Stairway to Insanity

Brad Barber, March 16, 2016

Dear Brad,

This is an insane world and, as I will publish today, this seems to be the most common leitmotif of all critical writers these days. Indeed, the insanity of this reality must be revealed to all the people to see it in an unvarnished manner and only then it will be much easier to eradicate it. After all no sentient being wants to live in a state of mind that is described and acknowledged as insanity. From that point of view even the recent recovery of the stock markets is an important contribution to this recognition of insanity and will rather accelerate the crash than prolong it.

I did come to the conclusion that we cannot expect a classical bear market for another year or so until the equities lose 70 -80 % of their value before the stock exchanges are closed. That is why I introduced the concept of “apoptosis” – sudden death – as this happens in cells when killer cells of the immune system destroy cancer cells through hyper-depolarisation or hyper-repolarisation that impedes the normal action potential of the cells. While this kind of cell death can be observed under microscope and is very impressive, the actual energetic mechanism was first explained by myself in the new general theory of biological regulation. I think that this concept gives us a better idea as to what to expect in the coming days, whereas I still think that the key factor that will break the bankster’s back will be the rapidly shrinking global liquidity that will cause a sudden infarct of the system. The negative interest rates are now the most powerful driver of this liquidation of debt leading to crashing liquidity on the market. Sinking productivity, revenues, massive losses of all investments etc. also contribute to this downward spiral. It is a veritable implosion.

I tend to completely dissociate this implosion from the inner expansion we now experience and which will catapult us very  soon to a new reality. How this will happen remains a mystery for now but it will be very easy.

What is your take on the current situation?

With love and light



Dear George,

Since you asked, let’s see what comes out here.

You have chosen the perfect words as always.  “Insanity” is the operative word of the moment indeed and I have pronounced last Thursday as “The Day Stupid Died.”  With the announcements out of Europe, Japan, and China regarding monetary policy and especially the new focus on bailing out non-performing companies, people can be shown easily to be flat out insane.  Do you know why they are non-performing companies you lunatics?  Because they are all terrible ideas. The whole damned place is one terrible idea. I’ll give you people the best idea available. This place sucks.  Now go collateralize that and “missell” it to the people.  I want invest in two hundred shares of “This Place Blows” and double down on any dips.  Contact your broker now on this can’t miss opportunity.

I was going to make a movie that was to be an update of the classic “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.”  Instead it was going to be a global version called “One Who Flew the Cuckoo Planet.”  If I could make movies I would be killin’ it right now.  They’d shoot me or give me pancreatic cancer or something dumb like that but it would be worth it.  Next I’d make a Western called “Universal Law” and lay this whole place to energetic waste.  After that would be the long line of multidimensional In-action Kung Fu and adventure movies where nothing ever happens as all repercussions and experiences are played out in the mind first so there’s never anything to do.

I told a friend to watch out for Aubrey McClendon‘s death a few weeks before it happened.  He was the heart of the natural gas and fracking fraud that has been “missold” to the American people as another idea that is pure fraud.  This is way bigger than anyone can even begin to perceive.  They’ve sold hundreds of times over than the amount of gas that is actually proven to exist.  “Oversold” is another great word to get used to and I think you used it perfectly in an update in the last week.  Most people’s retirements hinge on this concept as it has been the energy yield that has been the low-hanging fruit to sucker in the lemmings again.

Here’s a nice new book beginning to crack the truth on Obama being “missold” to the public.

Here are the Clintons being finally seen as “missold” images in the proper manner.  So many people here think that Bill was a great President because the US just happened to experience the last blown bubble of the whole shebang back into 1999 as they enacted all the policies that are destroying the place now.  So many minorities mistakenly believe in them because of that as that was one of the last fun moments in this hellhole where money trickled through.

This is a great article about the law immune exchanges of the financial world being “missold” to the people as “what was once thought to be a public utility enshrined under law to deliver a level playing field under all corners.”  All the regulators of this whole entire place be damned.

Basically, as we all know, and have beyond proven to any sane being, one can be deemed clinically insane for engaging or giving any energy whatsoever to what is being offered and taking place.  Now everyone should know why Obamacare is trying to institute forced psychiatric evaluations.  Why is the FBI working so hard in the high schools to get people targeted that don’t believe in what’s taking place?  Dark energy has gotten away with locking up the wrong people for the last time.  Jailbreak.

