NESARA-Type Money Reset Thrives on Human Stupidity and Hinders Awakening to Unity Consciousness

Unknown Source, April 19, 2016

Charlotte Smith just sent me this text from an unknown source, which she has received as an email, with the following comment:

Looks like this guy is hijacking your ideas…. a little too late”

While this is obviously true, there is no such thing as “too late” as everything occurs in the Now and is then a reality. Besides the text is quite inspiring and highlights one more time the propensity of the human ego-mind to believe any lie as long as it appeases its fear system of existence based on the illusory idea of the ego’s autarky from the soul. This is the joke of all incarnation in a semi- or full separation from the Source.

The article below explains one more time why unity consciousness cannot exist as long as the current Orion monetary system exists and determines the pervaded mindset of the masses. And why a financial collapse is inevitable for the establishment of unity consciousness. It fully confirms our ascension scenario based on the psychological consideration that humanity must lose everything – all money and material possessions – before it can leave this prison planet of blank materialism and wins the universe.

Although the author does not mention with a single word the nature of money and how it has been hijacked by the PTW to enslave humanity, it is amazing how confidently he comes to the same conclusions as we have established years ago. Hence, while there is not much you can learn from this article as everything has already been said, it is nonetheless a stimulating perusal proving how humanity is now being influenced by our seminal ideas and is awakening to the truth while discarding the illusory facts of this crumbling reality. This essay is also a strong plea for the introduction of the new Astral currency without the author being aware of it (or probably he may read our website, who knows).

The text is too long for my taste as everything could have been said in a much more concise and straightforward form, but the flavour lies in the articulation. I have no idea what the author means by “Low Ranking sources” and it does not matter if it is a fictional source to underline the impartiality of the author.



Low Ranking sources close to the ground rules for change just came right out and said the bottom line is that anyone expecting an rv, gcr, pp’s, ppp’s, poo poo poo’s, dings, dinars, dongs, zims or bonds, referenced from Chinese elders, dragon families, intel gurus, keenan, wanta, nidel, cobra, poof, zap etc., is wrongly influenced by following for self-enrichment and is never going to take place, or was never meant to, or going to from the start! How many ways do you need to hear it!

They said that God does not override anyone’s will, so it is up to them to stop donating their support operations with their ineffectual efforts to maintain the illusion that a whole bunch of people are going to suddenly get rich with a lot of fake money in an artificial fiction realm, when they really and truly aren’t! Just because someone might seem sincere, sincerity is no guarantee for the truth! The truth is stranger than fiction and that is why it pisses them off.

So the low down is, that a whole lot of folks are going to be extremely disappointed in their own expectations to find they have been played like a finely tuned violin for participating in the crimes against humanity involved with blood money, waiting to get rich from an invisible currency reset that has all been a well-funded ritual, an “Act of Sorcery”.

The Low Ranking sources said that with the influence of a remote control hypnosis operation, they have been deliberately misled for so long that they have accepted false reset Intel as their truth, intentionally manipulated to believe that the lie is actually the truth. As a culture of folks under the influence of psychic dictatorship, they might as well describe their lives as one enormous insignificant subliminal self-service massage parlor.

They said the wish for anyone to retain a certain belief that a currency reset exists for pragmatic reasons, rather than reasons of truth, is evidently so strong as to override all concerns for rationality. It is all been a fabulous dream and a nefarious agenda coming from the priesthood of prison guards to mislead, misdirect and misguide by using the gullibles’ greed glands. Not to mention unethical, disingenuous and out of integrity for the continual delay and postponement for the creation of a new world of transparency required for abundance.

It’s all simply the color of a black operation opportunity on steroids orchestrated on the down low to feed their minds with a bunch of useless stuff they never needed to know, courtesy of shrubs landscaping and hitlery menstruation that started the ding-dong deal for cash flow and other esoteric stuff, doing the bidding for the boss at the crown. How long can these people continue to believe in their Complex Fairy Tales?

The Low Ranking sources said that believing a thing and knowing a thing, are two very separate things. You either know or you don’t. If you believe there is going to be an invisible global currency reset, then you don’t know with absolute certainty that there really and truly isn’t. This requires you to take responsibility without denying the truth.

They said history is full of facts but not necessarily full of truths. While the facts maybe true with e.o.13303, the truth does not actually appear. Just because a thing is factual does not make it true. Just because a thing is legal, does not make it lawful. Your sentimentality is being used as a superstructure covering brutality so you can easily be taken advantage of to feel you are entitled and deserve something for your pain and suffering, because WWII never ended!

The Low Ranking sources said it would be a disaster looking for a place to happen, because the same crummy thinking for participating in the crimes against humanity would not have changed that brought the world to this point in the first place, on the verge of extinction.

They would only know how to repeat the same pattern and screw everything up all over again, only worse, by potentially having a lot of fake money with no new attitude adjustment having corrected the mistakes and errors of past history by funding economic genocide, simply by living their so-called lives for just another day in paradise on prison planet earth.

They said that no one is exonerated of any innocence just because they thought they were being responsible with their obedience to a fraudulent system by paying their fake bills every month, and at the same time, turning their backs on tyranny while the rest of the world is starving and suffering.

The Low Ranking sources said the peoples incessant need to always be occupied preparing for an invisible currency reset is a constant sense of urgency and rules their lives, driving them ever harder to achieve results that just seem to keep moving out of reach. They are currently experiencing life in an illusory environment that has no substance; it is evanescent, yet while they remain asleep within it, its apparent material presence is extremely convincing.

They said that this group of people hanging on for dear life for an invisible global currency reset have become dependent upon that which is unreal, that is difficult for them to accept, because they have been experiencing it for so long and with such intensity, that for it to be unreal seems impossible, and is working quite well serving as a major get rich quick scheme distraction away from global tyranny perpetrated on humanity, by those running this invisible currency reset operation.

The hopeful invisible currency exchangers love their captivity, there’s no responsibility. When you’re a captive, you don’t have to make a decision about anything. It’s much easier to have an exchange newshound guru from behind a screen tell them that they’re going to be rich soon, and what to do with their invisible currency in attempting to relieve invisible pressure, by paying off invisible debt, rather than to worry about it themselves’.

