Your Ascension/Evolution is About the Body And Gaia

Brian, the Dragon, March 26, 2016


Georgi Stankov

This is a simple message that is in the core of all activities and experiences of us as the Planetary Ascension Team – it is all about our the LBP and the transfiguration of our physical vessels to crystalline light bodies in order to serve as powerful and huge conduits of Source energies with which also Gaia is heaved to higher dimensions. It is as simple as that and yet if you read the esoteric and channelled literature on the Internet or printed books you will almost never find any discussion on the role of the LBP in the ascension of our physical bodies and Gaia. Why both? Because our bodies are made of the same elements and substances as Gaia, only that they have an individualized soul while Gaia is a collective planetary soul. Even this is a simplification as we are talking here about the same intelligent energies that fulfill different functions.

Why it is so important to keep the LBP always in mind? Because most of the other light workers and self-proclaimed gurus almost never talk about it, which is the most convincing proof that they do not share our experiences with the LBP and hence will not ascend with the first wave. One can very easily gauge where an individual stands on his spiritual path by simply checking the topics he deals with. Only a few days ago a light worker woman approached me for the first time and wanted to talk with me about her stages of ascension by giving me some links from her website to read. I found this attitude rather self-centered, but not unusual in my daily correspondence with some new readers who do not belong to the PAT. Usually such contacts end up after a few emails and the line is clearly drawn in the sand. I read the two texts of this woman:

From Darkness into Light ~ My Journey ~ 

and responded as follows. I am giving my answer at this place as it fully coalesces with the core message of Brian, the Dragon and explains why I like the clear messages of this source.  It may be due to the fact that this channeller is a scientist and has a more rational and structured view of the world than most confused light workers:

“Dear Jerri,

I read these two texts and your experiences are very similar to that of the PAT, the planetary ascension team, with which I work together. I must admit that your description contains a lot of redundancy and vagueness in the presentation and neither the LBP nor the ascension process are mentioned, which I consider a serious deficiency. Also the purpose of your experience is not clearly revealed with respect to the current planetary ascension in the End Time. I must also add that these kind of experiences you report began much earlier for many people, in my case since the 90s, so that I do not see anything particular in what you describe.

As you use extensively the words “universal” and “Universal law” it will be of great advantage for you to study the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law as presented on my website in 15 books and numerous articles.

With love and light



Dear George,

Thank you for your candor, I choose not to use Ascension or the lightbody reference knowing the majority of humanity are ignorant to these terms.  As I navigated through Human life experiences my lightbody shift occurred in December 2011.  I experience pure life pulse direct healing and there are no points of references for me to describe this stage of Ascension. 

I also am very much aware of my role regarding The Rapture defined by Cosmic Awareness Communications. “The Rapture which is occurring at this time, is that wherein the etheric bodies of human beings are becoming enraptured with the spiritual energies of awakening consciousness of the Christ Consciousness, and are being raised to high levels of vibration. These human beings, carrying the Light Energy within their being; and these human beings who have experienced the rapture of enlightenment will then take upon themselves the karma of the world, according to their own individual capacities being Christed, having received the Christ Light, or Christal Clear Consciousness, will then take upon themselves the energy of the Alien Forces of the dark forces energy and will let these energies into their own being to be worked out by the entity until there is a resolving of that energy and a dissolution of the concepts and forces of separateness. This Battle takes place within each individual; who is open to exchange energies with the forces. The Forces of Light are those which shall be asked to take on the Forces of darkness; to take these on themselves and to work off the karma of the collective consciousness of the planet Earth.” 

I will review the information posed on your website, and also ask of you to direct me to others experiencing similar stages of Ascension.  My journey has been very lonely working alone, and I look forward to friendships where I no longer have to guard my Higher SELF Heart.

Goodness and love to you,



Dear Jerri,

this is true for the majority of the people but the concepts of ascension and light body are very familiar to all light workers and we write only for these. The others will not understand what you say even if you omit these terms.

This description of CA is essentially correct, though also very vague. I have written a lot of articles on the LBP with much more concrete information as we humans experience it. Actually I was the first one to introduce the LBP as a personal experience of the ascension process with all its physical and clinical symptoms on the Internet and in the esoteric literature. You can check this overview article where I have given some links or you can use the search function on LBP:

By the way, the source CA with the current channeller Berlinghof is a dark source. I have discussed it in the past. His latest message confirms it. His wife used to work with me before she met Berlinghof through me and left the group.

If you want to know through what energetic stages of ascension this planet and humanity went through in 2015, for instance, you can read this chronicle:

Ascension Highlights in 2015 – Annual Overview

This website is a seamless chronicle of all the portals, shifts and ascension stages we, the PAT went through and they have been validated by personal, collective experience and by messages from the Elohim which my dual soul receives. In this way it is a unique document you cannot find anywhere else and I know the esoteric literature very well.

I hope this will help you navigate through the information we present on a daily basis as to compare it with yours. There is nothing else I can do for you at this moment.

With love and light


I have decided to publish this correspondence as it is closely related to a basic observation we can make these days. The present-day esoteric literature is full of subjective figments as to what is happening energetically behind the veil and what one should do in order to progress spiritually. I will not list any names here as you know the usual suspects. However, for a member of the PAT who is fully engaged in the LBP and the constant cleansing of dark energies of Gaia as the driving motor of her planetary ascension, it is very easy to discern the fraudsters. Most of them are not even conscious fraudsters – they only like to bask in their role as spiritual gurus who have something to say to mankind.

