The Silencing of Jesus

Brad Barber, January 25, 2016

With this article Brad has intuitively and very deeply sensed the collective death of billions of human beings in this massive ID shift that took place during the current Full Wolf Moon Portal on the numerous lower timelines we have just severed. Death is indeed the only possible outcome for many soul fragments in this final phase. The dark fraud and illusion on this planet is so overwhelming that there is no way how it can be overcome in a more gradual, enlightened way. This article below proves why. It confirms all the major facts concerning the gargantuan financial scam of the ruling cabal and their banksters-stooges which Brad and I have extensively discussed in our previous articles. The Davos forum was the best proof for this irrefutable truth where the richest scoundrels in the world possessing 90% of the world wealth meet each year – this year for the last time – to celebrate their insidious, rotten characters:

We are still reeling from these purging energies where the last dark vestages and soul imprints of the ruling cabal were eliminated. Brad too, as he has just reported to me: “Physical train wreck for sure.  Shaking and weak.  My heart isn’t very happy the last two days again.  The full moon here last night was incredible with a halo and haze around it.  Didn’t know the information at all that you posted.  Thanks.”

So that you know where you stand at this point of the ascension roller coaster.

And this is the latest information we have just received, me from my HS and Carla simultaneously from the Arcturians who took her away for a quarter of an hour this afternoon. During this ID shift, many of the soul fragments (51%) which qualified for the light during the Christmas portal as reported and many of the new transliminal souls (more than 22%) who arrived in this uppermost mother planet as walk-ins had to die in their physical bodies during this massive separation. Don’t ask me why. Ascension is a brutal affair. Now the light-filled soul fragments have been reduced to 25% of their original number of more than 73% after the opening of the Christmas portal. We both do not sense their collective soul essence so strongly today, notwithstanding the shift and the lightness of the energies on this new timeline. It feels rather empty and we contemplated on this perception during our walk on the beach this morning. Now we received the answer to our question. Hence the title of Brad’s article is indeed spot on – we have just experienced the collective crucifixion of  Jesus Soul Essence one more time if we believe that he was really crucified on this reality.



Dear George,

I didn’t take it far enough.  We are at zero point with instant manifestation and I didn’t quite get it done.  I gotta say what needs to be said.  With the markets temporarily holding the 1800 S&P level as expected, we are experiencing the Mother Bounce I will call it.  This already 5% reversal to the upside could be over from any point now until who knows how long, but it shouldn’t be much more than a couple of weeks.  The next move down will be the crash.

The reason you so perfectly said I should write a bit more about the feminine subject is because I didn’t quite get to the ultimate point of balance, MOM.  Now the main point before I step on the beehive again is that dark energy is always at work trying to be what you view as safe.  Come to mom my sweets.  All of the jihadis, both male and female, pushing any agenda or belief system at this point are basically enforcing a thought structure that leads to being enslaved by what currently exists which can easily broken down logically to why it can no longer exist.  So here we go.

The Jesus Moment

Since Dr. Stankov stopped engaging the financial markets (Brad means as investor, because I am still engaged in theoretical analyses, note George), I am probably the world’s best money manager in relation to what is true. Seeing the manifestation process hit zero point the last couple of days made me realize I might be the worlds first comedian where the laugh happens before the joke and I’m not even the comedian, yet.  Here’s my advice to the world and it’s the best financial advice ever given.

Die!  That’s right.  Go die!  First, you are dead the second you are born in relation to all currently applied facts.  So just get it done now.  Die.  And I’m not talking about the I’m going to go do every drug and have sex with everyone because I’m already dead BS.  I was going to write a book called How to be like your Cat.  That’s what I’m talking about.  Lucky bastard just knocked out 21 straight hours of nap on my couch.  He knows he’s infinite.

Here is the first mention of what I have been looking for (go with this link to Google and click it from there to get the full article, note George):

“The world’s central banks can’t save us anymore.”  No shit.

