My Experience of a World of Creation

Carla Thompson, March 12, 2016

Here is a beautiful experience that I am compelled to share with you after having had several clearly divine reminders to do so over the past two weeks.  My life journey has been punctuated with the occasional heightened spiritual experience where I come away in a higher state of awareness, a higher state of union with the divine nature of this reality before me, the reality as I understand it from my limited human mind, the reality I have come to know as All-That-Is.

After each experience I am left with more questions than answers as I am reminded once again that the infinite nature of All-That-Is can never be explained nor ever fully understood.  As you read about this experience you will have your own ideas as to what it might mean to you and you may even be reminded of one of your own past experiences, which we would love for you to share with us, if you feel so inclined.

It was early morning and the sky was a deep blue-black as night pervaded the sleepy village below the window.

I had just completed a long session with the sacred flames and decided it was a good time to move into my “meditation on reality” which I have done for several years.  As words really cannot describe it completely, I will do my best to create in your mind the images, feelings and sounds I experienced.  This experience was not a mental activity because all my senses were engaged, except for my sense of smell.  It was a multi-textured reality of great beauty.

I had closed my physical eyes to enhance my other senses and could instantly feel the waves of energy flowing over my body, as I became a massive antenna it seemed for every frequency in the Universe. I could hear these frequencies with my “hearing chakras” above my physical eyes in my eyebrows.  Gradually I felt great peace overcome me on an emotional level as I melded with a new world before me, one of intense colour, profound peace and a knowing that all is well.

 Immediately before me I saw a wall of small crystalline blue, rectangular tiles.  They were about a half inch high and two inches wide, shimmering in iridescent hues of blue and soft green, moving together in waves of unified awareness…they were alive, tiles of living light and conscious thought.  I was so excited when we found a perfect replica of these tiles at a nearby mall!

Now this wall of tiles filled in my complete view of the reality before me.  They were moving together in undulating waves, much like a curtain in a light tropical breeze.  They were fully aware of my presence. I reached out to touch them and found them to be warm to the touch, but also they conveyed great love and joy.  My hands and arms disappeared behind the curtain and when I pulled them back to me, there was a small golden-brown doberman pinscher dog in my arms – and to my surprise, it was weightless!  We had an instant telepathic connection to each other and found ourselves materialized into a room with other dogs and while Georgi was there too, working on his computer, no one could see us.   It was as though there were two realities superimposed one upon the other and where the one reality had absolutely no conscious awareness of us although we saw it and felt it as though we were in a shared reality.

The tile wall moved directly in front of me and conveyed to me ” You are the creator, create anything you wish “.  So I decided to create something practical, a computer (we were, after all, having extreme computer issues!)  In went the dog and out came the computer…wow, instant manifestation.   After a moment of enjoying the computer and its beautiful telepathic-processor I turned to bring it to Georgi but he had disappeared along with the other dogs much like an Etch-A-Sketch drawing disappears upon shaking.  I also created other things including a silver cube.

And after a time I sensed a warm orange glow upon my physical eyes and the instant I opened them a thought flooded my mind:

Oh yes, the beautiful Sun!  This reality has a beautiful warm Sun for all to enjoy!

During this experience I had the confirmation that there are many, many realities superimposed over one another, all holding the same space.  I also had the confirmation that we are the conscious creators of many realities and in a greater way than we ever thought possible.  So yes, we are limited by our human minds and physical bodies into seeing only one reality, but the inherent gift to us humans is that we do, truly,  hold the power to create anything we put our mind to as long as it is used for the highest of All-That-Is.

Much love to each and everyone.

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