End Time Apocalypse or Ascension? – The Choice is Between Linear and Multidimensional Thinking

by Georgi Stankov and David Haggith, May 5, 2016 (Ascension Day, Christi Himmelfahrt)


Thanks, again, for inclusion in the conversation. It’s interesting that, while we come at things from different spiritual perspectives — mine being that the Gospels are straight historic narrative about a solitary earth and its people with one historic timeline and one future (not multiple timelines with ascendant planetary beings) and one savior (the embodied Spirit of the Creator) — we both draw the same conclusions about the economy, what is driving it, where it is going and when and how it will fail.

I’m flexible as to the conspiracy of bankers versus (Stockmanesque) stupidity of bankers because either view gets me to the same conclusions. They can be taking us in a certain direction because they really are so stupid (due to enormous egos) that they think their central planning will save the world (as they socialize all the costs of reckless banking while privatizing all the profits) or they can be deliberately wrecking the world because of a secret agenda; either way, I see the direction they are taking us toward a global, cashless society, and the wreckage of the world that will come as a result.

Be it by blunt stupidity or razor sharp evil conspiracy, one can see the trends, see the discussions and who is influential in them and see exactly where all of this is headed. What I see in those trends aligns exactly with what I see in biblical prophecy about the end times as well. There is perfect harmony between the trends and ancient predictions of the Bible.

These forces will rise in ascendancy until they are global, and then evil, which contains the seeds of its own destruction, will burn itself out. It will be quite a conflagration … as we are only entering the beginning of the end, not its conclusion … but we are entering.



Dear David,

you have raised an important aspect in this End Time discussion on which I did not elaborate in my previous response:

“Be it by blunt stupidity or razor sharp evil conspiracy” (with respect to the elite and the banksters cabal)

It is actually both. It used to be a well designed evil conspiracy in the past when the people were fully driven by their collective fears, were blind to the facts and the lies, and were fully perceptive to the evil conspiracies of the cabal as this happened after 9/11, especially in the USA.

And it is blunt stupidity from a spiritual point of view which tells us that we are all One and when one fights against another person, everybody always loses. Hence the litmus test for the division between the two alternatives was the level of awakening of the masses. And the latter is a function of the light quotient on this planet.

Around 9/11 the highest energetic density and oppression of the masses was reached and the light that seemed to shine a little bit after the fall of the Iron curtain was quickly curtailed. I was following these developments very closely from a psychological point of view at that time, much to my chagrin. Especially the easiness and willingness with which the American population accepted and consented to two devastating criminal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with forged evidence as we, the enlightened ones, knew already at that time and the rest of humanity much later, told me that the collapse of this system is postponed but not averted.

The Scriptures were forged so many times in the Synodal time that very little of their gnostic wisdom has been left. I have studied this period when Christianity was established very carefully and presented it in my book

Neoplatonism and Christianity” (written in German and only partially translated in English here)

after I did four years of intensive research on numerous historic sources in many languages in one of the oldest and biggest theological libraries in Europe, in Freising, Germany (near Munich) where I actually live.

At the end it does not matter where one departs from as long as one is able to see the grand design, which is a global confrontation and escalation between the forces of light and the forces of darkness with a predetermined outcome for this planet and many of the incarnated souls here – Ascension. Most of the souls that are now incarnated in human bodies are transliminal souls (walk-ins) coming directly from the Source and they actually help us, the small troop of light warriors on the ground, to raise sufficiently the light quotient of humanity and Gaia as to accomplish the final transition to higher dimensions.

The tenor of the Scriptures reflects the mentality of humanity 2000 years ago and that of the Dark ages as nothing of the original neoplatonistic ideas of the early Christian theologians has been preserved. You see how much fraud and deception occurs nowadays with all the published financial and economic information. Why should one believe that the bible has been preserved as it was originally written when one considers the fact that religion was politics for most of the time in the past and he who controlled the religious books, controlled humanity?

Now the human mind has evolved, or should have evolved, sufficiently to embrace the only correct multidimensional approach of the soul or the Source. We exist as sentient beings simultaneously in numerous timelines and realities and our human ego-mind is only limited to this reality for the sake of learning lessons in a state of complete separation from the Source (call it God or godhead), where our creationary abilities as unlimited Creator Gods are so much contained by these dense energies that we can at best make small changes but only from the fulcrum of our higher selves. This is by the way a leitmotif of our discussions on our website.

With a linear world view from the Scriptures you have a very bleak future – almost inevitably a destruction. With the new multidimensional approach you have infinite outcomes and you can choose the one you want to experience based on the level of your individual awakening and expansion of awareness. That is why it is very dangerous to concentrate on the incoming collapse as some authors such as Michael Snyder from Economic Collapse and End of American Dream write about the End Time scenario from an agnostic point of view. In this kind of limited world view you can only get desperate. In reality these are times to rejoice as humanity is on the verge of being liberated from eons of time of terrible oppression and slavery by the dark ones that have reigned on this planet since the fall of Atlantis.