OK Mr. monetary system guy.  Have you thought this out at all as you rush to cash.  The greatest illness of all time is held in these currencies now.  In fact, the currency you recommend doesn’t even exist.  It’s all a digit.  You may want to notice why governments and many of their media stooges are all discussing banning cash.   Do you know why negative interest rates are pervading the globe to deal with your half ass linear thought pattern?  Have you bothered to notice the bail-in laws being implemented.  How are you money managers going to protect trillions of dollars?  Your brain probably hasn’t even made it physical gold yet that is the only truly unencumbered asset in the world, but we haven’t even started fixing in your brain why that won’t save you.  Yes, it’s a great idea for the moment, but have you bothered to notice all the physical gold up and left and went to Asia?  Aren’t you people rolling in gazillions of dollars and shaping society supposed to be able to think at all?  Go ahead and protect that $70 bazillion with paper gold please.

I guess Momma didn’t teach you how to read.  Momma ain’t teaching what’s true.  Momma wants to teach you how to survive and be well, but she ain’t telling you that you are already dead.  Momma’s teaching conditional love and how to be accepted well by thought patterns that all lead to the dark side.  As we know well, daddy can be momma too.

The only proof that Momma can’t teach how to read is the number of people that have found their way to the Universal Law Press.  If Momma could teach how to read it would be the only news source on the planet.   Chris Rock doesn’t even know how good his joke was that I highlighted.  Great comedians can really help you heal your thinking, but most people just laugh and then go back to molesting the world.  Same reason we go to church on the weekend and then separate church and state.  Societal spiritual understandings have to pervade every area or there is no area.  There is no point ever working on a finite system just to finally at some point get to an infinite one.  Pure madness.

The Mormon church molested so many people I know as I grew up in Utah.  The damage they have done to males is unbelievable and the woman are the ones running around pushing all of the beliefs onto everyone.  Then the jihadi bombs are strapped to the kids who are the missionaries.  My brother knows a psychologist in Utah and says it’s just a parade of messed up 35-45 year old Mormon men.  They have to get married to have sex in the strictest adherence to it and the priests or whatever they are called they interview the boys to make sure they don’t touch themselves.  Talk about someone strapping a bomb to your chest, holy shit.  This is the continual way dark energy repeats itself in every system.  Make someone ill so they come to you to get well.

You know how you heal yourself to that disaster logically.  Listen to George Carlin.

“If God had intended us not to masturbate, he would have made our arms shorter.” Ha, there you go.  Done.  Out.  Over.

The majority of the mothers in the West make everyone ill so that they are needed.  Not many are going to want to put that mirror up and look into it.  The majority of dad’s are out destroying the world in some manner, but we talk about that destruction all the time.  Most men do what they do just trying to find some gimmick that helps them get laid.  Once they get married they move off into dustbin of history as momma does very little to support energetic liberation.  The best teacher shows someone how to liberate themselves so that the teacher isn’t needed.  Almost all education around makes sure you get ill so that you’ll need something else somewhere.  Jihad!!!!!  Momma makes you sick.  Dark energy makes you sick.  Now try and focus on something to blame besides listening to the psychologist within.  Let’s blame Muslims.  Now watch you reincarnate as a Muslim next time to deal with how difficult it can be.  Don’t worry, blame women.  Then watch you get to experience it next time.  It all really happens at the same time and why it is so intense to unlock your mind into the process.  This place is designed to kick your ass to ascend through these energies so that you don’t go ruin the experience party for everyone.  If you funnel your hate towards African-Americans you are actually being one experiencing the struggle at the same time at some other time period that occurs simultaneously.  Have fun with that people.

The manifestation after our discussion of the jihadis has been very intense to witness.  The manifestation has taken place after wonderful conversations about the balance of male and female energies.  A very incredible development took place last week that I almost missed until I had a great conversation with Kari.  She is hyper in tune with the horrors of the agricultural world, and yes, it is darker than anything nearly imaginable.

Dr. Stankov and I have been beyond adamant about discussing these financial markets as it is the center of it all to the point of near ridiculousness that it still even functions at all.  You can track your way back to anything operating on this planet to these discussions.  The operation to keep any light from emerging last week was the most intense thing I’ve ever witnessed.  We are finally seeing the multidimensional breakdowns taking place as illness from one compartmentalized area of thought pervades another.

