The Real Economy and the Plight of the People is the Key to the Collapse of the Orion Matrix- Part 1

Georgi Stankov, March 22, 2016

Theoretical and Gnostic Considerations

The key feature of the End Time is the total dissociation of the Ponzi financial system from the real economy in the West. While the real economy stands for the Truth about the state of this humanity, the bursting of all financial bubbles symbolizes the collapse of the Orion matrix. We have discussed in numerous publications the ramifications of this dissociation, but I would like to give you here the bigger perspective on this phenomenon. It has to do with the theoretical basis of modern economics which has been proven to be entirely wrong these final days.

There was a time when the increase in money supply led to a proportional increase in economic growth. The production was stimulated and the people benefited from this growth as also the prices of most goods became cheaper due to mass production and consumption. This is how relative abundance was achieved in the west when capitalism was fully established at the beginning of the 20th century (Founder Time, Gruenderzeit) and several hundred million human beings in Europe and North America were lifted from their perennial poverty. This was also the time when the middle class of entrepreneurs was established as the backbone of capitalist society – this same middle class that the cabal have now destroyed as the greatest social opposition force to the realisation of their wet dream of the NWO.

The same phenomenon could be observed recently in China, where a still communist society embraced the positive aspects of capitalism under central planning and half a billion extremely poor Chinese after the Cultural revolution were heaved to moderate prosperity. This was the greatest economic achievement in the history of capitalism and this Chinese explosion of manufactured growth allowed the west to hide its Greatest Depression of all time by importing cheap products from China into the ailing, depressed, post-industrial economies in North America and Europe.

When capitalism gained momentum between the two world wars, the dark ruling cabal in the citadel of darkness, GB, put forward the most insidious theory of economic regulation at the same time when the Great Depression was deliberately engineered by these same dark ones to prepare humanity for the NWO in the End Time. This depression was characterized by a huge slump in industrial production, massive unemployment and unspeakable poverty that also led to the deflation of prices due to lack of demand. Only this latter negative factor was considered in modern economic theory that was established at the same time. Before that economics was treated as a kind of religion – everybody was allowed to have his own individual view and no intelligent or common sense person believed seriously that human economic behavior can be put into the straightjacket of science.

This all changed with the English dark entity Keynes. In close cahoots with the dark cabal in his country (read his biography), he recommended that all national governments should increase the money supply in a period of depression as to stimulate the economy by also raising the prices (creating inflation) and the revenues of the corporations while increasing the national debt. This debt was supposed to be paid back in times of growth which never happened.

His theory assumed in advance that a strong central government and a strong central bank are needed to implement this centralized socialist financial policy. His theory paved the way for the establishment of the new Fed in the 30s, which existed since 1913 but had no real power over the US economy and the people. Together with the seemingly opposite theory of monetarism of the Chicago gang that justifies the existence of central banks as the official chief manipulators of interest rates and wealth distribution, Keynesianism builds the hardcore of modern macroeconomics. And honestly, there is nothing else as microeconomics reads like textbooks for mafiosi. So far, so good. I do not want to bother you here with too many historical facts but only to make you aware of a central deficiency of the human mind.

The human mind is constructed in such a way as to perceive the world in a linear fashion. This begins with the perception of conventional linear time t which is identical with space (distance) s of space-time. Space-time is the only way how humans perceive energy in this 3D holographic model and the cognitive source of all human illusion. This cognitive flaw continues in a systemic manner in all subsequent ideas the human mind creates in order to explain and manipulate the external 3D world.

What most economists and scientists do not recognize is the simple fact that their minds always tend to establish correlations between different variables and magnitudes which they observe – be it in physics or economics and social life. Keynes, for instance, assumed that increased money supply dM leads to a correspondent increase in economic production (growth) dP:

dM ~ dP

This is a classical linear correlation of two parameters that the human minds willingly builds.

It embodies the foundation and the justification for the existence of central banks today.

More than 90% of all current economic and financial discussions deal with this correlation and how it affects all other variables and the entire economy, including human life. When you realize this fact, you have the key to an understanding of the economy.

Recently I read somewhere a clever statement: “correlations are not causal relationships“. And this is absolutely true. All the flaws of the human mind that have created this dreadful reality are based on the incurable tendency of the human mind to create causal (linear) relationships where none exist.

There is only one true relationship and it is that all systems and levels of All-That-Is are U-sets and contain the Whole = Source = Energy as an element. A great portion of the new theory of the Universal Law is dedicated to the elucidation of this systemic blunder in the human – scientist’s and layman’s – mind and its meticulous eradication from human thinking and science.

