to the same problems are just becoming apparent to me and I think, why didn’t I think of this before?

Thanks for sending him my email and I see he did write me so I will read it now.

xoxox, Kari

Hi George,

I had a dream on May 10th of the Jera rune. There were hundreds of these runes that were Lit up ultraviolet colour, all swirling slowly around My head. When I woke up my HS told me the vision Demonstrated George’s U-set theory. I think we PAT are getting crash courses On the Universal Law now, ready for what is about to befall humanity!!

Love & Light,
Leesa, Australia

Dear Leese,

runes are light codes and I have also dreamt and seen them on many occasions.

With love and light

Hello George and Carla,

I trust you are both doing well, it was odd to be reading your reply again, because I could’ve sworn I finished the sentence about all the information, books, internet, with “it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff.”  These hiccups in our perception of time, or jumping timelines as some call it, are apparently part of the dissolution of the old reality structures as we resonate with higher and accelerating octaves of existence. It is a hologram after all, and where we focus our intention/attention is in flux. I’m not sure when I realized that a soul can only ascend so far, and then it’s a round ticket, because we’ve all got to realize Our Divinity. At least that’s how it appears to me and it’s ironic, yet humorous how many souls can’t wait to leave earth, or ascend to the heavens. The whole point of this final graduate level of the school of life is bringing the full expression of the Creator into manifest form, Planet and All. It’s so easy to forget we’re Infinite in form and the mind will never “get it”, because how could God forget Himself? You should invent “SOUL-AIDS” for spiritual indigestion. lol

In Light Love In Joy

Dear Scott,

this is all true but from a human point of view it is quite understandable if light warriors that are cleansing human dross for one or two decades and have had cc-waves with excruciating headache and stomach pain every second – third day for years and can barely move physically as all their joints ache and are stiff, just to mention a few of the most common symptoms, have no desire to stay here any longer and long to go home. After all human creation was never meant to be painful and full of suffering, especially when one knows perfectly well that this has nothing to do with oneself as he/she has already ascended and is now more or less a hostage to an intransigent humanity.

Well, I know that we all have voted for this job and knew it would be hard, but it is also fair to say that when we did that we could not know how many light workers will fail and the whole burden will be shouldered on a few individuals who happened to remember where they come from, while the rest forgot. Of course we know that we must stay to the very last minute, that is why we are called the “light warriors of the first and the last hour”, then without us “rien ne va plus” on this planet.

Therefore I do not see anything “humorous” or “ironic” in the desire of these old and tired light warriors to leave this earth and this is definitely not how the excarnated souls in the higher realms see and interpret this legitimate desire. Quite on the contrary, they are in awe what these few light warriors have achieved and that it is beyond imagination even for the most highly evolved souls from the highest dimensions. I know that because this has been told to us by the Elohim in a number of private messages. They know how magnificent our sacrifice is in full consciousness that we could have gone home anytime if we have truly wished it as we have ascended already so that the word “humour” or what is even worse “irony” is most misguided in this respect.

And by the way, what kind of virtue is that to live a complacent life in this reality and do nothing for the ascension process and then define this complacency as patience. The longing of the light warrior for home in the higher realms is the most powerful emotional force behind the individual and planetary ascension and any other anthropocentric interpretation does not appreciate this fact.

With love and light

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