The purpose of the Psycho-Politics behind an invisible currency reset is to reduce that state of mind to a point where it can be ordered and enslaved. The first target is Man, himself. He must be degraded from a Spiritual Being to an Animalistic Reaction Pattern. He must think of himself as an animal, capable only of animalistic reactions.

He must no longer think of himself or of his fellows, as capable of “Spiritual Endurance,” or Nobility. The first thing to be degraded in any nation is the state of Man, himself. The discrimination centers in the brain turn off when they hear from the online presence of guru authority figures broadcasting their latest news and views, that there is going to be an invisible currency reset any day now, thus rendering the rest of their brains useless for resetting themselves’.

This subservience to guru authority figures serves for capitalistic exploitation and paralyzes the intellectual critical powers of the oppressed masses of invisible currency reset exchangers, which consumes the greater part of their biological energy by chasing something that does not exist, in exchange for something there is nothing of, in order to pay for something that never was.

Their best friends could be bankers, lawyers, politicians and unfortunately, they are all apart of the lie and they all have sworn an oath to propagate the lie and deny the truth. “The Truth Has Been Criminalized” for fostering the “Mistrust of Others” by using the “Say-So” of the peoples will (wishes) against them, for fueling constant wars without end with invisible currency.

The public demand for an invisible currency exchange is incredible, so the human god, the politician, meets incredibility with incredibility by promising the world and delivering nothing. So who is the bigger liar, “the public” or “the godfather”? This public behavior is surrender born of fear, laziness, and expediency. It is the basis of an invisible currency reset as a strategic weapon against a disgusting public, short circuiting them for anything useful.

The Low Ranking sources said that money is a key element of the story of Separation that defines your civilization. The “Abstract Value of Money” has taken over any value of promoting human life or protecting any other living thing. Investment in the “Finite Worlds of Money” has taken over priority in most humans desire to invest in the “Infinite Nature of their Consciousness”.

There are serious consequences to that ignorance. The Reptilian Contingent and its small percentage of human puppeteers have created the organizations that became the corrupted priesthood that humans worship. They consume planetary resources and steal human wealth and well-being.

While the mass human population continue to allow the world ruling class of sociopathic reptilian mind sets and their psychosis to be their decision makers of the human kingdom, they are laughing at how stupid humans are for placing value on spoon fed lies about an invisible currency reset, so they can continue to carry out their Negative Alien Agenda, feeding on human terror and human pain. Ultimately at the top of the “food chain”, it is the Negative Alien Agenda behind the manipulated control of the Worlds Invisible Currencies and their markets.

Money is the controller groups’ tool of manipulation, the controlling device given to the corrupted human “power elite”. This group has been given the power from misaligned values, to ultimately decide who has resources or not, who lives and dies, who gets to eat or starve, who gets an education and who dies of cancer or can be healed. They could care less about Human Beings potential or human rights to live on this planet with a sense of Well Being.

The Low Ranking sources said that the financial economic system is architecture of a successful pattern brought here from other planets replicated on earth to involve humanity in a false civilization, because it works so well for controlling the people, where their thoughts and mind is being used by another entity to administer the punishment they do to themselves’, through counterfeiting their identity. Why re-invent the wheel!

Through the Doctrine of Capitalism the financial mechanisms on earth are intentionally in place to create an Astral- Milk-House for low grade ET’s who need to continually create fear so humanity will leak negativity out of every pore of their bodies in order to make this lovely little juice they eat.      

Human mimicking “shape-shifters” using fractal based intelligence have sought to divide and then rule over humanity, similar to shepherds seeking to coral herds of sheep for “harvesting” and “consumption”. Society regards you and your family and friends as nothing more than animals, “cattle,” to be bred and birthed, herded and harvested, sold and slaughtered according to the whims of those who run the global plantation.

You begin to understand that human gland juices, the oral, thick sticky stuff of coherent-emotion is food for beings that can’t make their own “gland bliss”. Negative-coherent-emotion is the food manufactured from manipulating human consciousness that results in undisciplined wrong thinking, which creates your fears for posture induced ecstasy dishing up a food buffet for negative beings to eat you never met, when you feel the agony of separateness, producing amphetamine highs to feed a serious drug addiction.

The Low Ranking sources said the Doctrine of Capitalism is the herding device used to “milk the planet” of your valuable, considerable energy “charge capacity” in the absolute wrong direction, by the fraudulent inducement of a fraudulent execution of the “say-so” of your wills emotionally dismembered broken thinking, discharged in an explosion outside of your electromagnetic body battery, producing negative-coherent-emotion from self-manufactured negativity.

Because in this illusive reality, you are made (mind controlled) to believe that you could actually be ‘separate from your source’, i.e. God, when in truth, separating yourself from source is an impossibility!

The Low Ranking sources said that something else IS happening and until it does, everything remains the same status quo for maneuvering around in a comfortably sedated existence, so everything seems, feels and looks just as real and whole as moms apple pie and ice cream, just how you like it.

Until such time, when everything you have come to know and understand about an invisible currency reset up to now, is going to suddenly change in an instant and will no longer be in operation anymore, by total surprise, at the very last minute. A change so vast that it escapes your perception that no one can possibly tell you about ahead of time.

The Low Ranking sources said that if anyone can’t hold still and figure things out in their own head, and make up their own mind with the abundant amount of information available about what ‘really’ IS happening, rather than relying on the “any day now” invisible currency reset pumpers, then so sad too bad.

It’s sink or swim time psychologically speaking, because no one can tell them what they really need to know in advance of a great amount of unfamiliar change, for navigating with the increasingly shorter windows of opportunity, that in different ways will be presented to them for their very direct and personal assimilation.

So surreal they are going to be at a total and complete loss as to what to do next, with all of their wrongly held beliefs, from an artificial life of fiction architecture supported by a fiction infrastructure, brought to earth from some other very strange and crippled place.

