The Upheaval of the Masses on the Eve of Ascension

Georgi Stankov, April 18, 2016

The world events leading to the collapse of the Orion matrix are now unfolding with a rapid pace but are not properly reported by the MSM. The latter has resorted to utter silence. For instance a huge number of people from across the UK marched in London on April 16th, calling for an end to government austerity measures and the resignation of Prime Minister David Cameron.

It was estimated that up to 150,000 people, including demonstrators from trade unions and a range of organizations campaigning on health, education, housing and jobs joined the march along the same street, where the BBC headquarters are situated but this mouthpiece of the British cabal propaganda did not even mention with a single word this huge political upheaval in London. Instead it dedicated a large article on the royal couple in India:

Taj Mahal pictures of duke and duchess create ‘new royal narrative’

This gives you a taste of the utter shock the people will experience when the collapse comes as I already indicated with the latest information that eight too-big-to-fail Orion banks in the USA are broke and can declare bankruptcy any time soon. This is so far the most significant factual confirmation of the impending financial apoptosis of the banking system in the West that will converge with the explosion of the world revolution as I shall show below. Only today I wrote to Brad, who commended my article  the 12th Hour, as follows:

“The 12th Hour leads to the latest for me significant information

New Proofs for the Imminent Financial Apoptosis of the US Banking System

which shows that something dramatic, more dramatic than the Lehman Bros bankruptcy, can happen any time and I remember how the MSM responded, or better not responded, at that time to the danger.  After all the NIRP began end of February and gained momentum in March and now the banks are already illiquid. The central banksters tried to save the equity markets by drowning the banks and now both are under water. And the central banks have no munitions at all and are out of the game. It happened pretty quickly given the inertia of this dense holographic reality. In historic dimensions it is in a blink of an eye. 

Carla just read to me the local newspaper that the schools where we live have a projected 3.3 million CAD deficit for the up-coming school year and have to cut a lot of basic services. We are talking about state schools that are funded entirely by the state. They can as well close the entire educational system. This is a very good sign that the system is falling apart. 

The nature of all debt Ponzi schemes, and I count all national states to this definition, can continue functioning on debt until it becomes so big that it can no longer be sustained and there is a sudden death. It happens out of the blue. Most people with linear thinking do not see this outcome but I remember how the people felt and behaved in the East when the communist system collapsed overnight. Before that they were making plans for their children and grandchildren how to thrive in the communist system which was based on huge privileges for the orthodox communists. It was a living NWO. 

And then their reality disappeared, dissolved all of a sudden. They were shocked, speechless and completely discombobulated and this allowed the western cabal to hijack the Easteuropean governments and political parties and to deepen and prolong the crisis in the 90s, which was the Greatest Depression of all time for Eastern Europe and almost destroyed Russia as the only opponent of the Empire of Evil.”

In Germany, the people are now demanding that Angela Merkel should step down after she has become a groveling embarrassment and a danger by caving into Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan by letting a possible prosecution of a German comic go ahead in German courts. The comedian read a vulgar poem about Erdogan on ZDF television on March 31. Erdogan sued under an archaic German law which bans insulting foreign representatives. But the case could only go ahead with Merkel’s permission. She made this decision against her coalition partner – the socialist party SPD. Now two-thirds of the German population according to the latest polls, also coming from her conservative party, condemn her decision as undemocratic and demand her resignation. This is unheard of in Germany (read here). Merkel is now so afraid to meet the people on the streets that all her visits are done after the places she visits are sealed by the police so that she is not confronted with the anger of the masses.

In the USA Donald Trump has discovered his new strength in saying the unvarnished truth and now dictates the topics in the presidential race debate. Essentially Trump says what we have been saying for many years: Everything in the USA is rigged:

– the true financial and economic situation;

– the unemployment rate is not 5% but 20 – 25 -30% as otherwise the masses would not flock to his campaign events;

– the politicians are bought by the big corporations and vote only for laws that harm the people and enrich themselves through bribes (American kleptocracy);

– there is no democratic election of president and Senate. There is no representative political system in the USA anymore;

– the people live in the Greatest Depression of all time after the country was de-industrialized and all high quality jobs transferred abroad. The people have either poorly paid “bad jobs” or are unemployed;

– the people are impoverished and the local infrastructure of the cities and communities is falling apart. (This is what I saw as early as 2008 when I visited the USA for the last time.)

