Energy Report of the PAT – April 29, 2016

Energy Peak at the Beginning of the Mercury Retrograde – April 28th


The comments from Boyd really were an aha moment. I had been wondering why I went to bed on April 26th without a sore shoulder and neck and then woke on the 27th barely able to move my right shoulder. I went to my regular maintenance chiropractor on the 27th and he said the spine  wasn’t  misaligned, but the muscles in my right shoulder were so knotted and stressed, How could that be just by lying in bed. Then I read Boyd’s comment about PAT coming to his aid and it all made sense. Today the pain has moved up into my upper neck but isn’t as bad. I have felt the ringing in ears and slight vertigo the last two days and a little knotting in the stomach but not as much as in years past. I am still surprised that my body is better able to handle these energies than in the past despite their intensity.I would have thought I would have died long ago. It’s mostly the fatigue, where even though I am fatigued you really can’t sleep for very long at a time without waking up. George, why do you think it is necessary for me to wake up every hour then go back to sleep then wake in another hour and on and on each night. Is it to rest briefly from all the inter dimensional activity and work? Of course peeing buckets every hour could also be the reason. This process is undeniable funny  in an odd way (gallows humor) as you have mentioned recently.


Dear Jerry,

thank you for this confirmation of the energy work we have done in the last few days. I can only surmise that we travel so much throughout the timelines and the universe that we must regularly return to our bodies otherwise they may not be able to move anymore and we will have to leave this reality. This is only my supposition based on the rigidity of my muscles when I wake up. Enhanced diuresis is the other reason why I also awake several times during the night. But ultimately it maybe be simply that our day-night circadian circle is now completely offset when the linear time is being wrapped up and the boundaries between dream time and daily consciousness are blurred.

With love and light

Hello Georgi and Carla,

I can confirm the 26-27th as well, it may have begun earlier but it definitely peaked in the evening and overnight of the 26th. I felt the collective fears, anxieties and despair all day the 26th, and then in the evening I was completely exhausted and very frustrated. That evening, the 26th, I did have dream that I was in the backroom of a store (which typically means working with PAT, outside of 3/4D reality). In the dream there was a lot of celebrating, we all felt very good about what a great job we had performed. We laughed for a long time, and then we all went home tired and content. Yesterday, the 27th I was exhausted upon waking up, and felt again the onslaught of energies. My body is still tired and my leg nerves are twinging again. Also, my left ear is in and out of hearing today which also indicates for me that we are entering into an intense shift such as March when it was out for a whole month. Interesting, yesterday in the morning our well pump burst, and when the repairmen showed up he was driving a Van with the Company logo ‘Aquarius’. I took this as confirmation of our success.

Also, I came across this:

SOLAR SECTOR BOUNDARY CROSSING (UPDATED): On April 29th or 30th, Earth will cross a fold in the heliospheric current sheet – a vast wavy structure in interplanetary space separating regions of opposite magnetic polarity. This is called a “solar sector boundary crossing,” and it could trigger geomagnetic activity around Earth’s poles. NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of G1-class geomagnetic storms when the crossing occurs. 


With Love,

Hi George,

My comments for your latest article: “Another Energy Peak on the Eve of the Mercury Retrograde April 28th”

I am having a truly fantastic time with my new self. Still I am destitute, still I am alone, but I have begun to heal my body after all the years of sickness. Feeling free-er than I have in years.

I have been living in three lives at a time now for the last couple of days or so.  One of them in the reality that Boyd was having trouble with.  Boyd, you are welcome, don’t hesitate to call again, but I don’t think you will have need too.  We spanked those boys in a matter of minutes, it was like superman swatting a nat (my HS said that we need to start looking after ourselves a little bit more, that is why no “other” type help was available).  They got nothing, just fear tactics.  From now on “bird” is the word.  Just a play on words for me, having trouble putting the right words and context to make comprehension of my sentences in this reality at this time.

Basically, don’t start none-won’t be none is what they have been told.  This too just a play because we know they can’t stand still and keep their mouths shut. So it is the ante has moved up and we are to start working with more and more confidence and power to create the new reality.

I’m not sure how to say this part but will try to put it so you can see what I see.

I have been shown outside of time the how’s and why’s of the thoughts that come into my mind.  All thoughts are the same as all actions and all realities. They are all the same thing and we simply poke our minds in to see what is going on in some reality or multiples of same.

Mind is all we are, we think therefore the thoughts that come into your mind ARE the akashic records of everything in a planetary group and all the actions from all time are happening at the same time.  The only thing that we do is focus in on what it is our HS wants us to see or now, what we want to see.  It has seemed to me that all the other writers that have spoken of this have made it seem hard or at least you need to know more or do some incantation or something of the sort, but the truth is that you do it all the time and it is so easy, just like moving your hand to scratch your nose.  You do this without noticing it because it is just that easy.  It is the same with what timeline you wish to experience or what specifically you wish to manifest in your life.  There is a caveat though, your HS has to approve so you must do the inner work first (which is being done for the bulk of humanity by the higher reality personalities and ourselves to expedite the climb back up the frequency ladder).

