The Feeling of Rapid Change in a Slow-Changing World

Brian, the Dragon, March 26, 2016


Georgi Stankov

This is another succinct message from Brian, the Dragon that summarizes in a beautiful manner our current mental and emotional state as Logos Gods in human gestalt. We all know that we have ascended long time ago and are only here to help the numerous human bodies to follow us as Jerry clearly stated yesterday. In the meantime we have to accomplish the most courageous act an incarnated human being is capable of achieving – to bridge the gap between limited human expression and the deep inner notion of being unlimited Creator Gods. In other words, to reconcile our inner knowing about the big changes that are happening now with the sluggishness of this 3D holographic model that prohibits immediate manifestation of our creations. Then to overcome this deficiency by transcending our conscious creationary activity at the soul level, while developing unique will, perseverance and faith in the accuracy of the ascension process in the absence of immediate 3D gratification.

Upon close scrutiny this is the leitmotif of all our experiences and discussions in the Energy Reports of the PAT. Thus Brian, the Dragon does not say anything new to us, but he does it again in a very clear and succinct manner that should strongly resonate with us. Especially in these ultimate days of gaping dichotomy between inner experience and outer seemingly immovable reality – until it collapses all of a sudden.


The Message

Hi Everyone,

This is the dragon. This channeling is both very simple, and also contains nuances inside nuances. If you get it on the first read, that’s great. If you need to re-read parts of it a few times, maybe you are picking up the subtle nuances.

Many of you came feeling a wind of change is upon us. You can feel in your hearts that rapid change is occurring. Yet, when you look around you, you don’t see what you expect.

It is easy to be disappointed by this.

Keep in mind, that feeling in your heart comes from your higher selves: The part of all of you not only intimately aware of the change happening, but which can see what it is becoming. To your higher self, time is not a concern. The experiences are felt as energy, not a sequence of events. So, the more open of you, especially some of the channelers, connect to this part of yourselves, and feel the rapid change. You may translate that into physical experience and in exuberance forget to temper it with the understanding of how things are perceived to move very slowly within the dense energies of your Earth experience.

But it is not wrong what you feel… In fact, your higher selves have the ability to temper your expectations, to limit your exuberance, and often times chose not to do so. Why? Because the excitement that comes has actually pushed against the boundaries of the Earthly experience and has become an integral part of the change. Sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy if you will.

So, the disappointment does happen, but it is only temporary and your higher selves have made the calculated (albeit energy-focused calculation) risk that you are strong enough that the disappointment of the slowness of the change will not wreck your spirit, in order to hasten the energies a little. And it’s not much of a risk considering how intimately your higher selves know you.

With experience, and wisdom, comes the understanding that change is “rapid” but just slowed down in the “muck” of the dense Earthly experience.

All things will pass, and in hindsight as your collective awareness raises to higher vibration all this slow change will seem like a blur of rapid change.

Now you know, and you’re all set.

So, keep bringing the excitement of energy change, and temper expectations with your wisdom! Most of all, keep bringing the energy. It’s needed.

With Love,
The Dragon

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