The Low Ranking sources said the big question is, are the people really ready to pass the test, for properly and correctly simulating a new world of transparency for thriving in abundance. Consequently, answers the questions for the continual necessary delay, in waiting for the ones they think they are waiting for. A world of prosperity and abundance is on its way, just not in the way these people are manipulated to think, with their grand imaginings of having stacks of invisible currency so they can shop till they drop.

They said the people are completely misinterpreting and mistaking the concept of what the word ‘change’ is really all about. They said it’s just not all about you, and what you think you don’t have enough of in your bank account, while the rest of the world continues to suffer.

The information for your assimilation about a major change cannot be provided in advance because of the universal prime directive of non-interference in your developing civilization. It allows for the free will of the people to chase the carrot of the promise of the love of getting rich, with fake money they think they want to spend in a broken system that is not set up to work correctly in harmony for prosperity and abundance, and never will.

The Low Ranking sources explained that there cannot be perfect distribution for equality for everyone with the energy of money for abundance without the necessary transparency, and that can’t happen with a fiction judicial system that operates by withholding critical information from the people with non-disclosure.

A judicial system where keeping secrets and lying is actually legal with plausible deniability for a fiction government, designed so the people will automatically by default, do that which is illegal against themselves’ and the people go right along and agree that this contempt they live with for a persecuting nature makes perfect sense.

The Low Ranking sources said that the say-so of the peoples’ will is used against them for their own punishment, because the fiction government is an entity and doesn’t have a will to be punished for any wrong-doing, because IT is a “thing” and not real people.

“It” is invisible and does not have a physical body to be punished by going to jail for doing-wrong illegal things; so obviously, some “body” has to go to jail! This fiction legal system authorizes plunder, has a moral code that glorifies it and a financial system that profits from it, from the fraudulent use of the conveyance of a fiction language for creating systematized error.

Those ghosts don’t use Webster’s dictionary, they gave that to you for you to use. Their vocabulary is their vocabulary, so you end up loosing by tripping all over yourself speaking in tongues, because you don’t understand the language of their homeland born out of a graveyard.

The Low Ranking sources realize how people have this money dream of; “I can finally be independent and do what I want when I want, and nobody can boss me around”! But they say that is a big problem, because people have lived their entire lives doing what a fiction ghost government wants them to do, when they want them to do it, always having to account for their whereabouts, and is only an illusion and not independence on a prison planet.

Why do you think those ghosts will give 100 million to one individual state lottery winner, instead of splitting it up and giving 10 thousand people 10 thousand dollars? Because those ghosts can keep track of one fool and his money and account for his whereabouts a lot easier. Those ghosts don’t want a bunch of their well-trained human resource material falling out of line and getting together with any amount of money, with bright ideas excited about making the world a better place to live.

While those ghosts are fast and furiously busy trashing the planet into extinction with the same bag of lottery money the winner got, those ghosts robbed from you! They own the money magic invisible currency printing presses and those invisible characters are not going to let real people have any more money than they already have right now; just less. Otherwise they don’t make good and polite debt slave thinkers. It’s so considerate of them trying to pay for an impossible debt obligation with invisible currency.

The Low Ranking sources said the dictates and influences of someone else’s will has controlled your entire existence and you would be gravely unfamiliar with the type of accountability and responsibility necessary for the sovereign task of handling your own private affairs with 100 million from living a co-dependent, dysfunctional life of mental incompetence in a psychopathic, schizogenic society! You have got to be kidding, what a mess that would be!

The Low Ranking sources explained that the people have no reason to practice self governance in a system designed for a complete sovereign power give-away out of blind faith. That means they are severely out of the practice of governing their own affairs without interference from outside 3rd party fiction entities, where everyone is considered to be mentally incompetent in a clinical society, who also give their power away and cannot, and do not, have your best living interest at heart. It is an utter unwillingness to take full responsibility for one’s own power.

They said the people have abandoned personal responsibility for autonomous, self-regulation and have lost their freedom to demented Beings who suffer from an overwhelming paranoia, that every other human is their enemy who must be controlled or destroyed.

The Low Ranking sources said that it is easy to teach altered notions to beings who do not want to be responsible for their own lives, slaves are such beings. As long as one chooses to assign responsibility for creation, existence and personal accountability for one’s own thoughts and actions to others, one is a slave.

The Low Ranking sources said that a major collapse of the world’s financial markets is the great pisser-offer for massive change, so everyone can fully grasp how it has affected them. This will cause a shaking up of the world to awaken for enlightenment, setting off the minds of the masses in the positive direction. Like being punched in the stomach for a terrible blow that will make them sick, for the unexpected change that no one was offered an invitation to vote for in advance.

They explained that the outer structures of society holding up the beliefs of the people need to change, so their inner structure can follow along, because they can’t seem to accomplish that great feat individually and collectively on their own for self-manifesting the outer change they wish to see in the world, from their own intelligent self-determination for desiring the inner change strongly enough, for any significant results overcoming tyranny.

It is much too uncomfortable and unfamiliar to deal with and face the inner change, while an artificial persona must be maintained propped up living a busy life in the matrix, where there is no actual time available for the right kind of corrective self introspective surgery for solving the emotional dismemberment of the broken fractal in nature, and in their own nature.

The Low Ranking sources said there is no owners’ manual available with step by step instructions for the people to follow as a guide issued for advising anyone on what the true inherent nature of a stand alone is, for behaving with the competent authority as the sovereign creator of God, creditor and beneficiary of the trust.

People don’t like change, even if that change is for the better, because it is unfamiliar and uncomfortable since they can’t control and predict an uncertain future, so they wouldn’t vote for it anyway. Americans especially, are control freaks from getting hit the hardest with a psychological warfare campaign bombarded with demoralization mind control tactics to keep them off-balance in negativity, for continual interference with the divine flow of creation.

They said this is where exposure to true information does not matter anymore. You cannot change their minds even if you exposed them to authentic information. The process of demoralization is complete and irreversible. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information; the facts tell nothing to him, he will refuse to believe it until he receives a kick in his fat bottom.

The Low Ranking sources said that for some strange logic people think a reset of currencies will save a financial collapse and it makes good reasonable sense, because they are blessed to be the chosen ones for spending their newly found lottery money by putting it right back into an artificial system for more of the same lies, pain and suffering.