The dark and the light are what we created to have this thrill ride, but in the end all temporary things must come to an end.  This has been one loooonnnggg ride and we have faced all the fears that have been thrown at us.  This ride is at an end, soon now you will have to choose another or multiples.

It is time for us to regain our composure and start having fun, nothing can stop the plan, nothing can stop the party at the end!


Hi George,

I confirm that for three days in a row I also felt very bad physically and I have flu-like symptoms and my throat hurts, which hasn’t happened to me for more than 2 years probably, so I was very surprised of that. I also felt all those fears and anxiety of humanity, on the 27th of April I cried throughout the day for no apparent reason, just I was feeling very low on emotional level. And I had very pronounced headache starting from Monday which also hasn’t happened in a while. And I thought to myself that shit big is taking place. I felt very very dizzy on Tuesday, even my mother and a colleague of mine were feeling the same way. I also tried some invocations just to clear my fields of everything but it was like nothing worked, just the crying helped me somewhat. I hope that these extreme episodes will just be getting less and less.

Give my best to Carla as well.
Sending you love and light!


On the 26-27th, an angry storm ripped through the neighborhood. I have experienced a lot of house-shaking thunder in my years, but while suspended half-awake, my sense was of completing a task. I knew it to be not just a violent Texas thunderstorm, but space-time ripping at the seams. I was calm in this state of in-between, and untethered elsewhere. It felt like the sounds and energy were coming from another world – Zeus in an explosive fury of lightning and thunder all at once.

The following morning there were tree limbs strewn all about, and large oak trees felled like slaughtered beasts. The electricity out, the people’s energy fields blasted apart, I felt the stagnation of this place had been violently shaken and dismissed, that another new world had arrived and I was glimpsing how the people might begin anew.



Dear Georgi,

it’s really been brutal since April 26th. I mean, are we still here? For a few days now, the embodiment of the cognitive dissonance amongst humans have grown to such gargantuan proportions that it has almost eclipsed the Sun. I can’t say if it’s just stupidity or it’s real. It is in fact another bubble which is about to pop any moment now. I feel like we’re punching on the glass (Matrix) with our own hands and that’s why we’re bleeding – exhaustion and depletion. Two nights ago my muscles almost evaporated, as I woke up in the morning unable to move. Or perhaps I’m a sleepwalker and I workout at night..

The Mercury retrograde was always very powerful, but this time it’s really tough. My relatives are acting like total assholes and probably want to annihilate each other, or me. It’s like waves during the day – the calmer part and then the blast. The best friend I’ve got right now is probably the neighbour’s cat, lol. The truth’s gotta get out! It’s knocking on everyone’s door. I’m really pissed with everything for a few days now and I cannot really tell if it’s me or the collective garbage. I’m just trying to be calm as much as possible as no invocation really works.

With regards,

J. Fleischman



Hello  George,

Just read the PAT energy report. Had to confirm what was said from the PAT.  Remember having a dream in a lower time line. There were about six of us on the 26, who came to Boyd’s calls. As I remember us reading a note that was left behind for us to follow. To get back. All I remember seeing on the note was the word PAT and there were directions, that I can not remember. Woke up.

In the night of 26, 27th.  Travis wrote about the storms in Texas.  I was on watch for the most part of the night.  The weatherman on the television was hyping up the storm coming, must have been five days in advanced.  Lightning, Thunder, Rain.  Was quite a show.  Sat out in the backyard watching .  Being the guardian that I am.  Between 1:00 and 1:30 AM, the Tornado sirens went off, that night. Not once, but twice in that half an hour. From where I was sitting there was no call for it to go off.  It was just raining at the time. Most of the worse part of the storm had already past,  when the Sirens went off.   Had to keep my focus of being neutral, while those Blasted Sirens went off.  Pissed me off, once I was off guard. Scared the rest of the family.  Not me…  My Daughter actually got up and sat in the Bathtub.

She was so afraid. How do you explain to someone, that everything is going to be alright. When they don’t believe you. Don’t even know who I am.

On the 28th. I have never felt like that before. The fading out, all morning. Where was I going to? The Bi-locating. The stomach. You name it.  I felt it all.  These past few days was one hell of a roller-coaster ride.  Had to write as I couldn’t write on the 28th.

Love from the Hills of Arkansas




Please thank Brad for his latest update and especially tying it together with Neil Young’s Heart of Gold which should be on every PAT member’s required listening list. I am inspired to write an article called “PAT-miners of hearts of gold” but I am not sure I am up to the task. I would like to also tell Brad that my HS confirms that May will bring many of the revelations he has so many times written about. Thanks for your continued efforts as well George. Can you believe it has been almost five years since you started the website and I found you almost immediately. What a journey. I would like to say I would not trade it for anything but I am not good at lying. (because of the heart of gold thing gets in the way)


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