The new debate of unvarnished truthfulness which Trump has just discovered and is now imposing on his rivals with great force and enormous success is about to transform the USA, notwithstanding his naive promises for a quick fix of the country.  This quick fix will come, however not through Trump but through us as ascended masters and with the introduction of the new Astral currency. But he is a powerful precursor that prepares the ground for the American revolution that has gained momentum in the last few days carried forward by the powerful source energies of truth.

I decided only yesterday, for the first time, to listen to the latest Trump’s speech in Syracuse in full length and was gladly surprised by his unusual and unheard of honesty for a presidential candidate, honesty that will sweep away the other fraudsters such as “Lying Ted” and Killary Clinton. It is not surprising that Trump defines himself as the greatest anti-establishment fighter who once belonged to the same elite club. He is surprised himself by this U-turn which his transliminal soul is now powerfully coaching, but the enormous success of his newly discovered “truth campaign” carries him on angels’ wings.

Watch this video to get your personal feeling and confirmation of what is now happening in the USA. It is the beginning of a true American revolution and, as all revolutions eat their children, Trump will soon be forgotten when we harness this rebellious momentum of the masses as ascended masters and guide humanity to the new 4D worlds:

But the first sparks of this world revolution must come from the mother of all revolutions – France. The Dawn of French revolution “Nuit Debout” is the new seven flames (colours) revolution that will eradicate the old Orion order which is nowhere so weak as in France today due to the total failure of the current government and the hapless president Hollande to solve any economic, social or other political issue. La Grande Nation is in a free fall for some time and this is the perfect mixture for a new French revolution. I have always expected the French people to finally re-discover their rebellious tradition that is embodied in their rather bloodthirsty national anthem, La Marseillaise (The Song of Marseille) and will finally rise up:

And precisely this is happening nowadays again, away from the MSM that fear to report the inevitable – the demise of the old Orion order that is nowhere so omnipresent on the Old Continent ( I exclude the dark British island which does not belong to Continental Europe) as in elitist France.

When I look at the distribution of the readers of this website in Europe as an illustration of the geographic presence of our spiritual ideas, France is a white spot. It is the most agnostic nation in the western world and that is why it believes, in its irrational atheistic “rationalism”, that a revolution can fix the ailing social order. It cannot as we know from history but it can topple down the ruling elite so that we can come as ascended masters and finish the job of the masses while saving this final world revolution from its perennial bloodthirsty tradition.

This revolution is now germinating from the spiritual seeds we, the PAT, sowed in the souls of the masses in the last five years simultaneously in many countries as tender grass sprouts that one only sees at first with his third eye before they shoot up overnight and the lawn (earth) is green all of a sudden, as I experienced two days ago.

I have personal experience with revolutions as probably very few other people on this planet and have a sixth sense for their arrival. My first direct and indirect involvement in revolutions began with the Hungarian revolution in 1956 when I was a child and scared communists came to my father as a known dissident to ask him to attest that they had never been true believers when the same anti-communist revolution would come to Bulgaria. After it failed everything was forgotten and these bigots continued living their life of lies and self-deception… until the Fall of the Iron Curtain in 1989.

Then I remember very vividly the Paris revolts in 1968 when Charles de Gaulle fled cowardly from Paris and disappeared for days before he resigned, while the entire French bourgeoisie was in utter horror about the coming massacres of the third French revolution.

I was personally involved in the Prague Spring uprising in this same year through many connections to Czech people and through my first love to a young Czechian girl whom I met in Bulgaria and who emigrated to the West after the Warsaw pact armies crashed the frail Prague spring.

I was personally involved in the German student revolts that continued in the 70s before they culminated in the German autumn in 1977 and mutated into blank terrorism. The clashes at the universities were so violent at times that such a fearful soul fragment as the former Pope Ratzinger, at that time professor of theology, fled in panic the university of Tübingen and abandoned his academic career to become a priest (bishop) in the safety of the Church, only because some students closed his lectures and demonstrated.

