Breaking News: Donald Trump’s Historic Speach on His New Foreign Policy in Washington, DC

Georgi Stankov, April 27, 2016

This is the most important speech an American politician has made in the last 50 years since J.F. Kennedy. Not for America but as a catalyst for the collapse of the Empire of Evil and the initiation of the final ID shift and ascension of this uppermost mother planet and humanity to the new 4D worlds. What Donald Trump essentially admits is that the hegemonic foreign policy of the USA has made no sense since the end of the Cold War. Or as Trump himself puts it:

“Logic was replaced with foolishness and arrogance which led from one foreign policy disaster to another. Our foreign policy is a total and complete disaster”

Sounds familiar? You can find exactly the same assessments and conclusions on this website. Why is Trump’s speech of such historical importance? Because he acknowledges for the first time in the centre of the Empire of Evil, in Washington DC, as the most successful conservative candidate to be elected the new US president that:

“The plan for the NWO which the Empire of Evil wanted to implement on this planet through their reckless hegemonic foreign policy has totally failed. This is entirely the success of our light work as warriors of the first and the last hour. We were the ones who defeated the dark cabal, and this website of the Planetary Ascension Team is the flagship of the armada of light.

Forget all the other stuff Trump is saying about Iran and Israel (although what he says about the American relations towards Russia and China and his endeavour to bring peace is very promising). He has to say that in order to win the elections and the support of the neo-liberal conservatives after he decried their foreign policy as total fiasco. At the same time Trump recognizes that virtually everything the Empire of Evil has to offer now – from economy to finance, from foreign policy to army – is in a total disarray and dissolution. He also declared the cabal internationalism (globalism) as their ideology of the NWO to be dead. This is already a significant, for US conditions revolutionary acknowledgement.

Forget his empty promises to fix the problems of this crumbling empire. There will be no new president after Obama as he will be ousted from power this year by us, the Logos Gods of this planet and the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy. But we must register that with this speech Trump has given the signal for the final race in the End Time, in which the winner has been predetermined from the beginning of all time – the forces of light guided by the PAT on the ground.

I personally had a great feeling of triumph listening to this speech, not for what Trump promised to America, but for his admission that the Empire of Evil is on the verge of a total collapse and that the New Order of Light (NOL) has arrived. Even if he does not know it at the level of his political ego-mind. But the more so his transliminal soul as a new walk-in. And I congratulate all of you for this tremendous victory beyond cosmic imagination. We are the few Spartans that defeated the Persian Empire at the Thermopolis pass and changed the course of history. And so be it!


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