One can eliminate such flawed thought patterns theoretically, with scientific arguments, as I have done in the General Theory of Science of the Universal Law, or by virtue of the power of fateful events which the incarnated personality experiences as individual and collective destiny. While the first form of correction presupposes a great portion of good will to listen, learn and think – a rare virtue which is almost non-existent among humans – the second form of correction cannot be avoided as it involves instant karma.

Karma is nothing else but the experience of the consequences of one’s own wrong thinking and doing as to learn to think and behave in a better way in the linear time (Groundhog Day). This educational process of the ego-mind takes place in an almost total separation from the Source = Soul = All-That-Is and is the only eschatological reason why souls incarnate in this 3D holographic model.  The goal is to discover our true nature in the maze we have created in order to hide from ourselves who we truly are – unlimited Creator Gods.

From this perspective everything we observe in finance and economy these days can be reduced to this pivotal conclusion. The above mentioned assumption of Keynes, and since then of all central banksters, that there is a strong correlation between money supply and economic growth is the key blunder in modern economic thinking that keeps the Orion matrix afloat. You will be surprised to find out that the vast majority of Nobel Prize winners in economics have been awarded for investigating this correlation in various areas for infinite amount of economic and financial variables.

Most of them come from the USA and this explains why the economy of this country is in such a desolate shape. Too many midwives kill the baby (Bulgarian saying). China has, for instance, not a single Nobel Prize winner in economics and this explains why it surpassed in the last decade the US economy and generated a two-digit growth for most of the time. The current problems of the Chinese economy began when they tried to copy the flawed economic theories and practices of their American peers. The same holds true to an even greater extent for Europe which forgot its own tradition – the Vienna School of “Realwirtschaft” (real economy) – and followed the destructive neo-liberal Ponzi schemes of their American masters. This has been discussed extensively on this website.

A loose correlation between money supply and economic growth can only exist when the amount of money in circulation closely follows the level of economic production and other meaningful services (all bogus financial and other tertiary (drone) activities excluded). This was the case only for a short period of time after WW2 when Europe experienced its economic miracle (Wirtschaftswunder) and the USA also profited from this expansion of its oversea markets.

Since the abolition of the gold standard by Nixon in 1971, this correlation between money and real economy was completely and sustainably destroyed. Everything that was created after that in the financial sector was a Ponzi scheme, the hidden aim of which was to impoverish the masses and push them into the NWO. Why?

In order to prevent our ascension and that of Gaia in the End Time.

Why do the dark ones want to prevent our ascension? Although this is a generally accepted fact among many enlightened light workers, I have the impression that most of them do not see the true causal relationship in this dark effort of cosmic proportions. Let us highlight it one more time for the sake of clarity.

Dark entities such as the archons around this earth have severed their connection to the soul and the Source. This is figuratively meant as no sentient being can fully sever its energetic connection to the soul as in this case it would not exist. But the separation of the soul fragment and the human mind of the incarnated personality from the omniscience of the Source can indeed be almost total in terms of individual cognition of the incarnated personality and its soul fragment. This is then the source of all false ideas and all evil that we experience on this planet.

Hence, if there is one undeniable causal relationship, it is that any separation from the soul and the Source leads inevitably to the creation of a plethora of wrong ideas that carry this separation as an element (U-sets) and create evil and destruction in the holographic model of the earth. Under “evil” I understand in the first place the disrespect of all these dark sociopathic and psychopathic entities for life – for the life of all other people – which is associated with all kinds of negative feelings and abnormal behavioral patterns, such as hatred and aggression, leading to perennial wars, genocides, and civilisation catastrophes. Recently also increasingly to environmental catastrophes.

All thoughts based on the separation from the Source are finite energetic systems fulfilling the condition of destructive interference and end up with the collapse of the reality and their own destruction. Let us not forget that the holographic reality we create as souls and experience as subjects of this creation is based on perfect constructive interference which we also describe as harmony, synchronicities, etc. This perfect harmony is created at the soul level of omniscience and cannot be reproduced at the ego-mind level of wrong linear and causal thinking. The human ego-mind cannot be a creator before it fully succumbs to the guiding benevolence of the soul and the Source.

This is what makes the PAT so different from the rest of humanity as we have advanced so much in our LBP that our souls have fully descended into our physical vessels and have eradicated all the energetic blockages of separation from the Source which all other human beings, and most light workers, still carry in a subconscious manner in their daily opinions and behavior.

