What Are the PAT’s Personal Experiences with the LBP and Ascension Now?

Jessica and Georgi Stankov, April 23, 2016


Hello Georgi and Carla,

I am wondering what happened from February to March as it seems according to my dreams and what is being presented in my environment that the process of ascension has largely occurred. I feel that I am living in a very different reality than a large portion of society as presented. Perhaps I am still tuned into 3D reality until the financial collapse, but I certainly do not feel in any way that I am tied to these outcomes or consequences (as at this point it is a done deal). Only watching. I sense that the final lightbody experience is Now and I certainly feel plenty of elements of transition taking place. But I am not sure if it is because I am not fully aware of the complete implementation of the transfiguration from my ego mind. I have really appreciated the writing on the transfiguration by Suzanne Lie of late. This seems to be what is upfront and center as my HS continues to reveal the final transition to lightbody to my physical self who is very eager to implement the flashes of awareness presented.

I would greatly appreciate your and the PAT’s current experiences with lightbody transfiguration at this point because it feels very dominant in my consciousness, if possible.

With Love,



Dear Jessica,

you have raised a pivotal question and I will publish your email so that the PAT can respond and report on their personal experiences with their ascension process and transfiguration in the last few weeks. I can only say on my part that there is a constant uplifting to higher frequencies and timelines and that our interception with this 3D matrix is thinning every day and hour. The intensity of the waves rises each day even though we think it is not possible to top it anymore as our physical bodies would not cope with these inhuman energies.

Sue Lie has published two messages about the light body which deal with known aspects of the LBP. The problem with her is that she herself is not in the last phase of the LBP and does not feel personally the vibrations that flow through our bodies. Hence her approach to this topic does not relate to our personal experience and for this reason we, Carla and I, do not resonate with her descriptions of the light body process and ascension, although they are, strictly speaking, correct but also very vague. They simply do not apply to us as we are much more advanced in the LBP.

By the way, I have discussed this issue with her on many occasions in the past and it is impossible to lead an educated discussion with her as she immediately blocks it for fears she might not be at the height of the discussion while she pretends to teach other people in the LBP. This is the usual problem of all New Age gurus who cannot decide whether to put their ascension or their teacher activities in the first place.

For instance, she almost exclusively channels about the fears of the ego when it experiences an expansion of awareness due to the ascension process. This kind of fears constitute only a small part of our energetic experience as light warriors of the first and the last hour. We have overcome these fears long time ago in order to become PAT members. Now we transmit and cleanse the collective fear patterns of humanity through our fields that devastate our mental and emotional bodies. There is no way how we can overcome or evade these collective fears as long as the cleansing process continues. This is indeed a gruesome experience for us and it affords a completely different set of strategies to cope with this negative energies that are not our personal during our daily life.

I tried to discuss this issue with Sue but she did not get it. Instead she displayed the same cognitive dissonance as all other agnostic people such as the Saker and the like when we mention such transcendental topics as LBP and ascension. Therefore, where is the difference? There is none. Why are the Arcturians not discussing this central issue in the planetary ascension with Sue? Because humans can only grasp what they personally experience and are completely closed to any theoretical information, unless their HS urges them to seek. And Sue is not a seeker – she reiterates the same stuff she has channelled in the 90s. When she re-publishes old messages from that time you cannot find the difference to late messages from this year, which demonstrates her spiritual stagnation.

I had to express this opinion at this place only to show how irrelevant it is to use external references to gauge your own individual experiences with the LBP and ascension. This of course does not preclude exchange of information as we do on this website but this guru attitude which Sue and other New Age writers display is abominable for me and for all those who are as evolved as myself. This should be said in a crystal-clear manner.

This is the main reason why I did not publish Sue’s latest messages although they deal with our transfiguration into light bodies and are altogether an exception in the New Age literature that has no clue about these energetic processes from personal experience. This is indeed an important gnostic aspect that can be a source of many misunderstandings and that is why I wanted to clarify it at this point.

Essentially, we should put aside all our expectations as to how our ascension will unfold as this does no favour to the mystical and miraculous events that await us. Such expectations will only narrow the spectrum of our multidimensional experiences.

Another important aspect is to live entirely in the Now from an energetic point of view. I gauge for instance every day what I have created and accomplished during this day energetically by analysing the global situation, making short-term forecasts and writing articles on specific aspects of the planetary Ascension. In this way I pave the energetic pathways for probability alternatives of the End Time scenario by considering their greatest potential for realisation. This approach renders some excellent results and the more I elaborate on it – the quicker the manifestation of the anticipated events.

I feel very much like a director of a movie-thriller with an indeterminate plot, where the final resolution is only known roughly, in theoretical terms, but the pathways to this end are unpredictable and there are infinite solutions. We move forward in the plot step by step, scene by scene, event by event, until the momentum is reached when all these lines converge into one ultimate “finale furioso”. I am doing this in the certitude that everything is happening as I envision it, whereas my visions change every moment with respect to the new information I receive from the Internet. This shows how important it is now to remain very flexible and discard all preconceived ideas, except for the most obvious conclusions:

1) This economic and financial system is an utter fraud, based entirely on illogical ideas that infringe on the Universal Law and thus have created the conditions of total destructive interference. The collapse of the system is unavoidable and the only variable is the point in linear time when this will happen.

2) The masses have to go through dreadful experiences when their reality will crash and they will be suspended in the void for as long as they are ready to discard most of their illusory beliefs and prejudices that keep them trapped in this holographic reality. There is not a single foundational idea which humanity cherishes now that is truthful and should not be released when the ID shift will come.

3) We, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, will stay here on this uppermost mother planet until it is ready to ascend to the 5D.

Here, however, we should be very careful with all further statements and conclusions. We may not know when this highest timeline will finally ascend as the 3D holographic model may continue to exist for a while due to its inertia and that of the collective mindset. Which means we may transfigure anytime between the sudden occurrence of the financial collapse with the shutdown of the banking system and the full manifestation of the economic and financial crisis, which may last a few months for the masses. Within this period there will be infinite individual ascension scenarios and that is why it makes no sense to discuss them generally. For this reason I also doubt if any discussion on this website will be of great help to each individual PAT member as you all know exactly where you stand and what is awaiting you at the intuitive level so that any external references may be only confusing or irrelevant.

I guess that there will still be some mass events that we all shall experience in a similar manner, but apart from that the personal subjective perception of the ascension process is so individual that even we, as dual souls and shared daily life, have completely different daily experiences that very seldom match. That is why this End Time phase is so difficult as even our past experiences with the LBP no longer serve us as a red thread.

I hope to have elucidated the current ascension experiences a little bit from a gnostic point of view as the question you raise can only be answered by each one of us, although this does not preclude an exchange of information.

With love and light


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