Indeed, one can escape this hopeless reality only through expanding the transcendental knowledge of the incarnated human individuals and this was the initial objective of the gnostic teachings of the early Christians before they were hijacked by Constantine, the Little and the ruling cabal of the late Roman empire. This is an eternal philosophic question since the beginning of time and this humanity, and it has gained extreme importance in the current End Time.

Finally, let me assure you that when one adopts the multidimensional approach which also means to peep and know what is happening energetically behind the veil, one realizes that the expected changes that will obliterate this order can happen within the blink of an eye, as a kind of singularity or as I call it “phase transition”. The linear approach to change is illusory as linear time is, and I have experienced this first hand when the communist system in East Europe collapsed within several weeks in the summer and early fall of 1989.

Let me give you here one typical example to underline this observation. Shortly before the fall of the Iron curtain happened, in the summer  of 1998 I had a long discussion with the editor of the leading German newspaper “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” (FAZ). The man was a historian and highly educated person from the war generation with a lot of personal experience. He had written a lot of historical books and was rather famous in Germany at that time. This kind of thinkers no longer exist in the German mass media which have drastically deteriorated as everywhere in the west. They offered me to work as a journalist for their newspaper (as an expert in medical topics which I later declined).

The editor knew that I came from eastern Europe (Bulgaria) and was dissident there in the 70s before I emigrated to Germany after being persecuted by the communist secret services. We discussed the most urgent topic each journalist and thinker in Germany at that time had in his mind: When would the Iron curtain fall and Germany could be united? I told him that I expected this to happen very soon, this or next year and referred to my experiences and information I was receiving at that time as politically active emigre from Bulgaria and other Easteuropean countries. He looked at me with mild pity and told me with an authoritarian voice: “This unification will take decades, even centuries and we will not be alive to see it. You are an emigre and you wish this to happen sooner as to see your home country again, but this is wishful thinking.”

He believed that communism was a very stable system and would survive for a very long time. In other words, he did not believe in singularities which is the nature of all highly disequilibrium systems such as communism was at that time and the current financial Ponzi system is in the End Time. Call it “black swan” as some people do in the USA, but I do not like this term as it implies unpredictability while the collapse of the financial system is very easily predictable, for me since 1997 at the latest.

When the Berlin wall fell, I tried to contact this editor but he was ill and was retired. He died shortly thereafter. Typically, the FAZ wrote a big article, editorial, in early August 1989 announcing the death of Solidarnosc trade union movement in Poland, which I still keep. Three weeks later Solidarnosc took over the power in Warsaw and built the first anti-communist democratic government (wikipedia):

In Poland, the Roundtable Talks between the government and Solidarity-led opposition led to semi-free elections in 1989. By the end of August a Solidarity-led coalition government was formed and in December Tadeusz Mazowiecki was elected Prime Minister.”

This political U-turn in Poland enabled the fall of the Berlin wall as the Russian troops could not suppress East  Germany in case of revolt as their transport through Poland was cut. This fact was acknowledged by all German politicians at that time before it was conveniently forgotten as the Germans did not want to be thankful to the Poles whom they hate in their deep-seated xenophobia. So much about linear thinking and experts’ forecasts.

Didn’t all pundits and experts in the USA say that Trump would not have any chance only a few months and even weeks ago? And where do we stand today. He is already the elected GOP candidate for president. If anyone of us would have stated this a few months ago, we would have been declared crazy. The question is though why and how could all pundits and highly paid presstitutes in the MSM be so bluntly wrong. Because they always depart from the status quo and want to preserve it. Hence they have no feel for a sudden social change that occurs first as an invisible tectonic shift and changes the perception of the masses before it manifests at the political and historical stage.

For us this was an obvious fact as we actually expected this revolution of the masses against the ruling elite to happen much earlier (and here) as we consider the quality of the incoming energies from the source and what impact they have on the people.


Only recently the “wrath of the masses”, “the winter of their discontent” (John Steinbeck) could finally explode and found a successful catalyst in Donald Trump who knows how to ride this wave as he is a transliminal soul. At present all the pundits say that he has no chance against Killary Clinton, but this is another rubbish from the “status quo” mindset of those who never learn from history. I am not sure if there will be elections this autumn or the system will collapse much earlier, as I predict, but I am sure that there will be no next president of the USA as by that time this country will cease to exist  – for the better. On this uppermost timeline, of course.

I wished sometimes that all critical American experts, who now lead the world opposition against the machinations of the ruling dark cabal in the west, would have had more intimate experience with historical collapses as for instance I had with the Soviet empire as to develop this innate intuition for the dynamics of such sweeping social events of global character, This would have brought us much nearer to the long awaited collapse of the system as we create this reality entirely with our thoughts.

With best regards


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