Georgi Stankov, May 17, 2016

Dear PAT friends,

I worked very hard the last few months and the energies were in addition exorbitant as you all have experienced them yourselves. I need a few days holiday to recreate and will be back in full force next week. We have so far paid a very close attention to the daily events and are in full possession of the ascension scenario. It is now time to shift our awareness away from the current affairs as a “watched pot never boils”. As soon as we turn our backs away from the ape theatre on this planet, the events will definitely reach the boiling point. At least this would be a nice change that the HR owe us for our hard work. Yesterday and today we marked another ID shift and a huge leap to higher frequencies after 48 hours cc-waves for me with a massive descent of source energies. A big opening. The pot is beginning to boil. Enjoy the break.


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