Ascension Dissociation

Georgi Stankov, March 14, 2016

We have entered the most difficult phase in the ascension process from a psychological point of view. What we see around us is a rapid dissolution of the old structures of power and collective habits. The most prominent aspect of this dissolution is the emerging acknowledgement that this entire civilisation has been founded in human insanity and ideas that defy life – human, organic – and even the very existence of this planet. The limiting factor for this recognition to fully unfold is the proverbial intransigence of the human species, who would rather blame anybody and anything, even the way the whole universe is created and functions, than to admit that all evil comes from derailed human thinking and acting.

At the same time we are ascending every moment in the Now with such an intensity and vigor which even I have never experienced in the last 17 years since I entered the last most intensive phase of the LBP in 1999 and although I have already ascended in 2001. This is very important to observe because I have come to the conclusion that our recent episodes of ascension symptoms and their growing severity have nothing to do with our personal ascension which is a fait accomplis long time ago, but with the creation of extended, multidimensional energetic structures that each one of us now creates locally and also globally within our personal fields. Put in a simple way, each PAT member now creates his/her own city of light and multidimensional portals for oneself and for millions of potential ascension candidates to be ready for the time of the final ID shift.

The entire ascension process, in which we are now involved, has nothing to do with what we experience at the political and economic stage, although all things are associated in an intricate manner in All-That-Is and should not be regarded in a separate way as most humans still do nowadays. This approach naturally hinders their true understanding of the ascension process in the End Time and the accompanying events that we observe on the world stage. Yet, nonetheless, we are well advised to fully dissociate from these depressive events as they are becoming increasingly meaningless – mere shadows on the dissipating Orion canvas.

The entire old holographic model is now falling apart and it makes no sense to search for any particular explanation as to what is happening these days as all these events are absolutely irrelevant in the context of our individual ascension, except for one reason: to demonstrate the insanity of all ideas upon which this human society is founded until the threshold of collective awakening is reached when the “Aha-experience” will occur for most people and then the matrix will fully dissolve.

That is why I am talking here of “ascension dissociation” as to illustrate this fact only for the PAT members who are now rapidly being heaved to higher dimensions and are expanding our energetic fields beyond limitation. This inner process of ascension and expansion happens independently but in synchronicity with the dissolution of the matrix and its foundational ideas, which have no impact on our energetic integrity and progress.

In this situation it is very important not be influenced in any negative way by the still reigning inability of most humans to see the truth through the current chaotic events and to come to the proper conclusions, even when they are considered to be the intellectual avantgarde of the human race. In other words, the acknowledgement as to how debased the collective human mindset truly is should not be a source of utter despair for you in the sense that there is no hope for humanity to ever awaken, although even I find myself to be in this desolate situation from time to time when I read all the idiocies allegedly intelligent people produce these days.

One does not know where to begin with in order to rectify all the fallacies of the human mind. It has become a kind of sado-masochistic game even for the most sharp minds such as David Stockman or many authors of ZeroHedge to indulge in perennial critics and exposition of the insanity of the politicians and the central banksters and thus to get lost with pleasure in their righteousness in the current maze instead of stepping back and be able to see the bigger picture of the End Time which is privy to us as ascended masters. And yet we must walk each day a very fine line between analytical gauging the level of awakening with respect to the growing insight of such critical experts, unfortunately still within the realm of their profound agnosticism, and the steady expansion and ascension of our personal fields where the new 5D reality is already blossoming and waits for the final ID signal to descend upon this uppermost mother planet.

For me personally, the last weeks have been one continuous passage in the twilight between dream state and altered daily consciousness. While the latter is steadily drifting away from this reality where any even subtlest interest in this world has been radically uprooted, the dreamy state has now fully taken grip of my existence. The most significant aspect of this transition is that I have lost any emotional attachment to this reality and have reached the Olympic serenity, I have always striven for, but have never been able to fully reach. At the same time I observe how all the other people are overwhelmed and ravaged by the deepest and most devastating contradictory emotions and thoughts which they have never believed to exist before in their hearts and minds. We are the Olympic gods watching dispassionately from heaven all the human tragedies on this earth.

While this may be labeled as a lack of compassion by the “love and light illusion” gang, I would argue that this is the utmost form of enlightened compassion based on the precise knowing that all these humans have to go first through their putative tragedies in order to be relieved from the last vestiges of their ego-mind and closed-heart-personality in order to be able to enter our inner cities of light that we have diligently built for them so that they can climb the Jacob’s ladder and ascend to the new 4D worlds. In this final stage of the ascension process the “Savior complex” of the light warrior should be buried for ever as there is nothing in this 3D reality that is worth being saved when we move to the higher dimensions. Total energetic eradication is the only solution.

Having said that, I would recommend you to stop perceiving and analysing your personal experiences with the current ascension energies as an individual endeavour and to question your personal ability to ascend as this is already a done deal. Instead you should see all your efforts from now on as a master plan to create the most beautiful city of light where you will very soon move to together with the people you want to meet there. This is now entirely your choice. We are ascending very fast these days and even the events on the ground are, for the first time, moving very fast in synchronicity with our inner expansion. And this is for me the most reliable indicator that we are on the cusp of the final ID shift and collapse of the Orion matrix.

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