Snorting Unity

Brad Barber, April 20, 2016

Dear George,

What an interesting month or so.  The information that you have published in conjunction with what happened with everything around me was indeed incredible.  The ascension tension is quite palpable and the persistent hint to produce this article won’t go away so I’ll wing it once again.

From March 5th to about the 25th, my heart nearly pounded its way out of my chest but then nicely subsided until about two days ago.  On March 30th at 10 PM MST, I blacked out instantly and woke up feeling as if a bomb had gone off seven hours later still on the couch.  On April 2, I had it out during the energy wave of truth with a close family relation who had just been diagnosed with colon cancer.  Besides what I write and some of my less subtle comments, those were the most intense words I had ever spoken to anyone besides the time I tore the Special Assets Manager for Citibank a new one for his bank manipulating interest rates and destroying the planet.  They paid their first fine for Libor manipulation two years after I channeled the Muad’dib to this smug bastard.  That’s the moment I learned the power I had as I had never heard an angry person of such a puffed up nature shut up and retract so quickly when I was backed by incredible research and confidence in myself.

I would like to thank Carla very much as her post on the Nexus of Creation was exactly what I needed to help give me a little further insight into what I experienced over the last many years and why I am able to operate in a very unique zone.  Travis’ article was wonderful to read as that claiming of sovereignty is everything I am here for and his words are swirling around the Nexus so clearly.  I once had a client call me up and start screaming at me for no reason just to test my path of belief.  Once I saw the wink from HS as an energetic collective and was able to communicate at a different level, I never looked back and smiled at the test.  I was so close to blowing up on the guy though.

This is an article I already wrote four years ago when I noticed the strange discrepancy between the fraud of Warren Buffet as Mr. Dollar and his amazing dad who was one of the biggest proponents of sound money.  I only post it to display that many are close to the dimensional bridge as responses from many are vastly different from only a few short years ago despite not much being much different on our end.  The subtle push to Mr. Nielson might finally be reaching the edge.  (You since posted the Fraud article in your Immediate Creation article that I would have used as well, nice work ….)

You can find a similar discrepancy with Roger Goodell, the commissioner of the National Football League, and his dad.  This is how I came to the conclusion of clones before finding answers to support that theory.

I would also like to thank you, George, for your unparalleled historical research that you have done which enables me to move forward in a unique manner and focus as much as I can on the current moment to bring something that can assist mankind as much as possible.  That really is the true basis of the Astral currency and a system of energetic liberation.  An infinite quantum energy system has a source.  An everlasting source. Providing systems that unlock each individual’s uniqueness in relation to the utmost health of the whole sounds about right to me.  God bless everyone helping to translate the Astral currency article into multiple languages as that is probably one of the most important systemic things that could be done at this point.

After my soul walk-in experience in 2011, I was thrust into the metaphysical stratosphere.  For a reason that is now becoming obvious, I was forced as part of this arrangement and incredible expansion to retract my fields and do what the Elohim have recommended now, but I have been operating in this zone for years.  I have been stuck visibly watching this Nexus of Creation so clearly through the systems and everyone’s words and intensively on this timeline.  I don’t remember any dreams and the ever compressing energies as I have had to deal with them keep me stuck in the moment as it hurts so much that I haven’t worried about tomorrow in five years.  Carla’s explanation of the cones is absolutely perfect and explains what side of the Nexus you get high from and whether or not it will last longer than your latest debaucheries get together.  I use high very loosely here.

Speaking of hurts, this isn’t quite the boxing glove to the face we were looking for, but this drone smack to the head is pretty close.  Quantum comedy kicks ass.

It hasn’t been tough to notice all of the relevant channels getting to the point of recommending what I was forced into years ago and why I wrote some of the strangest articles in financial history combining the resources of the planet with ascension.  If you retract your fields, focus on the expansion of unity in conjunction with Gaia, maintain your dedication to true information at all time, and have the audacity to discuss anything, you end up in my neighborhood and I sincerely apologize in advance.

I used to combine Universal Law and the best channels on the planet mixed with the financial markets in a daily e-mail to everyone I knew, but after the fraud went ballistic in October 2012 and infinite money printing combined with zero rule of law as every dark system ring-fenced themselves together, nothing but fraud made money.  I couldn’t recommend fraud and all the real assets I knew would ultimately make it through this mess got trashed by the greatest wave of hate probably ever witnessed on this planet in 2013.  I found Universal Law in early 2012 but I don’t think I pieced it completely to this understanding until after everything began to go haywire in late 2012 and we passed Dec 21, 2012 with all systems going opposite anything related to facts.