With the winnings from gambling they worked so hard for, by following left brain news from blog hopping for any ray of hope of riches on the horizon. It was hard work so it’s time to celebrate a victory, a win for the home team after the big game with beer and pizza, while the rest of the world continues to suffer.

They said these people think they would be saving a financial collapse from happening by going on wild spending sprees buying things they don’t really need, when they don’t realize they already have enough, but always want more. It’s called gluttony! While a billion people are literally starving on the planet, they just want more and are perfectly comfortable living with themselves desensitized and apathetic to the suffering of others, just how those ghosts like it. If you have arrived at the point where you have the ability to read this, then you have enough, it’s just that simple.

The Low Ranking sources explained that the financial change in question is not about what anyone thinks they don’t have enough of in their bank account with so-called money. They said the change is only about one thing and one thing only, the evolution of consciousness, your consciousness, and it is nothing more than juvenile, adolescent spirituality and arrogance to think otherwise.

They said that idea might drive folks just a little bit over the edge to say the least, because they desperately want that money, so the whole world can fulfill their emptiness and need for happiness to satisfy their sense infatuated ego for something there is actually nothing of – money. It would seem to be quite a strange and irresolvable dichotomy to be stuck with, and the main reason the highway robbers can so effectively leave them broke, busted and disgusted.

The Low Ranking sources were told by lower sources 2nd in command near the bottom, that they are not about to allow a bunch of careless, reckless, undisciplined, mind controlled, party animal patriotic American shopaholics with a lottery mentality, run loose on the streets like free range chickens with millions of dollars, when they have never had it before. Thinking they are going to help make the world a better place with the same crummy thinking that created the current world they find themselves complaining about!

When in truth, they can’t help themselves out of the mess they find themselves in with a dead fiction corporation government that does not exist, in order to get to the other side of midnight to see what they are really and truly up against for the acceptance necessary to allow for the prosperity consciousness they so desire, but don’t yet know how to arrive at its destination from a life long of poverty consciousness!

They said that while everyone is complaining about a financial crisis, the real crisis is only going on in the mind of man, just as planned and the great change is going to aid and assist in helping them face that fact, they avoid knowing and have collectively proven unwilling, their desire for wanting to know, because they desperately want that so-called money to help save the world, when they can’t even save themselves.

The Low Ranking sources said one of the first steps in the transition toward a more sane process for human beings to exchange goods, services and creativity is to understand the futility of the current system. Money doesn’t “work”. The idea that you can make money from money has been derived essentially from the concept of gambling – something for nothing. Money embodies the principle, “More for me – is less for you.”

What has been deceiving about the financial economic system is the fantasy behind it all, this money does not only “not work”, it doesn’t really exist; it can disappear in an instant. Money will not go away completely; it will just become increasingly less relevant. The exchange between human beings will rely less and less on this abstract concept.

The Low Ranking sources said this change is benevolently managed and overseen at a very high level of intelligence and is a galactic operation on high of unimaginable proportions, with all things considered and for all concerned for positive outcomes, instead of just a few chosen not so blessed ones, that were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

They said the people are going to need their time and help to fully grasp how the enormity of it all is going to affect them and having a bunch of money would only serve as a major distraction to undermine any real forward progress, and getting so-called rich isn’t part of the plan for needing to process a great and dramatic amount of unknown, untold psychological change, when they are woefully unprepared for the dynamics of thriving in abundance.

They explained there is help happening, it’s just not in the manner people think by way of acquiring high numbers of digits listed on a bank computer screen in service to themselves chasing after their personal ambitions and obsessed with perpetual goals of attainment for that stuff called money. Just so they can finally prove to their friends and family that some God of their understanding was good to them, with more material things they don’t really-really need.

And this is all the proof their mind needs which says, they must have done something right with the law of attraction having obtained those things for possession and ownership, by taking a once in a lifetime chance at finally getting so called rich.

Well unfortunately, while everything is energy, in order to have something there is nothing of called money, you have to sink down into the lower vibrating like kind matching negative energies to have the “no-substance of no-thing” and as a consequence, your valuable considerable time and energy in your effort in obtaining a fiction no-thing called money, is lost. It is exactly how your life is being stolen, because your time is stolen in the process and you can’t ever get that time back.

The Low Ranking sources say that at this point in history the only way the minds of the masses can change dramatically enough for a significant 100th monkey event for the amount of collective mass conscious attention necessary to meet a minimum threshold for a tipping point, for moving swiftly in a new positive direction they are yet unfamiliar with without telling them in advance, is for them to get royally pissed off. Which will cause the effect for the desire for a positive change they can’t be told ahead of time, or would they ever consider choosing over their fiction governments’ dead invisible body politic.

They said this is a slower way for progress for accepting responsibility to accomplish the great feat of evolving in order to move the mountain in the field of consciousness of a civilization and society forward in the positive direction for massive change. Though it is at this point in history, the only way without actually interfering with free will, otherwise nothing changes it only gets worse.

So there is a dilemma of huge unexpected change coming first, necessary for an abundant livelihood that people desire that only operates in harmony. But first they will need to become pissed off and upset, which will be the fuse to facilitate the cause of the effect of a great change, since they have proven themselves incapable of exposing themselves for full disclosure by making the great change of transparency for harmony on their own.

The Low Ranking sources said that the implosion of the current financial system is the main compression event for the catalyst for this change, because it has been the main tool for controlling humanity. Abundance can only take place in the aftermath of a highly upsetting economic collapse.

Chasing after a non-existent invisible currency reset is only delaying this change, and that was the whole purpose and point, because there is no actual money, there is only credit, so your valuable time and energy is wrongly spent. No so-called debt anywhere is going to be paid off, because it is all created out of thin air just like the so-called money.

