Putting the Bombs to Bed

Brad Barber, January 23, 2016


Dear George,

What’s funny about the jihad conversation is that I was targeting all jihadis.  Not women.  I’ve decided to put this to bed the proper way, with humor.  I have plenty more on the issue if ever needed but all the answers are embedded in these perfect comments from a few of the all-time greats.  The list is male comedians for now but these are some of the most femininely balanced people and Bill Burr is the only one saying exactly what needs to be said right now in a systemic way.  Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett are some of my all time favorites but the right clips are hard to come by and aren’t as systemic.

Chris Rock pretty much puts it all to bed with the first one but I’ve attached some favorite quotes and videos.

“That’s right.  If the kid can’t read that’s Mama’s fault.  Now if the kid can’t read ’cause there ain’t no lights on in the house that’s Daddy’s fault.”  – Chris Rock

“The people causing all the problems seem highly motivated to me.” – George Carlin

Why does guy get paid more an hour to do exact same job.I’ll go I’ll tell you why. Because in unlikely event when we are both on a titanic, and it starts to sink, for some f up reason, you get to leave with the kids. And I have to stay. That’s why I get more dollar per hour. It’s a dollar an hour surcharge. You hear a bump in the night. I got to go check it out, “Yes, he does have a knife.” Anytime there is a hostage situation, who they negotiate for? “At least let the women and children go.” Well, what about me! You think I want to stay in the vault, with 20 other sweaty guys, sharing a bag of peanuts. You know. Praying to god i’m not the hostage that get dragged out by the psycho, with a gun to my head, asking for the cops for a helicopter. Which I know he is not gonna get, right? I know he is not getting a helicopter. Now, I gotta make idle conversation with the 38 to my head, going, “Go for a rent a car. I think you should go for a rent a car.”

See what I am saying. Where are all those feminist then? You can’t find them. They have no feminist in a house fire. You can take the most hard-core feminist, and go, “you showoff sonny bitch, you know.” Little short hair cut you know. 2nd those flames break out, she twist those hair into pigtails, “I’m just a girl. I want to go play jump rope.”  – Bill Burr

“Jesus was a cross dresser.”  – George Carlin

Eddie Murphy on Finding a Wife in Africa (explicit language on all the videos)


Bill Burr on religion


Chris Rock on bullet control


Bill Burr on old age and racism


Bill Burr on crazy people taking over


George Carlin on rape


Chris Rock on differences between men and women


Bill Burr on epidemic of asset stripping women


Bill Burr on why you have to hang out with everybody




I’m so worn out after the last couple days I don’t even know what else to do but laugh.

With love and light,

Brad Barber

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