Another Energy Peak on the Eve of the Mercury Retrograde April 28th

by Boyd Kraigher and Georgi Stankov, April 28, 2016

Dear George,

I can sure confirm another ID leap in the night of 26-27 April Australian time.

This time the ID leap was very different from all the others so far. Hope you can explain why.

For me all started Tuesday 26th in the morning. Something very random triggered déjà vu like experience.

First my 3rd chakra began to spin into overdrive. Than my body began waving like I was phasing out of this reality. Than I began to get dizzy. At this point random things began to trigger memories from some other reality. It annoyed me because I couldn’t put finger on the exact details. It was like trying to recall a dream. All this lasted about 30-60 seconds.

The same thing repeated about 6 times during the day. Every time this caused a lot of stress-overdrive on my solar plexus.

It is obvious, I was bi-locating. But where?

Last time it happened at about 8pm was while I watching the movie “Eyes wide shut“. Interesting movie and when one takes into consideration that the director Stanley Kubrick was murdered only a few days after he finished his last editing of same movie, I cannot escape the thought that almost everything in the movie was for real.

The satanic ritual in the movie must have triggered something and an enormous pain in my stomach began. For me this is a clear indication of an ID leap. Pain lasted all night till 8 am next day. I was surrounded with an army of dark entities. No matter how much I fought them, they wouldn’t go away. I was asking for help from my HS. Nothing helped. I didn’t want to ask for outside help, because I knew that more of dark entities would come and masquerade themselves as helpers.

Pain was so great that I could not lay in bed, could not seat, I walk in the room up and down fighting those bastards all night.

When I was on the verge of total physical and moral exhaustion, I called You, Carla and the PAT for help. Almost immediately you and about a dozen of PAT members arrived. We mopped them off within minutes. This was one of the most exciting battles ever.

Thank you to all who came to help me.

This morning was semi cloudy. There was only one very dark cloud, right in front of my window. It was in shape of a flying saucer. When I looked at it, the dark cloud began to melt and revealed the clear shape of two smaller flying saucers. When I walked away for a minute and returned, the cloud returned into its original shape. I repeated same procedure about 5 times until I got enough and very loudly screamed into the thing in the sky: Go away, you have no business to be here! I went to bathroom and when I returned the dark cloud disappeared.

That night was like one can see in the worst horror movie.

Nice sunny day or two without a chemtrails followed every other ID leap we had so far. Only this time was the other way around. We had two nice, chemtrail free days than the horror night of ID leap followed by days of dark chemtrailed skies.

In the last year my house mostly vibrates in resonance of 5D and lately sometimes of 6D worlds.

Only this time I was back to lower 4D, more than half of the population seemed to have disappeared and there was a strong sensation of despair in the air.

To me it seems as if we, or at least myself, made an ID leap back into one of the lower vibration worlds to deal with darkness there.

Without doubt this was the second worst night in my entire life.

What is your take on this unusual episode?

With love and light,

Boyd, Australia


Dear Boyd,

this is what I can confirm. On the night of April 26th I had the most excruciating headache and cc-wave in my life. Normally I very rarely get a headache in the night but mostly during the day. This time it started around 02.00 am and then continued throughout the whole night and during the day when I suffered under commotio cerebri and my body elemental was in a state of shock. Then the same day in the evening Carla was hit by this same wave which also lasted throughout the night of April 27 and yesterday. She also felt very weak and her body ached as mine. Hence there was definitely a massive ID shift, most probably with a MPR or even nuclear explosions on lower near-by timelines. Therefore you must retract your fields several times a day to detach from such catastrophic timelines.

These last two days were also full of collective fears of anxiety, angst of impoverishment and survival fears that flowed through my field and felt very unpleasant. As you said, I also could not release them no matter what invocations I did. Today they are gone. Yesterday I also had severe stomach and gallbladder pains due to rapid bilocation. I only did not feel the presence of dark entities as in the past when we had moved to lower timelines. But of course I am very impressed how we have come to help you immediately when you called us to fight the dark archons. This shows how powerful we are as Logos Gods and light warriors.

I think that the latest surge in energies and cleansing has to do with the beginning of a very powerful retrograde of five planets today, April 28th, which is very rare. I myself am not savvy in astrology but April 28 seems to be another peak or portal in the process of ascension and we knew about it weeks ago. As we always prepare such portals in advance, we have experienced the worst of it a few days earlier.

In your case it is obvious that you have moved for some time to a very low timeline and this explains your massive encounter with dark entities. I am glad that you shared this information with me as I was considering publishing something about the quality of the energies in the last several days prior to the beginning of the mercury retrograde period that will last the whole May and will cause a lot of upheaval according to some astrologers and now I can simply publish our correspondence as an energy report.

Have a nice day in Australia.

With love and light


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