What Happened Around the Equinox/Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse Portal

Jerry R James and Georgi Stankov, March 26, 2016


Last Night 02/24


I was planning to write you after the equinox, full moon/eclipse gateway about how we successfully grounded the highest energies this planet has ever experienced on behalf of the earth and all ascending humanity, most of which are barely eligible to ascend and still mostly unaware. These are the ones who will occupy the new earth as we move above as logos gods. The planet and all the solar system are adjusting to these tremendous waves just as our bodies and it is a miracle that we do not explode in the process. Our bodies, which still suffer, are able to handle these higher energies because of our own higher vibrations better than we could even a few months ago.

As you have said on many occasions we have already ascended ourselves and are returned only because without us returning there would be no physical inhabitants of the new ascended earth as we would have moved on and all others perished because they are as yet unable to hold the higher vibrations by themselves. I think this is changing day by day and hopefully will finally culminate. We look out into our world and may notice little or no difference but this is because this illusion must hold until all ascension candidates are vibrating at high enough level to physically exist in the new reality. Until then we have agreed to keep this reality from completely crumbling under their feet because they have nowhere else to go. I know you know all of this so I wont belabor the point.

What I really wanted to ask about was did anything unusual happen to PAT or the collective last night? While in my nightly travels I remember coming across scenes so frightening that I woke screaming loudly for several seconds. I am not frightened easily by images or even events as I think I have been to hell and back several times, and have only awoke in this state  once before, years ago when I realized what a horrendous path lay before me. I can not longer even remember why I was so frightened last night, as my conscious mind refuses to remember the details of the incident. I was wondering if you or if you know of any of PAT experiencing similarly last night?



Dear Jerry,

I just woke up (03.00 pm) from a monstrous wave that knocked me down so hard that I passed away. I had a cc-wave and a split headache since early morning. The vibrations are so powerful and feel very coarse because they push the atomic spin of my body molecules to the verge of madness when the body feels as if it can dissolve any moment. I give these images for the lack of better words to describe the inhuman intensity of the energy waves that engulf us since Spring equinox until this full moon / lunar eclipse portal around March 20-24.

Yesterday Jessica from Washington state, USA wrote to me about her experiences with this portal:

“Hello Georgi and Carla,

I am very much looking forward to your analysis on this portal we just experienced. What a wonder. It began for me in earnest Saturday with a wellspring of emotions. I was somewhere else for 3 days, and came back to with massive cc headache and eye socket pain. Many critical decisions were made and imprinted into the fabric of my personal ascension. It was very beautiful and the process solved many of my own questions . Really very spectacular. The basis around it all was a very intimate expression of Divine Love.

With Love,

My answer this time was rather short:

Dear Jessica,

I am not sure if I will report on this portal which was huge indeed, as the prevailing experience is constant cc-waves with severe headache and all the other usual symptoms. I am fed up – and the PAT even more so – to hear about this same story again and again. Apart from that we are constantly ascending but nobody knows how much linear time this will take.

With love and light

What I omitted in this letter was that yesterday we helped our friend Julia move from Vancouver to a new place in White Rock in our Infinity portal. This move was announced to her long time ago and only several months ago she had a reading with a psychic we recommended her who even told her that she would move to Surrey, which is the municipality of White Rock. Hence this was a planned event as our move too.

After we brought her stuff to the new townhouse and unpacked it, St. Germain came to us immediately. He congratulated Julia to her new place where she could channel new information and will progress on her ascension path. I must say that he is always around us and Carla makes invocations daily with him. Then we went to the near-by sushi restaurant to have a bite and he was with us all the time. In the restaurant after we had our meal Julia began to channel again. St. Germain was present in a very powerful manner in our fields and inserted a lot of pressure on our palms – a phenomenon which Carla had experienced during the last several weeks. I also sensed increased vibrations and exit pressure of the energies flowing out of my palms, but this is not new to me. I have it all the time when I have a powerful source wave through my left brain portal.

