The European Cabal Are Wrapping up Their NWO Project for the EU

EU Chief Juncker Admits: The EU Interferes Too Much in People’s Lives

Georgi Stankov, April 20, 2016

This is an important first admission of the EU president that the European Union has become a moloch for the peoples of the Old Continent and that the EU commission of unelected eurocrats should wrap up most of its activities leading to the establishment of the NWO. This happens at the same time when the major protagonist of this idea, Merkel in Germany, is rejected by the vast majority of the Germans and is about to lose her job as Chancellor any time, only three months after she was declared person of the year 2015 by Time journal. As Juncker admits: “We are doing less, and less and less…” until the cabal will stop doing anything as all these national and supranational institutions will become obsolete when the ID shift will come and we shall show up as Ascended Masters and take over the leadership of humanity.

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