Symptoms of Differences in Vibration

Brian, the Dragon, February 24, 2016

In this message Brian, the Dragon discusses in a lucid manner all the symptoms we experience these days of rapid ascension and movement through the dimensions and timelines. They emerge as vibrational discrepancies – as constructive and destructive interferences – at infinite energetic and dimensional levels and affect our daily life in a most erratic manner for which present-day science and common sense have no explanation. Most of these symptoms have been recurrently discussed by the PAT in our energy reports. Here they are neatly summed up one more time for you as a validation that all “weird” experiences we currently make are logical consequences of our rapid ascension, transfiguration and movement through timelines. By the way, we are coping well with our move, notwithstanding the massive waves around the Full Moon portal on February 22 that led to total exhaustion, and will be back in March when we expect the big changes to begin.



This is the Dragon,

Have you ever felt there was a small period of time where you were just out of sync with everything? Phone calls you make go unanswered a ridiculous number of times for a short time. People contacting you seem to be unable to reach you. Perhaps they say they called you, but you have no call in your logs. You may try many other types of communication, and nothing. For maybe three or four days, you just feel completely cut off from everything. When you do reach people in this timeframe, they create delays. You try and try, but your ability to interact with everything is limited. Perhaps you are able to go out and buy some dinner, however for the important things you’re dealing with, there just seems to be no reciprocity, no traction, you can’t manifest well. You reach out, and you get silence in return. Everything you’re working on that depends on others grinds to a halt. You spin your wheels.

Then a few days later everything is moving again and everything is fine other than things being a few days behind where you wanted them to be. You look at this and think, “hmm, if it were one or two things, that’d be normal, but this was Everything I was working on”. Clearly, to the discerning individual, something strange just happened. But you dust yourself off, move on, and start to forget it even occurred. Until the next time so many months later, year later, or whenever.

Maybe we can help you understand this. A short description is that you got vibrationally out-of-sync with everyone else. In a sense, you partially petered out of the World, so your impact (both ability to receive and send) was diminished, so your manifestation ability for things that include others took a hit.

Vibration is dynamic. Everything within all-that-is has a constantly shifting vibration. Vibration is actually a range of vibrational frequencies one resonates at. When we talk about vibrational frequencies of spirit energy, it is not vibration of radio waves or even atoms, since it is the vibration of a quantum non-deterministic energy for the most part. We’ve covered that in the past, along with the collapse from non-deterministic states to deterministic states and we’re not going to cover it again for this channeling since we’re moving on to more the application of vibration. There’s also plenty of additional reading on it within books by your casual scientists who try to explain things to the masses in an understandable way. Your scientists understand the underlying theory very well. They just haven’t yet figured out how it applies to everything you see around us. When we’re talking about spirit energy, it’s an application. You have the two pieces already of it: dimensionality and indeterminism. You just don’t understand yet how it all fits together, and you don’t see “spirit energy” yet scientifically. Better put, you’ve had slight glimpses into it in science, but haven’t yet identified it as anything special.

Yes, radio waves and atoms are a small part of it, a very small part, however it is much much more. Nevertheless, when you know how radio waves interact, it gives some insight into how spirit energy interact. It’s not all that different. The main difference in being that radio waves are significantly more determinant than spirit energy, so spirit energy’s interactions are a bit more complex. They are inter-dimensional. Two waves of spirit energy, you could say, carry many different seemingly paradoxical states and are not one state or another. When they interact, all states interact and this typically spawns a multiple of different new configurations, all of which are not deterministic either, meaning they can still be a bunch of different things but you know what those potentials are by seeing what they started as. Of course, all this is an illusion since every state of all-that-is, even non-deterministic states, are eternal. You’re essentially the surfer on an eternally fixed grid.

Now start considering wavelets upon wavelets of vibration, and things get even more interesting. You may end up with something like Earth. Yes, Earth is skewed towards the deterministic, however it’s significantly less deterministic and significantly more “to be determined” than anyone would imagine.