The recalibration had to take place as the numbers were too small and the losing side of dark had it all out.  Since I knew there would be a pressure release valve for the epic fraud in the precious metal markets, I was able to point out in real time a 55,000% trade in bitcoin to everyone who received my e-mails, but most contacted me a day or two before I recommended to sell at the exact top on how to buy.  The day CNBC told everyone that bitcoin was a good idea was the exact day it topped.  There’s been nothing but failure since the second half of 2013 but not much of the MSM admits to that.  Now is the first time that the stars are aligning in something besides fraud in a few years, but we’ll just keep taking it a day at a time.  We know where it’s headed but things evolve, so must we.

I cannot reinforce enough at this point how a higher vibrating consciousness cannot engage a being operating in a lower vibration and expect results through trying to attract their approval or energetic investment.  No one’s better, that’s just a fact.  I watched my brilliant brother invent the internet in our basement in the early 80’s at the same time as all the big names you know, but he received zero support when he introduced it to minds that couldn’t understand it.  He was pirating and writing games and programs and sending them over modems 12 to 15 years before Netscape was even a word.  He was also growing marijuana in our basement underneath our parents bedroom in the crawlspace 25 years before it would be legalized where we live now.  Early can be painful.

Now is the time to introduce the perfect picture of the current state of the energies of the lower cone that are swirling in the Charybdis of debt and karmic resolve into a bottleneck of complete dysfunction.  Also, this is the picture of the current state of the entire world’s financial system and its supposed fiduciaries and their thought patterns.

Eventually, alas, I realized the main purpose of buying cocaine is to run out of it.” – George Carlin

The three articles (at the time I started writing this) you posted on accounting gimmickery are beyond perfect once again.  In fact, since I dug through the books and saw what was happening, I have always called it Scarface accounting and there is no finer representation visually than Tony Montana in front of the Pacino pile of cocaine for the moment.

The discussion that Tony Montana had with the banker in that movie about laundering money is so perfect to the obvious BS of the Panama papers release.  I spent about thirty minutes digging into certain areas and tracked all the world’s funds being stolen and hidden in Panama, Cayman Islands, the isle of Jersey off of Britain, as well as the corporate fraud through Ireland and other jurisdictions in no time.  It was not tough.  In fact, think of most restaurants, dry cleaners, massage parlors and such establishments.  Most are used for moving immigrants and laundering cash.  Especially if they aren’t very busy.  The professional golf tours and certain are how most physical things are being discreetly moved around the planet now.  Hiding behind the charities once again and all the wonderful people that volunteer to help put on these events.  There’s a reason Bill Clinton takes every winner out to dinner and helps them start a foundation.

A month ago you nailed it when discussing insanity and that most beings would despise being easily proven insane.  The response has been very powerful.  Now another syndrome has arisen prominently from that in the form of lack of response in Lower Vibrational Addiction.   It has always been there and discussed before, but it’s obvious now and what is even stronger than obvious insanity.  I am now calling it the LAVA syndrome or the love of touching something hot even when the complete ridiculousness of doing such a thing can be pointed out and has been discussed and agreed to that it’s not a great idea.

In fact, after having this subject churn around the last few weeks, I finally figured out my profession.  I am a professional hot stove toucher guy.  I am great at touching a burning surface.  Especially the ones with no signs on it warning you.  The best part of Universal Law and everything we discuss is it is the hottest surface on the planet and it doesn’t burn.  I’ve touched it and it only burned my finite nature.  Thank you.  I think we’ve all watched a few hands touch the Universal Law stove and retract in some ego destructive horror.

Here is a chart of the gold market confirming everything you have written and showing the last line in the sand of the Black Knight and an obvious delineation of the recalibration that is coming to a conclusion:

None shall pass.” – the Black Knight

This is the Black Knight‘s last leg so to speak as the other three limbs have been lopped off, but all four of the groups we are looking for are in full-blown bull markets now.  Silver confirmed its breakout above $16 today signaling the bull market of Unity Consciousness that is discreetly and truly behind it and confirmed the cup and handle breakout we looked for in my last article.  The line over the recalibration period of the last two and a half years is the Black Knight’s last leg.  Basically, if gold closes over $1265 and holds it, it’s all over.