The dark ones are finite systems as they have alienated themselves from the Source. I am speaking here of the dark archons from the astral planes whom we eliminated in numerous severe battles in the last two decades, so that this uppermost mother planet, in which we now live and from where we experience its ascension, is free of these dark entities. It is completely sealed from this astral plane, while the dark archons were sent to lower timelines where they can continue meddling in the incarnation process of the descending humanity.

These timelines do not belong to the new Golden Galaxy which we, the PAT, created and where this Gaia 5 is already embedded, and where its uppermost mother planet is now ascending to.

Unfortunately, in the course of the long incarnation history of mankind since the Fall of Atlantis these dark archons were able to compromise most of the incarnated human souls and manipulated them to lower their frequency and increase their level of separation to such an extent that they automatically became part of the archon reality in the astral plane. These soul fragments do not ascend after physical death to Celestria, to 5D and higher dimensions, where they can acquire the bigger picture. Instead they short-circuit their incarnation cycle between 4D and 3D in the false belief that the only reality they can experience is this 3D holographic model of separation.

Now that the dark archons are fully severed from this uppermost mother planet, their remaining dark human minions are about to experience the collapse of their illusion of being separated from the Source – the destruction of the Orion matrix which was created by the dark archons and governed on the ground by the dark ruling cabal to prevent humanity from its legitimate ascension, which is divine dispensation and part of the evolution process of any sentient civilisation participating in an incarnation cycle. This destruction is inevitable as it is based on the separation of these soul fragments from the Source. That is why they want to prevent us from ascension and do everything to establish the NWO as to enslave humanity. In their total blindness, they believe that by enslaving humanity financially and economically, they will be able to exert control over the ascension process and eventually prevent it. This is the proverbial Luciferean revolt of the souls as fallen angels against the Godhead.

All the Ponzi schemes these fallen ones have introduced since then, including the suppression of the precious metal money, such as silver and gold, were dedicated to this heinous goal. The actual reason for these dark ones trying to keep us here by preventing our ascension is that they need us as a source of energy in manifold manner. First of all the dark archons needed our soul energies, so that at least a dozen archons from the astral plane sponged on each incarnated human being, very often much more depending on the soul age of the incarnated soul fragment and how high the vibrations of the individual were. In our case, as Elohim, we had at times hundreds of archons that sponged on our hugely expanded fields and we had to eliminate them daily and threw them in the void for further soul recycling. This is essentially how the ascension process was accomplished and explains what the light mission of the PAT truly is.

Second, the human minions of the dark archons need our physical energy to exploit us and fulfill their egotistic ideas of exclusive life in material abundance. That is why they want to introduce the NWO at any price. The perverted views of the archons from the astral plane are fully adopted and copied by their human stooges – the ruling cabal and the elite – on the ground because they all despise the humans for their ability to evolve spiritually, ascend, and merge with the Source, while they can’t. Precisely, if they wish so, they have to go through a dreadful incarnation cycle and stop short-circuiting it from the astral plane. Being the perpetrators of all evil, they know how much they have to suffer as to redeem their huge karmic debt before they can reach the purity of our ascended souls.  In the meantime these dark ones have no remorse, but found greatest pleasure in killing us in droves, while enjoying the negative energies such tragedies generate in the devastated human souls. Hence the infinite wars they instigate worldwide to slaughter their “war pigs”. There is no doubt that this planet is the most toxic place in the entire multiverse and the human minions of the dark archons – the most despicable cutthroats ever created by the Source.

At this moment in time, the dark ruling cabal have fully lost their connection to the dark archons from the astral planes. All shape-shifters and other aliens from the Orion/ Reptilian empire have been eliminated from this uppermost mother planet during the numerous ascension portals and global cleansings which the PAT performed in the last five years and have been documented in a seamless chronicle on this website.

Many of the ruling cabal have now received transliminal souls as walk-ins who destroy their power structure from within as Trojan horses as we observe at present with Donald Trump. This is how the energies are refined on this uppermost mother planet, so that it can raise its frequencies and ascend very soon.

Independently from these individual processes, the global financial Ponzi system and the Orion economy based on scarcity and exploitation of the masses must also collapse on a global scale. As both, the ruling cabal and the Orion matrix which they support, are now fully separated from the crystalline grid of Gaia 5 and this uppermost mother planet, all the bad things they think and try to do dissipate immediately and lead to opposite results. At the same time the ruling cabal have also lost their energetic control over the masses and the incarnated human souls as they no longer can rely on the manipulative energies of the archons from the astral planes to control the human minds at the level of their soul fragments that also dwell in the 4th astral dimension.

