The Dollar is Dead

Brad Barber, April 29, 2016

We are on the edge of a complete Dollar panic selloff.  My article “The Helmet Comes Off” is more perfect now than it was last year.  It’s dedicated to the Dollar jihadis.



Dear Brad,

I just reread your article “The Helmet comes off” which was published on November 1, 2015, exactly on my birthday:

Then when I came down to the second till fourth charts they are actualized till April 28th, today. How is this possible as we have only pictures of them and the article was published last year?

But apart from that what is now crashing the dollar? Can you read it behind the chart?

With love and light



Dear George,

The amount of stuff that took place in two days….. I just have to type something to deal with it.  All of it happened.  All of it.  After you said you went through the ascension test run two days ago, I was trashed yesterday into last night.  I came home and didn’t even take my clothes off and slept all night.  Went out to eat yesterday and all food not prepared by higher consciousness hands basically is losing any taste at all.  My friend said the exact same thing.  The costs are skyrocketing and there is nothing there.

That’s basically exactly why the dollar is falling apart, although not completely yet. Technically, it’s on the edge of oblivion.  There’s nothing there to make anything taste good except the pure force that is trying to tell the world it still tastes good.  The prices are wrong everywhere so that imbalance is finally starting to show now that the rest of the world is getting the chance to have its say.  To see those Chinese and Russian oil pricing articles released after The Barber of Peter Pan Sevilla is just so powerful.  The ability of the East to have a say in worldwide pricing is everything.  NWO likes to serve garbage and price it too so it creates brutal human beings that don’t know any better instead of having to work hard to produce quality.

The gold market should have been laid to waste this week with options expiring and instead it has rallied hard and closed tonight over the $1265 that I’m looking for to go nuts up to the mid $1500’s.  Tomorrow is a huge day as a weekly close over $1265 would be surreal with everything in paper world saying the opposite should be happening. It is the loss of control we are looking for. The physical market is now taking over and it doesn’t exist in the West anymore. (Read also here and here about the dissociation between the financial Ponzi schemes and the real economy in the Greatest Depression that represents the plight of the people. The latter stands for truth and determines the collapse of the old Orion matrix. Note, George)

If the West loses the ability to price things as it appears, then we have the first true signs of multipolarity functioning.  If this is the case, every single thing priced in dollars is in big trouble and the American public are the odd ones out.  I believe John Williams said it best in this article.  A worldwide divestiture of dollar based assets and the only thing to be buying them is the Fed printer and this wonderfully undereducated American public.

I may be completely wrong in my assessment that many could use a huge balancing in their systemic understandings.  Everyone talking love and moving forward in God’s will and they don’t know a single thing about what is taking place.  I see a massive addiction in beings around me to letting things take place in a random manner so that they can box it up as seen fit.  How are you loving someone as you throw them under the bus with this bs? It’s not hard to see the open energetic circuits at this point, but around here, it’s only the individual circuit that’s open and willing to accept cash at any time.  I get it that you have a strong intuition but you can’t apply it any sound fashion with what you are thinking. You’ll ascend your way into the dumpster of pain yet again.  But then, this is my view again now isn’t it?

The earnings from the last two days are just plain sad to watch as the dark energies flail and flail. Basically the tech index of Nasdaq is giving a signal that a 17 month top is in and about to get annihilated.  Apple laid the egg that it should have, but the rest is just sad to watch the financial engineering fail.  The level of debt is skyrocketing as earnings crater leaving the corporate world as one giant hollowed out failure and most of these companies have been using all of their money to buy their own shares back at much higher prices than they are at now.  The high and mighty are just coming out pathetic one after another. The shitty technology is about to lead the way down and that quite appropriate.  People don’t realize the greatest technologies in the world are hiding behind what the gold and silver markets are screaming at you.  It’s not hard to toss silver coins into the wishing well after you extricate them from the fraud either.  Just sayin’

Tesla can’t even make a dollar and the West values his government backed failures at ridiculous prices.  Pure failure.  Please double down and buy on every dip.  No flavor.  No taste.  Bland as hell.  Anyone even ask where the electricity comes from for these “clean” ideas.  Anyone ask about the debt slavery involved with all this poor cooking?

The saddest effort is the news out of Facebook yesterday and Amazon and LinkedIn today.  So the only companies that are supposedly killing it now are the ones that are sponsored and additionally funded by the government to know everything you do at work, everything you do at home, and everything you buy.  Watching a few traders still chase this around like it is something exciting is really quite sad.  There’s no flavor left.  There’s no taste.  There’s no salsa, tabasco, cholula, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, mustard, sriracha, soy product, barbecue sauce, pepper, garnish, fruit, vegetable, pudding, or any other type addition to a meal that can possibly produce any viably edible product ever again out of this system.

We have Larry Summers joining a Bitcoin firm as bitcoin surges again in the 50 shades of consciousness game.  This may be one of the funniest jokes ever written.

There is only one thing funnier than Larry Summers and bitcoin that could happen today and it just came across the wires.  Legendary cabal stooge “Mad Money” Jim Cramer telling the world to buy drugs. America anesthetized!

The fraud can now trash the stock markets to make a few bucks like they’ve set it up to do. This is where everyone is about to find out that any idea priced in dollars ain’t a good idea. The gold and silver markets are the first ones to heal themselves as the real metal beings to price it.  Platinum and palladium will join in too.  The US doesn’t barely produce any palladium and yet prices it.  So dumb.  Most of the palladium comes out of Russia.  Hmmmmmmm……. The other materials are all up in the air as there is plenty of supply.  Oil could now go about any direction but gas in the US could become unbelievably expensive real fast.  The rest may go up in relation to dollar failure but nothing will touch gold and silver.  Stocks don’t even matter as this will destroy companies earnings potentials.  Liquidity, the most important, will then not matter soon either as the drugs become worthless.  Printing only works if you have value.

Everyone in the US and your belief in real estate and sky-high prices being a good thing,  please put a cork in your face.  You stormtroopers over-charging for rent and over-leveraging properties to do so can follow all the lemmings off the cliff.

We have a discussion on nuclear energy and the immediate Western failures show themselves:

We discuss 3-D printing and get a sign of immediate life as these stocks shouldn’t be rallying.  Maybe there are few chefs in here that know how to season the meat.  The debt fraud can never afford this to work.

We just had one of the biggest drug M&A days in history.  Nothing can wait anymore.  This all manifests immediately.$5.8B+Cash+and+Stock+Deal/11552354.html

The Fed failed yesterday and the BOJ failed in not destroying itself further last night as everyone expected.  There’s nothing but fail.  Who’s the chef?

I have seen way too many comments on Susan Sarandon and what she said about Hillary Clinton last night.  You know what, she at least headed for the bridge of Peace.  The election of Obama neutered any celebrity of saying almost anything for the last 8 years or they would be labeled racist.

I could talk about the vertical rallies in silver miners all day.  Charts of GPL that display it all.  I could go on for days with all that came out the last two days, but it only one thing matters.

The days of image are dead.  The only truly great seasoning and flavor is stored in the people.  Talking loud ain’t saying nothing.

The Two Towers of War are crumbling.

Time to honor Neil Young with this one because we’ve been searching for the Hearts of Gold and it’s getting old.

The dollar is dead!

Rest in Peace.

With love and light



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