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Charlotte Smith, April 21, 2016


Georgi Stankov

Our PAT member Charlotte Smith has shown how each one of us can contribute in these days of unvarnished truth to the exposition of the ubiquitous fraud on this planet and to accelerate the process of Revelations and our ultimate transfiguration and Ascension. It is not sufficient just to sit and wait and contemplate about the clinical symptoms of the LBP during these interminable source waves, which is undoubtedly a large portion of our daily experience. We must now take the initiative and do something concretely that satisfies our inner quest for justice and freedom of the individual. Such acts build a powerful standing wave of change and accelerate the ascension scenario, especially when these actions come from us as Ascended Masters and Logos Gods in physical gestalt.

There are two major streams of events that now contribute to building the energetic potential for the final act of revelations before ascension.

1) The hectic fearful activities of the ruling cabal that have to do something to save their failing plans for the NWO and thus only trigger their demise.

2) Our active contributions to reveal the truth by exposing the global fraud of the old Orion system, as is the objective of this website.

Such activities create a massive pressure on the ruling cabal who have lost their orientation after they can no longer rely on their remote viewing and the ability to pick up the right timeline and strategy how to act as to enslave humanity, after we, the PAT, opened the 11.11.1 stargate and the 12.12.12 – 12.21.12 cosmic portal and ascended Gaia beyond the 4D astral plane of the archons, the PTW, where such remote viewing was possible in the past.

This is now acknowledged even by CA (Cosmic Awareness) in its latest channelling by Berlinghof, a source which I have decried as dark and which has even attacked me and the PAT in previous channellings. However, we know from personal experience how easy it was for dark entities to obfuscate the transmission of such messages in the past, especially if the channeller is not critical enough to analyse carefully the transmitted information as we do with Carla. It is no secret that we also received several times contaminated information from dark sources but then, after reading it and applying the criteria of truthfulness as anchored in the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law, we immediately recognized them as dark and deleted them, while making the necessary invocations to protect our fields from further dark attacks. Hence the channeling process is a very vulnerable activity and there is no guarantee that a given source always preserves the pure quality it once had or claims to have.

In the case of CA we had some excellent information from previous channellers as this source is active now for almost half a century. The current channeller Berlinghof could not keep the vibrations high enough to preserve this high quality of the previous channellers. And there were years, from 2012 until recently, when all his messages were contaminated, the predictions never happened and the posteriori explanations of CA, or the dark source that was hiding behind this name, were so weird that they made no sense. This holds true even until March 20th this year when CA announced the possible coming of false flag holographic events from the PTW and the Annunaki from Nibiru as to introduce the NWO. It was a very low vibrating message which any enlightened reader as those from the PAT would immediately discard.

All the more surprising when I read the latest message of CA given on April 17 and published yesterday:

As I told Carla, this message reads at worst as a plagiarism of all I have written on the financial collapse in the last decades and especially in the last two years and at best as a repetition of same. As I am very confident that Berlinghof does not read my website ( I am not so sure about his wife Callista, who used to be a PAT member before she found her husband through my website), there is no way that he knows my ideas as to how the End Time scenario will unfold. I also highly doubt that he has the economic and financial expertise to develop such a scenario for the upcoming financial apoptosis of the banking system. That is why it is remarkable that CA has chosen in its prediction exactly this scenario and uses the same events to confirm it as published by myself in the last days and weeks, especially when even the most critical and competent experts do not see it in this light.

In short, CA predicts the collapse of the dollar and the shutdown of the banks in the West which may happen as early as May 2. While I doubt this date, there are fair chances that this will happen until the beginning of this summer, with the usual caveat that linear time is an illusion.

Why am I digressing in this foreword? Because we have entered the last most critical phase when every personal contribution to raising the energetic potential for the coming change has a significant impact on the collapse of the Orion system and our ascension. My educated guess is that CA has issued this message precisely for this reason as it argues itself at the end of the message. After all, since we have cleansed this uppermost mother planet from all archons and other dark sources, why should CA not be in the position to transmit a clear message of our ascension scenario as to promote our ideas and accelerate the course of the events.