Spiritual high-esteem is the most common basic fear among light workers who have not overcome their human nature. But in this final stage of energetic purity and truth this tendency can be very repelling, to say the least. That is why I stick to the basics of our energetic experiences and only present new developments when they are confirmed by the Elohim and then one more time by the personal experience of the PAT. This triad of proof evidence is unique in the entire esoteric literature and reduces the rest to garbage. This should be said explicitly at this place as we cannot cleanse Gaia and leave the Augean stables of the New Age dirty.

The notion that our physical bodies and Gaia are one has been discussed as early as 2011 when I opened this website. We dealt a lot at that time with the mechanism of ascension during our preparation for the 11.11.11 stargate. In particular, we discussed that our three lower chakras will be delegated to Gaia at the moment of our final transfiguration as they do not belong to our identity as excarnated souls but are only vehicles for our incarnation in this 3D holographic model. The first root chakra is responsible for the survival instincts as part of our animalistic nature, the second sexual chakra contains basic fears associated with our survival and the third chakra of vitality and expression in the outer world is transformed into a Merkaba with which we already bilocate constantly through the numerous timelines of Gaia.

When we shall ascend we will not need these three chakras anymore, but they will become part of the energetic structure of Gaia 5. However, as we shall remain for ever linked to Gaia 5 energetically as Logos Gods, these three chakras will be still available to us in their transformed form. We need this energetic toolkit to communicate with the incarnated humans who will still have these lower chakras in their full expression as their human personality will be influenced in a profound manner by their archetypal structure.

Finally, let me reiterate the basic truth – the LBP is an incessant transformation of all the seven body chakras through raising their frequencies and modulating their original limited function in order to prepare the human bodies for the massive expansion in awareness that will occur at the moment of the final transfiguration. All these aspects have been widely discussed on this website and that is why the message of Brian, the Dragon does not say anything new, but highlights this basic truth in a very succinct manner, while eliminates all the New Age humbug that serves nobody.


The Message

This is the Dragon,

If many of you counted the times you’ve ascended on your fingers, you’d need more hands. As we’ve said before, it’s easy for a soul to set up an ascension experience. It just has to incarnate into the right initial conditions. Yes, body-sharing tends to happen in these cases since there’s no monopoly on detecting the right conditions for ascension, however each soul does get to experience the ascension.

What about billions of different bodies doing it at the same time? It is a bit unique (not rare, but unique) to get so many bodies going through ascension at the same time. Did we say bodies? Yes, we did…

Since you are so biased towards your souls that you don’t even think about the fact that you think of this as a learning experience for your soul. It is natural since you are energy incarnate. You have a blending of body and soul. But “hey” says your body, “what about me? Isn’t this about me too?”

Oh, it’s more than “about your body too”. It is almost all about your bodies. Your souls get another great experience, but let’s clarify what’s really going on here…

There is a species. You call this species human. It is on a young planet, growing older, that you call Gaia. Gaia has many facets, many different realities. However, we’re going to focus on the one you are presently in. Well, you’re in many too, but we’re talking about the one or ones reading this, since it’s tailored to specific energies. The young planet is, let’s say, reaching middle-age in yoru time and more wise and reaching for more, more, more than what it has done in the past. Gaia wants to evolve, and that includes the creatures living on it. You see this reflected in what seems like a progression from very beasty animals to a set of more intelligent, gentle and social animals at about the same time as humans appeared. Not by accident since humans were part of bringing about that change in animals as well because the most scary and nasty of them don’t last very long with humans around. When you think about the way things are One and dependent even in the density you exist in, it’s quite astonishing. Oneness is hidden but when you turn up the stones, it’s there in front of you!

Your bodies are part of the Earth, part of Gaia. Your higher selves – the aspect of your soul still experiencing Oneness – are so so incredibly wise and aware that you cannot possibly fathom beyond feeling that wisdom. Your higher self is perfect. It is your God self. It doesn’t need to grow, to evolve. However, you can only fit so much of it in your body. Because the body is limited. Your body is what MUST grow. And with that Gaia. You want to hasten it, but things move slowly. It is frustrating isn’t it?

And that’s WHAT is changing. These bodies, you borrowed from Gaia, are expanding to be able to take in more energy. However, it’s tricky. It requires a transition period since your bodies are still within linear time. Therefore, also brave, experienced souls to make this transition since things happen slowly in the energy the bodies are currently within. These souls must be wise, be patient, and have the energy to keep on in order to make this transition occur.

Think about every aspect of your evolution. It’s about your bodies:

Social improvements, it’s about your bodies. Limits of bodies are what limits social progress.

Spiritual growth. Your bodies again determine what amount of your spiritual wisdom can be present.

On and on.

So, what you’re here to do is help evolve your bodies, the ones you are borrowing from Gaia, and everything that goes with it. The reward of this is that you get to witness a transition and that becomes part of you, your higher self. So, your body stays with you in a sense.

And that brings up another thing that’s funny, and it will be the last thing we talk about today:

We mentioned your bias about your non-corporeal aspects versus your body, since you are non-corporeal beings incarnate. As such, you are in such a hurry to try to leave your bodies. Yet, as we’ve mentioned, the evolution of your “borrowed” bodies is really what you are here for in the first place. So, simply wishing to ditch your bodies and not finish that task is really ironically funny from an external perspective. Think about it.

With Love,
The Dragon

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