I did enjoy seeing this guy mention a global cabal that subverts all governments and admitting he was a part of it:

If I could pay people right now to head our direction I’d have seven gazillion employees in a week.  Oh, the reward that has to be offered……

And that brings me to the other perfect thing you said about creating cities of light.  You now have a choice and this is exactly what I wrote in an e-mail I sent out to people regarding a path forward a few days ago.  You have a choice.  You don’t have to be nuts.  There is sound science to stand upon as an infinite being.  There is logic to adhere to (see We shouldn’t have to have a sex change in front of the world or be a complete criminal and avoid logic and sound reasoning to succeed.  The energy must flow and all this paper flooding the world preventing it can kiss my ass.  The money has zero consciousness left and the debt charybdis shall swallow you whole. It just appears that the vortex of the whirlpool is at a much steeper instantaneous angle than the subtler entrapment it offered only a couple years ago.

Here’s dark energy wrapping up everything in the blockchain technology of Bitcoin just as I said it would.  The NWO wet dream to get a digital currency that tracks everything you do as well as puts cash to death.  The revolution of this matrix getting boxed up and turned against us again.  State sponsored too.  So excited!  (While Brad wrote this comment, I was simultaneously, but independently and unknowingly, writing my article on Why it Is so Important to Develop and Introduce the New “Astral” Currency using the same link below). This proves the unanimity of our perceptions as Logos Gods these days. Note, George):

This is my favorite though.  All the printed cash trying to download consciousness into a robot for immortality.  Jesus H people!  These last two are exactly why I wrote 2015 Space Fraudessy.  Your technology sucks.  Saw the last 10 minutes of Dr. Strangelove again the other night.  It’s tough to get any funnier.

Geez!  I sure can’t figure out why Goldman Sachs suddenly wants to be known as a technology company.  All the banks are being abandoned to blow them up and give the people what they think they want to see.

It’s the fireman syndrome like Ben Bernanke calling his book “The Courage to Act”.  They started the fire and try to look like the hero putting out the flames.  There’s a lady that almost burned down half of Colorado a few years back.  She started the fire to look like a hero and put it out but lost control.

By the way, people, your science sucks.  Your education truly sucks.  Let’s all go talk about giving free education away during these elections when you all have absolutely no idea that your are teaching pure shit.  You are insane.  Let’s print more money to teach garbage so that we can buy failing companies that sell pure shit, so that they can fail again, so that we can bail them out, so that we can keep teaching shit to eternally debt laden dysfunctional robots.

I always made the joke about hedge funds putting nanobots in your bloodstream to force you to keep folding tacos and working garbage jobs.  That time may now be here finally.  C’mon people, don’t daddle.  We have a business to run here.

Here’s a hedge fund buying every ounce of fresh food available with printed money so that it can be poisoned for profits.

The whole world is being bought and the whole thing is insane. It’s the Devil’s privatized Hell and anyone giving it any energy is slobbering all over it.

Someone I know is getting a colonoscopy on Friday.  The doctor didn’t even tell him he had other choices to engage.  Wouldn’t make the doctor any money if the other choice was made.  He’s about to get fracked from behind just like dark energy loves to do.

I think the term was complete energetic eradication.  That’s right and that is all that matters.  Complete energetic eradication.  Now that’s Shakespeare.  Poetry.

The markets are all reduced to junior high school operation as our society is.  Everything is forced to chase the upside or you are eschewed as a loser.  When it crashes and takes everyone with it, then it’s everyone’s loss and we couldn’t have seen it coming.  But here, if you miss the upside, you’re done.  In fact, I doubt there is a computer algorithm left in these markets that operates to the downside.  It would short circuit as that’s the only logical thing left and dark can’t allow an ounce of light to exist in this situation.

The latest round of market activity is just like a bumper sticker I heard about today that was popular in Denver after the oil collapse that devasted this area in the 80’s.  It said, “Please God, let us just have one more oil rally.”  I promise then, I won’t spend all the gains on hookers, toys, and cocaine and I’ll be a good responsible person and save a few dollars and help my fellow man this time.  I promise.  Just push this thing up one more time and bail me out.  Every available force in the material world is being thrown at this.  Pure unadulterated force and we have had it all thrown at us.  All of it.