The Low Ranking sources say that disclosure of the truth about 911 is major on the table and that, what IS going to happen is Mass Resting for long deep sleep for half a million or so shady characters including most of congress and also, the implementation of the Common law provisions of Nesara for spiritual economics. It will be a surprise for the shock value necessary to grab the peoples’ strict attention in order for them to become aware and angry enough, to hear the truth about the massive deception that worked against them for thousands of years. (The only Nesara that will come is the new Astral currency. Note, George)

It is the catalyst for a great pisser-offer causing change, bringing about the opportunity for people to accept responsibility for their own participation in helping to create the mess they find themselves in with the effect of manufactured lack in the first place. It will be a time to experience some hard lessons in order to have some karmic releases that will stick in the genetic memory preventing a repeat of these historical cycles.

They will be literally forced to face situations that will not be allowed to get out of control, though it will enable them to test their resolve to withstand the dark unacknowledged side of themselves hidden from view they refuse to admit, accept and talk about. This is what full disclosure is truly all about; it’s not about ET’s in the sky preparing to land on earth in order to satisfy the peoples unresolved fascination with themselves’ they have yet to disclose.

They said it will be a time of grief and healing as everyone is forced to accept the truth of the past and process the tremendous amount of unknown and untold terabytes of information downloaded into their heads for resolution, in order to make space available for the desire of something new and better.

When human beings are regaining their inner wholeness their control over the external world as a consequence is lost, which will create the conditions for such inner unity and wholeness. Then finally be able to direct their attention towards co-creating a brighter future.

The Low Ranking sources said the biggest benefit financially will be across the board debt forgiveness, this will take enormous pressure off survival issues of living on a schedule of having to continually meet deadlines under a compelled performance to engage in unrevealed, undisclosed fiction contracting schemes that come with the fear of constant threats of being shut off, disconnected, foreclosed upon, seized upon, repossessed, captured, immobilized and detained, from your disobedience, should you fail to meet those deadlines.

With abundance you don’t have any more debt for threats of punishment. Then humanity can be allowed to experience its own free will in the garden, but not without first being very upset and pissed off. It absolutely applies with the kind of positive change you wish to see in the world, but just don’t know how to behave like it yet out of neglect, so you are going to get help by being pushed around a bit psychologically, otherwise nothing changes.

They explained that it’s because you don’t and can’t yet know what the truth really is for a comparison from carrying around a head full of lies for an entire lifetime about what exactly, the truth really is. When in reality everything you know is wrong to your true inherent nature as a stand alone sovereign self-governing being, here to freely roam the cabin of planet earth in harmony with others. Instead of war with others competing in the game of fiction commerce for something there is nothing of, in order to pay for something that never was. Just brilliant!

This undisclosed, unrevealed fiction system is obviously hiding many things in secret. That means it can only operate under the idea and concept of “the mistrust of others”. It’s plain and simple, a dead corporation does not trust living people while they are continually robbing them blind of their substance for having any real meaning in life for true bonding with others to take place, so that uniting together for a meeting of the minds could potentially be a serious fierce force to be reckoned with in order to overcome the tyranny being perpetrated against them.

The Low Ranking sources said the people want their government to tell them the truth, but the people are unwilling to tell their own truth. Until the people are able and capable of exposing themselves for the liars they really are for full disclosure of their own truth to be made known for public viewing, they are not the ones they think they are waiting for they currently know nothing about. Their valuable time and energy for having that serious knowledge is not available while on a fast track chasing fiction money for survival issues from manufactured lack for controlling them.

They said that the new age language of enlightenment is certainly better than not and got the people this far, though for truly evolving to the next level it’s just baby steps and left brain news information to feed your mind, compared to what is really required for transparency necessary for prosperity consciousness thriving in abundance. Intellectual knowledge is one thing, though revelation knowledge is another thing entirely.

Words have meaning, but if you don’t strongly mean it with serious intentions, with impeccability, then they don’t really matter, so nothing changes and is exactly why there is outside help propelling this momentous time, because the very old gig of tyranny on earth is up.

The sooner everyone changes their mind about accepting tyranny as being perfectly normal, the sooner they see the visible and significant results from their serious intentions. And that will be after they become thoroughly pissed off and upset after seeing and hearing what they have been involved participating in with the crimes against humanity, by having people killed they never met!

From their own willing complicit obedience in funding economic genocide, accomplished by just simply and innocently living their so-called lives. Without a second thought for any concern about what might be truly going on living in an artificial reality deliberately and specifically in place for giving the very real feel good aesthetic appearance, that something else more important requires their attention, when there really and truly isn’t.

To change outer conditions, you must change your mind, but you must change it with feeling. Thought has no power whatever, unless accompanied by feeling, there must be a ‘father’ and ‘mother’ – knowledge (thought), and feeling. The offspring is the demonstration or healing (result). There must always be feeling in order to effect a change. There must be polarity.

The Low Ranking sources said right now most people don’t have the serious feelings with serious meaning for serious change to occur, because they have been desensitized for apathy and indifference to the sacredness of all life.

So they don’t really mean their intentions with strong emotions, because their natural sentimentality is used against them to cover the unnatural acts of brutality, and why the truth is stranger than fiction, so you just wouldn’t believe it if you tried, and exactly why those ghosts get away with what they do best, death, disease and destruction.

The people are threatened with punishment to agree to commit this happy madness in their own name, from a psychological warfare campaign turned up on the highest setting, and they are none the wiser to it all going on in plain sight, as close as the nose on their face. As long as human beings kill animals, they will kill humans!

They said the people have been well conditioned to withhold their true sentiments and not speak above their breath about how they really feel emotionally, because they can sue or be sued, anytime they make audible sounds out of their mouths into the open air about those true sentiments to be known for full disclosure.

And those true sentiments might severely differ from someone’s strongly held indoctrinated beliefs, and really piss them off to no end and why you are continually censored. So because of this mistrust you never know how people truly feel inside, so you can never completely trust anyone else for bonding together in unity of purpose, for a meeting of the minds. Is this what you call a compassionate united-state of your mind? United States?

The Low Ranking sources said that your “Miranda Warning” tells’ you that, “what you say can and will be used against you”. This “so-called” warning “does not” explain to warn you that, “what you say” applies both “in and out” of an Admiralty court. It absolutely applies in your personal life with friends, family, loved ones and associates and everyone else, known or unknown! The Legal Term; “Feri Facis” means “you cause it to happen” simply because, “you said so”.