Ascension and descension are an ongoing cycle. As you evolve, you ascend back to what you were, there comes points where it’s not always smooth sailing energy-wise. You sometimes find yourselves on the cusp of one thing or another. That relates to your Earth experience because you can find yourselves on vibrational edges between one distinct bundle of vibrations that works one way, and one bundle that works a completely different way. Your Earth, has both the elements of the spirit world and the mundane. In your time right now, many of you are going through this sort of challenge. Sometimes it’s described as having “one foot on one side of a stream, and another foot on the other”. It may be even more accurate to say one foot is in the stream, and one foot is out of it.

Everyone feels it, to varying degrees based on where they are. As we said, there’s a cycle to ascension and descension. So, it’s not just a continue increase. You find yourself going in and out between higher and lower vibrational energy. It’s like a roller-coaster. There are multiple elements to this. There’s your mental aspects, all carrying vibrations and your body aspects, all carrying vibrations. There is your cellular DNA and biology. There is your merkaba and auric fields. When all these are functioning in harmony, you become the most effective. However, since they are all on different vibrations, they progress at different rates. This can create strange effects for the individual. Now, add to that your social reality of billions upon billions of people, including those close to you. There will be times you are out of sync. There will be times that situation rips you back when you were functioning at a higher vibration. Also, there will be times when you are just not able to fully connect – where it feels more like you are an observer than a participant in everything.

So, we will close with a description of some of the symptoms you may experience as part of vibrational differences and also some solutions.

1. Inability to connect to others or things. We just described this in the beginning of the channeling. It’s the “who’s out there” symptom. Things you’re working on with others just grind to a halt, in too many ways to be a coincidence. We didn’t mention that also objects may malfunction on you. Such as servers. Since they are just extensions of people. If you’re trying to get a lot done, such days may seem like the worst days you’ve ever had. Instead, on days like this, you just need to surrender, take a deep breath, and relax.

2. Pain and dis-ease. When the body gets out of sync with itself, the immune system and other systems can take a hit. This is the result. Your entire system of incarnation is smart enough to not push things so far that you become completely unable to ward off dis-ease, however some discomfort can persist at times. Just continue to remain as grounded as possible and do the things that you can do such as nutrition.

3. Time confusion. This is something you really will have to experience. However, time is heavily impact by vibrational levels. Its experience changes right on the very cusp of vibrational changes you are all currently experiencing. It goes from two-dimensional to multi-dimensional. Time isn’t an illusion per-se, but it is often called as such because you are experiencing a fragment of a multi-dimensional force that is nothing like it is in the multi-dimensional experience. That means that what you know as time, just totally breaks down and is replaced by something significantly different as you reach higher vibration. The result of time confusion can be all kinds of humorous things like time seeming to run backwards momentarily and other hiccups in your experience of day-to-day things. Usually this will occur at safe times, since you will be in a meditative or trance-like state. That doesn’t happen when you are being inundated with mundane things. Usually :-)
If this becomes disruptive, then ground.

4. Extreme fatigue from simple tasks. Sometimes you will be in a heightened vibrational state for a while and not even know it. Then you may be called upon to do some responsibility, even simple things like paying a bill. Or just a phone call. It’ll feel like the most arduous task you have ever performed and the few minutes you spend on it seem to drag out. You leave the experience completely exhausted. It’s because you were sucked back to a vibration abruptly that you were not currently resonating at. Usually, this will happen when going from being alone to being exposed to other peoples’ influence.
The fatigue goes from going up and down and up and down in vibration.

The best thing to do in this situation is line up all your tasks in a row of no more than a few hours of tasks, and bang them all out, so you are more consistent in your vibrational resonance. Then set aside time to rest after that and truly rest for no less than twice the amount of time you spent doing tasks before you start to go after other tasks. Also, always eliminate unnecessary things you are involved with.

There are also possible medical causes for pain and dis-ease and extreme fatigue. So pay attention to the cause. Does it seem to come from inside your body, or from outside sources? What does your body and heart tell you? Does it say pay attention to it, or “no big deal”?

For time confusion and connection with other issues, if they are occasional then it’s just what happens when you are on the right track, celebrate it :-) If it becomes overly disruptive, you may have some work to do in order to maintain your balance.

With Love,
The Dragon

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