I sat with bankers and brokers and real estate frauds and valued many projects.  We sat for hours and hours and applied future valuations to the projects based on what would happen in our insane minds and then got people to buy or loan money based on these projections.  That’s what’s happened to the entire energy industry and the banks are unloading all of the dangerous debt as fast as they can into these prop jobs.  Their projections show oil at $80-120 for years and years and years.  I know.  The projections that people around me came up with showed our properties adding two to three tenants a year and adding millions in values.  I was on the ground trying to even find one tenant and was impossible.  Every time we sat down, I was asked to lie about my beliefs of what could actually happen.  I wouldn’t lie to them so they stopped calling me at projection time.  Multiply that by the whole world at the current moment.  Really the parasites were just collecting fees.  Maybe I should pay crucified Jesus a fee to get to Source too.

We love to vicariously watch the collapse of false idols. We are insane.  We are ill.  It’s like riding the Lance Armstrong bus.  Profit off it until the wheels fall off even though sane people tried to warn you.  We want false Christs up on the cross so that we know they won’t resurrect upon death and make us look bad for the frauds we are.  That bastard better not ascend visibly or I’ll have to stop espousing such bullshit.  Don’t make me put actual love, effort, and true information into my words.  It’s really inconvenient to my ponzi scheme.

Here’s how Stupid died:

We basically have reached the point where infinite money printing is going to buy infinite hypothecated “missold” shares of failed lower consciousness human energetic enslavement concepts.  They already own the whole bond market and that’s why those markets are electronically seizing up.  Like I said years ago, it’s a discreet fascist takeover of everything without needing an army but it’s leaving all governments and their cohort companies and offending investment banks like a giant group of drunks propping each other up.

In the meantime, a different market short circuits somewhere every single day and there are people that still take this seriously.  Time for a visit to “Nurse Ratched”.

Bought new tires two weeks ago.  One of ’em already going flat.  #Winning  #Livingthelife

Apoptosis is absolutely the perfect concept to apply to this situation. I have read a lot on the subject a while back including your work, but I can’t remember exactly everything so I’ll just apply a bit of what pops into my mind here.

It would seem to me that the process of instantaneous cell death would ultimately have a ton to do with healing a human being of karma and the exact process that needs to take place en masse both individually and systemically.  I have always thought of apoptosis as the main process behind spontaneous remissions and some of the grandest healings ever witnessed.  If certain damaged cells that engage a certain experience I’m trying to achieve from a soul perspective are no longer necessary then a complete eradication and restructuring to then produce healthy cells now becomes possible.  It would seem then from an akashic viewpoint that a healthy line of cells from any number of lifetimes could be accessed as all energies are brought to the current moment after the karmic side of the energy load is dumped with apoptosis assisting in the process.

It would seem to me that the body is designed for spontaneous remission and woud be exactly what we are about to experience systemically as well in some sort of “A-ha” moment.  I have been told all along that this is what I would experience when this control mechanism of insanity finally loses its grip and why I have such a rare view on the operating systems of this place.

I learned in a major way to never underestimate anyone’s progress as they could experience a quantum leap at any moment.  I went to bed one night dreaming of playing golf and I basically woke up questioning quantum physics. That’s when I begin to understand the immediacy of what can take place energetically and that everything is possible.  This is one thing that a lot of very spiritual people who have put a lot of effort into fighting dark energies have a hard time with as they want the linear credit.  Any such remission needs to be vastly celebrated from here on out because it’s now a necessity.  The descent of transliminal souls would obviously make this a much more common event.

That’s my thought on the concepts but it’s not well researched at the current moment.

I personally am a perfect example of the insanity taking place.  I see such a beautiful process but my body acts just as the 3-D systems in place and is in complete dysfunctional chaos.  The years and this process have taken their toll and now it’s dragging my heart into the mess.  It seems the beats of my heart are near in line with the matrix and what used to be weeks between issues went to days is now at hours.  I do really hope to see the culmination of this, but just as the mathematical viability of what this world is up to, it’s a path that can’t last much longer.  Nothing can hurt this bad for this long and it never lets go.  It just keeps getting worse.  The pituitary pressure is unreal, but it’s all alright. I healed myself energetically a long time ago and experience it in conscious awareness all day everyday while I’m being slowly burned alive like you say 200,000 volts.  Except the voltage keeps going up.  Me heart no likey!

The bad news is that the lunatics will have more to say tomorrow.  The good news is that no one has any reason left to listen.  In fact, you’re insane if you do.

Now if I could only pay 7 billion people……

With love and light,


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