So why in the world would anyone ever express their very strong feelings so they may be known? They wouldn’t! Your authenticity depends upon your ability to express yourself fully and completely without self concern and without compromise, because you really mean it, all of the time – with impeccability! So you can be trusted! Hello?

They explained that in the Admiralty Maritime fiction law system you must withhold expressing critical information about yourself for sharing, in exchange for living in a realm of the “Mistrust of Others” for fear of reprisal, ridicule, rejection, public humiliation and self-incrimination if you do, and you are not going to risk it. So you withhold expressing critical information, when you have a very lot invested in an artificial image to keep propped up patronizing everyone else involved in the same thing, and that’s why it’s Groundhog Day all over again going nowhere fast.

Always polite and concerned about saying the right thing and telling people what you think they want to hear for appeasement doing fiction commerce under business contract law, where you can sue or be sued when you open your big talky friendly human mouth in a fiction system, which does not have a mouth of its own to communicate for expressing fiction feelings to real people.

You cannot be trusted? You don’t really mean what you say? And say what you really mean? Exactly, you cannot be completely trusted by anyone! The truth has been criminalized, legally. So that the “say so” of your true will, can and will and is, being used against you at all times with everyone!

The Low Ranking sources said because of this, you must protect yourself from others and this reality has taught you to protect yourself even more from those you love, since it is those you love who can hurt you the most. Your closest friends and allies whom you espouse to love and cherish, are literally “loved to death” by you. The system was built to fail by making compromise and secrecy, fear and mistrust, the essential pillars of the philosophy that support it.

A dead corporation doesn’t have a body with a mouth attached for any sound to come out of, except your live mouth to do it. Dead things don’t have the capacity for truth-telling to be transparent for authenticity to be trusted with information about an invisible currency reset with fiction money. So don’t expect to hear any truth-telling about an invisible thing like an electrical currency reset, by flipping a switch and turning it on just for your living pleasure.

The Low Ranking sources said it is evident that the peoples’ ideas about money are very obviously not bringing them closer together with themselves or anyone else. This money was only designed to keep everyone divided to be conquered for separation. The people are not getting any closer by endearing themselves to one another for unity of anything serious to take shape, while caring so much about the abstract value of something there is nothing of.

They said money has no real existence, except for the legal definitions given by a society that maintains a system of dominance based upon digits on a computer screen. With such a monetary system it is obvious that unity consciousness cannot exist in a real sense, simply because those who have high numbers in the bank computers dominate and decide what the others are to do, and how they are to spend their time, and such dominance is inconsistent with oneness.

The measures given to each individual in these bank computers determine human life in its totality. The current monetary system is simply not consistent with unity consciousness, unity consciousness will be perceived as a threat to many people in economically dominant positions.

The economic system of the world is the greatest obstacle that exists on the planet for the development of unity consciousness. A collapse of the world’s financial structure is a prerequisite for the people to be able to craft relationships of oneness between themselves.

The Low Ranking sources said there is nothing like money that will get everyone’s attention, and if it was not for the carrot of the promise of chasing the dream for that money, these revaluation addicts would not even know all the other family of excited fake friends that in the end, could really care less about who is behind the name on a screen, just as long as one of those names will chat with them to validate their artificial existence, about something that appears to be going on with invisible currencies from translated foreign language, when there really and truly isn’t.

Well, it’s been nice knowin y’all, so long and great chatting with my fine family of fake friends over the years. My time is finished here I got my money now, I don’t need you anymore, I’m going to go quit my job, I don’t need them anymore either. And this, my fine fake friends, is exactly the reason why no one is going to be coming into contact with a bunch of that fake money. And why no courier service is going to be hand delivering any prosperity packages to anyone’s doorstep.

The Low Ranking sources said it doesn’t work for unity of consciousness for evolving a world of people to a new age of enlightenment, where everyone has enough, instead of just a few chosen ones who can’t get themselves out of the wet paper bag they find themselves in with an artificial existence, in order to collectively come together for a meeting of the minds, except to get that fake money and then leave, for more of the same separation.

The Low Ranking sources said that money is always on everyone’s mind and all anyone ever seems to think about, they never seem to have enough and always want more. They never leave home without it and carry it with them wherever they go. Money has “In God We Trust” printed on it and that is the God they pray to, the God of this world.

It’s just nothing personal of course; it’s just the impersonal business of contracting with a dead thing. Your good, godly nature is coerced by manipulation to volunteer your free will consent to say “yes”, by some clever lunatic psychological experts with 1,200 iq’s, so that your very sensitive emotional nature absolutely will, without fail, take contracting with dead things very serious and very personal indeed!

The Low Ranking sources said that a dead corporation doesn’t have any emotional feelings to take anything personal, but real people do, and those ghosts work hard around the clock to make sure the people keep animating the essence of their souls strictly for those ghosts attention. This is an electric universe and your electromagnetic body battery is filled with currency and those renegade grave hopping ghosts absolutely need it.

Their only existence is to make sure they keep your body battery always and forever at the ready by constantly being manipulated, forcing its valuable energy to focus its attention upon ‘things’, ‘objects’ outside of itself, for exploding your body’s charge capacity off into an atmospheric vacuum cleaner in the sky and draining it for a loss of charge.

Just so you don’t have that charge to use for yourself in order to reduce your ability to properly decode “true reality” as it is happening right now into its full potential, able to recognize patterns of perfection, rather than going along with familiar patterns created for your destruction.

They said the ONLY reason those ghost need to contract with human beings is because they need to keep them plenty busy, occupied and thoroughly distracted from having the actual time available to look into their own souls! Because those ghosts are extremely jealous – since a dead thing doesn’t have a soul to look into!

The Low Ranking sources said that the only thing that is really and truly going on here, is that the fiction government absolutely has to scare the holy living crap out of real people to keep them all charged-up like the energizer bunny to do something, anything, because no matter what they choose to do will be totally unnatural and the wrong thing.

By continually being compelled to perform animating their live body battery under a constant threat of disobedience from peer pressure to volunteer a “coerced legal free will consent” to a ghost corporation for getting them to open their big talky friendly human mouths to say “yes” to contracting with something that does not exist. Which they have absolutely no business doing, because uncommon things cannot use common things to satisfy its appetite!