In addition, many of the cabal are now walk-ins of transliminal souls and they begin to oppose such dark practices at the human ego-mind level. They would never allow such dark manipulations to occur at the level of their incarnated soul fragments as they come directly from the Source and are “untouchable” as we also are as Logos Gods in physical vessels.

Due to these, still invisible to the public, but very powerful for us energetic processes of cosmic proportions now the Orion matrix on this uppermost mother planet has been reduced to an empty shell, a Potemkin facade, that can crumble any moment.

This is the broader picture of all existence in All-That-Is and in particular on earth in the End Time. How does this picture relate to the current economic crisis that is now rapidly unfolding in front of our eyes? This is the actual topic of this essay.

The True State of the Economy and the Plight of the People

Since the begin of the 2008 crisis, the western economies entered the Greatest and Longest Depression of all time. Below I shall present more facts and statistics that confirm this dire reality. At the same time the central banks began to create unlimited amount of fiat paper money and affiliated financial products such as derivatives out of thin air. They did this completely independently from the real condition of their depressed economies. This led to a total dissociation between finance and the real economy as production of material wealth in the west.

The principle dissociation happened in 1971 when the gold standard was eliminated and was then deepened each year by the creation of an exponentially growing amount of debt money without any collaterals in the real economy. This was the cardinal fallacy of the collective mindset of the banksters cabal in the central banks and in all other too-big-to-fail banks in the west. This fallacy is the only and sufficient cause for the impending collapse of the economy and the entire Orion matrix.

This is the only true causal relationship in the economy which we observe in the End Time.

The actual causal relationship is the separation of the human mind from the Source and the creation of a holographic reality based entirely on false ideas that consider this separation to be real. This fact is embodied in the proverbial agnosticism of the masses that is a leitmotif in all our discussions.

All ideas based on separation from the soul and the source create the conditions of destructive interference.

At present, this destructive interference manifests as a total dissociation between finance and economy. As this holographic model is rather sluggish, all energetic processes manifest with a certain time-lag. The dissociation of the real economy from the financial fraud began much earlier, but it entered its final stage after the 2008 crisis when the central banks introduced ZIRP and NIRP. The huge amount of debt money which they created with these reckless financial policies not only did not stimulate the real economy, but pushed it further down into the abyss.

Since 2008 the western economies in North America and Europe have entered the Greatest and longest Depression of all time that will end up any moment with the total collapse of the Orion matrix.

No matter what the central banksters decide and do, as we see these days with Draghi, Kuroda and Yellin, it always leads to the opposite results and increases the dissociation between money and real economy. These criminal banksters with very dark souls only deepen the conditions of destructive interference. The “spreading of helicopter money” does not stimulate the depressed economies in the west but only increases the gargantuan debt bubble that has already burst and devours the real economy.

This has become absolutely clear to all experts and increasingly so to the masses since the Davos meeting of the cabal in January this year when the decision was made to introduce negative interest rates. Please observe that all arguments and justification behind this reckless decision is based on the wrong Keynesian correlation between dM and dP.

Now that it has become obvious that no money in this world can resuscitate the clinically dead economies in the West, all the banksters appear all of a sudden as insane to the public. This is the new energetic quality of our time. That is why we discussed so extensively the increasing visibility of human insanity at all levels of human behavior these days – first and foremost of the ruling cabal and then of all those who have sheepishly believed and followed their lies and deceptions.

Yesterday Brad wrote to me on this same topic as follows:

I do find it interesting after all of the work you have put in that your idea of people not wanting to be called insane may be your most brilliant yet. That insanity article really affected some people around me in a major way and has only just begun obviously.  Great concept and execution.

The core of the End Time revelations is the collective acknowledgement of humanity that it has lived according to insane ideas. There is not a single foundational or more personal, trivial idea which this human kind has produced and lived so far that is not insane and flawed and should not be discarded.

This is what the ascension is all about – discarding all the ideas of separation that create this 3D holographic model and substituting them with a new holistic Weltanschauung based on intimate connection to the soul and the source. This is how this reality will be transformed and will ascend. For instance, the new Astral currency project which I developed is the substitution of myriad of wrong ideas in economics and finance that have created this Orion matrix based on the concept of separation.


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