Both Carla and I read this message several times yesterday very carefully and consider it to be clear and of the light. The concept of multidimensionality is presented very well and without any distortions as was the case in the past and the reasons as to why the Empire of Evil must crumble are given in a very logical manner and in full concordance with my argumentation and that of Brad. CA also confirms our massive energetic intervention as Logos Gods and conduits of source energies in the Ascension scenario and the inability of the cabal to read the energetic events – a conclusion we entirely share. The only source of transcendental information the dark secret services now have is our website and what they read here is anything but consoling for them.

And with this I close the circle and have the pleasure to present you the latest action of our very active PAT member Charlotte Smith concerning the legalisation of cannabis and its legal implications for the dark deep US government that may lead to its demise.


Snorting Unity

Great article, but some areas where Brad does not account for the effects of our Ascension.

The Freemason/Illuminati conspiracy to control the Holy Herb of Cannabis is already failing as the people gain the scientific knowledge that the right to Cannabis is a basic human right as so justly ruled by Mexico. (Catch 22 to the MAX!) 

Sufficient evidence exists in the public domain to prove the prohibition of Cannabis is an act of RICO and a violation of one’s basic human rights. Armed with this information the legalization efforts to hide their RICO conspiracy for control will disintegrate as all other systems of control will disintegrate under the loving, well documented gaze of the Ascended Masters (us). 

I’ve already posted an ad for signatures in Craigslist calling out the criminals listed at the end of this email. 

It is a divine principal confirmed by science; matter changes its behavior when it knows it’s being observed.

The effort to control Cannabis through legalization will evaporate once the people merely speak the truth and that’s where we come in. 

This scientific and medical evidence verifies that cannabis is not a dangerous or toxic drug at all, but according to a paper published in the December 2004 issue of Scientific American, the psychoactive THC in cannabis is, in fact, a 500-million year-old neurotransmitter that switches on a two-way communication and feedback system in the brain of all humans and other vertebrate animals, which has completely redefined the science of neurology.  See this article for more info.

The same divine principles apply to Killary and all the other candidates. As events stipulate, their perceived legitimacy will evaporate. Her emails have already exposed her Satanist worship and mental health problems which were leaked just this week in the Globe.

Using the Astral Currency as the first step, it’s time to start the process of arming the population with what they need in order to peacefully speak the truth while they observe the changes.

As always, thank you, Carla, Brad, Travis and all the PAT for everything. Brad’s right, we could never have the perspective we have without your work.

Peace & Light


My Ad:

Restitution for all Hippies, Blacks and anyone else arrested for Pot.

We demand the US government stop using the “war on drugs” as an excuse to kick in the doors of “Hippies and Blacks” as admitted by John Ehrlichman.

We demand the US government stop behaving as an accessory to the crime of Racketeering in the enforcement of the prohibition of Cannabis.

We demand the US government compensate everyone who has ever been arrested for smoking Cannabis or obtaining Cannabis using a graduated scale that compensates individuals based upon the length of their incarceration at no less than $40,000.00 per year.

Information in the public domain proves the prohibition of Cannabis was engineered and enforced by a Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization under the control of 33rd degree Freemasons in various state legislatures and the United States Congress.

Congress willfully and wantonly ignored the advice of the American Medical Association and passed the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, after elements within the US government engaged in the transmission by television broadcast radio waves of false and misleading information in the form of the movie “Refer Madness” and going on to commit every offence of RICO.

Even before the admission of Nixon’s aide John Ehrlichman was made public, arrest statistics confirmed that the war on drugs disproportionately targeted minorities who make up less than 14% of the nationwide population but represent more than 5 times that percentage of individuals arrested for using or obtaining Cannabis.

Ehrlichman’s admission proves the government knew it was lying about the benefits of Cannabis and intended to cause harm and irreparable damage by using the “war on drugs” as an excuse to “kick in the doors of hippies and blacks”.

Scientists have proven that most receptors in the brain perform 2 or more functions with the exception of a specific type of receptor whose only function is to receive the active ingredient in Cannabis, which makes the right to Cannabis a basic human right endowed by our Creator as so justly ruled by Mexico.