They explained that your electromagnetic body battery is being charged up with invisible currency for a continual reset for animating your body battery like the energizer bunny going nowhere fast. All for discharging your essence outside of yourself for a complete power give-away of your authority as a sovereign being.

All for the sole (soul) purpose, just so you don’t have that essence to use for yourself how you see fit to determine, when you determine it. Any charge those ghosts ever refer to has nothing to do with some amount of money, there is no money. This is only about invisible things like electricity, like your electromagnet body battery’s charge capacity.

And that is precisely how you have been so easily taken to the cleaners by a ghost corporation that is attempting to communicate to real people by making Statements on a sheet of paper out of a mouth it doesn’t have through the mail every month, who can’t speak to you personally about some invisible currency charge?

Sent to the address where your live body battery sleeps at night and laughing all the way to the bank, knowing you are well conditioned to answer for the domestic servant residing on your drivers’ license, who can’t speak out of a mouth it doesn’t have either! Can you say; I’m a sucker and my whole family are suckers?

And those ghosts thank you from the bottom of their blood thirsty ritualistic hearts for your blind obedience to be a good and considerate debt slave to answer, by reaching into your pocket for something there is nothing of, in order to pay for something that never was with a certain species of invisible currency.

The Low Ranking sources said it’s really quite simple, it is impossible for that which does not exist to tell you the truth about an invisible currency reset. It is only in your mind that actors and roll players known as politicians, attorneys, agencies, bankers etc., who write words on paper could actually speak to you personally, they can ONLY speak to the dead name listed on your birth certificate, but your live body keeps answering.

The Low Ranking sources explained that the name listed on your birth certificate is your “war name”. It is a “name of war”, a fictitious “nom de guerre”, a “prisoner of war name”, a name for a “Non-Living-Entity” given to you at your birth by the fiction government, for strictly doing COMMERCE with a Dead Corporation.

Because the people have been at war with themselves and everyone else and they are treated as such, as a “war like creature”. Commerce under ‘Business Contract Law’ is war against the people without the spilling of the blood. Because everything that is law is death that is why it is oppressive, and that is why you end up loosing.

The Low Ranking sources said it’s the great identity theft, a challenging deception by counterfeiting the people’s name. The DESCRIPTIVE NAME; “GEEZUS H KHRIST”, is an “IMAGINARY IMAGE”, a creation of fiction, derived from the mind of men who are under the controlled authority and influence of SATAN, THE DIEOBLOUS working behind the scene, vying for the possession of souls and worship of every man, woman and child.

Who, ascribes to the use of the ‘Descriptive Name’ listed on the birth certificate, against the use of his or her own ‘Given Name’, given to the child by the parents in the commission of conducting his or her own private affairs, in the business of trade for goods and services for the promotion of intrastate, interstate and international commerce.

The Low Ranking sources said that you have accepted the Life-Program that you and the “nom de guerre” listed on your birth certificate are “One and the Same”. All things similar are not identical, and a thing similar is not exactly the same. The living has taken on the character of the dead, and the dead has taken on the character of the living. The ghost that has arisen from the grave of the self!

The fiction government is a ‘Congregation of the Dead’ and can only speak to themselves, which is an impossibility. Governments’ operating in the fiction is FICTION. Fiction can only speak to what it is, FICTION. Without you, the government can do nothing; it needs your energy to work. A lie can only speak to what it is, a lie. That is all it can ever produce, a lie, because it is a lie itself.

The government only exists in your mind. If you believe there is a government, your believing and your faith is in vain and totally devoid in sound judgment. In which, you have only spoken to “Actors Occupying Offices of the Government”. The government is a corporate fiction just like all other actors, and if you think the fiction government can hear anything that real people say, then keep your mouth shut and let it! Invisible fiction things, can only have intercourse with other fiction things, and not otherwise!

The Low Ranking sources said that the new form of money in a new world of abundance is your bold appreciation expressed. Your authentic appreciation is the payment received in exchange for goods and services when you are able to thrive in abundance with others, where no one needs to lose while someone else gains for a break in the free flow of energy exchange.

They said that you must genuinely “appreciate” for the exchange of energy that is currently used called money for the correct harmonic resonance frequency of a higher vibrating level of being human, for thriving in a new world of abundance.

A world of abundance requires transparency for knowing how you “really” feel, after existing bottled up holding back keeping secrets of unexpressed feelings, from a life of emotional dismemberment. Unable to be free to fully express your mind and heart and say what you mean and mean what you say, without self concern and without compromise, for fear of the say-so of your will being used against you. Consequently, you are too cautious with your words, so your very strong feelings as a human being may never be expressed.

That IS the real money and that is how you are rich inside of yourself, by expressing your bold appreciation in exchange, instead of exchanging the abstract value of worthless colored pieces of paper that has effectively proven to have no true substance for any real meaning in life, whatsoever!

The Low Ranking sources said the real so-called money you seek for an abundant livelihood was nefariously hidden in plain sight, 180 degrees away from the real creditor in commerce – you – the one reflecting in the mirror. Everything works out in reverse; the mirror image of a lie is the truth your mind rejects. What you are looking for, you are looking with. You already are that which you seek, the money.

They said chasing the green stuff called money IS the grand distraction to finding out who you really and truly are by coming into contact with the long-lost and forgotten essence of your soul, for sharing soul evolution memory with others. The vast majority of people have very little time or the inclination to give serious consideration to the true meaning of their existence as a Human Being.

Your electromagnetic body battery is the container housing the charge capacity of your essence – that is your wealth. Your circulating blood is the gold that keeps you alive, and your signature mark is the actual money for exchanging the energy from the unlimited credit available in your dead trust account, in the buy and sell of goods and services with a dead fiction corporation government!

The Low Ranking sources said left brain news information is not the truth, it’s just news! The truth is still foreign in a fiction land of your understanding, where the truth seems so strange that you don’t trust it, because you need it to look the way you want it to look, and sound the way you want it to sound.

