How Immediate Creation Works Better with Humour

Georgi Stankov, April 25, 2016

Only yesterday I published the fictitious speech of Killary Clinton in front of the board of the Orion bank Goldman Sachs which was initially published in Counterpunch and is more revealing about the greedy, unscrupulous nature of the Orion banksters and their political minions than all facts, charts and statistics in finance. Guided by my HS to a flight in humour, I linked this speech to the hilarious scenes in the famous movie musical Mary Poppins in the Fidelity Fiduciary bank and the immediate run on the bank.

And today Brad wrote to me and sent me a link to an article where Goldman Sachs has admitted that the bank has lost a decade… of what… of robbing the people too little as Killary also complains in her speech:

“Dear George,

Supercharged that one didn’t you. With Goldman Sachs, Michael Krieger, a funny woman (Mary Poppins) with brains, the Astral Currency, peace, and the rest.  You make a fine editor, Captain.  Sure like the “transformational change” line at the top of this article. They are going to fail to deliver silver in May or June because that is the funniest outcome (but don’t hold me to it, insert smiley face)  Have a great day.

But the cosmic humour has just commenced to transform this planet upside down. After my response to Brad,

“Dear Brad,

I am glad you find this article funny as I have a new laughing bomb shell today with you and me (wait for the publication). The most significant fact is that after I published the Counterpunch satire with Mary Poppins videos, I went outside to clean the entrance from the many pine cones and needles that the big pine tree on the street in front of the door sheds off these days. I had a wonderful inner feeling from my HS that we have made it and that the change will happen with ease and humour and when we shall look back we will be astounded how hilarious and insignificant all our tribulations have been. Haven’t had this inner optimistic feeling for a very long time, actually since I began to discover the Universal Law in the early 90s.”

he immediately sent me this link to another brand new article on Goldman Sachs which I will publish below because it is so hilarious and so convincingly proves our unlimited creationary potential as Logos Gods:

“OMG!  Now this.

I concur a million percent with what you wrote. I had such an amazing feeling as the love and laughs flowed through since yesterday.  Hilarious and insignificant is right.  How powerful.  And it is getting funnier all the time.”

Obviously, Goldman Sachs is running out of cash and wants to take hold of the two-pence of the small people before the run on the banks comes. Then its decision to accept 1 dollar saving accounts from mortal humans is tantamount to no less than a true revolution in the corporate mentality of this predatory bank of the Orion elite.


Want to bank at Goldman Sachs? Now the little guy can

CBC news, April 25, 2016

Goldman Sachs (GS) is now the bank for the common man.

The Wall Street icon has opened an online bank that’s available to anyone with $1, compared with the company’s $10 million minimum for opening a private wealth management account.

There are a few points to keep in mind with new bank, First, it’s only offering savings accounts, which means it’s not going to replace a consumer’s day-to-day checking account. Second, while Goldman offers a competitive annual percentage yield of 1.05 percent, there are banks that offer even higher interest rates on savings accounts.

“It’s certainly competitive with other online savings accounts,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at “Their offering is one of four that are paying that same yield and available nationwide. There are five others that pay higher yields. It’s new for them, but it’s not new ground.”

The banks that offer higher yields include Dime Savings Bank of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, New York, which is offering an APY of 1.1 percent. Still, some of those offers require high opening balances, such as $1,000 in the case of the Dime account.

Opening an online savings account is one approach toward creating an emergency savings fund, McBride said. That’s something that many Americans lack, with research from Bankrate finding that almost two-thirds are unprepared for an unexpected $500 expense.

“Everybody in America needs an emergency savings account,” McBride said. “The best place to put it is in an account that is federally insured, completely liquid and one that pays a competitive return. The top yielding savings accounts meet all three of those requirements.”

It may seem like an abrupt about-face for Goldman, which is known for backing high-flying IPOs and financing mergers and acquisitions. The rollout of savings accounts for the hoi polloi comes as the investment bank is feeling pressure to diversify its revenue following recent hits to its core investment banking business and declining return on equity, according to The Financial Times.

Goldman’s online banking venture has ties to the company’s purchase of $17 billion in deposits from GE Capital, which was approved by federal regulators earlier this year.

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