And Sir Richard Branson exposed the UN Report recommending decriminalization prior to the US government and Big Pharma interest torpedoed the report because Cannabis replaces the need for more than 200 pharmaceutical drugs.

Cannabis must be completely decriminalized immediately.

Every American citizen must have the right to plant and grow Cannabis for their personal use as food and medicine.

God made Cannabis. Man made beer. In God we trust.



Great comments, I have forwarded your email to Brad.



Great reply and that’s basically my point. When there is thought and consciousness in something then it’s completely different. The big boys in the investment world are recommending it as it will make everyone money but admit they can’t explain enough about it.  Someone recommending marijuana to the world should be able to state exactly she wrote.   Without the ascension process and shift of consciousness in relation to adjusting physics it all ends up in the same place with a human race getting high off of finite concepts and the marijuana gets discreetly adjusted for power and profit process just like everything else.   People like Charlotte are what give me hope to keep making fun of everything I do.  I watch people swerving all day on the roads in Denver and I don’t think the weed is quite serving a higher consciousness intent in general. The criminalization of minorities through the war on drugs is one of the worst frauds ever and the only way I can truly help assist is to push as hard as possible to give visible meaning to ascension that assists mankind in finally being able to give definition to the true state of equality that exists.   Thank you.

With love and light,



Sorry if this came across twice, having problems with email this morning (April 21).

As a private citizen I don’t have the right to request a legal opinion of the Attorney General but I do have the right to request an investigation.

The AG has a duty to inform state officials and law enforcement with the results of her investigation even if she doesn’t issue a legal opinion.

This is something anyone can do from the comfort of their own home.

No protests. No violence. Just informed, well researched facts delivered calmly.

This puts them on notice that they’re violating the law and incurring financial liabilities in the form of damages.

It also lets them know that they’re liable for treble damages due to knowingly and with specific intent inflicting harm and damage.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

Peace and Light,



Dear Honorable Attorney General Swanson:

This is a formal request to execute the duties of your office pursuant to Minnesota State Statutes chapter 8, section 8.31 and is being made via electronic mail.

This is not a request for a legal opinion, merely an investigation.

Pursuant to Chapter 8, section 8.31 of the Minnesota State Statues, please investigate my claims of RICO and interference in the trade of Cannabis in the state’s prohibition laws and claims of Human Rights Violations through the prohibition of Cannabis. My claims also include Unfair Discrimination and Competition in the control, use and acquisition of Cannabis for personal use as a basic human right for food and medicine.  Your office received notice of these claims on April 13, 2016, via registered mail return receipt requested item #70142870000115847054.

Specifics of human rights violations are:

This scientific and medical evidence verifies that cannabis is not a dangerous or toxic drug at all, but according to a paper published in the December 2004 issue of Scientific American, the psychoactive THC in cannabis is, in fact, a 500-million year-old neurotransmitter that switches on a two-way communication and feedback system in the brain of all humans and other vertebrate animals, which has completely redefined the science of neurology.



                                                                                            Subdivision 1.Investigate offenses against provisions of certain designated sections; assist in enforcement.

The attorney general shall investigate violations of the law of this state respecting unfair, discriminatory, and other unlawful practices in business, commerce, or trade, and specifically, but not exclusively, the Nonprofit Corporation Act (sections 317A.001 to 317A.909), the Act Against Unfair Discrimination and Competition (sections 325D.01 to 325D.07), the Unlawful Trade Practices Act (sections 325D.09 to 325D.16), the Antitrust Act (sections 325D.49 to 325D.66), section 325F.67 and other laws against false or fraudulent advertising, the antidiscrimination acts contained in section 325D.67, the act against monopolization of food products (section 325D.68), the act regulating telephone advertising services (section 325E.39), the Prevention of Consumer Fraud Act (sections 325F.68 to 325F.70), and chapter 53A regulating currency exchanges and assist in the enforcement of those laws as in this section provided.

Yours truly,

Charlotte M. Smith

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