The Lowest Ranking sources under the bottom of it all, just plainly said to grow up and solve the problem yourself. That is, the business of fulfilling your own individual life contract with yourself, instead of fulfilling a fiction contract with an invisible dead thing in hiding. That is not specifically in place to facilitate your happiness and need to get rich with invisible currency, let alone become enlightened for trusting anyone for truth-telling.

They said those ghosts are only in place to keep you separated forever with your occupation of chasing something there is nothing of, in order to pay for something that never was. An exercise in futility just how those ghosts like it. Human Beings were not created in the image and likeness of a god in order to do unnatural things with fiction entities! So the big question is, why are you doing it?

You are great souls endowed with unlimited capabilities involved in a grand experiment called life, who have undertaken to experience duality by drinking the waters of forgetfulness in order to deal with the challenges that it brings up through life’s experiences. To add realism to this game of separation, the Ego Self is deliberately structured to be unaware of its true state of Being, that being that you are an individualized, but inseparable aspect of Source.

Because of this state of affairs, most humans are completely unaware of the Laws of Manifestation or the fact the Physical Universe is a Consensus Reality involving the Consentient Agreement of all involved to bring it into manifestation. As a result of this, the Ego Self of most humans vehemently denies it is responsible for everything that happens in its life.

And is the reason why the truth seems stranger than fiction and pisses you off, so you will be tempted to agree to go to war with yourself and others. From being indoctrinated and well conditioned through expert programming with prejudice and patriotism, to treat the truth as being ridiculous, absurd and untrue.

The Low Ranking sources said it’s time to grow up, look around you and look at your lives! And that is the truth that pisses you off, because you just heard the truth and you don’t like it, but you don’t have the proper context in which to frame your beliefs for correctly processing in harmony, without going to war.

Because you are living a lie in an artificial fiction realm propped up as a happy, smiling depressive stuck in a consensus trance of an illusion doing fiction commerce for fiction money that is not real to your true inherent nature as a sovereign sentient god-like being you presently know nothing about.

The Low Ranking sources explained that this fiction realm of duality defaults into negativity, it is a game for spiritual growth opportunities to gain experience for enlightenment in the endeavor of solving your own riddle of uncertainty. So the subconscious mind automatically rejects what is strange and unfamiliar, denying what is intuitively positive – the truth! Your conscious mind expresses disbelief and gets pissed off, because the truth seems so strange that you don’t trust it. Only then, do you know for certainty, that you just heard the truth in duality, and you just don’t like it.

Why do you think people are so fascinated with the mystery of ghosts and ghost stories? Because your whole entire artificial life as you have come to know and understand it, is a fiction nightmare extravaganza from hell on wheels played upon your consciousness, all created to back up your great fascination for dead things! Those ghosts have you in a state of suspended animation operating in confusion.

The Low Ranking sources explained the big picture; in witch the people are involved in a séance with the occult practices of a dead corporation that has miraculously hired public pretenders to roll play for portraying themselves as caring human beings. Witch, has proven to be represented as a professional association of hit men collectively called politicians performing a ritualistic sacrifice with the live body of real people. Because of course, a dead thing doesn’t have a body of its own to sacrifice for practicing live on stage rituals, for promoting fear and fascination to the living.

They went on to say that those pretenders are nothing more than a bunch of necrophiliacs dressed up in Halloween costumes having a party for the dead, while holding your live body captured hostage as the sacrificial lamb to administer the punishment you do to yourself, from counterfeiting your personal identity.

So those ghosts can cover their invisible tracks while they raid your dead trust account for monetizing your family’s inheritance and taxing you into oblivion, by continually resetting your electromagnetic body’s invisible currency, with every animated move you make and every invisible breath you take, threatening you to pay triple for everything.

The Low Ranking sources said that most humans are unaware that they are the ones who hold the power to change life. They assume that things will never change. That is why for thousands of years millions of people on Earth have lived in anguish. For thousands of years, over hundreds of lives, their sub-consciousness has been filled and subjected to many different beliefs, forced upon them with the threat of death if they disobeyed.

Human beings behave like machines, levers which may be grasped and turned, and there is little real difference between automating a society and automating a shoe factory. They cast aside self-responsibility for immediate material gain from an alleged invisible currency reset and neglect their spiritual nature. Instead of maintaining sovereign dominion over a fiction system, they allow a soulless mechanical system to control THEM.

The Low Ranking sources said that most people do not see, understand, or care very much about the catastrophe going on with the planet, because they are overwhelmingly preoccupied with grave psychological problems, always in a fast hurry for the next emotional feel good high for getting rich. Only to put a temporary band aid on a severe dilemma in exchange for their accountability of uncovering the richness from within, yet unknown, undiscovered and unresolved.

They said that the knowledge of god, or even of the son of god, is worthless to the one who does not deeply know him or herself, and no amount of money is going to help anyone get to that place inside of themselves’ for obtaining their own true richness yet undiscovered from within. Until they end in their lives all of the fiction things that are not true, they can forget about any type of enlightenment. They absolutely must cease fighting everything and everyone.

The Low Ranking sources said that “trust of others” has all been wishful thinking and has all been nothing more than the peoples’ own intense desire longingly and wistfully hoped for. Trust offered, shared and honored is an essential prerequisite for the establishment of an environment in which peace can arise for having abundance.

And there must be full disclosure of the truth about all of the lies of the counterfeit identity of the people necessary for transparency, for sharing authenticity before that can happen. If you don’t have trust you don’t have transparency and you don’t have the free flow distribution of abundance. When the storage of your unresolved psychological issues is eliminated in your inner world, there is space available for manifesting the creation of abundance in your outer world.

It’s called PEACE! But you probably think there isn’t enough of that so-called money floating around in the invisible air for big daddy ghost and company to accomplish that great feat for you, while he’s spending all your family’s inheritance on wars without end to protect you from the invisible boogeyman!

So it is, that Money and the greed that it has brought upon the backs of humanity, must be taken out of the lexicon of humanity’s thought processes for unity consciousness to develop – and so it will. When you can want what you need, instead of needing what you want, then you will have everything!

The Siren still sings, ever so faintly to lull the weary back to sleep.

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