The Financial and Economic Crash in 2016

Georgi Stankov, January 10, 2016

The new year has brought to humanity what I and Brad have discussed and predicted throughout 2015 – the immediate beginning of the financial and economic crash. Two basic facts have now become visible for everyone to see, which were hidden by the ruling cabal behind forged statistics and facts that were not well-understood even by the most critical and prominent financial experts worldwide:

1) The world economy is in the Greatest Depression of all time since the beginning of the 2008 crisis and was only mitigated by the cheap production and export from China, which became in these last seven years the factory of the world, while the western economies were vastly de-industrialized with the notable exception of Germany. Now this Greatest Depression has hit the world economy with full force and the banksters are in a complete and utter shock if you happen to read their mouthpieces such as Bloomberg or Wall Street Journal.

2) It does not make any sense to concentrate on one or few economic and financial factors to explain the crisis as all parameters point south, as I told you last year. The world economy was kept by the HR artificially in a kind of suspended free fall for the last several years as to avoid the worst case scenario (NWO) on this uppermost mother planet, but has now been let fall down like a stone with full force in the abyss. And all the factors contribute to this free fall leading to the total destruction of the Orion matrix.

The western Orion economy is like the Mickey Mouse’s airplane in the video below that was not supposed to fly in the first place and could do so only in full defiance of the laws of gravitation. The cabal as crash-pilots of the world economy in a suspended free fall was the trick of the HR how they prolonged the illusion of this crumbling 3D holographic model in the last several years as to give more time to the slumbering incarnated souls to gain deeper insights into the true nature of All-That-Is before they can ascend to 4D.

As a consequence, it has become clear this year even to the economically uneducated masses that the central banks have left the game as they have absolutely no means to influence this Greatest and Final Depression after the hapless national governments delegated this responsibility to the tax payers (by impoverishing them) and to the central banks by allowing them in 2008 to start with their infinite QEs. The neoliberal pretext for this Ponzi fraud was to mend the economy with cheap money (ZIRP) by creating a gargantuan debt based on printing money out of thin air that had already led to the 2008 crisis. In other words the central banks behaved like a quack who tries to heal an addict by increasing the dosage of opiates.

I will stick in this article to a very simple explanation as details do not matter anymore and I know that many of my readers are not very happy with more in-depth economic analyses. Although the latter were indispensable in the past to understand how the hidden currents of the existing Greatest Depression flow and how they merge into a powerful tsunami that will destroy the western economy, we have trespassed this point now and only need the general outlines as to how the collapse of the Orion matrix will unfold in the coming days.

If the central banks and the governments have lost their ability to have any influence on the course of the economic collapse that began with the first trading day of this year, actually during the last week of 2015, then it should be cogent to everybody that the cabal have no power and no control over the events on the ground anymore. While this conclusion is obvious to me and you, it may take a couple of weeks for the masses to realize this fact to the full extent before they lose their last hope in the competence of the ruling gangster elite and oust them from power.

For me this point in time will be around January 20 -23 when the Davos forum will take place. In Davos the 0.01% richest banksters and their gangster counterpart – the western politicians and representatives of the deep cabal government gather to discuss the world economic problems. Many of the dark agendas of the ruling cabal were first formulated on this gathering of the richest scum of humanity and then put into action. It is a pity that most people have not followed these causal relationships more closely. Davos is the place where the famous German novelist Thomas Mann set the plot for his bestseller ‘Der Zauberberg” (The Magic Mountain) in 1912 one year before the outbreak of WW1.

There is however nothing mystical in Davos as we understand this word, quite on the contrary. Essentially the book reflects Thomas Mann’s experiences and impressions during a period when his wife, who was suffering from a lung complaint, was confined to Dr. Friedrich Jessen’s Waldsanatorium in Davos, Switzerland for several months. In May and June 1912 Mann visited her and became acquainted with the team of doctors who were treating her in this cosmopolitan institution. According to Mann, in the afterword that was later included in the English translation, this stay became the foundation of the opening chapter (Arrival) of the completed novel.

In a broader sense this novel symbolizes the closed, god-forsaken society of condemned to death inmates in a sanatorium (nursing home) high in the mountains, where desperate doctors and nursing staff try to prolong their senseless life, mostly by full detachment from the world reality. This book anticipates in an ingenious manner the insane, suicidal mentality of the dark cabal that gather every year in January in Davos as a World Economic Forum. This forum was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, a Reptilian and a German-born business professor at the University of Geneva. This city has been the birthplace of many an insidious idea and their realisation on this planet – CERN being the most prominent one – and that is why the PAT must first appear as the embodiment of the Second Coming of Christ in this bigot Swiss city and announce there the new theory of the Universal Law to humanity. This is a done deal in the Ascension scenario we have created and now have put into motion in its final act.

When the 2008 crisis hit the world economy and the Greatest Depression of all time commenced, the stock markets hit the bottom exactly in January 2009 at the Davos forum. At that time I was watching very closely all the reports from this gathering and the utter angst and dread of the ruling and richest cabal was so thick that one could cut it with a knife when it emanated from the TV screen.

