Digital Currency and Related Scam Are the Last Futile Efforts of the Dark Cabal to Save their Lives

Brad Barber, May 5, 2016

Dear Brad,

what is your take on this news:

Something is in the making, but I doubt that it is that much advanced as to be introduced before the system collapses and then it does not matter.

With love and light



Dear George,

That one nearly has it all.  I’m half-afraid to write anything cynical about what they would be up to as it keeps coming true.  The constructive side of what we discuss doesn’t seem to want to be so agreeable.

This moment reminds me of the onset of the Industrial Revolution.  That’s pretty much when religion lost its grasp due to the population size and too much information getting around so mankind had to be harnessed in a different manner.  God wasn’t scaring enough people and the ego had to be taken advantage of.

Now, money is dying as the control method so the priests of the church are trying their best to find ways to include the congregation to keep a belief structure intact.  The next step will be the “money drop” as the Ponzi scheme has killed all value in the currency.  Printing their stairway to heaven hasn’t worked.

I’m glad to finally see someone in politics quantify the financial apartheid that has been created with a socialist bailout policy for the “elite” and hyper-capitalist death match for the rest of us.

If they can find a way to keep printing money and replace Source connection completely, it’s lights out (all other wonderful things we discuss excluded of course).  Everyone in the upper crust is finding the printer can never be shut off ever again or they will lose all their privilege.  The moves in all Western economies are the greatest governmental and corporate fascist clique fraud ever attempted.

The best way to continue this would be to now give money to the people.  Believe in me people.  But it has to be on their terms of course.  I’m guessing the next step is to start to apply the beginning stages of universal income but all money will be electronically tracked.  I would bet this is much further along than even our worst guesses as people like Blythe Masters, the inventor of credit default swaps, has been working in this area for quite some time.  Now that you see Larry Summers involved, we are all doomed.

There’s a reason they quit printing the 500 Euro note despite what they said a couple of months ago.

As you pointed out so perfectly in one of your articles, the brokerages are now moving money market funds to government securities and different cash concepts.  Choice will continually be removed, but there has to be some bit of “sugar” for the masses to keep them as sources of energy.

You can’t make it much funnier in this article than the spot where they mentioned the head of Pfizer, Inc. was there.  After all of my recent drug comments I don’t think I need to say much more except “Why the f&%# is the head of Pfizer at this meeting?”  Planetary Nurse Ratched is all you need to know.  Maybe Eric Schmidt should eat dinner at everyone’s house every night after dropping down the chimney.  Satan Claus knows when you’ve been naughty and nice.

The other key term was reconciliation and understanding the speed of capital.  This is the modern day process of having the fastest ships across the Atlantic to get the information fastest and profit off of it.  The faster they can move capital around the globe, and the slower they make the humans, the easier it is to always arbitrage that advantage and make sure it’s win-win.  If a few more gains can be made tomorrow by exploiting a small error in valuing Polish basket weavers while borrowing in Norwegian Krone for 18 minutes while you send in the police to raid the basket shop due to them being a little to vocal about not liking being molested then that’s what will happen.

In any cash accounting basis, and non margin, there is the inconvenience of actually having to wait for some transaction to settle fully before being able to redeploy funds.  It’s very difficult to get high every day when you have to wait.  The instantaneous clearing process of blockchain is like Bill Clinton being limber enough to be able to lick himself.  Heaven on Earth for exploitative systems.

“Give me a bottle of whiskey and a quiet hour to drink it in.” – Clint Eastwood

Light based energy has what I call Rambo disease.  In the movie, Rambo was a veteran who walked into town just looking for something to eat.  The local sheriff harassed him a told him to get out of town because of how he looked.  Light based people just want to be left alone.  I was the same way until I realized the design was to truly “own” it.  Rambo ended up blowing up the whole town just because the sheriff wouldn’t let him get something to eat in peace.  These concepts are all about the energies at work finding ways to make sure you will never be left alone.

Light based thought is always way behind because of this.  The fraud always heads to hijack the new areas as there are no laws that exist to contain their crimes.  Most are still trying to get some justice for 2008 and the laws don’t even start to contain the fraud from that.  Now that the curtain is being dropped again as the banking system fails in its current design, it may be time to be forced to pay them off.  Now that money is completely spiritually bankrupt, why not?

The best way to ensure that you will never be able to rest is to pay you, drug you, and electronically monitor every aspect of it so that the process will have an infinite Khazarian style engrained parasitism that will always be able to leach in a systemic fashion.  Future beings would know no difference.

My children are being taught all of this in school now in pretend capitalist “mini societies.”

Obviously, I am rooting for a massive “flood fabulous” of transliminal souls to deal with, because if this continues a linear path only introducing a wisdom through the children being born, Rambo have to pay the sheriff 10% just to think about breakfast. There are signs for sure.

The funniest part is how every new idea is about how to help everyone pay faster.

All we talk about is how people truly can get paid.  You’d think more would want to talk to us.

The rest of humanity is filing lawsuits at the gates of Mordor and the eye is looking the wrong way.  We’re up the volcano and holy shit I’m tired.  Toss the damn ring in the volcano so I can eat my breakfast in peace.

With love and light,


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