That’s a sector of Accountants basically stating there’s no accounting with the Commodities Futures Trading Commission.  I have called this Scarface Accounting for years ever since I dug through the books.  The police rig the books on crime to make it look like they do a better job than they do.  Every accounting system everywhere is rigged and we still have thousands of accountants that take themselves seriously.  Notice how it went it the futures fraud which is what controls all of the agricultural processes of the world.

Everyone’s little compartments they may be hiding in are getting their walls torn down.  Momma was great at building walls.

I would have known the energy Kari was experiencing had I seen that article but I missed it for a reason.  Immediately this is what transpired after we had a discussion and I watched several videos showing the methods of several slaughterhouses.

The two articles that popped up first thing were exactly in line with the first two videos she sent.  Looks like it’s time to tear down the Animal Farm of all of it.

Food, accounting, markets, ranching, and several other areas all cross infected and reaching the point of inability to even function.  Everyone is getting to the point they have to pay the system just to go to work.  Shipping and mining are near toast and the list gets bigger ever minute.  You want me to pay you to go to work, now?

Daddy no longer has any logical way left that plays out completely true to keep the lights on.  That’s right.  I said it.  Go die!  Take that ego that wants to do something and set it on the floor and stomp on it until it needs no more.  There is nothing safe except that.  Only death releases the Creator energy.  Most people don’t release a bit until they actually do die.  Creation thrives on energy moving.  Dark energy thrives on any thought of safety.  The psychology fraud making humans scared of chaos is legendary.  Only Momma can give you access to the Bill of Rights my dear.  You need government to ensure your rights.  HAAAA!!!  There never were any.  If everyone doesn’t have access to it, no one does.

Hey maybe I should run to the ATM as a global panic bank run finally begins in Italy.  Oh wait!

Now they will make cash look like the evil that is causing it because dark can’t pay out on its promises.  “the dangers of cash.”  Man, this is funny.  Oh no, they are going to take my retirement.  Mom should have stolen your idea of retirement from the very beginning.

Watching the markets everyday is like watching full-time slaughterhouses for humans.  This is where I get to revisit one of my other crackpot systemic theories.  I call it the Buffalo Bill syndrome from the movie Silence of the Lambs.  The horror of the sounds of the slaughterhouse caused her to want to achieve and do and joined the FBI to get the pain to go away.  The girl who was about to be murdered by the serial killer, Buffalo Bill, was being held in the bottom of a well.  All of the beliefs systems being perpetuated are just putting pretty paintings up as we are being held at the bottom of some sociopaths well waiting to be skinned alive.

Mom sure is good at helping me hang up those pretty paintings, though.

I like being told I’m in the well.  Now I just have to continually work with the adjusting physics to make sure ‘ol Buffalo Bill can’t dump his karma onto me.  That’s it.  That’s the only answer.  I can’t keep having to guess which thing is going to poison me the least.

There is no way possible for me to not discuss this without painting with a broad stroke. Dr. Stankov has well explained the failure of the human language and this applies heavily here.  Something huge is about to happen as we are at zero point.  I’m sitting on my couch accessing what quantum comedy will look like.  The reason I know is because there’s no material left and everything we discuss in relation to true manifests almost within minutes.  Quantum laughter laughs at it all at the same time.  How do I deal with that?  We are about to find out.  It’s the only true manifestation.  No one can box it up and sell it.  Sweet.

I always get energetically laid to waste funneling this stuff through and I can barely even think at this point and probably am leaving a bunch out, but I know it has to be said.

Kid, DIE!  Please die so that you may finally live.  I’ve physically done it so I know what I’m talking about.  That’s how daddy is going to pay the bills to keep the lights on so that kids can learn to read.  It’s time to tear down every wall of society.  The article I posted above systemically has released that energy finally on the big stage.  The only way to win is to not play the game.

It’s resurrection time.

I must honor Roger Waters and Pink Floyd at this point in time.  “Mother, do you think they’ll try to break my balls?”

The true Christ Consciousness is here.  Thank you and good night.  I hope Mom’ll tuck me in.

With love and light,


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