We discussed with Julia before my project with the Astral currency and that it is supported by St. Germain and Carla asked him how long it would take till it manifested. Julia heard for the first time about this project as she is not interested in financial matters. St. Germain told her, better showed her, that the financial bubble has burst and that the time has arrived for it, but as usual it takes some time for this project to manifest in this sluggish reality. He confirmed that this is a huge project on which he has been working for eons of time together with all the other civilisations from the GF and that its success is a done deal. He also confirmed that we have now assumed the role of Jesus as spender of Source energy for humanity – at that moment Julia also saw the presence of Jesus – that we are now direct pulsars from the Source endowed with all creative powers of All-That-Is. Julia then attuned to my fields and saw that I am creating a lot of new realities in and throughout my fields.

There was much more discussion which I do not remember now as it was given mainly to Julia. She has some deficits with regard to what we, and she subconsciously, are doing all the time as she is not much interested in our ascension activities and is barely touched by the LBP. Her pathway is obviously a different one and ascension is not on her agenda.

Finally St. Germain urged us to make an invocation and help him disseminate the violet-golden flame of transmutation to every baby, child and grown-up person of this world so that our Astral project can come true and we can begin with our true mission as ascended masters. As is the case each time when we meet Julia, we built a massive vortex and a portal within our already existing Infinity portal and the energies began to flow through our bodies and hands like the Niagara Falls. St. Germain told us that we have opened a new portal of massive transfiguration in conjunction with the equinox/full moon portal.

I assume that this event might have triggered your dreadful dream this night. I myself had a very pleasant encounter with Putin again this night. He was very joyful and playful and came to our new home in 5D for a cup of coffee. He behaved very much like in this video where he trolls Kerry during his visit in Moscow yesterday:

Putin trolls Kerry during talks in Moscow, State Sec promises ‘surprise’ in response

He was very relaxed and was in no hurry to go back to his work as a statesman. I told him that it is time for him to support our Astral currency project and he said that this is no problem at all for him and that he will support us in any possible way. I had the feeling that everything will happen very easy this time. Putin said that this will happen on the 7th or 27th, he mentioned both dates or I understood him that way, but he failed to mention which month and this was somewhat disappointing to me. But my HS told me that dates do not matter and that it is already happening. This dream with Putin was repeated many times throughout the entire night and I woke up with a great feeling of satisfaction that we have finally made it. Unfortunately shortly thereafter the cc-wave hit me and it is still ongoing after I was taken away around 01.00 pm.

Yesterday when I reflected on these permanent cc-waves, including the cold chills Carla had, I realised that we are now shedding very rapidly many lower timelines and ascend exponentially. Much chaos and destruction is happening around us in order for this uppermost mother planet to ascend unscathed. We also sense a lot of anxiety coming from the collective. Therefore you must have participated in these destructions in the dream state and that explains your nightmare. I have had a few similar terrifying experiences in the past when global destructions such as tsunami devastated lower timelines which I had visited.

By the way, I forget to mention that St. Germain told us that the change will come first from the Middle East, Julia mentioned Egypt, but both Carla and I got the intuitive knowing that something must happen first in the Middle East before the big events will begin to unfold. I personally have the persevering vision that notwithstanding the current ceasefire in Syria, the situation is highly volatile and unpredictable in this region as none of the protagonists will put up with the current success of the Assad government with Russian help. Hence it is prudent to expect that something horrific may happen, similar to Brussels but on a grander scale, that will trigger a global conflagration. The cabal are very desperate now. Our PAT member Rumi Shinzi has just sent me his elaboration on this event which is very insightful:

“Hello Georgi,

a synchromystical view on the recent Brussels bombings:

BRUSSELS 322 “Event”

With love and light


If at the same time the banks will shutdown in the west, then we have the perfect mixture of a global calamity when the cabal will be ousted from power. As I persistently envision, this will be the time for our appearance and there is no doubt that we shall be the new embodiment of the Second Coming of Christ as St. Germain confirmed to us yesterday one more time, more so for Julia, then she needed this confirmation.

With love and light


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