This year I expect a similar collective manifestation of utter dread which the hapless cabal will emanate from this widely popularised forum. After that we will know with a greater certainty how long it will take till the full shutdown of the banking system in the West happens after the credit and cash crunch last year has obliterated all liquidity on the markets. This key event will immediately paralyse the whole western economy and society and most of the rest of the world. Being a great empath, I already smell the fear of the ruling cabal and wonder if and how many of them would appear at this forum or are already hiding and quivering in fear in their underground bunkers.

We have entered the final phase of the irreversible financial crash and economic collapse, there is no doubt about that. Before that we saw many such attempts as in October 2013, August and September 2014. Each time the dark cabal plunge team mended the financial markets with fraudulent electronic trading, but not the real economy and actually deepened the Greatest Depression of all time. But this time they are out of munition as the central banks have no dry powder left and all bogus explanations of the past are now being revealed as blatant lies.

The American population is on the brink of total impoverishment where 60% of all people cannot afford a car repair bill of 500 dollar and almost 100 million people in working age are unemployed. The average income is constantly dropping since 2008.  The US consumption, accounting for 75% of the GDP and being the only driving motor of this de-industrialized, unproductive economy with constantly sinking productivity, has slumped for two years in a row, particularly badly this Christmas.

At the same time China is for the first time since capitalism was introduced in this country in the late 80s in a terrible crisis amidst the bursting of the 33 trillion debt bubble it accumulated in the last ten years dedicated to wild, uncontrolled economic expansion. GB is already the pauper house of Europe and in a de facto state of default and Canada is also one step away from this destiny. The emerging markets are already in their deepest depression of modern time due to overvalued dollar, commodity slump and a collapse of the world trade. The oceans are now empty of any freight ships and the ports are empty too, as one can see on the East coast of North America.

These are just glimpses into the numerous factors, all of which point in one direction – a sudden death of the western debt economy and the dismantling of the Orion financial and economic matrix this year.

In this discussion I have not even mentioned the Euro crisis, the Greek debt crisis, which is about to explode any time, the havoc which the Empire of Evil unleashed in the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.), Central Africa that has been drenched in unending bloody civil wars and utter poverty and no longer deserves the name “human civilisation”, etc., etc.

All these negative events are peaking now and have created the most explosive and devastating mixture of economic, financial, social and war disasters this mankind has never seen before on such a global scale. It is exactly as predicted in the St. John’s Apocalypse (Book of Revelation) by Apollonius of Tyana, our spiritual predecessor. He was channeled by the Source at the end of his life on the Greek island of Patmos, where now Syrian refugees are drowning in droves.

And please do not tell me that humanity has not be warned what is coming in the End Time. This website is full of such very precise forecasts and warnings. But who reads them and who listens to them except the PAT? Not even the self-proclaimed light workers who have degraded to esoteric proles as they are still missing the light we send them inexorably for the last somewhat five years.

I have come to the conclusion that we no longer need to read any articles from the critical, alternative press anymore as none of these agnostic writers really get it what is currently happening with this planet as my unyielding discussions with the Saker revealed last year. I tried hard on several occasions as to gauge the level of acceptance and had to give up at the end. Their cognitive limitations and spiritual ignorance are too painful for us to be constantly confronted with and it does not make any sense for us to deal with this human intransigence again and again. Their awakening will come under the cudgel of a dreadful human destiny as we experienced it when we entered the LBP first. Therefore please stop sending me any articles and links from alternative sources on the Internet as they are irrelevant now. I will not read them.

Instead try to attune to your HS and fully detach from this reality. In this way we are also helping all the transliminal souls that have incarnated on this uppermost mother planet since Christmas to transform this humanity and this holographic model. In order to achieve this they must first fully detach and release their incarnated human personalities from all past dark and low vibrating human thoughts, emotions and behaviour patterns. We are helping them tremendously by paving the energetic pathways of mental clarity and emotional detachment which they need for their human vessels to follow.

The foundation has been laid in a most formidable manner with the massive alchemical reaction which we performed since the beginning of 2016 and from which we are all still reeling. It was hard, it was inhuman, it brought the PAT on the verge of total physical exhaustion, and it was necessary in order to accelerate the ascension scenario and reap the fruits of our long and enduring mission as the only planetary ascension team of Gaia. Or as the young ascended master, the 21-year-old Yasmin Gowdet from England, currently in Germany, received from the Elohim yesterday and sent to me:

“Just go with the flow, it’s all fine. You have all been doing incredibly well. We wanted to let you know that this cleansing stage is extremely important and that although you will be releasing a lot of uncomfortable energies, it will make an amazing difference in the after-effect. We wanted to thank and congratulate you all for being the brave souls that you are, we are always here with you trying to lift your spirits and give you support. Whenever you are feeling pain or discomfort, please remember we are there with open arms. We have so much love for you all and hope you all enjoy this exciting ride, it’s going to be incredible! Take life with a pinch of salt, honestly, it’s all perfect. With infinite amounts of love and light.”

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