In 1981 I was in close contact and collaboration with the Polish dissident students who found the first KORs (workers’ defence committees) from which later Solidarnosc emerged and the first nationwide workers’ strikes rattled the communist regimes in Poland and in Eastern Europe. These events eventually led to Perestrojka and the collapse of the Soviet empire.

I came in December 1989 as the first politically active émigré and representative of the Bulgarian exile government in Sofia, Bulgaria when the masses began to revolt against the communist government and became one of the founders of the new opposition party SDS (Sajuz na Demokratichnite Sili, Union of the Democratic Forces) that later toppled down the communist regime and came to power in the first democratic elections. At the same time when I was in Sofia, in neighbouring Romania the red dictator Ceaușescu was executed by the masses (or by his own secret services) and the ghost of another bloody revolution has taken full grip of the Balkan nations.

I witnessed first hand the fall of the Berlin Wall and the peaceful revolution in DDR (Eastern Germany) in 1989 and experienced its fallout in East Berlin where I bought a house which I soon lost to the bank with the beginning of my first phase of the LBP in the early 90s, which always leads in a painful way to full detachment from any material, earthly possessions.

In 1992, I visited Moscow shortly after the bloody, failed coup d’etat of dogmatic communists led to the abdication of Gorbachev and the installment of the drunkard Yeltsin in power who subsequently sold Russia to the dark western cabal before it could be saved by Putin. I felt first hand the fear of the people on the streets of another bloody revolution that had paralysed the Russian society amidst the rampant daily terror of the numerous post-communist mafia groups that surged in this country like mushrooms after rain.

And I was an inadvertent and only western witness of the first revolt of the people in Kosovo (in Titova Mitrovica) against the Milosevic regime in the spring of 1989 that was brutally suppressed by the Yugoslavian army who shot at the peaceful demonstrators and killed many. With this event the dissolution of Yugoslavia began that led to six civil and other wars, massive killings of civilians on both sides, and brought unimaginable suffering to the peoples of this country in the centre of civilised Europe. This all I personally witnessed and experienced during my many travels in and throughout Yugoslavia on my way to Bulgaria in the 90s where I propagated the new theory of the Universal Law.

Hence I can smell the onset of a revolution miles against the wind and this is my greatest advantage compared to most critical experts in the West who display a striking sterility, an almost naive innocence, in their world views when it comes to grasping the inner dynamics of any true revolution. The reason for this intellectual deficiency is that these kinds of events do not fit into their upbringing (social conditioning) and into their subsequent limited social experience and competence which are coupled in many cases to an intellectual arrogance that is so inherent to this special breed of Anglo-American Assholes and exceptional “Smart Alexes”, no matter how critical they can be towards their own governments and society.

I want to be very blunt on this issue at this place, because when the true world revolution commences I do not want to hear from some of you that you have not been prepared for it as you are meant to be the leaders of this revolution which will be the only true spiritual revolution in the history of humanity that will transform it beyond recognition.


“Nuit Debout”: Dawn of a French Style [Color] Revolution?

By Gilbert Mercier and Dady Chery, April 14, 2016

News Junkie Post

Some call it a phenomenon, others compare it to the failed 2011 Occupy movement, but Nuit Debout has taken the largely discredited French political class, from across the bogus standard left to the far right, by surprise. Sociologically, it should not be a surprise at all. The backdrop is a sense of deep social malaise, a ras le bol et envie de redevenir vivant (a spillover and wish to be alive again). France, as a society, has been morose and depressed for decades, and the state of emergency imposed in a cowardly panicky haste by François Hollande’s administration since November 2015 has turned the country into a pressure cooker.

In the two weeks since it started on the night of March 31, 2016 at the Place de La République in Paris’ XI arrondissement, Nuit Debout has rapidly spread to other cities in France such as Lyon, Nice, Nantes, Toulouse, etc., as well as to Belgium, Germany, and Spain. It could be the remedy for France’s deep social malaise and the sense of being “hankerchiefs to be used and discarded.” An informed observer can see strong similarities with the Situationist, Anarchist and neo-Marxist groups of May 1968, when France’s last mini-revolution toppled its government. Some are already talking of a 6th Republic, which could be either wishful thinking or the dawn of a new revolution.

