The Political Ramifications of the Massive Alchemical Reaction of the PAT on January 4th to Cleanse All Pigdogs’ Souls in Germany and Worldwide

Georgi Stankov and Rob de Havilland, January 6, 2016

No Bullshit included!

Dear George,

Severe left side headache for the past 2 days, it started off in the early afternoon of 4th January, I recognised the familiar energy signature, immediately I thought I’m starting to process something.

Recently things have been coming to the surface for processing on deeper and deeper levels, but this was much more intense. I knew that this was collective, I have been trusting my inner knowing/feeling and asking my higher self what I need to know to allow myself to slip into flow and let the process unfold in trust.

The next thing I know I began to clean the house. It was just crazy, I literally turned every room inside out and with a bucket of disinfectant, duster, hoover and bin liners I scrubbed everything. I even turned out the wardrobes and draws discarding clothes not worn for a long time. Every now and then I was thinking I was going mad, the energies was furious, unrelenting but I quickly fell back into a flow. 5 hours later I had finished. The headache came on full force, it was the worst headache I have ever had. The whole left side of my head felt like it was imploding, my eyes couldn’t take any form of light.

I went to bed to lay down and cry but to my surprise I went straight to sleep and didn’t dream at all and had a full 10 hours sleep, amazing as I only normally get 4 to 5 hours with dreams. Today I have felt very numb and completely detached from everything. My daily meditation and invocations didn’t feel as if they was coming from me but instead through me.

I opened your website and read the latest articles on the pig dog’s of Germany,  firstly I thought that your descriptions resemble much of the UK only the UK has very deep depressive overlay where most are either in a low mood and want to beat everyone because they have something that they want or they believe they have everything and complain they are not happy, threaten to top themselves get drunk and high on whatever UK street gear is available and take it out on migrant workers.

Secondly, I laughed my head off at your replies, only you Dr. Stankov can put it just like it is, No bullshit included! Your love/passion for truth is very inspiring. I read them twice, Google translate is not perfect with German, and found them even more hilarious the second time.

You mentioned that perhaps we may have known that we have taken part in the alchemical cleansing, certainly I did!

With love and light
Rob De Havilland UK


Dear Rob,

thank you very much for this confirmation of the massive alchemical reaction we performed yesterday and today on the pigdogs’ souls, not only in Germany but also everywhere on this uppermost mother planet. In fact I had an excruciating headache as you the day before and then yesterday I was pumped with huge emotional energies of disgust and heavenly wrath, which I always get when I had to do a huge cleansing of Gaia and humanity on a global scale. Then I know what is at stake.

We also went through such periods when we were forced by our HS to cleanse the whole apartment in the summer and there was a lot of crap to throw away or give to the Salvation army as part of our bigger cleansing last year.

Now here is an interesting information I just received a few minutes ago from my HS. In addition to the global cleansing of all dark imprints on these human bodies that harboured dark soul fragments, we had to cleanse in particular Germany where a disproportional high number of transliminal souls have incarnated. The reason is twofold and this can be gathered even from my articles on this topic.

First, this is still a very dark country that holds a lot of unprocessed aggressive energies since the time of Atlantis when the dark Aryans hijacked the authority of the high priests and triggered the destruction of this continent. These unprocessed remnant energies needed to be healed in a massive alchemical reaction yesterday. I am the only one who can do this very effectively as I have built a powerful ID portal and vortex over Central Europe that sucks all the dark energies through the turnstile mechanism I have described in the past and eliminates them into the void – gives them back to the source to be reprocessed.

As early as May 2013 when Carla visited me for the first time and we built the first seven 4D earths, I performed a similar powerful alchemical reaction on May 27th, 2013 that completely depleted me and left me quivering with chills the whole day. Then the Elohim came to us and confirmed that I had just cleansed the whole Europe with my huge field to create these seven earths and this is my mission in Germany and Central Europe.