The Black Knight tries to tell you that you can’t cross the multidimensional bridge as well. This is the Dorothy syndrome from the Wizard of Oz.  You’ve been wearing the ruby slippers all along.  Everything’s just designed energetic blockages along the way to believing it.  Dark energies do their best to accommodate your lower vibrational addictions.  There’s not much in this realm like hitting a golf ball 285 yards to within a foot or two of exactly where you wanted it.  Makes you feel like you control this reality and physics like little else.  Try carving a 30 foot right to left draw around a tree and executing it perfectly.  So sweet.  Now do it again.  Now do it again under pressure.  Now do it again.  Now do it while on your deathbed.  Thought not.  You wonder why half the world’s slave owners are on the golf course all day with discreet financial gimmickry funding the operation?  Sorry, it runs out.  Control of this reality.  I love talking to people about the times they held the ring of power for a while.

In the last article, we were also looking for the “flesh wound” to immediately take place and we weren’t disappointed.  Non-US banks are being thrown under the bus and shown to have been “rigging” the precious metals markets.  This is just the tip of the iceberg, but the bull market of truth is sure refreshing.

Watching Obama defend Saudi Arabia over this 9/11 issue and understanding the legal implications is massive obviously, but include rigging interest rates and precious metals combines with that to mean that the whole world could next be engaged in one massive lawsuit where nothing even exists to pay out settlements.  There’s not a financial contract signed in the last 16 years at least that is based on anything real, but since 2009 it’s a hundred times worse.  Chris Powell from GATA was just proven one of the biggest studs on the planet for legally taking on the governments over this issue for years.  Still can’t get him to cross the dimensional bridge either.  This place is brutal.

In other news not told to anyone in the West, China just started pricing gold in Yuan today.  The West has been telling the whole world how to price everything.  I do know they know how to price one thing and that is garbage.  The US exports garbage.  Poison and garbage.  We put prices on shit and then force everyone to buy shit.  NWO just means planetary shit.  It’s no longer an option to jump in shit.  Shit is all that exists.  Having someone else begin to show the world gold prices is maybe the most important financial event in 100 years.  It’s just a gold fix for now but it’s a physical market, not just paper receipts.  China is the biggest consumer of gold in the world now and they produce the most.  Why the hell would they let the US tell them what the price is?  99% of the US doesn’t understand their life as they know it is over if China tells everyone gold is worth $2500 oz.  I’m not even going to speculate how this plays out anymore as it’s all obviously hitting at the same time.

I made over $110,000 one day early in my career managing funds.  I drove home high as hell.  To make a long story short, the next day sucked.  It took a long time for that plan to come together and the perfect storm hit, but I was playing by rules I was told existed like any at existed all. These guys all figured out the only way to get high every day was to rig the markets.  That’s really all most of it is.  Drug addicts like to surround themselves with other drug addicts no matter what the addiction may be.  The only way now to keep the drugs flowing is to make sure nothing ever works so that the drug flow doesn’t stop.  By using the currency you are killing yourself.

One of the greatest investors of our time is Stanley Druckenmiller (in relation to money). His track record is nearly unmatched (and of course trading spit with the greatest assholes of all time). He currently has moved a large majority of his investments to gold (although paper) and has made some amazing statements of late that were very fitting.

He basically attributed all to understanding liquidity.  Not earnings. Not business decisions.  Not creativity.  Not great people.  Not anything but the flow of liquidity. Basically, the best investor of the last few decades understood the flow of drugs.  That’s it.

Once, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far, away, I was offered access to an infinite pile of cocaine during a time of what I will call my Siddhartha phase of experience.  Lots of people do drugs, but rarely do you encounter a Pacino pile.  So, about twelve hours later when I was laying on a bed in complete cardiac arrest, I believe I started to learn something.  That may have been my first moment of actual aware consciousness in my first twenty years.  I am no saint and would never claim to be, but I know how to touch hot stoves.  When you go out partying in any major populated area, if you see one or two guys with ten gorgeous, scantily clad women, you know who is holding the pile.  There is no other drug that makes you feel like you are controlling this reality in the most powerful manner possible than cocaine.

I actually ran into an old friend at a party who was starting to smoke cocaine.  It nearly ruined his life and family.  I made fun of him because it was just so much work to watch how much effort they all put into it.  He said he later quit when he thought about what I said.  He realized it was just plain stupid.  He told me that 10 years later when I saw him again.

If anyone needs to get over a power struggle on wanting to rule a planet, e-mail me and let’s get it over with.

In my favorite example of quantum comedy yet, my wife had a woman friend from Oregon she met online ask her if she knew an anarchistic financial planner a couple of days ago.  My wife said she knew just the guy.  That joke was written years ago but I just got to hear the punchline.