The French political class is reacting with a mixture of understanding for the protesters and threats of a brutal police crackdown on Nuit Debout’s activists. The Socialist Party, more simply identified in France by its acronym PS, is ironically labeled the Parti Scélerat (Scoundrel Party) by the Nuit Debout activists, in reference to the party’s sell out of all leftist ideals.

The Mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, personifies the hypocrisy of this ruling party. In a statement to the newspaper Le Monde on April 11, 2016, Mayor Hidalgo did not condemn the movement itself but what she qualified as its excesses: “If it is legitimate to dream of another world, it is not so to degrade this one,” said Hidalgo. She delivered almost immediately on her rhetoric by ordering the evacuation of the Place de la République on the same day.

The new and improved French police-state apparatus was eager to execute the order and clear up the square. Elsewhere in Paris, five brutal arrests were made, and people were detained without the proper charges, in accordance with the state of emergency’s extraordinary powers, including arrests without probable cause. The repression has not stopped the momentum of the movement.

Most of the mainstream media in France and elsewhere are drawing an analogy between Nuit Debout and the Occupy movement of late 2011, as well as the Indignados actions in Spain. This is certainly not a coincidence, considering that Occupy largely fizzled and failed for lack of organization and radicalization, just like the Arab spring in the Middle East was hijacked by the West, under United States leadership, to implement regime change policies through fake revolutions in Libya and Syria. The Occupy movement was infiltrated by informants, neutered and more or less dismantled between early December 2011 and late spring 2012 under the instigation of George Soros’ countless little helpers who were paid to hijack the movement. If the Nuit Debout activists follow the tracks of their predecessors of Occupy, the outcome will be the same.

Since 2011, however, throughout the world some elements have greatly changed: the connection between the political class and citizens has reached a breaking point; the notion of elections being a farce has become widespread; wealth concentration and social inequality have reached an unprecedented and unsustainable level; and conflicts and the business of warfare have reached an apex. These factors are fertile ground for the collective quantum leap that is a revolution. As an indication of this shift, a Nuit Debout activist interviewed by the French daily newspaper Liberation said that the movement should consider “a more muscular struggle.”

The mainstream analyses do not take into account the fact that France has a revolutionary tradition. The last revolution that bore fruit was in May 1968 and is probably the greatest influence on Nuit Debout. The May 1968 movement started with students and young people, but it quickly expanded to include all the labor unions, which were then very strong. It grew into an open-ended general strike that froze all activities in the country in all sectors of the economy and eventually led to the resignation of President Charles de Gaulle in April 1969 and extensive government reforms. It is May 1968′s humorous and irreverent discourse that we find echoed in Nuit Debout’s slogans today. In 1968, for example, we had “Salaires légers, chars lourds” (Light salaries, heavy tanks), and in 2016 we find “Ils ont des milliards, nous sommes des millions” (They have billions, we are millions). Both movements question the essence of political representation as if all social issues are again up for debate in the public square. Just as in 1968, the labor unions are quickly stepping in and joining the students, and like the activists of the May 1968 movement, the Nuit Debout activists are hunkering down for what they call une lutte prolongée (a prolonged struggle).

Nuit Debout envisions an era of social justice and ecological responsibility. This is expressed with humor by a suspension of the calendar, as if the month of March will continue until the revolution is achieved. In the Nuit Debout calendar, this article would be published on March 45, and Christmas will fall on March 300. The Nuit Debout movement exudes a contagious joy, which is a necessary ingredient in the cocktail of every successful revolution. A revolution, after all, must be a departure from the status quo. Today’s revolution must displace the suicidal worship of wealth and power to create a joyous culture that is sustainable and celebrates life. The richness of the burgeoning discourse, and the inclusion of cultural elements like cinema and song are good omens for the success of Nuit Debout. On a fine day in March we might again hear an old classic from 1789: “Ah! ça ira, ça ira, ça ira!  Les aristocrates à la lanterne….”

Editor’s Notes: Gilbert Mercier is the author of The Orwellian Empire, and Dady Chery is the author of We Have Dared to Be FreePhotographs one and three by Nicolas Vigier; two and five by Titi Photo; six by Georges; and eight by Thierry Ehrmann.

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