There are three such massive ID portals worldwide, about which I have spoken in the past – this one in Central Europe that also includes GB and whole Eastern Europe until Ural in its periphery, then a second one in Istanbul and the Middle East, which I began building in the 90s and early 2000s during my regular visits in Bulgaria when I was fully in the LBP. This portal was reinforced and expanded when Carla visited Istanbul in early June 2013 and released billions of trapped souls in the astral planes in this darkest region on earth that includes among others the Persian, Hellenistic-Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman empires, with a lot of bloodshed and cruelties in their history. Not to forget Ancient Greece that is also part of this Balkan-Middle East portal.

The third portal is here in Vancouver for the West coast. In addition we have the Infinity Portal in White Rock which we shall visit tomorrow as urged by our HS as obviously there is work to be done there. We shall meet our friend Julia and as reported on this website, each time we meet together some spectacular events happen as during the last Christmas Portal.

Now within the Bavarian portal we have created the city of light New Raetia which will be the new technological hub of the new humanity in the 4D worlds. And here comes the information I just got from my HS. A disproportionately high number of transliminal souls have incarnated in Germany during the Christmas portal as walk-ins in order to strengthen and support this portal and to ascend when the time comes to 5D New Raetia. That is why I and the PAT had to do this massive cleansing of this dark country on January 4th as to prepare the ground for these souls who cannot cope on their own with the very dark and resilient imprints of the German bodies and personalities in which they have incarnated during the Christmas portal on December 25th as reported.

This massive influx of transliminal souls in Germany and Central Europe has the goal to change the political landscape in Germany. As I mentioned in my articles yesterday, if Germany leaves NATO, this most aggressive military alliance that is the cause of all current wars the world over will cease to exist. The French have never been really part of NATO since de Gaulle and the other European countries will also leave NATO when Germany exits this alliance.

Only GB and USA from the Anglo-American Asshole Axis (AAA-axis) will remain, but you know better than myself in what a desolate state your country is now. It is in default, in depression and has no money to pay its daily bills. The population is impoverished even more than in the USA and has actually no army. Only the membership of Germany keeps NATO alive on the Old Continent. However as it becomes increasingly obvious to all Germans this support for NATO and the AAA-axis, the major conduit of which is Merkel, is entirely against their own national interests as Putin clearly explained in his second interview in the Russian documentary I published the other day. That is why it is so important to watch these videos as they give you the clue where the political problem now lies.

The moment Germany leaves NATO and gravitates naturally towards Russia and China where its current and future economic interests lie, the Empire of Evil will lose the Old Continent and the current futile clandestine world war against the new emerging superpowers Russia and China. This is inevitable and this is what will happen now that we have cleansed all the dark personalities – the schweinehunde – in Germany.

However, this does not mean that Russia will be the winner from this alchemical reaction as there is also a lot of dross to be cleansed in this huge country. It only means the collapse of the post cold war Transatlantic structure and the disintegration of the EU, where Germany is the backbone and the paymaster.

This key political process is running now parallel to the financial crash of the AAA-axis which began its hegemony with the Bretton Woods postwar regulation of the world financial markets. With this the hegemony of the USA and GB over the world finance system will be wiped out overnight and the Germans will be ready and willing to leave the sinking Anglo-Saxon Titanic.

As far as I am aware, they have already plans for this eventuality in the drawer. And Putin is waiting for them to welcome them on the other side when NATO has collapsed. He knows that he can only resolve the Ukrainian crisis that is bleeding at the doorstep of Moscow with the help of Germany when the USA is ejected from Europe. All this is bound to happen very soon in a cascade of events that will stun the world.

Our alchemical reaction yesterday prepared the ground for these events to unfold. The soul essence of the transliminal souls in Central Europe has now gained momentum and nothing can stop this tsunami of light. Hence your headache was worth this action that was of paramount importance for the beautiful unfolding of the End Time Scenario of ascension as created by us as Logos Gods.

With love and light


PS: By the way the alchemical reaction and the global cleansing of pigsouls goes unabated and with full force today – cc-wave with excruciating headache again.

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