The current market setup of the world is legendary.  Central banks are already printing two major currencies into infinity and the US is about to have to admit the same.   Basically, the drugs have no substance left and they are about to pile on more.  What I find most interesting is that if we keep going down the same path, almost all of this money is slated to flow to the biotech sector of drug production as the chart of the IBB, or financial biotech representative, is setting up, after a major shakeout of Scarface accounting and pretend to follow some semblance of rules and reality, to go ballistic.  This means if nothing stands in the way, we are headed to the biggest drug party of all time for those invited, and the now enforced drugging of mankind for those that oppose it or are oblivious.  Although I’m aware of all the other factors at work, that’s its intent.  It is the planetary Cuckoo’s Nest I have joked so long about so I think I better quit writing about what this BS is trying to accomplish as it keeps getting there.

Most of the best are now recommending jumping on board the marijuana train now and they can’t even explain why it is becoming legal.  Weed is becoming legal for the same reason Hilary Clinton is being pitched for President.  It’s your enslavement you dipshits.  At least one of the “greats” admitted that something big was going on that he couldn’t understand.  Thank you for at least being honest and not sucking the monetary teat as your excuse forever.   As long as it guides people to monetary success, it’s OK.  No it’s not.  Fuck off.

None shall pass.” – Gandalf

To answer any question that comes up now, one gets to use what I call the Fifty Shades of Gandalf.  Your awareness of what’s truly taking place affects your location in the shade spectrum.  Responsibility adjusts with each shade.  In my strange experience I knew that whatever was real and true would be the way to go to get through it.  I didn’t know Saruman was working for Sauron and producing fields of orcs by intentionally burning down the forest.  We tried to cross the mountain pass but found out the spies were everywhere informing them of our path.  I was forced to turn to the Mines of Moriya and move the path of liberation through the grand halls of the dwarves.  As we got locked into the mines, we then discovered all the dwarf kings were dead.  The resources of the world were all being controlled by goblins and cave trolls and housed alongside the Balroc.  You may want to understand the energies being put into the resources of the world as you wash your hair.  I feel them all and anyone getting tighter in this realm will understand and feel that line on the gold chart.

Here is the first major article I have seen adding the mining bosses into the mix. The mastery of divide and conquer was perfected here.  Seeing some of the mine bosses come up in the Panama exposure and being tied to the Clintons is quite refreshing.  Guistra and Rich, none more black.  Bull market of truth, beautiful.

I laid out the prediction that trading bitcoin for silver miners would go down as the greatest trade in history.  Most silver miners are up 200-500% since the Silencing of Jesus in January and this is just getting started.  Silver just confirmed the first bull market signal since the night Obama lied to the world on May 1st, 2011 when they bombed silver and lied about killing Osama Bin Laden.  The current charts of AG, GPL, CDE, SSRI and such are ridiculous when you know what they mean.  AG shows it the best as their CEO is the only rebel badass enough to call out the fraud publicly.  Gold, silver, and the related miners are at the beginning of the greatest 3-D bull market ever witnessed.  But there’s a new hall of fame being produced.  The best investment in the world currently is to fix your words and join the greatest human being hall of fame ever produced.  Everyone’s words betray them.

There is what you would call a rolling bull market in the precious metals taking place.  Right now the silvers miners led the charge as AG, GPL, CDE, and other blew their lids the last few days as silver itself followed today and confirmed the breakout.  Now, gold is threatening to break the line and several gold miners such as FNV, AEM, NDG, SA, NEM already broke ranks and surged while others settle and set up new breakouts.  Ascension tracker MUX popped from the line in the sand already three weeks ago and is looking to surge again.  Other such as EGO, SSRI, SLW, GG and the like have broken lower containment and move at different times.  The funny part is that Jim Sinclair’s company, TRX, is almost the only miner to not have budged yet.  The fraud knows he’s been telling the truth for too long and is doing everything possible to make sure he’s not seen for the stud he’s been.

Just like Gandalf, what color shade your cloak is tells it all.  It’s more like Fifty million shades of Gray but I like to make fun of terrible movies.  What gets you high and is the pile sustainable?  I get high off of people not wanting to get high anymore.  I own everything I’ve ever discussed in my articles.  They are going vertical.  Didn’t get a buzz.  I am overjoyed that it leads to the Astral currency and energetic liberation for the entire human race that engages these dimensions.  Am I just learning better to snort elementary particles?  They sure have mass.  Sweet.

Like the relation of mine said before cancer surgery, “You’ve got to have your sugar!”

Light is the bridgekeeper.  There’s no place like home and dark may not pass.  In the original book, the ruby slippers were silver anyway.

We don’t cure cancer, we raise vibration so it can’t exist.  That’s sugar my dear friend.

Now, how do you chop your unity breakfast on a mirror?

With love and light,


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